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Lexx 3.12 The Beach
(written by Paul Donovan)

(Stan and Kai are plummeting down to Water)

STAN: Kai! You gotta save me!
KAI: I'm sorry Stan, but I cannot
STAN: What do you mean, you can't?!
KAI: I do not float
STAN: I don't wanna die!

(Xev struggles to regain control of the moth, which has almost reached the Lexx. Kai and Stan hit the water. Kai sinks like a stone)

STAN: I made it. I can't believe I made it. Kai!

(Stan looks around, and realises he is on his own)

STAN: Kai? Kai? Kai, where are you Kai? Kai, can you hear me?

(Xev is flying the moth over water, looking for them. Kai is still sinking. Stan is still floating. Xev steers the moth lower, under some clouds)

STAN: You can do it, Tweedle. You can make it. You've always made it before, you're gonna make it this time too, I know it. Somebody - can you hear me?! This is a bad dream - a very bad dream

(He starts sinking, then sees the moth)

STAN: Here! Here, here! Over here, help me, I'm over here!

(Stan spits out a mouthful of water, and waves - but Xev doesn't see him)

STAN: I'm here. This way, this way, please

(But the moth is flying further away)

STAN: It's Stanley H... Ostral B heretic... please help me

(And now the moth is out of sight)

(Fire and Water block out the sun. It's dusk, and Xev is still looking)

XEV: Kai. Stan

(Xev bows her head. Kai is still sinking)

(Sunset. Stan just about has his head above water)

STAN: Somebody help, please. Please, somebody, please

(The moth flies back to the Lexx. Xev walks onto the bridge. 790 is on the pedestal)

790: Where's Kai?
XEV: I don't know
790: What do you mean, you don't know?
XEV: Stan's gone too
790: As if that matters. He can't be gone. It doesn't make sense, my circuits are shorting

(Xev sits on the pedestal)

XEV: Kai, Stan and I were crossing over with everyone from Girltown
790: (gasps) I saw Lexx eat some things. They were just in front of him and he ate them. Some balloons and -
XEV: Us. We were there too. Lexx ate the balloons and Kai and Stan were knocked out of the moth. I think they fell down to Water

(Xev stands up on the pedestal, activates the template)

XEV: Lexx?
LEXX: Yes, captain?
790: How are you the captain?

(Xev bends down to 790)

XEV: Stan gave me the key when he fell out of the moth - or the key left him on its own, I don't know. Lexx?
LEXX: Yes, captain?
XEV: Why did you eat the balloons?
LEXX: Because I was hungry. They were delicious, but they were only a very small snack. I am still very hungry
XEV: Can you fly now?
LEXX: I think I can, but not very far. I need to eat much more
XEV: Do you know what happened to Kai?
LEXX: Who is Kai?
790: The most gorgeous hunk of man that ever lived! - and then some
XEV: The dead man in black
LEXX: I don't know
XEV: We were there in the moth with the balloons when you ate them - you almost ate us!
LEXX: They were very tasty, and I am still very hungry
790: You have to go back down. You have to find Kai. You have to do something!

(Xev sits down and thinks)

XEV: I know, but what?

(Night on Water. Stan is exhausted. His head slowly sinks beneath the water)

(The next morning. A moth leaves the Lexx, carrying Xev and 790)

790: I estimate that we could effectively patrol the entire surface of the planet in 142.3 days
XEV: That won't do Stan much good

(790 gasps)

XEV: What?
790: He's a dead assassin. That means he's been decarbonised. That means he doesn't float! And I can't bear to think about what that means!

(790 starts to cry)

XEV: You have to keep looking 790, please, keep looking

(Somewhere, waves are washing onto a beach. Stan is swept ashore. He coughs, raises his head, sees a pair of boots, and looks up - to see Prince. Stan gets up on his knees, as Prince crouches down to him)

STAN: Prince
PRINCE: Hello, Stanley
STAN: What are you doing here?
PRINCE: I'm here because I have caught you in my net, so to speak
STAN: Caught me, how?
PRINCE: (laughs) We will discuss that soon, together
STAN: Where are we?
PRINCE: We are between Fire and Water
STAN: But there's nothing between Fire and Water. I mean, there's no, no land on Water, there's no water on Fire, and no planets in the sky, how can, how's that possible?
PRINCE: You made it possible
STAN: But - sometimes, there are no planets in the sky, right? Sometimes they're out of sight on the other side
PRINCE: You are on the other side
STAN: OK, well, that settles that, but, but this is a beach, I mean, did we, did we miss something somehow, or -
PRINCE: (laughs) No, you didn't miss anything
STAN: Then where am I?
PRINCE: As I said, you're between Fire and Water

(Prince stands up, takes Stan's hand, and helps him to his feet)

PRINCE: But not on either one of them - not yet, anyway. Look - here you come

(Prince points at a figure approaching them - it's Stan, but in a white uniform)

STAN: That guy looks just like me

(In the moth, Xev sees something)

XEV: What's that?
790: Nothing important - just a body
XEV: Nothing important?!
790: It's a dead body - but not my dead body

(It's Stan's body, floating face down in the water. The moth hovers, Xev opens the door)

XEV: Oh, Stanley. Poor, poor Stanley

(Underwater, Kai is still sinking - towards a light)

(The moth flies back to the Lexx. Xev puts Stan's body in a cryopod)

790: You're wasting your time
XEV: Maybe
790: You are!
XEV: Got any other suggestions?

(Xev gets out the protein regenerator)

790: Yes. Eject his carcass into space and concentrate on looking for my beloved hunk of living death
XEV: 790, this is the deal. You have to help me fix up Stan. Once we've taken care of him, we'll start trying to find Kai, OK?

(Xev starts connecting the protein regenerator to Stan's body)

790: The protein regenerator repairs damaged flesh. It does not bring the dead back to life
XEV: Well, Stan is damaged flesh
790: Stan is destroyed flesh. He is dead
XEV: Well, we have to try
790: It's a waste of time
XEV: I already heard that, now are you going to help me or not?
790: I will do anything you ask, as long as you help me find my beloved
XEV: Fine. Let's try
790: But it is a waste of time

(Kai is still sinking. He sees people suspended in the water, surrounded by a faint blue glow)

(On the beach, Prince is dancing with Stan. Stan breaks away, and looks suspiciously at the White Stan)

STAN: Who are you?
WHITE: Stanley Tweedle
STAN: Well, technically that could be the right answer, seeing as how you look just like me. But I'm Stanley Tweedle
PRINCE: Let's skip the technicalities. Let's talk about you
STAN: I was!

(Prince puts his arms around Stan's shoulders)

PRINCE: Tell me, Stanley - would you rather be on Fire, or on Water?
STAN: Well, I'd rather be on Water of course, not that I'd ever wanna have to make that choice
PRINCE: Don't worry, you won't. He will

(Stan looks at White Stan)

PRINCE: He will decide whether you suffer forever on Fire, or enjoy yourself forever on Water
STAN: Well, who's he and why does he get to decide?
WHITE: I'm you
PRINCE: And therefore he knows you better than anyone else. I will argue that you should spend eternity with me on the planet Fire. And I will make sure that you suffer
WHITE: He's very good with pain (smiles)
STAN: OK, well, who's gonna argue that I should spend my time on Water? - provided that's the only alternative
PRINCE: It is. And you are. You will defend your life, and he, the other you, he will be your judge. So, Stanley - tell me all about yourself
STAN: What, everything?
PRINCE: Everything. There's nothing you can hide - although there may be a few things that you might want to explain
STAN: But -

(The three of them start walking along the beach)

STAN: I - I've always just done what I had to do, to get from one day to the next - more or less
PRINCE: More or less?!

(Kai is still sinking, past more of the ghostly people)

(Stan's body is twitching in the cryopod)

XEV: It's working
790: No, it's not. Those are just nerves firing in response to electrical stimulation. The man is dead
XEV: But we've repaired everything on his body. Why isn't he alive?
790: He's not alive because he's a rotting sack of meat, and I told you this would not work. We are wasting precious time that could be usefully spent rejoining two hearts in love
XEV: Kai doesn't have a heart, and nor do you
790: I have a virtual heart
XEV: No you don't, and Kai doesn't love you
790: Yes he does!
XEV: No he doesn't! The dead don't love
790: Why do you hate me?
XEV: I don't hate you
790: You do, admit it
XEV: I will only admit that you are one very messed up robot head

(On the beach. Stan is walking by the water, with Prince beside him, White Stan nearby)

STAN: So then he asks us to wait outside while he went inside and bought himself a drink. But me and my brother, we just, you know, left him there, and by the time he came back out we were long gone
PRINCE: What a way to treat your best friend
STAN: Well he was being a jerk, you know? We didn't have any money, and he wasn't going to share
PRINCE: But still, you were willing to abandon your best friend because he wouldn't share a drink of soda water with you
STAN: Yeah. You know, we were never friends after that. I mean, something just got broken and it couldn't be fixed. See, but at the time I told myself, you know, this is the right thing to do, but you know, I knew it wasn't. I mean, he was just in a mood, I shouldn't have left him there. I know how bad he must have felt when he came out and his best friends were, you know, gone
PRINCE: Not as bad as you're going to feel

(White Stan is listening to all of this)

STAN: You know, there hasn't been a day, a week, a month, a year that's gone by in the rest of my entire life that I haven't thought about that and just felt bad, wished there was some way I could make it up
PRINCE: Well, you can't. What's done can't be undone
STAN: So - does that mean I'm gonna have to go to Fire?
PRINCE: You were only fourteen
STAN: Oh - so we're gonna talk about the 94 Reform planets, huh? I mean, that's what's gonna do me in, right?
WHITE: That was a sin of omission. His Divine Shadow destroyed the 94 Reform planets. If you had given up your life to save them, we wouldn't be walking on the beach right now, you'd already be on Water. But you chose not to be a hero, you chose to live on, and do many bad things
STAN: What bad things?
PRINCE: You made many bad choices - the kind that I prefer - when you could have made good choices

(On the Lexx, Xev takes the cables off Stan's forehead. The cryopod closes. Xev adjusts the controls)

790: Frozen meat. Dead meat. Stanley meat. All exactly the same thing. You're just wasting power storing it in there
XEV: I'm the captain now, so I can waste power if I want to. Come on 790, let's go

(Xev picks up 790)

790: Where are we going?
XEV: Fishing
790: Excellent idea

STAN: From the time I arrived on the Cluster, until the time I played a very significant role in the destruction of the Divine Order, nothing much happened - I mean, in my life. On a personal level
PRINCE: Nothing comes to mind that you did wrong?
STAN: Well, I'm sure there musta - might have been a few small things but there's nothing I can remember, that well
PRINCE: Nothing?
STAN: Nothing springs to mind
PRINCE: That's funny. A few things are springing into my mind
STAN: There are?
PRINCE: Yes. They spring in, and then - they spring out again

(Prince raises his arms, and a huge image appears in the sky. It's a flashback - from 1.1 I Worship His Shadow. Stan and Zev run down a corridor, with drones in pursuit. Stan tries a door)

VOICE: Invalid code. Access denied
DRONES: Zev of B3K, there is no escape. Surrender at once

(Stan grabs Zev's arm)

STAN: I got her, I have her! I got Zev of B3A!

(Zev shakes him off)

VOICE: Fugitive alert. This fugitive wanted, for immediate termination

(The image disappears)

PRINCE: Selfish behaviour, don't you think?
STAN: Oh come on, I didn't even know who she was!
PRINCE: Or care
STAN: Look, she coulda been a killer or something! I mean, besides, you know, that was all just a reflex action

(White Stan looks at Stan)

STAN: OK, fine, I admit it! Maybe I didn't do the best thing, but I was in a panic, now you're not gonna condemn me for that

(White Stan thinks about this)

PRINCE: He doesn't have to
STAN: What do you mean?
PRINCE: You'll see

(Prince raises his arm, and another image from I Worship His Shadow appears. On the bridge of the Lexx, Stan runs from Zev, into Giggerota)

GIG: I want to eat the liver
STAN: Ladies - I've got the hand, the key to the Lexx. It only does what I tell it, remember?

(Zev and Giggerota back off. Stan gets up on the pedestal, and sees a ship on the view screen)

STAN: Ah - what's that?
LEXX: His Shadow's personal flagship, the MegaShadow, and the Cluster's 24th attack wing
STAN: Er - Lexx, could you please destroy them, if you don't mind?
LEXX: I cannot fulfil your command. They are forces under the immediate direction of His Divine Shadow
KAI: And you are not permitted to destroy them

(Stan puts his hands up)

STAN: I'm security guard 4th class Stanley Tweedle, and I've been captured by these escaped prisoners, and I'm surrendering the Lexx, and I truly worship His Divine Shadow
GIG: You waste of skin!

(She goes for Stan)

PRINCE: You knew who Xev was then, didn't you?
STAN: Sort of
PRINCE: And yet you still did not hesitate to betray her
STAN: I was stalling for time, really
PRINCE: Really?
WHITE: No. You were afraid of dying
PRINCE: Whereas you should have been afraid of what would happen after your death
STAN: So you're saying that I've gotta go to Fire now, is that it?

(Prince strokes Stan's cheek. Stan doesn't like it)

PRINCE: Not at all. You've done many things that are far worse than that in your little lifetime
STAN: Really?
PRINCE: Yes, really

(Xev and 790 are in a moth, flying over the water)

790: Here
XEV: How can you tell?
790: It's a robot location kind of thing
XEV: What's that?
790: I don't know, it just is. I know that this is the spot where you found the dead security guard's body
XEV: But how do you know that? there is nothing to make any reference to, just open water
790: (wails) First I lose my man, and then everybody starts to pick on me!
XEV: I'm not picking on you, I just asked you a question
790: You hate me!
XEV: 790, I already told you, I don't hate you
790: You love him, don't you?
XEV: Who?
790: I knew it. I knew it, I knew it! You're in love with my dead man!
XEV: Look, 790 - I will admit that once I had some - in fact, quite a lot of feelings for Kai. It didn't go anywhere, because it couldn't. I'm alive and he's dead, so I've tried to move on
790: You've tried, but you haven't succeeded. You're trying to steal my stiff away!

(Underwater, Kai sees himself - the living Kai, waiting. He sinks down past him, closer to the light, which is brighter now)

(The moth hovers over the water. Xev is holding some gadget)

XEV: Are you sure this is the spot?
790: Would I steer you wrong?
XEV: I don't know, you might want no-one to have him if you can't
790: I love him completely, don't I?
XEV: In your special 790 way, you do
790: Then I want us to find my man - desperately!
XEV: I believe you

(Xev drops the gadget into the water - it's attached to a long string from a bag which Xev holds in her hands. The gadget sinks, beeping as it goes)

790: When we catch him, promise you'll let him be mine, and mine alone
790: Please, Xev, I'm begging you
790: I'll humiliate myself. I'll do anything!
790: Then I'm going to kill myself
XEV: You won't
790: Yes I will!
XEV: No you won't - because you can't. You're a robot head. You cannot even move if I don't pick you up
790: Then throw me over the side!
790: Please, Xev. I can't stand to live another minute longer, knowing that you're trying to steal my man away
XEV: I'm not trying to steal your man away
790: You're not?
XEV: No. I'm just fishing for him - like you. Who knows if either one of us will catch his fish?
790: So I have a chance?
XEV: Yes, 790, you have a chance. Not much of one, but a tiny little robot head in love chance to make his dead man dreams come true
790: I'm so happy!

(Kai is still falling, but now the water around him is empty of people)

(Xev's gadget stops sinking)

XEV: Oh no - we're out of rope

(790 wails)

STAN: You're not taking everything into account. I did good things too. Can you make them appear?
PRINCE: You can, if you can think of any

(Stan closes his eyes, concentrates - and an image fills the sky. I Worship His Shadow again. Zev and Stan arrive in the P chamber, where His Divine Shadow is attacking Kai. Zev starts breaking brains - so does Stan)

(Prince looks at Stan, who has a smug look on his face)

(In the image, the destruction of the Divine Predecessors brains distracts His Shadow, and Kai fires his brace into His Shadow's head)

STAN: It was me and Xev. If we hadn't been destroying those brains, Kai never would have got his chance to kill the Divine Shadow. See, so I helped destroy the Divine Shadow and rid the universe of the Divine Order. Now, that's gotta count for something
PRINCE: I'd say she acted very bravely
STAN: Well, so did I!
PRINCE: Going along with her brave act was a good choice, I admit Stanley, most unusual for you
STAN: But I did it. I did help
WHITE: Yes you did. And that will cancel out some of your wrong choices
STAN: OK. So, I mean, that's gotta mean that I get to go to Water
PRINCE: Not at all

(White Stan grins)

PRINCE: The best part - from my point of view, anyway - is yet to come. Remember this?

(Another image in the sky - from 3.5 Gondola. The gondola is sinking over the red hot sea)

KAI2: It's at the maximum
FIFI: It's the red hot sea. If we don't get more flame, we're gonna crash and burn
KAI2: That's all there is
STAN: OK, then we have to lose weight now
KAI2: So - who's going to volunteer to die?
STAN: I volunteer him
FIFI: I volunteer you
STAN: It's our balloon. We picked you up, and you got some extra free life, so come on Fifi, do the right thing, come on, over the side, come on

STAN: OK, come on Fifi - you lost the vote, take it easy
FIFI: No, no, you jump
STAN: I'm not gonna jump
FIFI: I'm not jumping
STAN: Come on - if you're not gonna jump we'll just have to throw you over
FIFI: Forget it!
XEV: Kai!

(Kai2 and Stan pull Fifi to the edge)

FIFI: No, please, I'm begging you. You can't just kill me, snuff out my life like it was nothing. Hey - and if Duke's right, and there is another life, you all might have to pay for this wrong

(On the beach, Prince smiles. Stan looks uncomfortable. The image continues)

KAI2: I thought you didn't believe him
STAN: We don't have a choice, Fifi, come on
FIFI: No! Killing is wrong - there's gotta be a way. OK, so we don't think there's enough fuel. Well, maybe the wind'll change direction or something. You can't just take away a man's precious life because there isn't enough wind!
STAN: Come on Fifi, let go

(He tries to prise Fifi's hands of the net. Fifi bites Stan's hand)


(White Stan looks at Stan)

(On the gondola, Xev looks at Fifi)

XEV: I don't know, Stan. I don't know if I can throw him over the side either
STAN: You're going crazy on me again, Xev. Look, just be practical for once. What good is it gonna do if we all crash and burn? Look, come on Kai, gimmee a hand here
XEV: Well, if killing someone is wrong, then it's wrong
FIFI: Yeah!

PRINCE: Look. There's just so much to choose from

(Another image, from 2.9 791. Xev is down on a planet, talking on the squawker)

XEV: Stan, this is Xev. We've found somebody alive, could be more
STAN: Somebody, what kind of somebody?
XEV: A female somebody

(The image shows a picture of the girl prisoner, Desh. Stan gets up on the pedestal)

STAN: Female - is she attractive?
XEV: Is that all that matters to you?
STAN: Yeah, pretty much
XEV: Bye, Stan
STAN: No, wait, wait!

(On the beach, Stan puts his hands on his head)

STAN: But what's so wrong about that?
PRINCE: Does the word selfish mean anything to you?
STAN: Oh, come on, that's small. What do you expect, perfection? Look, I was just being a guy, with needs, you know, like any other guy

(Stan punches Prince in the chest, playfully - and realises this approach won't help matters)

STAN: Anyway, OK look, I already paid for that
STAN: Well, I was almost raped by a robot head
PRINCE: Only almost. And what about this?

(Another image, from 2.12 Norb. Stan, Xev and Kai are in a moth)

XEV: 790 is an electronic device, won't he be destroyed too?
STAN: 790's mini-brain is not an electronic circuit and so it shouldn't be destroyed, isn't that the part that counts now?
KAI: 790 is a hybrid - part human, but mostly machine. Any pulse that destroyed the drones would certainly destroy 790
XEV: So?
STAN: The Lexx is about to die here, and we're about to die with it. We can't stop to save a robot head!

STAN: But we did stop, we went back for the stupid robot head. We almost got killed in the process
PRINCE: But would you have gone back if Xev hadn't pushed you?
STAN: Look, I didn't want to go back inside the Lexx because it wasn't sensible. We were risking Xev's life too and I didn't want her to die, anymore than I wanted me to die. And somebody had to be practical on her behalf, because she never is!

(Stan looks at White Stan, who seems to agree with him)

STAN: There, see, I was right
PRINCE: I don't agree, but I will concede the point
STAN: Well, good. We're finally starting to move this process in the right direction
PRINCE: That direction is about to change
STAN: Oh, so what are we going to talk about now, me losing the amino acid codes that caused 94 Reform planets to be destroyed?

(Prince shakes his head. Stan is confused)

STAN: Then what?

(Prince smiles)

STAN: Well, I don't remember anything else that I did that was especially wrong - anything big, that is
PRINCE: I remember

(He whispers in Stan's ear)

PRINCE: I was there

(Another image - from 3.2 May. Stan is sleeping in the cryopod next to May's body)

MAY: (echoes) I would have liked you Stanley. I know I would have
I would have liked you Stanley. I know I would have. I know I would have. I know I would have

(Stan wakes up and gets out of the cryopod)

STAN: May? May? May? May, are you there?
MAY: Am I here Stanley? Am I? I am here for you Stanley, if you want me to be
STAN: May?
MAY: Do you want me Stanley?
STAN: May? May, are you there?

(Prince is in the cryopod, stroking May's neck)

PRINCE: She's there Stanley. She's there Stanley. She's there for you if you want her to be
STAN: Prince?

(Prince gets out of the cryopod)

PRINCE: She's there Stanley. She's there for you if you want her to be
STAN: Prince, what are you doing here? You're, you're dead, aren't you?
PRINCE: Do you want her, Stanley?
STAN: What - what are you talking about?
PRINCE: Do you want May? Do you want her to be there, to be alive and yours, yours alone?
STAN: I dunno. What are you talking about, what are you saying?
PRINCE: I'm saying, do you want May to be alive and yours, or not?
STAN: Well, um, but she's -
PRINCE: She's dead, yes - but she does not have to be dead, if you don't want her to be
STAN: But how?
PRINCE: You saw me die, hmm? Do you want May to live, Stanley?
STAN: Yes, yes I want May to live and be mine alone
PRINCE: Good. Then you and I will make a deal

(Prince stands behind Stan, puts his hands on Stan's shoulders)

PRINCE: I will give you May. And in return, you will agree to use this ship, the Lexx, to help me to destroy the planet Water
STAN: But there are people on the planet Water
PRINCE: Yes there are people there
STAN: Can they leave?
PRINCE: No. They must also be destroyed along with the planet
STAN: When would I have to do this?
PRINCE: As soon as you can
STAN: No. No, I can't. I mean, I can't destroy an entire planet and everybody on it for, for just one person
PRINCE: That's a good decision. You've passed the test

(On the beach, Prince smiles)

PRINCE: Only temporarily, or you wouldn't be here

STAN: Does this mean May will live now?
PRINCE: No, no. This means May, will stay as she is. She will remain dead

PRINCE: Oh - here comes the best part

(Stan looks at May. Prince has vanished)

STAN: Prince? Prince? Prince? I agree. I'll use the Lexx to blow up Water if May can live. I agree! Prince? Prince!
MAY: Stanley?

(She's alive and well)

STAN: May? You're alive

(May holds out her arms, puts them around Stan's neck, and kisses him)

PRINCE: That will be a very costly kiss - for you, anyway

(He looks away, and walks away from Prince. Prince follows)

PRINCE: What, no?

(Prince walks in front of him, and Stan turns back)

STAN: No, I did not destroy Water. Water was not blown up
PRINCE: Stanley, you're not being condemned for destroying the 94 Reform planets, because that is not something that you wanted to happen -

(Prince stops Stan)

PRINCE: - although it did happen and arguably it is your fault

(Stan turns back again)

STAN: No, I did not want it to happen and it didn't happen! Water was not blown up, by me or by anybody

(Prince puts his hand on Stan's shoulder)

PRINCE: But you would have done it. You wanted it to happen. True?

(Prince raises his hand. Another image appears, from 3.3 Gametown. Stan is on the control pedestal)

STAN: Lexx - how long now?
LEXX: We will be directly aimed at the water planet in 10 seconds. 9. 8. 7. 6
STAN: Lexx -
LEXX: 5. 4
STAN: I command you to -

(Xev suddenly appears beside the pedestal)

XEV: What?
LEXX: 3. 2. 1
STAN: Lexx, I command you to -
XEV: To what?

(Xev gets up on the pedestal)

LEXX: Zero. We are now directly aimed at the water planet, Stan
STAN: Stay out of this, Xev
XEV: Stay out of what?
STAN: Whatever it is I'm doing
XEV: And what's that, huh?

(Xev grabs hold of Stan's uniform)

STAN: Let me go Xev. You don't know what's going on
XEV: Not yet
STAN: I command you to -

(Xev pulls Stan off the pedestal and starts to choke him)

XEV: What are you up to, Stanley Tweedle? You tell me what it is right now, or I'm going to squeeze the life out of you. Are you going to tell me or not?

(Stan shakes his head. Xev carries on squeezing)

XEV: Are you going to tell me. No?
STAN: (gasps) Yes
XEV: All right

(Xev loosens her grip - and Stan seizes the opportunity)

STAN: Lexx - blow up the water planet now!
LEXX: As you command, Stan

(Lexx powers up and fires a beam. The view screen shows the beam harmlessly passing the planet Water. Stan is back on the pedestal, rubbing at his throat)

LEXX: I am sorry Stanley. I missed. We had passed the position where I was pointed directly at the planet

(On the beach. Stan looks ashamed, tries to justify it to White Stan)

STAN: Look - it was a moment of passion, OK? I was acting crazy, I couldn't help myself
PRINCE: (shouts) A moment of passion, was it? A little, tiny moment of insanity, that came and went in an instant? Or was it a cold-blooded attempt at mass murder, that came within a hair's breadth of success?

(Another image from Gametown. Stan is asleep next to May's cryopod. Prince strokes his face, waking him)

STAN: Prince

(Prince raises Stan up)

PRINCE: You did not destroy the water planet, Stanley
STAN: I tried, but Xev stopped me. Does this mean May is gonna die now?
PRINCE: That's up to you. I will give you one more chance. You will destroy Water the next time this ship is pointed at it, or May will be gone from you forever
STAN: And if I do?
PRINCE: Then she will live, and be yours for the rest of your life
XEV: Stanley?

(Xev comes into the cryochamber - but Prince has disappeared)

STAN: What is it Xev?
XEV: Stan - I thought I heard something
STAN: What?

PRINCE: What a tragedy. You didn't get the girl. But she certainly got you

(Prince holds Stan's chin, tilts it up to make him look at the image in the sky. Gametown again)

LEXX: We will be there in two minutes, Stanley
STAN: Good

(On the beach, Stan doesn't want to watch)

(Xev pushes Prince aside, curls up like a Cluster lizard, and rolls out of her bedchamber. On the bridge, Stan activates the template. Xev rolls rapidly through the passageways)

STAN: Lexx, I command you -

(Xev rolls onto the bridge and grabs Stan)

XEV: Don't think so, Stanley

(She throws him to the ground and gets on top of him, smothering him with her breasts)

XEV: We're not going to destroy a planet, we're not going to kill people we don't know, we are not going to kill Kai anymore than he's already dead, you hear me?
STAN: Lexx - I command you to -
XEV: No, Stanley! We're not going to destroy the planet, do you hear me?
STAN: OK Xev, yes, I hear you, I agree, I agree. Just let me up so I can breathe
XEV: Stanley, ask the Lexx if he is past the point where he can destroy the planet. Ask him Stanley, and there is no point in trying anything else!

(Xev raises herself off Stan slightly)

STAN: Lexx? Lexx - are you still pointed at the planet?
LEXX: Yes I am, Stan. I will be aimed at the water planet for 6 more seconds. 5. 4
STAN: Lexx -

(Xev flattens herself against Stan again. He struggles to get up)

XEV: Don't even try!
LEXX: 3. 2. 1. We are no longer aimed at the water planet

(Xev gets up. Stan rolls onto his stomach, gasping for air)

(On the beach, Stan looks at White Stan - who is now wearing a black uniform)

STAN: But I didn't know that it was the planet where all the good people went after they died. I didn't know it was so important
PRINCE: No matter. You knew that it was a planet with people on it, and you were willing to commit mass murder for your own selfish personal pleasure. True, Stanley Tweedle?
STAN: I was in love
PRINCE: That's nice

(Prince strokes Stan's face)

PRINCE: But it is not a reason to kill. And that is all I have to say

(Prince walks away)

PRINCE: I will see you later, Stanley Tweedle

(Prince raises his arms, and disappears. Black Stan disappears too. The beach gradually vanishes, and Stan is left floating against a red background, with other lost souls)

(Sunset on Water. In the moth, 790 is sobbing)

790: We can't give up now!
XEV: We're not giving up, 790. It just wasn't the right spot. We'll try other places when it gets light again
790: It was the right spot, I'm sure. That was exactly where we found the security guard's carcass
XEV: We didn't find Kai

(790 sobs. Xev pats his casing)

XEV: Don't worry, 790, we'll find him somehow

(Underwater, Kai dissolves into the light - and reappears on a bed. He wakes up and walks out of the room, into a familiar courtyard. Kai is on Gametown. He watches the people playing the game for a moment - they ignore him. Kai walks onto the balcony, and sees the moth. He puts his fingers in his mouth and whistles)

790: What was that?
XEV: What?
790: I have enhanced hearing, and I just heard him
XEV: Who?
790: Who else but the greatest man who ever died?!
XEV: Really?

(The moth turns. Xev smiles)

790: I am in robot heaven

(790 has hearts in his eyes. The moth flies into the sunset, towards Gametown)

© Filking Fairy

© LEXX - LIGHT ZONE 2005 HELEN & Trulyalyana

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