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LEXX 3.03 Gametown
(written by Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff)

(May is in the cryopod. Stan, Xev and Kai watch as 790 scans her)

790: I was sure she was dead
KAI: As was I
STAN: Well, you were wrong
KAI: It is a miraculous recovery
STAN: I'm not complaining
XEV: You said that being able to tell is someone was dead or alive was the special talent of a Divine assassin
KAI: Killing people was my special talent, that is correct. I am normally very good at determining the living or non-living state of a human being

(Kai inspects May's shoulder)

KAI: How is it, May, that you are able to appear to be dead?
MAY: I don't know. Maybe I was dead, and I came back to life somehow. I don't remember anything

(Later, in the moth breeding chamber. Kai, 790, Stan and Xev are watching the moth breeders at work)

790: I'll die if you leave me!
KAI: Then we will have something in common. And I will return, 790
STAN: How many of these things do we need, I mean, there's only three of us can fly them
KAI: We can instruct the moth breeders to fly them, if the task is kept simple. It will take many trips, as the Lexx has a large appetite
XEV: So, Stan - you were there the whole time. What happened? She was dead, and then, did she just - wake up?
STAN: Well, no, we thought she was dead, and that is, that is what happened. I was lying there, dreaming sort of, and, er, and then I heard something and I stood up and she was better (smiles)
XEV: She wasn't just better, Stan, she was dead! Then she was alive. It doesn't make sense
STAN: Well, you know, sometimes things just don't make sense. She's still not feeling well - I'd better go check on her

(Stan leaves)

XEV: What do you think, Kai?
KAI: I think - it does not make sense

(In the cryochamber - Stan is tending to May)

STAN: So, you don't remember anything, do you May? I mean, from when we thought you were dead, I mean, when you came to, you didn't see anybody here besides me, did you?

(He dabs her forehead with a sponge)

STAN: No, that's good, that's what I thought, I mean, we were the only ones here, right?
MAY: I don't understand
STAN: well, when you were dead - I mean, when we thought you were dead, I had a dream, and Prince was in it. And I thought the dream was real, I mean I thought Prince was really here, but he wasn't, was he?
MAY: (laughs) He couldn't have been, because he's dead
STAN: Exactly! I mean, it was just a dream - and anything, anything that happened in that dream wasn't real. I mean, anything that Prince said wasn't real, anything that I agreed to wasn't real, so, I don't have to pay any attention to it, do I?

(May suddenly gets a pain in her shoulder)

STAN: What's wrong? Oh look, don't worry, don't worry. Look, you're still weak, and I'm talking way too much, so just lie back and get some rest, OK?

(Stan is on the bridge, watching the planets Fire and Water on the view screen)

STAN: So, Lexx - first you go around one planet, and then you go around the other, right?
LEXX: Yes, Stan. We are in a figure eight orbit
STAN: So that means that once every orbit we're pointed at the planet with all the water, and then later you're pointed at the planet with no water, right?
LEXX: Yes, Stan
STAN: That means that if I asked you to, you could destroy one of those planets when you're pointed at it
LEXX: Yes. I can destroy any planet when I am pointed at it. Which one would you like me to destroy?
STAN: Oh, neither! Not just yet

(Xev comes onto the bridge)

STAN: Um - but tell me, Lexx - how long will it be before you're pointed at the water planet again?
LEXX: I will be pointed at the water planet again in six and a half hours
XEV: Why, Stanley?
STAN: Why what?
XEV: Why are you asking how long it is before the Lexx is next pointed at the water planet?
STAN: Oh - I was - just curious
XEV: Curious

(Later. Stan is back in the cryochamber with May)

STAN: You'll be all right. I'll make sure you'll be all right
MAY: I am all right. I'm all right because I'm with you

(The moth breeding chamber. Kai is watching the moth breeders when Stan comes in)

STAN: Can I ask you a question? It's only a hypothetical one. OK, look, I was just wondering - suppose that someone cared about somebody else, you know, really really cared, and that someone else was in trouble, bad trouble, and it meant that they were gonna have to be killed, and the only way to stop them being killed was to kill somebody else, or some other people - do you think it'd be wrong to do that?
KAI: How many other people would he have to kill?
STAN: Oh, a few. A relatively large few, sorta
KAI: It does not sound balanced
STAN: Yeah, but does that mean it's wrong? One special person that you know is worth a lot of people that you don't know, right? I mean, how often do you meet special people, I mean, they're one in a million at best, right?
KAI: She must be very special to you
STAN: Who?
KAI: May
STAN: Oh, it's just a hypothetical question, I mean, it's got nothing to do with reality. Look, I just, I had a dream and it bothered me, I was thinking about it, that's all

(Stan walks away, looks at a moth)

STAN: So when are they gonna be ready?
KAI: They are ready now
STAN: OK. So you're gonna take 'em, and you're gonna go get food for Lexx. You're not gonna be down there that long, I mean, you gotta come back right away to make more trips, right?
KAI: Yes
STAN: Yeah, good (he pats a moth) Good

(Stan leaves. Kai watches him go. The Lexx is orbiting Water. Stan goes onto the bridge - Xev and 790 are already there)

STAN: Xev. Xev - I got a question for you
XEV: What?
STAN: Are you going with Kai down there?
XEV: Yes
STAN: I was hoping you'd stay here on the Lexx. I may need some help with May. I mean, her condition is precarious, isn't it, 790?
790: Yawn!
STAN: Look, I'm worried about her. Will you stay and help me?

(Several moths leave the Lexx, led by Kai)

KAI: Follow me. Land where I land
MOTHB: Follow you. Land where you land

(The moths fly over Water, towards a city)

(Stan, Xev and 790 are on the bridge)

790: I miss him so badly. Why didn't I go with him?
XEV: Because he didn't take you - but I should have gone
790: Don't agree
XEV: Why?
790: He likes to be alone

(Stan sits down beside Xev)

STAN: Xev, it's always better to stay on the Lexx and stay safe until Kai checks things out
XEV: Why did you want me to stay here on the Lexx, Stan?
STAN: Well, because I care about May, I care about you
790: I care about Mr Deatholicious
XEV: But Kai's a guy, and you're a guy too
790: I am not a guy!
STAN: No, he's a homo robot head
790: I am not!
STAN: Then what are ya?
790: I am a robot head in love with a dead man - and I am a woman
STAN: I don't think so
XEV: Neither do I
790: I am! I am, I know I am! I have a tiny fragment of a human brain and it came from a woman
XEV: And how do you know that?
790: I feel it. Deep inside this hard metal casing lies a burning passion that only a woman could feel for a man
XEV: I still think I should have gone with him
STAN: Kai won't be that long (to Kai, in the moth) You won't be long, will you Kai?
KAI: I do not know what type of food is available, or how difficult it will be to procure
STAN: well, you'll eat just about anything, won't ya Lexx?
LEXX: I eat all types of organic matter, Stanley. I am very hungry
STAN: Yeah, we know that Lexx, won't be long now

(Stan sits down)

STAN: Boy, I don't like these planets. The sooner we get away from here the better
XEV: So, you plan to take her with us?
STAN: Well, everyone she ever knew is dead
XEV: Well, maybe she'll want to stay on her own planet
STAN: I don't think so
790: I do
XEV: How do you know she won't want to stay?
STAN: She won't have any reason to
XEV: Why?
STAN: Well, I mean, I don't know, that's just what I think

(Stan leaves the bridge)

(In the floating city, about a dozen people in skimpy white uniforms are playing a ball game in a courtyard. There are goals with nets at either end of the court. A girl - Bunny - punches the ball into the net, but lands on her stomach. Brock helps her up)

BROCK: Fine move, Bunny
BUNNY: Just imitating your style, Brock

(Bunny looks like Laleen, from 2.10 Wake the Dead. Another guy - Fifi - shoots, but the ball bounces off the side of the goal)

BROCK: Don't worry Fifi, you'll score next time
FIFI: Oh, so I missed, so what, what's the big deal? Anybody got a problem with that, huh? OK, let's play

(Above the courtyard, the players see the moths approaching)

ALL: What are they?

(Someone hits a gong. They all grab bows and arrows and head onto a balcony as the moths get closer)

FIFI: Ready, aim -
BROCK: Hang on, fellas. Look, he's waving at us

(Kai is waving in the moth)

(On the Lexx, Stan is pacing the bridge)

STAN: How long now, Lexx?
LEXX: Forty nine minutes

(The moths land on the balcony of the floating city. Kai opens the door of his moth)

KAI: Greetings. I am Kai
ALL: Welcome

(Fifi walks forward)

FIFI: Good to meet you, guy. I'm Fifi. Welcome to Gametown
KAI: It looks like a nice place
FIFI: It is
KAI: You look familiar
FIFI: Oh yeah?
KAI: You resemble someone who lived four thousand years ago

(Kai is talking about Schlemmi, from 2.4 Luvliner)

FIFI: Musta been a good looking guy
KAI: What do you do here?
FIFI: Play games, mostly. Have a good time. Right?
ALL: Yeah
KAI: Do you have food?
FIFI: Oh, yeah, plenty
KAI: Good. I would like to obtain some, for our ship
FIFI: Sure, no problem, whatever. So, er - what do you do?
KAI: I was an assassin. I killed people, but I do not intend to kill you

(Kai gets out of the moth, and looks at Fifi)

KAI: Yet

(Stan is in the cryochamber with May)

STAN: Look - I admit it. I've always had a problem with girls you know, but I think it's because I never ever, not once in my entire life met one who was, er, really special, you know, the one. I mean, see, if all you wanna do with a girl is just get her into bed, she usually figures it out, which makes it really hard to get her into bed - you know what I mean. So, look - telling you this is a really stupid strategy, and I shouldn't be saying it, but - but you're the one, May. You're the one for me. And, and I'm, I'm sure of it

(May holds her hand out to Stan. He takes it. They don't see Xev watching them)

MAY: That's the right thing to say, Stanley
STAN: Oh I'm really glad, really really really glad. I needed to hear you say that before I -
MAY: Before what, Stanley?

(Stan lets go of her hand - and then washes his hands in the sponge water)

STAN: Er, well, before I, before I do, er, what I have to do

(Down on Water, the moths are on the balcony, and the moth breeders are loading baskets of food onto them. Most of the players are exercising. Fifi and Bunny are watching Kai and the moth breeders - Bunny is nibbling on a carrot)

FIFI: What's up with those guys? They don't seem very bright
KAI: They are moth breeders, only able to perform limited tasks related to moths
FIFI: Who tells them what to do?
KAI: I do
FIFI: What if you're not around?
KAI: They respond to anyone who is nearby to give them instructions. They have no capacity for self-direction
FIFI: Really? That's interesting. Oh, by the way, help yourself to all the food you want - we got plenty, we're not gonna run out
BROCK: Yeah, yeah - it's good to be able to give someone something that they need more than we do
FIFI: Button it, Brock
KAI: That is very generous of you. Our ship has a very large appetite
FIFI: So, er, are these things hard to fly, or what?
KAI: No. They are easy to fly. They are living organisms and basically fly themselves. The pilot simply guides them with his hand using the joystick
FIFI: That thing?
KAI: Yes
FIFI: You gotta touch that?
KAI: Yes
FIFI: Oh. Well, I suppose I could, if I really had to
BROCK: Hey, looks like your fellows are gonna be a while. Care to join us in a game?
FIFI: Course he will. He's on my time. It's me, the rag man and all the girls against you losers, right?
KAI: If you request
FIFI: Hey, just do what I say. I may not be the greatest athlete, but at least I can think. I'm the only one around here who can do that, right? (laughs) Let's play - come on

(Fifi hands Kai the ball, and Kai spins it on his finger)

(The Lexx. Stan is on the control pedestal)

STAN: Lexx - how long now?
LEXX: We will be directly aimed at the water planet in 10 seconds. 9. 8. 7. 6
STAN: Lexx -
LEXX: 5. 4
STAN: I command you to -

(Xev suddenly appears beside the pedestal)

XEV: What?
LEXX: 3. 2. 1
STAN: Lexx, I command you to -
XEV: To what?

(Xev gets up on the pedestal)

LEXX: Zero. We are now directly aimed at the water planet, Stan
STAN: Stay out of this, Xev
XEV: Stay out of what?
STAN: Whatever it is I'm doing
XEV: And what's that, huh?

(Xev grabs hold of Stan's uniform)

STAN: Let me go Xev. You don't know what's going on
XEV: Not yet
STAN: I command you to -

(Xev pulls Stan off the pedestal and starts to choke him)

XEV: What are you up to, Stanley Tweedle? You tell me what it is right now, or I'm going to squeeze the life out of you. Are you going to tell me or not?

(Stan shakes his head. Xev carries on squeezing)

XEV: Are you going to tell me. No?
STAN: (gasps) Yes
XEV: All right

(Xev loosens her grip - and Stan seizes the opportunity)

STAN: Lexx - blow up the water planet now!
LEXX: As you command, Stan

(Lexx powers up and fires a beam - which just passes over the floating city. Kai and Fifi watch)

FIFI: What is that?
KAI: The end of all your problems - almost

(The view screen on the Lexx shows the beam harmlessly passing the planet Water. Stan is back on the pedestal, rubbing at his throat)

LEXX: I am sorry Stanley. I missed. We had passed the position where I was pointed directly at the planet
XEV: Why Water? I thought if anything you'd want to destroy Fire
STAN: I had my reasons
XEV: Oh, what reasons?! And Kai was down there!
STAN: He would have been all right. He's dead already, remember? He's impossible to kill
XEV: Well, the Lexx's weapon might have destroyed him
STAN: Kai's dead, he doesn't care what happens to him
XEV: What are you saying Stan? What happened to you, huh? What's going on?
STAN: Look, OK, OK, OK. I'll tell you. Guess it doesn't matter anymore now anyway

(Stan sits down on the pedestal)

STAN: Look - after May was dead and I was lying there beside her, Prince came to me
XEV: Prince is dead. We left him down on the desert planet, remember?
STAN: I know that! None of this makes any sense. I mean, first May is dead, and then she's not. And Prince did come to me. He said that if I used the Lexx to blow up the water planet, that he'd bring May back to life. And I said I agreed, but I didn't know if he heard me, but then May did come back to life. And that's why I didn't want you to go down there with Kai
XEV: It was a dream. It must have been
STAN: I don't know. I don't know what to know. I know May is dead now

(They go to the cryochamber, where 790 scans the motionless May)

790: She's not dead
XEV: Are you sure?
790: Yes. One hundred percent sure - but she is on the edge of death
STAN: Will she live?
790: I don't know. The protein regenerator is not working so we cannot help her. She is on her own. She may recover, or she may die

(Xev pats Stan's arm)

STAN: OK, just - go, leave me alone with her
XEV: Are you sure?
STAN: I'm sure
XEV: Stan - please don't have any more dreams now

(Xev takes 790 and leaves Stan alone with May)

(Down on Gametown, another game is in progress. Kai is standing on the court, watching. Fifi trips a player up, gets the ball and throws it to Bunny)

FIFI: Let's go!
BUNNY: It's their ball
FIFI: What are you talking about?
BROCK: You tripped him, so it's our ball
FIFI: No I didn't, he fell. It's not my fault if he's clumsy
BROCK: Come on Fifi, all right? We'll forget about it and get back to the game. Is everyone OK with that?
ALL: Yes
FIFI: His shin hit my foot, OK?
BROCK: Fifi, the game's not fun unless we all play fair. Let's just put it behind us and get back to the game
FIFI: What's the matter, you don't like the way I play, is that it?
BROCK: Fifi, it's not that -
FIFI: No, let me get this straight - you guys are winning. One of you guys gets in my face, and it's my fault? Huh - I'm always the bad guy, right? Answer me when I'm talking to ya, Brock!
BUNNY: Let it go Fifi - you're taking it too seriously

(Bunny tries to give Fifi a neck rub)

FIFI: I'm taking it seriously?

(Fifi pushes Bunny to the floor - she lands at Kai's feet)

FIFI: Whose team are you on, anyway? You're all such a bunch of cry-babies - all of ya! Ah, I don't care. Take the ball (to Kai) Hey look, whatever your name is. We're down nineteen to six. The game only goes to twenty one. I kinda notice you're just standing around here. Maybe you could put a little life into the game?
KAI: I cannot put life into my game, as I am dead
FIFI: You're telling me! Well, do me a favour, help us out a little bit, OK?
KAI: What would you like me to do?
FIFI: Score some goals. I play to win

(Fifi makes a thumbs up sign - so does Kai)


(Kai grabs the ball with his brace and throws it right through the net, scoring a goal)

(Xev is in her bed, when a hand touches her shoulder and wakes her)

XEV: Stan, is that you?
PRINCE: No. It is me

(Xev sits up. Prince is standing at the end of her bed)

XEV: Prince. Am I dreaming?
PRINCE: What is a dream? What is reality?
XEV: You got shot by an arrow, I saw it
PRINCE: You see me here, Xev
XEV: Did you bring May back to life?
XEV: How?

(Xev gets up out of bed)

PRINCE: Do you still care for me Xev?
XEV: Yes, I think so
PRINCE: Please help me
XEV: If I can

(Prince strokes her chin)

PRINCE: Let Stanley do what he must do

(Prince kisses Xev. When she opens her eyes, he's gone)

(The cryochamber. Stan is asleep next to May's cryopod. Prince strokes his face, waking him)

STAN: Prince

(Prince raises Stan up)

PRINCE: You did not destroy the water planet, Stanley
STAN: I tried, but Xev stopped me. Does this mean May is gonna die now?
PRINCE: That's up to you. I will give you one more chance. You will destroy Water the next time this ship is pointed at it, or May will be gone from you forever
STAN: And if I do?
PRINCE: Then she will live, and be yours for the rest of your life
XEV: Stanley?

(Xev comes into the cryochamber - but Prince has disappeared)

STAN: What is it Xev?
XEV: Stan - I thought I heard something
STAN: What?
XEV: A person, talking
STAN: Oh, that was just me. I was just talking to myself

(Down on Gametown, Kai scores another goal, ripping the net)

FIFI: Go on, one more

(And Kai obediently scores another goal)

FIFI: Yeah, we won!

(Bunny jumps up on Kai, putting her legs around him. Fifi hugs them)

BROCK: Great comeback
FIFI: Yeah, I picked him
BROCK: OK guys - hit the showers
FIFI: I don't really like showers that much. I'll see you guys later

(Stan, Xev and 790 are on the bridge, communicating with Kai)

STAN: So Kai - you have enough food yet?
KAI: I do not think so. It will likely take a number of trips

(Kai is in the shower with Bunny. She's naked - he's not)

STAN: Hear that, Lexx? It may take a number of trips
LEXX: I am very, very hungry, Stan
STAN: Kai, Lexx is very very hungry

(In the shower, Bunny "accidentally" drops her soap)

BUNNY: Oh! I'm sorry. Could you -

(Kai bends down and picks up the soap)

XEV: Are you still there, Kai?
KAI: Yes
BUNNY: Could you, um - do my back? Please?

(Kai tucks the squawker under his chin. He lathers up the soap and rubs her back, quite roughly)

KAI: I think you are clean now
BUNNY: Oh no I'm not. I'm dirty - very dirty

(Bunny pulls Kai's soapy hand to her chest)

KAI: You do not seem to fully understand. My body is not - alive
BUNNY: Well, mine is. Here - tell me how it feels

(She puts Kai's left hand on her right breast. Kai thinks about this)

KAI: It feels - hot
BUNNY: It is - hot

(She moves his hand down lower - )

BUNNY: Hotter

( and lower - )

BUNNY: Hottest!

(Bunny gasps. Xev has been listening to this)

XEV: Kai
BUNNY: Oh - I want you to put out my fire, Kai
XEV: Kai - what's going on down there?
KAI: I am assisting someone who is taking a shower

(Bunny looks very happy. She leans back against Kai)

XEV: Who?
KAI: What's your name?
BUNNY: Bunny
KAI: Bunny
XEV: Who is Bunny?
KAI: A naked young woman
790: What?!
STAN: He said, a naked young woman
790: Don't do it, Kai! Return to the Lexx right away. It's an emergency!

(Bunny is rubbing her chest and gasping)

KAI: What emergency?
790: Er - there's a robot head up here who desperately needs a lube job
XEV: Kai, listen - don't get distracted down there, OK? The Lexx is very hungry, and so are we
KAI: I do not get - distracted

(Kai walks away. Bunny puts her hand out to him. Kai stops, hands her the soap, and leaves)

BUNNY: You missed a spot!

(Xev looks at Stan)

XEV: Well, you doing seem very interested in what was going on - down there
STAN: I was. I'm just - hungry, and it distracts me, that's all

(On Gametown, all the moths are flying away from the city. Brock rushes out of the showers after Kai)

BROCK: Mister Kai - is it OK if I ask you a question?
KAI: Go ahead
BROCK: I'm really uncomfortable about it
KAI: Why?
BROCK: Well - I know it's not right to talk about another fellow behind his back
KAI: I will not be uncomfortable

(Kai walks out onto the courtyard. Brock follows him)

BROCK: OK. Have you noticed how there's a fella here who, you know, doesn't fit in with the rest of us? Who's, you know, different?
KAI: You are referring to Fifi?
BROCK: You did notice! We've tried everything, Mister Kai. We've tried to make him fit in. We even let him score goals whenever we can. Everyone gives 110% for him, everybody, but - nothing works. He just doesn't seem to - you know, fit in
KAI: And?
BROCK: And that's just it. He doesn't fit in and we don't know what to do. We thought you might have an idea
FIFI: So long, suckers!
KAI: I suspect that Fifi may have just solved your problem himself

(Kai and Brock look up to see the moths flying away)

FIFI: Bite me! (laughs)

(Kai and Brock and some of the others go out onto the balcony)

BROCK: Can't you do something with that arm thing?
KAI: He is out of range

(Kai tries the squawker)

KAI: Fifi, can you hear me?
FIFI: Yeah, I can hear ya
KAI: Fifi, I request that you return the moths. I need them to bring food to the Lexx
FIFI: Oh. The answer is, er - no! (laughs)
BROCK: Tell him we forgive him and that - we'll try harder to get him to fit in
KAI: They all forgive you, and will try harder to make you fit in
FIFI: I'm sick of hearing all their crap. 'It's OK Fifi, you'll score next time' 'It's the best two out of three' - forget about it, I'm sick of it. I'll tell you one thing though - I play to win. And this time, you guys are the big losers and I'm the winner (laughs) You know why? Because I gotta hold of all these moths, and I'm gonna fly very far away from this never-ending total boredom. Come on, how many times can you play that stupid game anyway, I'm sick of it! So, er, so long, suckers!
BROCK: I think it's real sad. Fifi was - well, you know. Different. So - who's up for a game?
ALL: Yeah!

(The players follow Brock back inside)

(The cryochamber. Stan is sponging May's forehead again)

STAN: You'll get better soon - I know you will. Stanley Tweedle will make sure you do

(Stan hears someone moving outside in the passageway)

STAN: You can come in. You can come in if you want to. Xev?

(Xev walks into the cryochamber)

XEV: The Lexx will be pointed at the water planet again soon
STAN: Oh, is that right?
XEV: You didn't have any more dreams, did you?
STAN: Oh, no, no, I've forgotten about that
XEV: You sure?
STAN: Why?
XEV: Just asking. Thought you might have
STAN: You don't have to worry about me Xev. Look, I was acting crazy, and, and it passed. Besides, you were right. Kai might have been destroyed with the planet, so - you were right to stop me
XEV: I didn't know you still cared about Kai
STAN: Oh yeah, I care about the dead man - not as much as you, but - he's nice to have around

(Xev starts to walk away)

STAN: Xev, where are you going?
XEV: Why?
STAN: Well, just on case, just in case something happens with May and I need your help
XEV: I'm tired, I think I'll lie down for a while
STAN: Oh, good
XEV: Goodnight Stan
STAN: Night Xev

(Xev leaves. Stan shakes his head, rests his chin on his hands)

STAN: Goodnight Xev. Goodnight Kai

(Fifi and the moths are in the atmosphere connecting Water and Fire)

FIFI: Getting rough up here boys. Stay with me!
MOTHB: Stay with you

(Xev is lying on her bed. Stan checks in on her, then walks away. Xev sits up in the edge of the bed. Prince is watching behind her)

XEV: I can't
PRINCE: Can't what?
XEV: I can't do it
PRINCE: You don't have to do anything. Stanley will do it
XEV: I can't let him

(Prince sits beside Xev, and strokes her face)

PRINCE: Life is full of choices. Not all of them are easy. Kai is dead. Whatever happens will not really affect him. And the others - there are a thousand people, dying at this very moment on a thousand other planets. What do they really mean to you - or to me?

(Tears roll down Xev's face)

(Stan is on the bridge)

STAN: How long before we're pointed at the water planet, Lexx?
LEXX: We will be there in two minutes, Stanley
STAN: Good

(On the planet Fire, the stolen moths circle a tower, and head up to the deck)

FIFI: Woo! It's warm up here, boys

(Prince sniffs Xev)

PRINCE: You can choose your own happiness, or the happiness of people that you have never known, or met, and who will never thank you. I can give you happiness, Xev

(Xev closes her eyes)

PRINCE: I can fill the emptiness within you. Let Stanley do as he must

STAN: How long now Lexx?
LEXX: Forty seconds, Stan

(Prince kisses Xev's jaw. She opens her eyes)

XEV: I'm going to stop him

(Prince chuckles)

PRINCE: You're too late, Xev. It's done. You don't have enough time to get to the bridge

(Xev looks at him)

XEV: Oh yes I do

(She pushes Prince aside, curls up like a Cluster lizard, and rolls out of her bedchamber. On the bridge, Stan activates the template. Xev rolls rapidly through the passageways)

STAN: Lexx, I command you -

(Xev rolls onto the bridge and grabs Stan)

XEV: Don't think so, Stanley

(She throws him to the ground and gets on top of him, smothering him with her breasts)

XEV: We're not going to destroy a planet, we're not going to kill people we don't know, we are not going to kill Kai anymore than he's already dead, you hear me?
STAN: Lexx - I command you to -
XEV: No, Stanley! We're not going to destroy the planet, do you hear me?
STAN: OK Xev, yes, I hear you, I agree, I agree. Just let me up so I can breathe
XEV: Stanley, ask the Lexx if he is past the point where he can destroy the planet. Ask him Stanley, and there is no point in trying anything else!

(Xev raises herself off Stan slightly)

STAN: Lexx? Lexx - are you still pointed at the planet?
LEXX: Yes I am, Stan. I will be aimed at the water planet for 6 more seconds. 5. 4
STAN: Lexx -

(Xev flattens herself against Stan again. He struggles to get up)

XEV: Don't even try!
LEXX: 3. 2. 1. We are no longer aimed at the water planet

(Xev gets up. Stan rolls onto his stomach, gasping for air)

XEV: Prince visited me too
STAN: He did?

(Stan gets up)

XEV: He wanted me to let you do it
STAN: Well, maybe it's just as well. You were right to stop me Xev. I couldn't help it. Now May's gone. She's dead. She's gone from me forever
XEV: All right. Let's see

(Xev takes Stan's arm and leads him to the cryochamber. Stan is wearing May's ocarina around his neck)

XEV: Stan
STAN: What?
XEV: Look
STAN: I can't
XEV: Yes you can
MAY: Yes you can

(Stan looks)

MAY: Look at me

(May is alive and well - but she seems different. She walks towards Stan)

MAY: I thought you cared for me, Stanley
STAN: I do -
MAY: You could have had me
STAN: I tried to blow up Water -
MAY: But you failed! Water is still there, isn't it?

(May walks past Stan. He puts his hand up to her shoulder, but she pushes it away)

STAN: Your wound is better!
MAY: My wound is not better, it's not there. It's never been there. I never had a wound. And you don't have what it takes to have me, Stanley. So goodbye, Stanley Tweedle. Enjoy your life, what's left of it

(May pulls the ocarina from Stan's neck, drops it, and crushes it beneath her heel. Xev steps up between Stan and May, but May ignores her and walks away)

STAN: May - what? -
XEV: Prince

(Prince emerges from the shadows at the end of the cryochamber. May smiles. Prince sniffs Xev, strokes her face)

PRINCE: I do not like the choice you made, Xev - but it was the right choice

(Prince goes to Stan, walks around him)

PRINCE: I liked your choice, Stanley, it was the choice I would have made - the wrong choice. Xev is preventing you from getting your reward. It's too bad. You really would have enjoyed May for a while

(May puts her arms around Prince's neck. He puts his hand on her thigh, and they kiss. Stan looks away, broken-hearted)

PRINCE: But soon you will get another reward - one that you deserve

(Prince and May walk out of the cryochamber)

XEV: What does that mean?
STAN: But she shot him, with an arrow. I saw her do it. She was his enemy. I saw her do it

(Xev pats Stan's arm)

XEV: I think we just saw what they wanted us to see

(Xev and Stan go onto the bridge. Prince and May are in a moth on the moth platform)

MAY: You are the one, Stanley Tweedle. You are the one!

(May laughs, as does Prince. She shuts the moth door, and the moth takes off. Xev sits down on the pedestal. Stan sits beside her)

STAN: That rolling thing, I didn't know you could do that
XEV: Neither did I. Must be the Cluster lizard in me

(Stan thinks of something, gets up)

STAN: Lexx, I wanna communicate. Squawker channel
LEXX: As you command, Stan
STAN: Kai?
KAI: Yes, Stanley?
STAN: Kai, we're getting kinda hungry up here. When are you gonna be back?
KAI: I do not know

(Kai is on the court - a game is in progress)

STAN: What do you mean, you don't know?
KAI: I am now stranded here, as I am no longer in possession of the moths
STAN: What do you mean, you don't have possession of the moths? Where are they?
KAI: I suspect they are headed towards the other planet - Fire

(The moths have landed on the deck of the tower city. Fifi has his hands up, and is surrounding by armed guards pointing crossbows at him)

FIFI: I don't exactly know how I wound up there, but I definitely do know, that it wasn't for me. And seeing how that's the case, and seeing that you guys obviously have a need, and seeing that I happened to get my hands on all these moth things that do exactly what you want - er, it looks to me like, umm - we may have the ingredients to a deal here. Right?

(A shaven headed man - Duke - circles Fifi, looks at the moth. He has a black stripe down his chin, and his right eyebrow is pierced)

FIFI: Er - you know what? I have, er, I have plenty of food and water here too. But that's not the main thing, no sir. No, the main thing is, you can forget about your balloons. Because these moths, they go between Fire and Water, real real fast, so they're like perfect for an attack. Especially of you have some inside help. Someone like, for instance, me. Someone who knows what their defensive plan is. And you know what? I don't even care about getting anything in return. No, I'll just help you attack 'em 'cause it's what I like to do. That's who I am

(Duke smiles, and looks at Fifi, who smiles back)

FIFI: But you know, I gotta tell you fellas, it's - real hot here.

© Filking Fairy

© LEXX - LIGHT ZONE 2005 HELEN & Trulyalyana

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