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Lexx 3.04 Boomtown
(written by Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff)

(Duke's stolen moths fly toward Gametown. Kai is still stranded there, watching the residents play their game. Brock is keeping watch on the balcony. When he realises the city is about to be attacked, he races inside and hits the alarm gong)

BROCK: Weapons!

(They all stop playing the game and race to get their bows - except Bunny)

BROCK: Bunny!

(Bunny joins the others. In the moths, the soldiers light their crossbows)

BROCK: Go, come on, let's go!

(The archers head out onto the balcony, raise their bows. The moths come closer. Duke and Fifi are in one of the moths, which now have metal strapped to the noses)

FIFI: Remember to stay up high
DUKE: No arrows can reach this high
FIFI: I don't care about arrows, it's the dead guy's brace you gotta worry about

(Brock lowers his bow, and looks at Kai)

BROCK: They're still too high

(Fifi aims his crossbow out through the door of the moth)

FIFI: We're up too high, is that what you're saying Brock? Yeah, well I got news for you buddy. We've got more moths than you've ever seen in your life, and we're gonna hit you with more heat than you've ever felt before, pal!

(Fifi laughs, and shoots an archer)

FIFI: Watch the birdy!

(He throws a small bomb, which explodes on the balcony. The other moths join the attack)

FIFI: Burn, Gametown, burn!

(Bunny sees a friend get shot. There are flames and smoke all over Gametown now)

BROCK: Mr Kai, can't we hit them with your brace weapon?
KAI: No. They are staying well up and out of range

(The moths fly away, but only to circle back for another attack. Fifi is laughing)

DUKE: Fifi
FIFI: Yeah?
DUKE: You are a small minded, self-centred, vindictive perfectly evil human being
FIFI: Wow. That's harsh
DUKE: But also true - which is why I like you

(Fifi chuckles. On Gametown, the situation is getting desperate)

BROCK: Bunny, we need more water
BUNNY: There are too many fires Brock, burning out of control
FIFI: Eat this, Brock!

(Fifi makes chicken noises, and shoots Brock in the chest. He sinks to the ground)

BUNNY: Brock!

(She kneels down beside him. Brock reaches up to Kai)

BROCK: Mr Kai - promise you'll look after her
KAI: (kneels down) Who?
BROCK: Bunny. She's in love with you

(Kai glances across at Bunny)

KAI: I will try
BROCK: Thanks. You're a swell guy

(Brock dies. The moths attack once more)

BUNNY: We're gonna have to swim for it
KAI: I cannot swim
BUNNY: You can't?

(Kai shakes his head)

KAI: No. I do not float

(The Lexx. Stan, Xev and 790 are on the bridge, watching Gametown burn. The city is not floating anymore - it's tilting at a dangerous angle, and those still alive are sliding off into the sea. Kai tries to lead Bunny up higher, but they're not getting very far)

BUNNY: Goodbye Kai
KAI: Goodbye Bunny

(Bunny holds his face and kisses him - but Kai is distracted by a moth. He fires his brace, pulls himself and Bunny up onto the moth, and pushes the soldiers out)

DUKE: Everybody follow me, we're going back to Fire
FIFI: Fire? What for? We've got work left to do, we got cities to burn!
DUKE: I like you, Fifi - but I'm in charge, and we will do what I say. We'll come back here, later, but first we have some business on Fire

FIFI: Yeah. Sure boss, whatever you say

(The moths leave the smoking city - but one moth flies off to the Lexx)

(Kai walks onto the bridge - with Bunny on his back)

STAN: Hey, Kai. Glad you're finally back

(Stan playfully punches Kai in the chest)

STAN: Xev and I were starting to get really really hungry

(Bunny slides down from Kai)

BUNNY: Hi! I'm Bunny
790: (mimics) Hi, I'm Bunny! - Slut!

(Bunny looks hurt, not surprisingly)

KAI: I will start the remaining moth breeders building new moths, and then, we should all go down to Water, so you can eat

(Kai leaves the bridge. Bunny goes to follow him, but Stan stops her)

790: Bitch slap her, Xev!

(Kai is in the moth breeding chamber. He presses the red light on a moth breeder's helmet, which is sticking out from a column. The moth breeder tears through the membrane and steps out. Kai pushes buttons on its head)

KAI: Build more moths, now

(The moth breeder obediently goes about its business)

(The galley. Bunny is lying stretched out beneath the nozzles. Stan is sitting beside her, Xev is pacing in the background)

STAN: So, those floating cities down on your planet - what are they like, you know, in a way that might be of interest to me?
BUNNY: Well, all the cities are different from each other. What are your interests?
STAN: (chuckles) Well, being a healthy, actually living specimen of the human male species, I have very - (looks at her) powerful - interests
BUNNY: What type of very powerful interests?
XEV: He wants to get girls into bed. And since most girls, even those with highly accelerated libidos, do not want to go to bed with him, Stanley Tweedle is constantly looking for planets where the girls don't care who he is

(Xev pats Stan on the shoulder, then walks away)

STAN: Xev - Xev, you don't have to put it that way. What I'm really looking for is, you know, like a happy people party place. You know, a place where people have fun all the time - different kinds of fun, I mean, open-minded fun, and err, get cosy at night, and you know, cuddle and mmmm. You know?
BUNNY: (laughs, confused) No
XEV: All he wants is sex. With anyone, anywhere, anytime. He's desperate. And I need to eat, soon

(Bunny gets up and stands beside Stan)

BUNNY: I think - you want to go to Boomtown
XEV: Does it have food?
STAN: Girls?
BUNNY: Plenty
STAN: Nice girls?

(Bunny sits on his lap)

BUNNY: Nice girls - and, nice boys
STAN: Oh. And are they - open-minded? Sexually speaking?
BUNNY: On Boomtown everybody has sex, all the time
STAN: (coughs) All the time?
BUNNY: Mm hmm. Night and day. It's a non-stop sex city. That's what they do there

(Stan is having trouble breathing at the thought of this)

BUNNY: Are you OK Stanley?
STAN: Oh yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I'm just a little, little hungry

(Bunny pats Stan's tummy. He bounces her on his knee)

XEV: Me too. Very hungry

(A moth containing Stan, Xev, Kai and Bunny flies down to a city on Water. The archers raise their bows, but Bunny gets off Kai's lap, leans out of the window and calls to them)

BUNNY: It's OK - they're from the big bug in the sky. We won't hurt you

(She waves at them. The trusting souls lower their bows, for this is Innuendo City - sorry, Boomtown. Scantily clad pretty people wander around, past tables laden with fruit and drinks. Xev helps herself to grapes. Stan has already found a friend - a pretty girl called Peach, who is peeling a banana)

STAN: I really like the - the fruit, here

(A blond hunk called Root sits down beside Xev)

ROOT: You seem hungry
XEV: I am very hungry - but I like to enjoy the flavour
ROOT: For me, it's far more satisfying to take my time. Pick out something desirable

(He holds up a chunk of melon)

ROOT: Bring it up to your mouth, smell its delicious, fresh, heavenly, ripeness -

(Xev sniffs)

ROOT: And then you take that first little bite -

(Xev takes a bite of the fruit)

ROOT: Savour it. Taste it. Roll it around your mouth
XEV: And then?

(At the other end of the table, Stan holds up a cherry and beckons to Peach - who eats it)

ROOT: The experience grows from there. It gets -
XEV: Deeper
ROOT: The sensation seems to spread throughout your whole body -
XEV: Building
ROOT: Until eventually you get this delicious feeling coming in like waves, crashing upon the shore

(Bunny is sitting on the other side of Xev. Kai is standing nearby. She smiles up at him)

BUNNY: Waves crashing on the shore

(She gets no reaction from him. Peach holds out a banana to Stan. He holds her hand, looks at her, and takes a very deliberate bite)

ROOT: Then there's the question of quantity versus quality. I prefer a taste of something wonderful over a whole feast of something that's just ordinary
STAN: (laughs) I prefer a whole feast of something really wonderful

(Peach holds out a peach, and Stan takes a big bite. She gets up and walks away, beckons for him to follow. Bunny offers Kai a cherry)

BUNNY: Do you have an empty stomach too?
KAI: I do not have a stomach at all

(Stan gets up)

STAN: Look, I'll be right back, OK?
XEV: Don't think so (smiles)
STAN: (laughs) No, No, she just wants me for, you know, something

(He heads off after Peach. Bunny sits down on the other side of Root)

ROOT: So, miss - ?
XEV: Xev
ROOT: Quantity or quality?
XEV: Oh, that could be um, a hard decision
BUNNY: (nods) Hard
XEV: Um - ?
ROOT: Root

(He gets up, sits on the other side of Xev, strokes her hair)

XEV: Root, very - hard
ROOT: How hard?
XEV: It could take a long time to decide
ROOT: How long?
XEV: Very, very long
ROOT: Well, it's hard for me too - but it's important to come to a satisfying -
XEV: Decision. Yes

(Kai watches, expressionless as ever. Root strokes Xev's chin)

(Stan walks through some curtains, into a light and airy pastel coloured boudoir. He leans his hand against the wall, then realises that the wall is covered with sculpted breasts, and takes his hand away. A bed folds down from the wall, and Peach is on it)

PEACH: Remember me? I'm Peach?
STAN: Remember me? I'm Stanley H Tweedle

(Peach bites a peach)

PEACH: Do you like peaches?
STAN: Only when my lips are wrapped around them (laughs)
PEACH: Come here, Stanley H Tweedle

(Stan walks to the bed)

(Back at the fruit table, Bunny drags Kai to a chair. He sits down)

BUNNY: I can go all night long too
KAI: Go where?

(Bunny sits on his lap, her arms around his neck)

BUNNY: Go to the place that makes a man happy
KAI: Where is that?
BUNNY: The place I want to bring you
KAI: Are you trying to seduce me?
BUNNY: (smiles) Yes
KAI: The dead cannot be seduced
BUNNY:(frowns) I don't understand

(She flops backwards onto a chair. Kai leans over her)

KAI: Bunny - I am dead
BUNNY: No you're not

(Kai sits up, and gets out his brace. Bunny looks scared - then Kai slices off his hand. Bunny picks it up and looks at it - and Kai wiggles his fingers. The dead are dangerously close to grinning)

KAI: Yes I am

(Bunny is amazed. She puts the hand down on the table, and Kai reattaches it)

BUNNY: That's a neat trick. Do other parts of you perform that well?

(Xev leans over Kai's shoulder)

XEV: No. Other parts do not perform at all. You'll have to get your satisfaction elsewhere
KAI: Likewise, Xev

(On Fire, ten moths fly to Prince's city)

DUKE: Once we have defeated Water, there must be only one ruler. And that ruler - must be me
FIFI: What, you mean there's somebody else we need to take care of?
DUKE: Yes. There's someone else I'm going to (sniffs) replace
FIFI: Oh. You see, I thought your city looked the biggest to me, so, you know, I just figured you were the head guy, the man in charge
DUKE: Not yet, but soon, very soon

(Prince walks out of a door on his tower. He lies down on the ledge, and looks at the moths below. His guards rush out and take aim. Prince goes back inside)

(Boomtown. Stan is sitting on the bed, with Peach lying beside him)

STAN: Bunny said that on Boomtown you were - very warm, very friendly
PEACH: Well, we are

(She takes his arm)

STAN: Yeah. And you're very open minded, when it comes, when it comes to, umm -

(Peach leans forward, looks at him)

PEACH: When it comes to - what?
STAN: You know -
PEACH: What?
STAN: Umm, se - love. Love
PEACH: (laughs) But we are, when it comes to -

(She takes her top off)


(She starts playing with her nipples)

STAN: Sex. Sex?
PEACH: That's pretty much all we do here, Mister Stanley H Tweedle

(She pulls him up, starts undoing his uniform)

PEACH: Is that OK with you?
STAN: Oh, it's much more than OK

(She kisses him)

STAN: I'm home

(Peach pulls Stan down onto the bed)

(Another boudoir. In this one the walls are black - still breasts. Dark colours, cushions and candles everywhere. Xev and Root are sitting on the bed facing each other, their legs wrapped around each other. Root is holding a candle. He has flowers in his hair - sadly, he is not one of those men who can carry this look off)

ROOT: Come on a journey with me Xev

(Xev blows out his candle)

XEV: Yes. Where?
ROOT: A long journey -

(He pours some of the candle wax onto his hand, gasps)

ROOT: To a special place within ourselves
XEV: I was programmed to be a -

(She licks his candle)

XEV: Love slave. So let's go there - now
ROOT: Ooo. The arrival -

(He pushes the candle between his fingers)

ROOT: Will be sublime

(Bunny and Kai are now alone at the table, sitting opposite each other. Bunny has her feet on Kai's lap. Kai has a flower in his hair)

KAI: So, Bunny - since there is so much sex occurring in this city, there should be a lot of children
BUNNY: What are children?
KAI: Children result from sex
BUNNY: Fun results from sex!
KAI: Sex is considered to be fun, but it is also known to have other complications, one of which is children
BUNNY: Not here on Boomtown. It's just fun, and that's all

(She rubs her foot on Kai's crotch)

BUNNY: I bet I could make you -

(Kai looks down)

KAI: What?
BUNNY: Aroused

(Kai crosses his legs, knocking her feet away)

KAI: I have not been aroused for 6000 years

(Bunny pulls the flower out of his hair)

BUNNY: Boy, you must be really frustrated
KAI: No. I am not frustrated

(Bunny pulls the petals off the flower, then leans on Kai's knees)

BUNNY: You want me, don't you?
KAI: The dead do not get frustrated. The dead do not have wants. The dead are simply dead
BUNNY: You're so weird

(She rests her head on Kai's knee)

BUNNY: How did you all get here anyway?
KAI: We came here on our ship - the Lexx

(Fire. In his chamber, Prince hisses, making his collar stand up. Moths land on a thorn, and Duke's soldiers rush out and start hammering at the wall. Prince's archers take aim but do not fire. Duke and Fifi watch from their moth)

DUKE: The mighty will soon fall. Oh joy

(Prince is pacing in his chamber. May and a priest are also there)

PRIEST: They are able to fly inside the thorns, and since they are underneath the deck we cannot reach them with our missiles
PRINCE: Cut through it
PRIEST: The deck supports the entire city, and is very thick. It will take time
PRINCE: Then waste no more of it talking to me
PRIEST: Will we attack them with the one moth we do have?

(He walks up to the priest)

PRINCE: We, will not. I will
PRIEST: Are we going to run?
PRINCE: To where?
PRIEST: To safety

(Prince chuckles, and walks over to May)

PRINCE: Do you not believe that I will defeat him? He is a flea, a pretender, a nothing

(He sniffs at May, then walks away)

PRINCE: I rule this planet. I always have and I always will. I will destroy Duke, and then, I will destroy Water

(Outside on the thorn, the soldiers manage to pull out some boulders)

DUKE: Forever and forever he has ground me beneath his heel. Finally I have a chance to grind him back. I like you

(He kisses Fifi on the cheek)

FIFI: Yeah. I like you too Duke. So er, where are we going now?
DUKE: Duketown, where I am Duke, and where I will soon be king
FIFI: Oh. What are we gonna do there?
DUKE: We will wait for Prince to attack us
FIFI: Attack us, why?
DUKE: Many times I have nearly defeated him, but now I have these moths. I will win. Prince knows that, so he will come after us, so that I will kill him
FIFI: Wait a minute, why would he want you to kill him?
DUKE: You have much to learn, my friend - much to learn

(Boomtown. In Peach's boudoir, Stan climaxes. Peach gives him a peach to bite, kisses his cheek, and snuggles against his chest)

PEACH: And how was that, Mister Stanley H Tweedle?
STAN: That - that was perfection (kisses her) That, that was the definition of totally, completely, a hundred million times beyond perfection
STAN: Good? (laughs) Good

(Peach gets up off the bed)

STAN: Don't I get to cuddle?
PEACH: Oh, you do - but not with me

(She laughs, and walks away)


(A topless blonde girl walks into the room, and gets into bed beside Stan)

PEAR: Hi. I'm Pear
STAN: Pear

(He puts his arm around her - then a dark-haired girl gets in on the other side of Stan)

PLUM: Hi. I'm Plum
STAN: Plum (kisses her) Pear (kisses her) and a little Peach - I'm in an orchard (smiles)

(Root's boudoir. He's feeding Xev grapes)

ROOT: So what is a love slave?
XEV: A love slave is someone who can't hold out much longer

(She offers him a cherry - held between her toes - and he bites it)

ROOT: But what does a love slave do?
XEV: A love slave does everything
ROOT: (gulps) Everything?
XEV: Everything a man could ever want, or need

(He offers her a grape, but she pushes it aside)

XEV: I can't hold out much longer

(She grabs the bunch of grapes and takes a bite, then pushes the bunch at Root's mouth, but he won't be hurried)

ROOT: Oh yes you can. The wait is your journey. The arrival, your joy

(The moths fly to Duketown. In the main chamber, a scared man is strapped into a chair, and a guard paints him with a dark sticky substance. The chief watches)

CHIEF: Enough

(The guard moves away from the chair. The chief steps up, laughs)

CHIEF: Now, is the fun part

(He holds up some sort of lighter - but Duke takes it from him. Fifi is there as well)

CHIEF: Duke. I - I was just about to burn him
DUKE: Good

(Duke blows out the flame, tucks the lighter into his boot)

FIFI: What'd he do?
DUKE: Nothing
FIFI: I don't get it. So why are you burning him?
DUKE: So we can enjoy his suffering
FIFI: Ah. That I get (laughs)

(Duke pulls two small star badges from the shoulders of the chief's uniform)

DUKE: Hold him

(Guards take the chief and strap him into another chair, with its back to the scared man)

DUKE: Fifi - I've decided to make you my new chief
FIFI: Excellent! What do I have to do?
DUKE: Whatever I say
DUKE: First problem, is to get rid of the old chief

(He holds up the lighter, lit, and hands it to Fifi)

FIFI: Piece of cake

(Guards paint the chief. Fifi walks up to him, laughing. The chief looks terrified. Fifi sets him on fire. There are screams. Duke takes the lighter)

DUKE: Did you enjoy that?
FIFI: Yes, I did

(Duke blows out the lighter)

FIFI: This is my kind of place
DUKE: And you are my kind of chief, Fifi

(Duke holds out the stars, on the ends of his fingers. Fifi takes them. Bells start to ring)

DUKE: Sounds like we have visitors (to guards) Clear it up

(A moth lands on the balcony at Duketown. Prince and May get out, and are met by Duke, Fifi, and guards. Prince and May walk down the steps into the chamber. The others follow. Prince sniffs at the chairs - now empty and clean)

PRINCE: We have a common enemy. We should be fighting together against Water - not with each other
DUKE: Yes. All Fire must fight together, united under a single ruler against a common enemy

(Prince sniffs the chairs again, sits down beside them)

PRINCE: But that is already so. Fire is my planet. I am its Prince

(Duke opens some shutters)

DUKE: Look - a tree doth fall

(Prince walks to the shutters, and looks out at his tower. There is an explosion halfway up, and it falls to the ground. Prince sways)

DUKE: A king without a crown - a prince without a town

(Duke walks to stand behind May. Prince closes the shutters. Duke opens a small pouch on his belt and uses tweezers to take out a small piece of - ice? He drops it into May's mouth, and she looks at Prince)

PRINCE: Are you betraying me, May?
MAY: Yes
PRINCE: I expected no less
DUKE: I have defeated you
PRINCE: Perhaps
DUKE: Your city is gone. You have no power
PRINCE: So - you have won. I'm ready to die

(Prince kneels down, his arms outstretched. Fifi aims a crossbow at him)

FIFI: I'll do it
DUKE: No. You won't (to Prince) But you will suffer

(May grabs the bow, aims it at Fifi. He backs off, and she aims it at Duke - then turns and shoots Prince. He gasps, falls to the ground. Duke rushes to him)

FIFI: Good shot
PRINCE: Thank you May

(Prince dies. Duke stands up)

DUKE: No! Bad shot! Very bad shot

(He snaps his fingers, and guards take May, strap her into the chair. Fifi sees Prince's body disappear)

FIFI: Wow. Why'd you wanna keep him here? This way he can't go anywhere
DUKE: Alive he is no threat, but dead he will come back - to haunt us
FIFI: Haunt us? How?

(Duke bends down and picks Prince's lip ring up from the floor)

DUKE: That, we have yet to discover

(Boomtown. In Root's boudoir, Xev is arched back on her hands and feet, while Root eats grapes off her belly, working his way around her)

ROOT: And as we get closer - and closer - to shore - our vessels - touch

(Xev gasps as he eats the grapes. Root kneels down, and Xev sits facing him)

XEV: I want it, now!
ROOT: We'll get there, soon

(Duketown. May is being painted with flammable goo. Duke stands behind her)

MAY: Prince will look after me
DUKE: You really believe that? Why should he?
MAY: I helped him
DUKE: Prince doesn't work like that. You only killed him to save yourself

(He drops the lip ring in May's lap)

DUKE: You know that as well as I do. And if you think Prince returns favours, then you have him confused with something good. You're a fool, May
MAY: He will destroy you

(Duke holds up the lighter, flaming. A guard applies the paintbrush to May's hair)

DUKE: Good luck on the other side

(He sets fire to May. She screams. He blows out the lighter, puts it back in his boot, and stands beside Fifi)

FIFI: Whoa. Hey, er, Duke - you wanna help me out here? What am I missing?
DUKE: Do you believe in life after death?
DUKE: Then what happens when you die?
FIFI: You die, that's it. Game over
DUKE: After that?
FIFI: After that? Nothing, what are you talking about?

(Duke sits down on the step, beckons Fifi to sit beside him)

DUKE: Where did you come from? How did your life begin?
FIFI: Just like everybody else's. One day I woke up - there I was
DUKE: Before that?
FIFI: Before that? But - before that, I guess I just wasn't
DUKE: Wrong!

(He leans over, whispers to Fifi)

DUKE: Before that, you were
FIFI: I was?

(He strokes Fifi's face)

DUKE: You just don't remember

(Fifi looks uneasy, changes the subject)

FIFI: Anyway boss, when will we get back to Water?

(Duke stands up - so does Fifi)

FIFI: Yeah? You mean, we get to destroy everything now and take over, right?
DUKE: Now we will destroy every city on Water
FIFI: And you'll rule both planets, right? And I'll be your number one guy, huh?
DUKE: For now

(Kai hands Bunny a basket of fruit, to be loaded onto the moth)

BUNNY: So why does your ship have to eat?
KAI: Because it is a large insect. It is alive, and all living things must eat

(They walk onto the balcony)

KAI: You can see it as it passes between the two planets
BUNNY: Where?
KAI: There

(The Lexx is visible high above them)

(Root's boudoir. Root is lying on his back, waving flowers at Xev, who is crouching over him)

ROOT: Can you hear the waves, Xev?

(Xev pushes the flowers aside)

XEV: I've been hearing the waves long enough, let's get on with it! Please
ROOT: But the journey -
XEV: I'm programmed to love, and you're going to download my programme, right? Just don't download too soon

(Xev moves down his body)

ROOT: It's a big programme, Xev. It takes time to download
XEV: How long?

(She licks his stomach)

ROOT: Oh, as long as you can take it

(Peach's boudoir. Stan is now lying on his back with his head between Plum's legs, while Pear pours a drink into his house. All three of them are giggling)

STAN: Oh, oh that's good

(He nibbles Plum's thigh)

PEAR: What does the H in Stanley H Tweedle stand for?
PLUM: Handsome?
STAN:(laughs) No
PEAR: Hunky?
PLUM: Hung?

(They laugh. Stan thinks about this, then laughs)


(He nibbles Plum's thighs again, then sighs)

STAN: How about er, how about human?

(The girls don't like the sound of this)

PLUM: No, no. Don't stop now Stanley
PEAR: We're just getting started (laughs)
STAN: Not to worry, not to worry, just give me a minute. Manly Stanley is just taking a little time-out

(Peach rejoins the party)

PEACH: Time-out's up

(She leans over Stan and kisses him. Pear and Plum clink glasses)

STAN: Oh boy

(Duke and Fifi are in a moth)

FIFI: So, now where to, boss?
DUKE: Boomtown
FIFI: Boomtown? I thought you might wanna save that one
DUKE: Why?
FIFI: Well, I don't know. I mean, out of all these floating cities on this stupid planet, that's really the only one that ever did anything for me
DUKE: Really?
FIFI: Yeah, I dunno, I mean - the people there are fun. It's not exactly my type of fun, but they know how to get down and dirty, you know what I mean?
DUKE: They are the enemy, and we will destroy them
FIFI: All right then

(Peach's boudoir. Stan falls flat on his face on the bed. The three girls kneel over him. Plum strokes his hair)

PLUM: Are you OK?
STAN: I'm way beyond OK
PEAR: We need more
PEACH: Lots more
STAN: Listen, girls, speaking honestly, I can say that, of all the planets I have ever been to, this one is the best by far - I mean that, I mean it, I do, honestly I do. There is nothing going on here, especially like right now, that I consider anything but totally excellent. But listen - can I ask you a question? Does the concept of too much of a good thing mean anything to you?
STAN: There's a limit, and I passed my limit some time ago. That means, I think, that we gotta stop for a while
PLUM: Stop?
PEAR: I don't understand

(Two more girls arrive)

CHERRY: Hi, I'm Cherry

(She takes her top off)

OLIVE: Hi, I'm Olive
CHERRY: It's our turn to play
STAN: Oh. I think I'm getting a headache
PLUM: What's a headache?

(Boomtown. Kai and Bunny are on the balcony, watching Duke's moths approach)

BUNNY: Are they coming this way?
KAI: Yes
BUNNY: Does that mean I might die?
KAI: Yes

(He looks at her)

KAI: Are you afraid?
BUNNY:(scared) I am. Are you afraid?

(Root's boudoir - Xev is still trying to have her way with Root)

ROOT: You belong here with me Xev

(Xev pulls him down - then sees someone standing behind a blue curtain)

XEV: Kai!
KAI2: Xev

(She walks towards him, pulls the curtain aside - it's Kai, but alive, with his hair in curls, wearing a rather fetching short blue tunic, with a bow and a quiver full of arrows on his back)

XEV: But how can you be - I mean - I mean, are you -?
KAI2: Alive?
XEV: Yes
KAI2: I'm here for you

(Xev touches his shoulder)

XEV: Your skin - it's warm
KAI2: (laughs) Of course
XEV: But how? Where did you come from?

(He tilts his head, looks at her)

KAI2: I only know that I am here, and I had to come to you

(He puts his arm around her shoulder. She touches his face. Root walks over to them)

ROOT: Perhaps I should, uh, leave you two alone

(Xev looks over her shoulder at him)

XEV: Sorry Root, but this is Kai

(She gazes at Kai again)

ROOT: You don't have to explain anything. Everything's OK

(Root kisses Xev's cheek, then Kai's, and smiles)

ROOT: We're on Boomtown

(Peach's boudoir. Stan is now buried beneath girls, struggling to escape - and to keep his shorts on. Suddenly, a gong sounds)

STAN: What's that sound?
PEACH: We're being attacked

(The girls rush away)

STAN: Saved by the bell

(He sinks to his knees and falls backwards onto the bed)

(The gong is also heard in Root's boudoir)

XEV: What's that?
ROOT: We're under attack

(Duke's moths are indeed attacking Boomtown. Kai heads for the moth, and Bunny steps in front of him, blocking his way)

BUNNY: I want to go with you

(Xev arrives, with Kai2)

KAI: Xev

(He sees Kai2)

KAI: Kai
XEV: Kai? I thought that you had somehow come to life, but you are still dead, aren't you?
KAI: Yes

(The dead do not seem to be amused. Xev looks at Kai2)

XEV: So how can there be two of you?

(Kai2 pushes Bunny aside, and steps up for a closer look at Kai)

KAI2: One is dead - the other is alive

(Outside, Fifi fires at the city)

FIFI: This is such an easy target!

(Explosions. Boomtown is smoking now. Stan joins the others, pulling on his uniform)

STAN: Will somebody please tell me what all this commotion is about?
KAI2: We are being attacked by forces from the planet Fire

(Stan looks at him, and gets a shock)

KAI: They are using the moths stolen from us

(Stan looks at Kai, and does a double take)

STAN: Kai? Kai? (to Xev) Am I dreaming this, or is this for real?
XEV: It's real Stan
STAN: Well, can you please explain it to me?
XEV: No I can't, because I don't understand it either

(There are more explosions)

STAN: Can we go now?
KAI: I think - that would be sensible

(He walks past Kai2, and the others follow. The crowded moth takes off, with Kais perched outside the doors on either side. Fifi sees them)

FIFI: It's bunhead in black!
DUKE: Good
FIFI: Good? How can that possibly be good? Oh no, he's seen us! What are we going to do?

(Kai points at them)

KAI: That one contains Fifi. He stole our moths
KAI2: Then get him - bring him down

(Kai aims his brace, then lowers his arm)

KAI: They are out of my current range
KAI2: Then quick, let's go after him
STAN: Or we could just return to the Lexx
KAI2: We have to go after him - he is the enemy

(He looks at Xev, who is sitting next to him)

XEV: I agree

DUKE: Abandon the attack. Destroy the moth that's following me. Everybody abandon the attack

STAN: Did you hear that? They're coming after us. What are we gonna do now?
KAI2: We fight
STAN: Oh, that's easy for you to say. What if I don't exactly share your desire?
XEV: What if I do?
KAI: We have little choice, Stanley. I suspect they will come after us whatever course we take

(Kai2 gets his bow ready. Their moth follows Duke's moth. All the others follow them)

© Filking Fairy

© LEXX - LIGHT ZONE 2005 HELEN & Trulyalyana

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