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Making of Lexx - Season1 Part4


PAUL DONOVAN: Ok. That was "Giga Shadow". Picture number four in the LEXX pilot cycle. And that was directed by Robert Sigl. Robert Sigl is from Munich. And in case you didn’t assume it from the show – Robert Sigl is a very unique human being.
LEX GIGEROFF: Very unique guy, he is a If you’re talking about enthusiasm… He would take us you know I mean if he were directing If Robert Sigl were directing like a supper scene with like a mum and dad and a kid having supper it would not be an ordinary supper scene. It would be an absolutely the most scene father with supper out of him... and then the mother hacking the bird to pieces and then the little boy crying with the candles burning, flickering on his eyes... you know I mean he’s gets kind wild up a little bit...
JEFF HIRSCHFILED: ...but enthusiasm!

ROBERT SIGL: That’s the alarm signal and...
- like this...
- and he has a long pipe doing this...

ROBERT SIGL: It’s a gothic space opera for me. The atmosphere, the visual the visuallity the visual elements the, mystery horror science-fiction also the concealed eroticism in it I like that very much and the story plots. The plots, the story outlines everything characters are very-very unique and completely different to the most of the other science-fiction films. So this has much more to do with "Alien" H.R. Giger then it has to do with for instance "Star Track" or "Star Wars".
Well actually it’s a little bit strange for me to realize or to grasp the facts that the Americans really seem to have no problem with the portrayal of violence but they shrink back and get frenzy and despaired whenever this portrait.
And this is something that Europeans.. that’s very hard for Europeans to understand. Actually the fantasy is not very popular in Germany. It is popular whenever I comes from America, then mass audiences walk into the movie theatres.
But they also are extreme behave strangely in the film business if German film directors come up with stories like that or try to shoot movies like this. And this is strange and odd because we have a very big tradition in Germany Well I’m convinced that it has something to do with expelling and killing of all the creative forces.
And it still shows in German cinema, in modern German cinema, the big loss of big artists and big loss of for instance. And we have to fight for making our films better and more interesting to the audiences.

PAUL DONOVAN: The only problem with Robert Sigl is that he would also get (warmed up) to the night before shooting into three hours of the morning. And Robert Sigl also wanted to become an actor himself. When we went off to Berlin working on the up-coming shows, Robert Sigl starts putting himself in the show and you can see him.

ROBERT SIGL: The Giga Shadow must not be!

ROBERT SIGL: Oh, Divine Merciful Shadow...
- So, ok, we start the shot with you’re moving in...
- He saying to guard: “the Cleansing is complete”...
- then they do their lines then you do this of screen, then they join in in the singing. Ok. That’s it.
MALCOLM McDOWELL: Ok. So basically you don’t really need me.

LEX GIGEROFF: But he’s a... He’s a gifted artist... And I think we’re very lucky to have... Well you know I mean to me he survived rumors in another studio he got thrown out... But that’s another story. That happened too… It is only because his enthusiasm. But it’s ok. Who hasn’t among us been thrown out of the couple of bars?
PAUL DONOVAN: Ok, and then there was Michael Hubarg. He made a small role and that’s a friend of Robert Sigl’s who Robert’s friend. Who... You maybe recognize from in the name of the roles.
LEX GIGEROFF: Yeah, he played a monk so... Very good preparation for being a friend of Robert Sigl’s. Having you know spent time in a monastery with no women. Good friends. He came over here and was Feppo in the movie.
PAUL DONOVAN: Ok and also in number four – what else should be said about it? Hm... Ok... Bzzzz time’s up.
JEFF HIRSCHFILED: Malcolm McDowell. The great, the legend. The myth, the legend, the sparkle white hair.
LEX GIGEROFF: He’s great he’s just... you know.... I think he had like a couple of weeks you know free... because a project fell through. He just wanted to come and be a part of these thing. He had like two weeks…

MALCOLM McDOWELL: Oh, these Canadians are pain in the ass. I mean... Jesus, I don’t know... Wow... I don’t know.
I mean... You’re asking me what it’s like to work here...
Can’t wait to get home
I’m.. Don’t ask me about the plots and stuff I don’t.
All I’m hoping for – and I know this is gonna happen – computer boys are gonna save us.
Special effects are gonna be amazing. And that’s really what this is about. As long as you like to watch the characters as well and I think.. you know, Michael and Eva are very good actors, you’ll really get the public will get to like them and I think they all do a good job, and we’ll be all right we’ll be saved.
It’s hard to say what’s a good director what’s a good these and that. I think the main thing is: did you enjoy it? Did you feel you did a good job? I think yes, and I think that everybody else did and everybody enjoyed this so… That’s all you can ask for. I suppose the critics will be the next ones to kill us. At this stage in my life I don’t want to get stock doing one thing I want to do a little bit of this and that … I want to do a film and do a play and… that’s the way I keep myself from being bored. Oh, I’d played some really exotic characters in my time and I could not claim that for Yottscry but he’s certainly. He’s up there somewhere and I’m not quite sure where… I mean to make an entrance through this is quite something. Looks like an enormous brain or something. It’s not the sphincter, is it? Oh, that’s above it..
Something quite disgusting anyway. I would not like it on toast, would you?

- I told you smoking was bad for you!
- I must stop this madness…
- I must fulfil this prophesy… f-f-f my teeth are coming out so never mind. That’s for me to know and for you to find out. But what is the catch of the day?
The fishing in this lake is very good!
- I feel like a long prick. I felt like an assle before, now I feel like a prick.

LEX GIGEROFF: We have to say he was not the first choice. We wanted Douglas Herd. For the role of the guy with this knife... But you know talk to their agencies… like China talk to a Great Wall... We felt that he would be great but Malcolm McDowell graciously stepped in when Douglas could not.

PAUL DONOVAN: Ok, what we should talk about and what we really want to talk about at the end of this, is not about those pictures cause now you’ve seen them and can make your own conclusions but we would like to talk about is what we are planning to take.
And a plan is to do a series of twenty hours and then another twenty hours and then another twenty hours and then to take over the world. And so we’ve been writing scripts. And Jeff has written one script called Livliner. Tell them about Livliner.

JEFF HIRSCHFILED: The Livliner is... when our heroes find themselves in front of a satellite of ill repute and they you know both being lonely in space and no one ever being able to get it on... and they decide to go in and check out the action with hilarious results.
LEX GIGEROFF: Livliner blows up of course.
JEFF HIRSCHFILED: Of course! Everything gets blowing up.

PAUL DONOVAN: Ok, and Lex is working on something that particularly … the small screen called Lafftrack.
LEX GIGEROFF: Well, in Lafftrack we can look forward to… Basically what happens is that… when the dawn dies then there is a big power struggle among the three sons … who’s gonna take over you know the oil importing business.
PAUL DONOVAN: Hey, that’s another show you were watching!
LEX GIGEROFF: Oh, right...
PAUL DONOVAN: No, no it’s a planet, that’s a TV planet...
LEX GIGEROFF: Oh, yeah! There’s a TV planet and they go... and they sort of participate in kind of like TV shows and laugh. Actual prophlets...
JEFF HIRSCHFILED: Unfortunately they land on me and that’s the problem…
LEX GIGEROFF: But it’s funny. Fun-ny! You laugh, you cry... Ok, so they go to this planet and Zev becomes... it was sort of like west world kind of thing. It’s like you’re going in and you participate in a show… Zev becomes very popular. You can be in your own show. Zev becomes very very popular she does really-really well. Stan doesn’t do so well. And then he ends up on a thing called specialty channel which is... not a good thing, you don’t want to really go on specialty channel. You only make one appearance on specialty channel.
PAUL DONOVAN: It’s kind of like old roman theatre.
LEX GIGEROFF: Old Roman theatre.
PAUL DONOVAN: Ok, I’m working on the script opening one of the season which is sort of sets up the return of His Shadow and I’m also working on Stan’s trial. And after we do this, this first cycle of twenty we have an actual end to the whole series. We know what will happen in that show. And you don’t. But it’s actually quite cool.
LEX GIGEROFF: I think, the surprise ending could be the only way that you could describe it.
JEFF HIRSCHFILED: It would be so surprising. You’ll be surprised. You’ll be… We’re even surprised right now.
PAUL DONOVAN: We would be surprised if we get there because some people don’t entirely approve what we’re doing.
LEX GIGEROFF: No. There are some people who for some reason feel that showing beautiful women in skimpy clothing is uncanadian or something.
PAUL DONOVAN: And squishy things.
LEX GIGEROFF: Squishy things.
And then you know and then when time magazine decides to put us on the cover everything is wrong with television. But we should say thank you for watching.
PAUL DONOVAN: Yes, thank you for watching!
LEX GIGEROFF: And if you’re ever in Halifacs come here we’re at the third on the left… Come over and you can take us out for a drink.

MALCOLM McDOWELL: And if you believe that baby, you’ll believe anything!

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