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Lexx 3.06 K-Town
(written by Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff)

(Kai is walking across the desert towards a tower. A long way up the tower, Stan and Xev are standing on a metal thorn)

STAN: So, I don't see Kai
XEV: Neither do I. We're too far up
STAN: Xev, I gotta get outta this sun, real soon
XEV: Yeah. So - up, or down?
STAN: Well - I'd rather go down
XEV: It gets hotter if we go down, and cooler if we go up
STAN: Oh - guess we go up

(Xev puts her hands together, and gives Stan a leg up. Kai is still walking)

(Stan and Xev have been climbing for a while now)

STAN: I can't do it
XEV: Yes you can. Give me your hand
STAN: No. No I can't. This is it for me
XEV: No. Give me your hand
STAN: Look - all this climbing's not exactly been cooling me off
XEV: Yeah, I know. We have to keep going
STAN: I'm not part Cluster lizard, OK? I gotta rest. I'll be OK in a while
XEV: No you won't, you'll be dead. Now come on. We have to get you out of the heat
STAN: It's OK, it's OK, it's OK. Just give me a minute

(While Stan rests, Xev climbs higher up the wall, and finds a loose rock. She pulls it out, and looks inside the hole)

XEV: Hello? Hello?
STAN: Who's in there?
XEV: I can't tell, but it's definitely cooler in there than it is out here

(She shouts inside the hole again)

XEV: Can anybody hear me? (to Stan) Come on

(She crawls inside the narrow gap. Stan follows, and she pulls him through. Inside the building is dusty, dark, with rubble everywhere)

XEV: Coming?
STAN: Do I have to?

(Stan sits down)

STAN: Well look Xev, why don't we just stay here and wait for Kai, huh? We can look for him through the hole
XEV: We're on the wrong side of the lake
STAN: He'll find us, I know he will. Come on Xev, let's just wait
XEV: Maybe he'll find us and maybe he won't. You can stay here if you like, I'll be fine on my own
STAN: Well maybe I won't

(Xev leans down and pats his face)

XEV: Yes you will. Just sit tight. I'll check things out around us and be right back
STAN: OK, fine Xev, go. I'll rest
XEV: Bye Stan
STAN: Bye. Don't go far
XEV: I won't
STAN: I really think we should stay together
XEV: Then you come with me

(She walks away)

STAN: Why does she do this to me? She always does this to me. Xev! Xev?

(There's no answer. Stan heads off after her)

STAN: She'll never learn. She will never, ever, never ever ever learn. Never ever. She goes off. Somebody comes along, tries to eat me...

(Kai is still walking across the desert. Stan is warily looking for Xev)

STAN: Xev? Xev?

(He picks up a piece of rock, carries on looking)

STAN: Xev? Xev?! Xev?!

(A pretty girl wearing tattered clothes emerges from behind a corner)

TISH: Who is Xev?
STAN: Who are you?
TISH: I am Tish

(She walks nearer to Stan)

TISH: And who's Xev?
STAN: Well, er, Xev's a woman. She's dressed in a Cluster lizard skin outfit. I kinda lost track of her. I'm just trying to find her
TISH: I can help you (smiles)
STAN: You know, you saying that makes me feel kinda nervous
TISH: Why?
STAN: Well, in the past pretty well always when somebody said they wanted to help me out, it usually meant that they wanted to - feed off my brains or something like that. You don't have that in mind, do ya?
TISH: I said, I can help you
STAN: Right

(He's not sure about this. Tish leads the way)

TISH: Come on. I won't bite your head off (smiles)
STAN:(sighs) OK. Wait, wait, wait!

(He follows her into a large room full of rubble, bits of old equipment, and strange people. They stand around muttering suspiciously, not talking to each other)

STAN: So - can I help you?

(No-one responds)

STAN: No. Well, nice place you got here



(Xev walks across silently from the other side of the room)

STAN: You are Xev, aren't you?
XEV: Want to kiss me?
STAN: Yeah

(Xev walks up to Stan. He puckers up, but she turns her head at the last minute, so his lips land on her cheek)

STAN: You're Xev. Listen, these people - are they, um - dangerous?
XEV: I don't think so. But I couldn't get much out of them, they're not very - direct

(A man wearing a leather cap, sitting on a chair, suddenly starts talking to them)

ZIN: Thank you for helping us
STAN: Er, helping you, how?
XEV: Yeah, how did we help you?
ZIN: I don't have to explain it, do I? (smiles)
STAN: Er, yeah, if you don't mind

(Zin laughs - then stops)

ZIN: I do mind. A lot
STAN: Xev -

(He pulls her aside, whispers)

STAN: What is going on with these people?
XEV: I don't know

(A man with a scarred face isn't happy about this)

SCAR: Hey - secret conference?
XEV: It's not a secret conference. We were just wondering who you are, and what this place is all about
SCAR: Well, how about the fact that we don't know who you are, where you come from and what you want? And the fact that we were doing just fine here, until you two came along to help us
STAN: What are you talking about?
SCAR: I don't know. You're the one who's doing all the helping, so, you tell me
XEV: Well, like I said, we're not here to help you
SCAR: That was pretty obvious from the beginning, right?

(Noises of agreement from the other people in the room)

XEV: You don't like us, OK?
ZIN: Says who?
XEV: I don't know. The way you act, the way you talk to us, your whole attitude
ZIN: Excuse me. I think you'd better improve your attitude first before you start criticising ours

(Stan walks over to Tish, who is sitting nearby)

STAN: Tish - what is going on here?

(He realises she is crying, and pats her hand)

STAN: Oh, look -
TISH: Don't touch me!
STAN: Oh no, no, I wasn't, wasn't trying to -
TISH: To touch me, that's what you were trying to do, weren't you?
STAN: No! No no, I wasn't. I wasn't trying to -
TISH: Don't think you can just talk your way out of it
STAN: No, no, I thought you were, you know -

(Tish stands up, and appeals to the others in the room)

TISH: He was trying to touch me!
ZIN: We saw! We saw

(The mob mutters. People with crude weapons start closing in)

STAN: OK, look, look. I don't know what game you people got going on here, but I for one do not wanna be a part of it anymore
ZIN: What's that rock for?

(Stan looks down at the rock he's still holding)

STAN: I just had it in my hand
ZIN: Oh yeah? Well -

(He bends over and picks up a piece of pipe)

ZIN: I have just this, in my hand

(Scar pulls a weapon out from behind his back)

SCAR: Welcome to K-Town
STAN: OK, look -
ZIN: Look what? Come on, tough guy
SCAR: Take a swing at me, with your rock. Come on

(People start banging weapons on the floor, grunting)

STAN: Xev?
XEV: Run!

(They run, with the mob close behind. As they go through a tunnel, someone grabs Stan from behind. He hits their hand with his rock)

STAN: Xev!
XEV: Stan!

(She pulls him through. He pushes a grill in front of the tunnel, blocking it. Nearby, a man in black robes and head scarf catches a bug. He holds it up to his ear, then eats it. Xev and Stan run down the corridor)

STAN: Hey buddy, excuse me but -

(The man in black turns to face them. It's Mantrid)

STAN: Mantrid?
MANT: Who is Mantrid?
STAN: Well, you are, I think

(The sound of the mob gets closer. Mantrid tries the name on for size)

MANT: Mantrid?
XEV: Come on

(She and Stan start running again)

MANT: Man - trid? Man - trid?

(Xev and Stan run down a passage with low ceiling. Xev pauses to catch her breath. Stan sits down)

STAN: What was that about? I mean, how can Mantrid be here?
XEV: I don't know. This whole place makes no sense
STAN: Yeah. OK, where to?
XEV: Wherever they aren't

(They get up to go on - but the mob is now in front of them - and behind them)

XEV: Come on, this way

(They try a side passage, and stop. Angry people are there as well)

XEV: Go!

(She pushes Stan through another gap into a room which mostly consists of a huge drop, with a girder across it. Xev pushes Stan onto the girder)

STAN: Oh no, no
XEV: Yes Stan, go

(The mob enters the room. Stan starts to walk gingerly across)

XEV: Don't look down! Just keep going, go!

(Stan trips, but Xev steadies him)

XEV: Don't look down, just keep going
MOB: Drop! Drop! Drop!

(They make it to the other side. Stan looks back at the mob and laughs at them - until he hears laughter. More angry people, lead by Zin and Tish, are waiting for them)

ZIN: We took the easy way around. Time to teach you some manners

(Xev hisses at Zin. She and Stan get back on the girder)

STAN: Where's Kai when you really need him?

(Kai is climbing onto the thorn outside the tower)

MOB: Drop! Drop! Drop!
MANT: Climb! Up here, quick!

(Mantrid lowers a ladder. Xev and Stan climb up it)

ZIN: Get some rocks
ZIN: You brought the outsiders here
TISH: No I didn't
ZIN: She brought them here

(Tish runs. The mob follows her)

(Mantrid helps Stan off the ladder. He and Xev watch Mantrid, warily)

MANT: Who are you?
XEV: You don't know?
XEV: I'm Xev. Xev of B3K

(Mantrid looks at Stan)

STAN: Stanley Tweedle. Former assistant deputy backup courier and now captain of the Lexx
MANT: Who's Mantrid?
MANT: (confused) And who am I?
XEV: Mantrid. Arms and legs and body and all
STAN: This is another one of your games, isn't it?
MANT: I don't know. Perhaps it is a game

(He slowly walks on)

MANT: Game
XEV: And who are they?
MANT: They are downstairs, so they must be - the people who are downstairs

(He smiles, and carries on walking. Xev and Stan follow him along a narrow ledge)

STAN: So, you really don't know who Mantrid is, huh?
XEV: Have you seen Kai?
STAN: Yeah, he should be around here somewhere by now
MANT: Who's Kai?
STAN: He's the dead guy in black who walks around
XEV: He was an assassin in the Divine Order - and you were the Divine Order's chief Bio-Vizier. The greatest Bio-Vizier who ever lived, you said. Kai was yours

(Mantrid thinks about this)

XEV: So, Mantrid - how did you get here?

(Mantrid shrugs)

MANT: I woke up
STAN: He woke up

(Outside, Kai has found the hole leading inside the tower)

(Tish is hiding in some sort of big bucket. She peers out - and Zin holds a weapon at her throat)

ZIN: Why did you bring them?
TISH: I didn't
ZIN: After all I've done for you and this is the thanks I get
TISH: All you've done for me? Zin, do you realise what I put up with? The sight of your face makes me want to throw up! You're a bully. You're a coward, and you're a has-been, and you disgust me beyond belief
ZIN: You are going to die!

(He raises his weapon - and Kai's brace snatches it out of his hand. Zin and the mob run away. Kai walks over to Tish and helps her up)

TISH: Thank you
KAI: You are welcome
TISH: I suppose you feel better now?
TISH: Yes you do. You did your big rescue thing on me so you feel better
KAI: No. I do not feel
TISH: Oh yeah, I believe that. I bet you go around rescuing people and thinking that you're doing them a big giant favour, and expect that they should be all happy and grateful about it. But let's face it - you don't do it for their happiness. You do it so you can feel better yourself
KAI: I do not feel good. I do not feel better. I am dead. And I do not feel - (his face suddenly twitches) - anything. Ever

(Kai walks away)

TISH: Nice try, mister. I'm not finished with you yet. Hey! Look at me when I'm talking to you!

(But Kai has gone)

TISH: Hey, Zin, you creepy repulsive little coward. It's safe to crawl back out of the shadows now. Zin?

(Zin scrambles out from his hiding place, clutching a weapon)

TISH: Run. Run from the bad man. Run away and hide in the corner. You don't scare me one bit. You're too pathetic

(Elsewhere, Kai is not well. He slumps down in the dust, but staggers back on to his feet)

(Xev and Stan are still with Mantrid. Xev stops at a window and calls out)

XEV: Kai! We're up here!
STAN: Hey! I don't think that is such a good idea
XEV: Got any others?

(They carry on walking)

STAN: So, Mantrid, old buddy old chum. So you were the baddest person that ever lived, huh? I mean, that is, if you are you, that is
MANT: What do you mean?
STAN: Well, I mean, there used to be two universes until you destroyed one, you know, killed all the people, all the planets, all the stars, everything. And that universe was a lot better than this one
MANT: When did I do that?
STAN: Well, before you, er -
XEV: (quickly) Before you woke up
STAN: Yeah, long before. Like say 4000 years ago
XEV: The Mantrid who destroyed the Light Zone, was also part insect, and part machine
MANT: And what happened to me?
STAN: Xev killed you

(Mantrid looks at Xev)

MANT: Did you?
XEV: Yes

(Mantrid takes Xev's hand, holds it against his forehead)

MANT: Am I dead?
XEV: No. I don't think so. I think you are - alive

(Mantrid lets go of her hand)

STAN: So, Mantrid, what about you taking a turn answering some questions, huh? Like for instance, what's really going on here? And, what are you doing here?
MANT: I don't know
STAN: What do you mean, you don't know? I mean, you've been here all along - well, since you woke up
MANT: I don't know. Perhaps it is my punishment

(They turn a corner - and Tish and her friends, who are up on a ledge, start throwing rocks down onto them)

STAN: It's the downstairs people!
MANT: Except now, they are upstairs
STAN: Ow! Ow, ow!

(Stan covers his head and runs - and falls down into a room on a lower level)

XEV: Stan!

(Xev jumps down after him and helps him stand up)

XEV: Did you get hurt?
STAN: No, no, I'm OK. Thanks

(They are hit by more rocks)

XEV: Over here

(They take shelter behind a broken wall, and sit on a slab)

XEV: (shouts) If you want to fight, come down here and fight me!

(But the upstairs people just laugh, and keep throwing rocks)

STAN: Oh Xev, this is just one crazy place, I mean, both of these two planets, they're just completely totally crazy, I mean this makes no sense at all!
XEV: I know

(She rubs Stan's shoulders)

STAN: Oh, that feels good. Oh, you know, it's the first nice feeling I've had in a long time
XEV: It's been hard going for us Stanley, right?
STAN: Yeah. And Xev?
XEV: What?
STAN: How are we ever gonna get off this planet? (sighs) I mean, all I wanna do is go back to the Lexx, how will we ever - you know
XEV: Maybe they have balloons in this city. We have to find one somehow
STAN: Look you know, I think if we find a balloon, I don't think they're exactly gonna just hand it over to us
XEV: I guess you're right

(Xev hugs Stan)

STAN: You know Xev, you're OK. I don't think I ever really told you that before - I mean, I know what you think of me, you know, but I mean you're, you're really OK - in your own special, you know, Cluster lizard kind of way
XEV: You're not all bad yourself, Stanley H Tweedle

(Xev kisses Stan's cheek and puts her arm around him - then the rocks start falling again. Xev gets up)

XEV: Hey, what is it with you people? Answer me!
ZIN: I just did
XEV: No you didn't
ZIN: I will repeat my answer

(Zin throws another rock at her and laughs - then is pulled back by Kai)

XEV: Kai?
STAN: Kai? We were just talking about you
KAI: Hallooo-wa!

(He steps to the edge and shakes his head)

XEV: What's wrong with your voice?

(Kai steps forward, and falls down into the room. Xev and Stan go to help him - he can't get up)

XEV: What's wrong?
KAI: I sustained damage to many of my systems when I first jumped down from the Lexx onto the planet Water

(He tries to move, but cannot)

KAI: The damage seems to be progressing
XEV: Oh no
STAN: What exactly is wrong with you?
KAI: That - you will have to determine
XEV: How?
KAI: I will guide you

(Stan and Xev pick him up)

STAN: Listen - there's no chance that you're completely broken and you won't function again is there? I mean, you are indestructible
KAI: I am - hard to destroy, but I am not - indestructible

(Mantrid watches from above)

(Later. Kai is lying on the slab. Xev peels back the last layer of his costume - to reveal some sort of metal codpiece. Naked Kai is not a pretty sight - pale, grey, bruised. As well as his wrist brace and the piece he connects his protoblood tube to, he has seven small sockets on his chest, and some tubing down near his stomach)

XEV: I always wondered if -
KAI: What?
XEV: If you still had your -
KAI: What?
STAN: Equipment
XEV: Yes
KAI: I have a lot of equipment, as you can see, but it is not all - functional
XEV: Will this take long?
KAI: I don't know. It depends on the extent of the damage
XEV: What do I do?
KAI: First you must remove my power and control rods
XEV: Where are your control rods?

(Kai looks down, and points at his codpiece)

KAI: There. Between my legs
XEV: OK. Remove the power and control rods

(Xev looks at the codpiece)

XEV: How?
KAI: Turn, and pull
XEV: Turn and pull. OK

(Xev takes a deep breath, and starts turning his rod. Rocks are still falling)

STAN: I hope this doesn't take long, 'cause we need you up and around, Kai
XEV: Does this hurt?
STAN: No, the dead don't feel pain, right?

(Kai shakes his head. Xev pulls out the first rod, holds it up and looks at it - it's about a foot long)

(Meanwhile, the upstairs people have run out of rocks)

ZIN: We need more stuff to throw down at them, a lot
TISH: Then go get it
ZIN: Why don't you?
TISH: Why don't you?
ZIN: You can never motivate anyone in this place to do anything
SCAR: Ooo, is that a new discovery?
TISH: Zin - did I ever tell you how much you bore me? (laughs)
ZIN: I'll go and get my own rocks!
SCAR: You do that - Zin
ZIN: Just watch me
TISH: We will (laughs)

(Xev pulls out more rods)

XEV: So it turned out that the living Kai on the balloon, was nothing to do with you at all. He just looked like you on the outside
STAN: Yeah, but on the inside he was one hundred percent Prince
KAI: So where is he now?
XEV: Dead. We pushed him off the thorn
STAN: Yeah, definitely dead
KAI: Once you remove the last rod I will stop working completely
XEV: How will I know what to do then?
KAI: After you have removed the last rod, you must put them into the matching slots on my chest

(Xev touches the little metal sockets on his chest)

XEV: These ones?
KAI: Yes. Then I will be able to diagnose my condition. I contain many microscopic bio-mechanical systems -

(Kai stops speaking, as Xev pulls out the last rod. More rocks fall down from above)

STAN: I think we have to hurry. Come on

(Xev pushes a rod into one of the chest slots)

XEV: Kai?

(Kai starts twitching, moaning)

XEV: Kai? Kai! Kai, have I got it right? Have I got it right?

(Smoke starts coming out of Kai's codpiece)

STAN: Hurry
XEV: And do what?
STAN: I don't know, something!

(Meanwhile, up above - )

MANT: Hello

(The upstairs people turn, to see Mantrid standing on a ledge above them)

MANT: I finally know who I am. I'm Mantrid, the greatest Bio-Vizier who ever lived. I destroyed a universe!
SCAR: That's nice. I'm real happy for you

(They raise their rocks, ready to throw more down)

MANT: He was mine!
ZIN: Who?
MANT: Him. Down there. The dead man in black
SCAR: OK, look. Why don't you just wander off and do that crazy wizard thing somewhere else, OK?
ZIN: We've got work to do here
MAN: May I throw some rocks, too?

(He pulls some rocks out from under his robe)

ZIN: Sure. Fine. As long as you don't waste them
MANT: I won't

(He throws a rock at Zin, which knocks him out. The other two flee)

MANT: I am the greatest Bio-Vizier who ever lived!

(Mantrid goes down to the Lexx crew. He leans over Kai and examines him closely)

MANT: What is a Bio-Vizier?
STAN: Er - somebody that knows everything about biology and er - worked for the Divine Order
MANT: If he is mine, I'll fix him
XEV: Do you know what to do?
MANT: No. But if I am the greatest Bio-Vizier who ever lived, I should be able to learn quickly (looks at Xev) Don't you think?
XEV: He told us to remove the rods from here and insert them into the matching slots on his chest. He said if we did that, that he could then diagnose his condition. He also said that he contained microscopic bio-mechanical systems, and that they - well, then he stopped talking

(Xev hands Mantrid the control rods)

MANT: He said to put them in here, correct?
STAN: Yeah, but that's what caused this to happen

(Mantrid pushes a rod into one of Kai's chest slots. He takes another rod - and poises it over the socket for protoblood)

XEV: He said to put them in the matching slots
MANT: Ya, ya, ya, ya

(He ignores her, and plunges it in)

STAN: That's the wrong one, why'd you do that for?
MANT: To see what happens. I'm Mantrid

(He leans over Kai, who seems to be more focused. He looks at Mantrid)

MANT: Hello Kai
KAI: Hello, Bio-Vizier
MANT: Yes, yes. You belong to me
KAI: I am an assassin, and you must be - cleansed!

(Kai fires his brace through Mantrid, who is thrown back against a wall)

MANT: I destroyed a universe! I destroyed a universe! And my punishment is over - for now. Goodbye

(Mantrid dies)

KAI: I am an assassin

(He starts to aim his brace at Stan and Xev, who push his arm back)

STAN: Quick, hurry, I can't hold him!

(Xev pulls the rod out, and puts it into the correct slot)

KAI: - Collectively associate in my body to perform many duplicate functions. I contain many microscopic bio-mechanical systems. They collectively associate in my body to perform many - duplicate functions

(Kai sees Mantrid's body)

XEV: It is Mantrid
STAN: Yeah. You just killed him

(Letters and numbers flash across Kai's eyes. He tweaks the rods in his chest)

KAI: My primary micro systems have a specific polarity. They were apparently damaged, when I first crashed onto the planet Water
STAN: Which means?
KAI: That I am out of alignment
STAN: Well, can we fix them, I mean you?
KAI: That, you will have to determine
XEV: How?
KAI: First you must return my control rods to their original position

(More rocks come crashing down)

STAN: Boy, I don't know about you Xev, but I am not equipped for this level of stress

(Kai looks at him)

STAN: Yeah, I know, the dead do not feel stress
KAI: Right. But the dead do go out of alignment

(Xev starts pulling his rods out)

(Zin wakes up, and starts throwing rocks again)

(Xev puts the last rod back into Kai's codpiece. She and Stan start putting Kai's clothes back on. Meanwhile, upstairs - )

ZIN: We're out of rocks again
TISH: Then go get some
ZIN: (points at Scar) It's your turn
SCAR: How about I don't feel like it?
TISH: I don't either
ZIN: They're going to get away again
SCAR: You know Zin, I was just about to help, but then suddenly I started to feel under appreciated and I lost all my energy
TISH: Unloved!

(Zin snarls, throws his rock bucket down and walks off. Tish laughs)

SCAR: What are you laughing at?

(Kai is now fully clothed, if not fully functional)

STAN: How are we gonna get out of here, this pit?
XEV: Well, we climb up
STAN: What, with Kai?
XEV: With Kai, yes

(Stan and Xev pick Kai up)

STAN: Come on. Come on

(They start to climb the wall)

STAN: I bet they're gonna blast us with rocks as soon as we get halfway up
XEV: Well what do you want to do, give up?
STAN: Kai, did I ever tell you that you are really really heavy?
KAI: I am - decarbonised
STAN: 1, 2, 3 - push!
SCAR: You people are really impressive
TISH: Just love that "Can do" attitude
SCAR: When you get up here, will you please take me out of this place too?
XEV: Will you give me your hand?
SCAR: Er - (pulls his hand back) No
XEV: (sarcastic) You're really helpful
TISH: He never has been and never will be
SCAR: But I can step on your fingers

(He does - and Xev grabs his leg)

SCAR: Hey - she's got my leg!
TISH: That's right - she's got your leg, not mine

(Tish pushes him over the edge. Xev makes it to the top, and pulls Kai)

STAN: 1, 2, 3 - push!

(Kai holds onto the edge)

STAN: Almost there

(He gets to the top, and helps Xev pull Kai up. Tish watches them)

STAN: You people here are completely useless in every way
TISH: Cutting remark. You must be the king of wit, huh?

(Stan and Xev walk away with Kai)

SCAR: Don't bother trying to escape from here. Nobody ever has, and nobody ever will!
TISH: You got that right (laughs)

(Zin returns - and pushes Tish over the edge. He laughs, and throws rocks down on both of them)

(In another room, Stan looks out onto the desert through a broken arch)

STAN: Well, this looks like as good a spot as any
XEV: Are you sure this is the right solution?
KAI: No. But it is the only one

(Stan and Xev pick Kai up and take him to the arch)

STAN: How're you gonna land right? You can hardly, hardly move
KAI: I still have some limited motor control. The drop will take time. I will attempt to modify my landing position, during my descent
XEV: Attempt?
KAI: I will do my best
STAN: OK, and then you're gonna come right back up and rescue us, right?
KAI: If I return to normal functionality I will return immediately and rescue you

(They pull him onto the ledge. Stan hears something, and looks back at the dark end of the room)

STAN: There's somebody up here
XEV: Where?
STAN: Over there
XEV: I can't see anything
STAN: I did. I'm sure I did. Come on Xev, we gotta hurry
XEV: Which side should you land on?
KAI: My left side

(They move him on the ledge. Stan looks back again)

STAN: Hurry Xev. There is somebody up here. Kai, I sure hope this works
KAI: You should
XEV: I hope it works too
KAI: I suggest that you do not delay further
XEV: Good luck Kai

(They push him off the edge, and watch him fall)

STAN: Did you see what side he was going down on?
XEV: I couldn't tell

(Far below, Kai hits the sand)

STAN: Did you see how he landed?
STAN: I bet he landed just fine. I bet he's already working again. He's gonna be on his way up here any second

(Kai gets up - and falls over. He rolls down the sandy slope. A balloon hovers over him as he crawls. Xev looks out of the window)

XEV: Look
STAN: What?
XEV: A balloon

(Kai struggles to rise, but keeps falling over)

XEV: I don't know Stan. If he had landed right he would be back up here by now, don't you think?

(As Kai crawls, two balloonists take hold of his arms)

KAI: I must return to the top
BALL: Why?
KAI: My microsystems are still not properly aligned
BALL: You're coming with us
KAI: I must return to Stan and Xev

(Stan and Xev watch the balloon take off)

STAN: It's landing on that city

(Xev gets up)

STAN: Where're you going?
XEV: To that city
STAN: How are you going to get there?
XEV: I don't know, somehow

(Xev stops, smiles)

XEV: Prince

(Stan gets up. Prince is standing at the other end of the room, smiling)

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