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"Íà ãëàâíóþ"

Death and Life.
© Aenea Endymion

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Ýòîò òåêñò ïðèíàäëåæèò © Aenea Endymion, è âûëîæåí çäåñü ñ îõðàíåíèåì àâòîðñêîé îðôîãðàôèè è ïóíêòóàöèè.

Ñ îðèãèíàëîì ìîæíî îçíàêîìèòüñÿ ÇÄÅÑÜ

Death and Life



Xev lay in her big, circular bed on board the Lexx. She slept and dreamt for the thousandth time of Kai. The only man in her life she was really addicted to. Her love was very one-sided, because Kai was dead. For this reason he was incapable to feel - or to show only the slightest reaction to her sometime really desperate efforts to worm some out of him.
In her dreams now, he was maximum alive, and in her fantasy, she acted out everything what wasn’t possible in her reality.
A smile appeared on her face and she snuggled deeper in her silken pillows and blankets. She pulled a pillow closer to her and embraced it tightly. In her dream it was Kai. Smiling she whispered his name and wanted to kiss him – but, as always at this point, her dream faded away and she woke up. Disappointed, Xev opened her eyes when the cold reality hit her, a reality cold as Kais body really was. She struggled with her blankets and put them away with a sigh. Slowly, she dressed herself, her thoughts far away in her recent erotic dream. It was one of the few things that kept her hope up, the hope that her dream would come true anytime.
Hope – could there be any for her' For Kai' Sometime, maybe, but until that day would come, she was doomed to wait. Xev left her chamber, she decided to go to the bridge, maybe there were news which distract her a bit. But her feelings directed her to the cryochamber first, automatically.
The chamber was quiet. Only the constant humming of the cryo-units was hearable. It was very cold here, and Xev shivered a little, the clusterlizard inside her didn’t like the cold.
One of the cryopods was occupied and she stopped in front of it. Inside laid a black clad figure, apparently sleeping peaceful and calm. Xev often stopped by to talk to her deep frozen love, to clear up her feelings. It was easier when he was frozen and sleeping than awake. She couldn’t expect any reaction in one way or the other, so it was less painful if he wasn't wake.
Sometimes she only stared at him and was lost in reverie. Kai was a very attractive man, the paleness of his skin stood in deep contrast to his black clothes and the raven black hair, which was stuck together in a complicate bun on his head, except for his lovelock at the left side and the braid on the back. Xev's eyes searched his face, his expression was calm. >Nearly peaceful< she thought. Her gaze wandered over his right cheek, where the burgundy tattoo was. Both, the hair and his tattoo were so unique for his people – the BrunnenG. Kai once had explained her that the tattoo marked the way of his people from the DarkZone into the LightZone. Many thousand years were gone since that day. The BrunnenG had been abolished, like so many other people destroyed by the hands of His Divine Shadow. Kai was the last one alive – well, existing was the more correct word. In physically meaning Kai was dead, killed in action during the last heroic battle between the BrunnenG and the armies of His Divine Shadow. Kai's destiny had been sealed this day, an unimaginable, inhuman destiny. As last of his people, he had been killed by the hands of His Shadow himself. His soul and memories were stolen as well, everything that Kai once was, had been wiped out in one merciless moment. But that hadn’t been the end. His Shadow, as the insect he was, hated everything human, especially the BrunnenG, which once had destroyed his own race thousands of years ago. He wanted revenge…he wanted to punish Kai's people beyond their death. Kais body had been taken to the Cluster, to the bioscholars, who changed him into an unstoppable, indestructible killing machine. The leading assassin of His Divine Shadow and all successors for 2000 years. An instrument of horror, a dark legend among all those other assassins. He killed and he tortured all of His Shadow’s enemies, without asking – without call it into question. As the mindless assassin he had been, he followed the orders of his Shadow without hesitation. Until the day he had met them and got his memories back.

Xev wiped a tear from her eye. How many wrongs can be done to a single human being' Every one of them had his own sad story, but in Xevs opinion, Kais destiny was the teariest. 2000 years doomed to murder, no volition, no soul, no memories, far longer no feelings, no wants. His condition now was better, but far from being a fair existence. It was her deepest wish that he could be alive some day. It must be possible to unban him anytime – without annihilating his existence. “Oh, Kai”, she whispered. “I wished that my hope will fulfil itself, you don’t deserve that!” Xev painted a small heart at the frozen top of the cryopod. “Life – and death, can be so unfair sometimes!” Full of sadness she turned after a while and continued her way to the bridge.

Chapter 1

A small incident surrounded by boredom

They hadn’t stopped since three weeks. There were no news, nothing to explore. This edge of the universe seemed to be really empty. Uninhabited planets, civilisations long gone. The last time Xev, Stan and Kai had been together, was when the Lexx had received an emergency call. It came from a space station, orbiting around a little brown-green planet, as they discovered soon. Xev remembered the desperate people there. They were scientists and researchers working on the space station. Their work went out of control, when a super virus had been created in one of their bio labs. Within a few hours he had infected and killed half of the people there. The other half fled to a secure sector of the station and survived. After their government refused to let them return to the planet, although they were not infected, it was the only possibility to set an emergency call and wait for help. A slim hope – but the only one. It was obviously that the government shirk responsibility and so, it abandoned the people on the station to their fate. The Lexx received the emergency call, but Stan wasn’t very enthusiastic when he heard the reason of the emergency. He wasn’t in the mood to get infected with a virus and would have continued their flight immediately – if Xev hadn’t “convinced” him very fast of the opposite. She had argued with him that it was better to help those poor people, and besides, they could sent Kai to evacuate them. A virus wouldn’t have any effect on him. Xev had to smile when she thought about Stan's growling agreement.
They evacuated the relieved scientists back to their home planet. The government wasn’t amused and tried to anticipate their efforts. An exasperated Stan stopped the arguing very soon. He threaten to destroy the parliament building with Lexx's immense firepower. That was to much for the government, and they gave in.
Kai inspected the station during that time and gave advice to destroy the station – with it the virus with all its danger. The Lexx solved the problem within seconds. The scientists had been so happy that they invited them to stay for a while. They gave them fresh food supply and everything they needed. It was the time when Stan finally melted – and of course – the whole rescue action had been his idea from the beginning. Both, Xev and Stan were happy that they could eat real food again after such a long time. They both were sick of the green goo produced by the Lexx. Kai was dead, so he needn’t any food at all. He returned into cryostasis right after the inspection. It disappointed Xev, but two days full of best food and entertainment lifted her mood a bit, even though the sadness remained about the fact that Kai would never participate in something simple than sharing fun with each other.
Then, they continued their way.

This had been three weeks ago. Three weeks of slowly trickling time and pure boredom. Xev reached the bridge and 790 greeted her loudly: “There she is – the dream of my sleepless nights – my beauty queen!” Stan, who had fallen asleep in his commando stand, blinked and growled annoyed: “Shut up, you ugly, pertly tin head. I need my sleep!” “I wished it would last forever….!” Answered 790 and bared his digital teeth. Xev sighed and asked herself why she had come here. After her sweet dream and the heavy thoughts in the cryochamber she felt a little swamped with those squabblers. “ Is there no day without arguing'” she asked. “Uh-oh, hi Xev!” Stan sit up a bit. “I would stop, if he delivered himself into space…” 790 announced malicious. “Now, I wouldn’t do that … but I could throw you into space …” Stan gnashed. “Stop it, both of you!” Xev interrupted. “News'” Stan shook his head. “Nope, a med-station, six uninhabited planet-systems. Not really exciting, isn’t it'” Xev sighed again: “Alright, I think I’ll take a shower then…!” “Take me with you, my delicious likable flower!” 790 begged. “No, no way…” That would be the last thing she needed – 790 observing her under the shower. “Please, pleeease Xevvv…” 790 cried digital tears. Xev shook her head and was just about to answer when a loud ringed through the Lexx. She looked astonished and inquiring at Stan: “What was that'” “It came from the cryochamber.” He remarked. Xev froze for a second, then she whirled around: “Kai!” She stormed off the bridge.

Chapter 2


When Xev had left the cryochamber minutes ago, she already had been to far away to hear the waking sequence of Kais cryopod. Kai had programmed the system in a kind, that Xev, Stan and even the Lexx could wake him everytime if necessary. And with the modified time-slice-programming he could check at his comrades from time to time on his own, if they ever get into trouble and had no chance to reanimate him. But this time, none of these cases happened. It had been the system control of the pods, which initiated the wakening sequence itself. The system control was programmed to register every change in the bio values of its inhabitant, if there were unusual changes it has the order to initiate the waking sequence immediately. In Kais opinion there was no need to control his condition, as he lacks the required bio values, but Xev insisted on it and reminded him that some parts of his brain were still functional. Besides – one never know! Kai had finally given in. After all, it seemed that Xev's stubbornness paid off. The system registered irregularities with his brain activity and initiated the waking sequence.
Cold…it was unbelievable cold. Far to cold to breathe. Every try resulted with a burning in the lungs. Breathing. He remembered.
Why should he do that?
Wasn’t he long dead?
His thoughts only flowed slowly, they seemed to come to him from far, far away. They weren’t nearly detectable in his mind.
Anything from far away told him, that it was cold.
Memories of a snowy and icy landscape appeared in his mind. Thoughts were forming itself slowly like a constant flow of ice. It was cold, too cold to move one's limbs. A chilliness which…hurts , first of all when you breathe.
Kai opened his eyes.
The dead don’t feel coldness. The dead don’t feel pain and they certainly didn’t breathe! And he was dead since 6000 years!
Did he dream?
No, he hadn’t dreamt for 6000 years, too. The dead do not dream.
What happened here?
Completelyconfused he tried to clear his mind. But that was difficult. A new wave of sensations, he shouldn’t have, swept over him.
Confusion. Disorientation.
What was that for a reality he was in' Was it real at all'
Kai recognized the cryochamber and risked a step out of his cryopod. He realized that his movement wasn’t as smooth as it should be. He opened his mouth again to draw breath. It ended in a dry cough, but slowly the sharp pain in his lungs faded. He tried to diagnose his condition. Without success. Only a small part of his microscopic biochemical implants responded to his request. Was he going out of alignment again' That seemed to be the most logically explanation to him – but…there was something different, something strangely different.
His millennia old memories offered him another explanation:
He was able to feel…
Kai's rational intellect rebelled against that. How could that be' After 6000 years of undead subsistence' From one moment to the other – alive again' He couldn't believe that. But didn’t he feel' The pain in his breast, the chilliness on his skin…he could feel that. Kai couldn’t deny that. What happened to him' Kai faltered and crashed against the cryopod. With huge effort he finally sat down at the bottom of his cryopod and covered his head with his arms. A flood of memories swept over him; weird, alien memories of other people, memories of not longer theoretical concepts of emotions…It was to much for him – for his untrained mind. He barely noticed Xev and Stan, when they raced into the room.

Xev was the first who arrived in the cryochamber. Her eyes searched hectically for the cause of the noise she had heard. Finally, she recognized the empty cryopod and at the bottom the dark figure of Kai. “Kai!” she screamed and ran at his side. “What happened to you'”

With sheer willpower he accomplished to concentrate. There was something within him, what hadn't been there before … sensations … and something more. Kai anticipated anything bit by bit, but he was far from certainty. He had to long been dead for that. He had forgotten what alive really meant.
“Kai' Are you okay'” he heard someone asking through dense fog. Slowly he lifted his head. As he opened his eyes he looked straight into Xev's anxious face. She knelt in front of him. Kai shook his head. No, nothing was okay.
Xev was extremely worried. Kai was far away from acting normal. She feared protoblood-failure and asked him: “Do you have sufficient protoblood?” Kai closed his eyes half and nodded. This had been one of the first things he had checked on. Xev seemed to be at loss and looked at Stan. “Oh no, don't ask me! You know what happened the last time he acted…weird!” Xev nodded. But this was different. She stood up and checked the cryopod control. Several lights were glowing red. “Do you know what that mean, Stan'” she asked. Stan joined her and checked the system again: “Hm, no idea, really. I'm not aware of any similar case. But none of us woke him, the time slice has four days to go. I can't detect any malfunction. Must be the system control, which initiated the waking sequence.” Xev's face turned reflective and looked back at Kai. “Do you know the reason the system woke you'” she asked. Kai opened his mouth to talk. “N-o.” It sounded terribly rough and hoarse. Kai closed his eyes and tried again. “No.” Far better, but it was difficult for him to coordinate breathing and talking, he was unaccustomed to it. Xev frowned and touched his hand apprehensive.
This now, lead to Kai's frist truly visible reaction: He jerked. Xev advanced backwart –startled. What was that'
Kai wondered – he had felt her touch! The warmth of her skin let tingle his own cold flesh. He held his hand up and looked at it. It was truly different. “I...” he gulped, “ I felt that Xev,” he looked up into her face, this time with a clear visible expression of astonishment on his face. The only other person showing more amazement was Xev. “You felt'” she asked. “You felt that'” Kai nodded. A chuckle made its way up her throat.
This couldn't be real – or could it?
But he had told her that he felt it, hadn't he' And his facial expression! “Kai…” her voice nearly broke. “How…do you feel'” The ex-assassin tilted his head and thought about it for a moment. “Confused…” He looked back at her. “This word should describe my condition as best.” Xev tried to stay calm. Was it a dream' She nipped into her skin. No, that wasn't a dream. It was real – none of her dreams. She touched her mouth with her hand, tears sprang into her eyes. “Oh boy,” she heard Stan say. He leaned on the control-unit and looked at them both. She breathed deeply. Her hands were trembling – all this happened really!
Kai watched her curious. “Are you okay'” Xev burst out laughing. “Sure, I never felt better!” Hear heart beat faster. It was unbelievable. “Maybe 790 could check on him'” suggested Stan. It was obvious that one of them should retain control at least. First of all, if a deadly ex-assassin wasn't sure what was happening to himself. Xev nodded: “Yes.Yes why not. Kai'” The BrunnenG agreed. With 790's help they might could diagnose his condition more dependable. His own system diagnose was no help any longer. Still his most important systems were running, the protoblood supply for example, but the question was, how long would it last' Kai didn't note that he suddenly tip to one side and lost his consciousness. His mind needed a downtime – It was all to much for him. Xev apalled and held him. “Kai'” she asked anxiously. But he showed no reaction. Xev laid him down on the floor and touched his cheek softly. She frowned, did she err or was he really a little warmer than usual? Stan returned with 790 and put him onto the cryounit control. “It's better when we check him…he isn't acting normal!” Xev nodded absent. “790'” “Yes my sweetheart'” “Please check Kai, okay'” “Must I'” the robothead asked unwillingly. “Yes, you must. Stan, please help me to put Kai back into his cryopod. I want to know what's wrong with him!” “Are you sure tin-head is able to find out what happened to him'” asked Stan niggling. “You ugly fourth class protein bag! Of all things you must questioning that? You, who isn't able to cope his everyday life' Grrrr…” 790 was pissed. Xev rolled her eyes. “Stop it! We have more important things to do!” Stan poked his tongue out at 790 and assisted Xev by moving Kai from the floor back into his cryopod. “Do only I think so, or is he really less heavy than before'” Xev was confused. Normally Kai was very heavy – in consequence of decarbonisation. She stroke some of her ringlets back. “790'” A holographic picture of Kai's body appeared on the console, when 790 started to scan Kai's bodyfunctions. He started with the brain, compared the new data with older information he saved on his memory chip. He mumbled and muttered. In his opinion it would be better if nothing would change with the saved information, if this dead one would stay dead! Then only Stan would remain to be rid off, before he could finally be alone with his love – Xev. A very savory imagination! He mumbled on, but no, he had to check this inanimate piece of flesh. Admittedly…hm…790 was confused a bit, after he compared scan after scan, he seemed to be less dead than he had been. The old data in his memory showed no activity in his limbic and primitive brain. Only parts of his cortex had shown some activity. But he had to actualize his data. This wasn't the fact any longer. “Now, what is it?” asked a highly impatient Xev with truly visible fear for Kai's well-being. “I'm detecting some changes…let me say…explicit changes, to be honest.” “What for…changes?” Stan wanted to know. He still wasn't sure what he should think about all. 790 rolled his eyes, instead of an answer he projected an old scan and the brand-new scan next to each other onto the console. One of the scans stayed mainly dark, only few regions were glowing orange, the colour for activity. But the second scan was very different. He was competely coloured orange. “What does it mean'” asked Xev. “Give me a kiss – and I let you know!” 790 looked amorously at her. Xev sighed, sometimes he could really be a pain in the ass. But she wasn't in the mood to argue. “If you want…” She bend forward and gave him a quick kiss on his metal surface. “Oh my dear, my love pumpkin!” 790 rolled his eyes ecstatically. “And…'” she pushed. “His brain is fully functional now, what describes his ability to feel…this parts weren't definetly functional before!” Xev looked from the holographic images to Kai, then back to 790. “You mean he is…'” “…alive?” 790 continued. “Yes, unfortunately, it can be described in that way. Anyhow, I'm the only one who loves you!” “How is that possible?” aked Stan curious. Xev has held her breath when she listened to 790's diagnose. This was the acknowledgment! Her heart started to beat faster. “What's with his other bodyfunctions, 790?” “If you're interested in that minor important information…” answered 790 bored and started to scan the whole body of the BrunnenG, comparing the new scans with the old ones. Columns of data flickered over the holoimage. “I detect some insignificant changes. Because of his altered body I haven't had any significant data until now. But I can detect some changes in his protoblood structure.” “What do you mean with changes'” Xev wanted to know. Stan bend forward and looked curiously at the holoimage. “The structure is changing on a cellular/molecular level. Maybe a virus. Whatever exactly it is, it is highly aggressive and changes the structure very fast. We can see the results with his brain and I suspect that it will effect his body as well. Recarbonisation is only one effect.” “A virus'” asked Stan. “Maybe this virus he came in contact with on this space station?” he shrank back. “I hope he won't infect us!” “Is there any risk for an infection for us. 790?” Xev demanded to know. “No, the potential virus is absorbed by the protoblood and was isolated there. But if Tweedle feared an infection, he could sterilize himself in space…” 790 grinned malicious. “For some this virus meant death – for him he it maybe meant life!” Xev whispered. “What will happen to him now'” “I assume by means of my data, that the infected blood will spread all over his body, once he had left cryostasis. That means that a possible regeneration/transformation of his body is in full activity. To express it in rough words.” “And what will happen to his non-biological parts'” she asked on. “His body will repel them.” “Does this process mean any harm to him'” “Potentially. If you still have use of him, I would advise to remove those parts.” 790 grinned through gritted teeth. He already knew Xev's answer. But what should he do' To deny any help meant to hurt her. And this was out of the question, he couldn't do that! “Of course…” she started. “Ahhh….Xev,” Stan interrupted her, “You're talking about a surgery. Don't you think that this might be a number to big for us'” “Not for us, 790 and the protein-regenerator.” Xev was hell-bent about that. “Asides from that, his body isn't still that alive. If we remove his , we are not going to damage him seriously. He will recover with the help of the protein regenerator when his body will contain protein again.” “Nevertheless, you can strike my name off the list. I have my problems with – surgeries.” Stan agitated. Xev growled: “You won't sneak out of it, won't you' Or let him down' Now that he could need your help' After all, he had saved your ass often enough!” Stan cleared his throat: “Hmm, now, see…” The snarl turned into a suspicious lizard growl. “I'll do my best,” he agreed finally. “Alright, 790, when do you think he will reach the point we can start with it'” “I'm not sure, hours, maybe days…it depends on the speed of the process.” “Good, you observe him, 790, otherwise we have to wait, what else should we do'” Xev sighed. Stan nodded: “I'm looking for some tools for the surgery. We can't do it with our fingers only!” “Thank you Stan…” she smiled grateful. “It's okay,” he mumbled and walked out. 790 shut himself into diagnose/observation mode and Xev wanted to leave, too, when she recognized a small movement.

Chapter 3

First steps

Kai stirred again and regained consciousness. His emotions were sharper and more concrete now, a lot less chaotic. Unconsciousness had been a true release after this shock.
He realigned himself and a new strange sensation crept into his mind. He felt weak, shiftless. Slowly he opened his eyes and found himself back in his open cryopod. The robot head stand on the control-unit and, judging from the data columns in his digital eyes, was diagnosing something. Kai groaned a little: “What happened?” he asked unstable. Xev, who had turned around a second before, stepped back. She appeared in his focus, a mixture of fear, delight and worry on her face. She explained to him 790's diagnose in short words. “That…avowed a lot,” he commented after she had finished. He looked at her for a moment until Xev got embarrassed and dropped her gaze to the floor. Kai stepped forward carefully and left the cryopod. Already this small movement was enough to let him get dizzy, and he faltered again. Xev noticed it and supported him immediately. She helped him to sit down at the bottom of the cryopod. Kai closed his eyes for a moment, after he had felt her touch again. It was a truly strange sensation to feel another ones touch. It was in some way…comfortable to feel warmth in this cold room. Xev let finally go of him, hesitating, because she wasn't sure if it was agreeable for him to be touched. Kai noticed it and took her hand before she could draw it back completely. Xev froze when she felt his hands wrapping hers. She looked at him inquiring and wide-eyed. “Your skin…is…warm,” his fingers stroke over her back of the hand, her palm resting on his other hand. Xev closed her eyes and prayed that she won't lose self-control. To be touched in that way by Kai, let act up her hormones. Her feelings whirled around.
She took a deep breath and opened her eyes again – directly in his ones! Xev thought for a moment that she would pass out, but, of course, that didn't happen.
Kai didn't miss Xev's reaction. He must have been blind not to notice how she reacted to his proximity. When he moved carefully through his chaotic sensations, he was able to feel something not unknown to him. He had experienced exactly the same a long time ago – in another life. Kai swallowed as it became clear to him, that his presence on board the Lexx, had been more than to use his free will to protect Stan and Xev. There was more…but it eluded him, as hard as he tried to find out what. He felt something…for this woman… something beyond the simple task to protect her. He examined her eyes - the bright vivid green of her eyes reminded him to the fact that she had always been the most lively person of the crew - her facial expression, bothered to hide her true feelings she had this moment. But Kai already knew them, he remembered. Regret crept into his feelings. She never had stopped loving him. Against all reason. The dead do not love. And the living? He asked himself. Xev was more than an appealing woman, one you can't cut down to her outwardness. And she caused sensations within him, he hadn't been able to feel for thousands of years. The last time he had felt them - Kai's innermost tensed when the image of his first love showed up – had been the day when he told her goodbye. He once had loved and was loved, with a force that often amazed himself. And now it was back, this intense sensation like a crackling in the air. Kai let go of her hand, it was unbelievable. At once he missed something.
Xev thought that she would lose herself in his eyes. She feltas if he was ableto look into the deepest depths of her soul. His gazebond her and she first woke up when he unclaspedher hand. Xev sighed inwardly , she still could feel his touch. She had loved him from the very beginning, when she first laideyes on him – but now, as she saw his usual impassible indifference fading, she fell hopelesslyin love with him. She lifted her hand and touched his cheek, relieved when he didn't draw back. Her fingers traced his cheekboneand stroke over his lovelock .
Kai tiltedhis head and closed his eyes. The sensationoverwhelmed him. Now he knew what she must have felt when he had touched her unintentionally…He understood. It must have been hell for Xev when he never responded to that. The dead do not feel. Kai felt sorry, poor Xev, he must mean a lot to her if she was up to endure that - it must had been like a constant attack against a growler.
“I'm sorry Xev!” he whispered. He simply had to say that. The emotion that pushed him was strong. Xev looked astonished at him, took hold of his hands again. “What for'” “For my incompetence to feel, I…hurt you a lot…” he said. “I'm beginning to…understand.”
To be disapproved had been something she had to go through her whole life, he hadn't made an exception. This hurt him, because…actually he liked her a lot. Kai lowered his head.
Xev was surprised, but she sensed what he felt like, but was he able to help it' Needless to say that he had hurt her a lot, but the fault was with those who made him what he had been for such a long time. Xev bend forward and put her hand under his chin. Slowly she lifted his head. Now or never … she wanted to tell him what she felt. She had done this often, but now there was a slim chance for a reaction…also she was afraid. “I have loved you from the first day we met, Kai. It kept me going, I never gave up hope. I never had many wishes in my life, only one…you should live again…!” Xev gulped, a tear ran down her cheek. and that you would love me as well she continued in her thoughts. “I was happy for every day you were around, woke and near me,” she finally said.
He could see the teary mist in her eyes, behind it her love, her hope and her fear too, the fear of new refusal. But he wanted to take her fear away, there was no need for that any longer. He might have been incapable for emotions for 6000 years, but this was over now. He reached out to pull her into his arms.
Xev started to tremble for a second, when she felt his arms surrounding her waist, but then she felt the rough fabric of his clothes next to her cheek and she realized that it was really true.
Xev sighed deeply, she admitted the hope that he may liked her. Maybe more. When she felt his arms around her, it sank in that she needed him badly. No one had ever embraced her like this. She felt secure and salvaged, something she had missed her whole life.
Kai felt steadied, his mind cleared up a bit more and he took a deep breath. He felt the warmth of her soft body and sensed her pleasant fragrance. It was…he hesitated…similar to what once had been.
Love. Only one simple word – but so strong feelings. He couldn't deny that he felt something for Xev. Not as the result of a sense of guilt – it was more, “Xev…” he softly whispered her name. Had it always been flown so soft from his lips' Xev broke the embrace and looked into his eyes. He smiled slightly, it was the first true smile she saw on his face. She smiled back, examining his beautiful face, his eyes, the smooth structure of his skin, his lips…she didn't want to wait any longer, so she took her chance…
She bend forward and pulled him closer, then her lips touched his and he got the first kiss in his new life. Xev closed her eyes when he returned the kiss. Completely soft. Inwardly she screamed for desire. Her libido kicked in and she had to reprehended herself sharply. She didn't want to lose control, although it was difficult for her. The kiss seemed to last an eternity and after a short break, their lips came together once again. Both of them curious to repeat this overwhelming experience. Unfortunately the moment didn't last any longer. They were interrupted truly unromantic.
790's voice let them wince: “Let go of my woman, you once dead bastard!” He just wanted to pause his diagnose mode for a moment to look for Xev, and this is what he discovered. 790 wasn't amused. When Kai and Xev part startled, Stan also came in. He had to grin when he spot the situation. “Does he interrupt you with something'” he asked. “Hrmpf,” she growled and stood up, Kai remained on the bottom, he was to groggy to stand. 790 snarled: “Does he hurt you, my darling'” “No, 790, far from it…!” she smiled dreamily down to Kai, who shyly looked aside. Stan shook his head and changed the subject: “I found only a few tools we can use…not very much.” He laid it down in front of 790. He looked from Xev to Kai and back again. “What'” she asked, when she noticed his gaze. “Oh, ah, nothing…!” “Never saw anyone kissing'” she asked enervated. “Ahh, yesss,” he extended. “Kai for example.” Xev rolled her eyes, Kai only knitted his brows. After a moment of awkward silence, Xev picked up Stans commentary about the tools. “We have to do the surgery here'” she asked. “Yes, I can't guess any better place.” Stan answered. “Ok. Kai'” she lowered herself down to him. He looked inquiring at her. With anxiety in her face, she asked: “Are you ready for a surgery if the time is near?” “I do not have any choice, do I' The implants have to be removed. Most of my has failed when I left cryostasis,” he explained. “Like on fire'” “No, it's different. I'm not out of…alignment if you mean that. But I'm not able to communicate with 90% of my mechanical devices. It seemed that they were shut down when they came in contact with my infected protoblood. The few information I still can receive, tells me that a complete system failure isn't far. We do not have much time. I do also feel pain where my implants are located. 790's assumption is right, it seems that my body wants to get rid off this mechanical devices.” Xev understood, Kai's situation wasn't very comfortable, she could imagine that. “We will drug you, you won't feel any pain…” Kai nodded slowly. He felt far more pain he admitted so far. He was still able to control himself, but only because of the few biomechanical systems which were still in alignment. Still. How he had said, time was running down. His main system control was designed to function under major damage as well – but everything has a limit. He was never designed to life! Troubled he heaved himself up. Xev was at his side at once and supported him. With a sigh he leaned back into his cryopod. “I assume that it we still have some time until you can start the …surgery. I suggest that you lay down to relax. 790 can observe and call you if something is wrong,” he proposed. Xev hesitated, she wouldn't leave him alone. “Go,” he smiled, but it acted a bit agonized. She gave in. “790, check on him and call me immediately if anything changes, yes'” “Yes my luscious dish, I'll keep my eyes peeled!” 790 tried to look threatening, but he really couldn't convince anyone with it. “Ok, I lay down,” Xev kissed Kai once again before she left. Stan wanted to follow her. “Stanley'” Kai held Stan back. “Mh'” “Thank you!” “What for'” Stan asked surprised. “For supporting Xev. For being there for her, when I couldn't be around!” Stan dropped his gaze shyly to the floor. He never expected that someone would thank him for anything. “Yeah, you know…family…we're like a family, don't you think' And it's normal to care about each other, isn't it'” Kai nodded. A strange kind of family maybe, but they only had each other and the ship. “Promise me, if something…will go wrong…keep an eye on her!” His question wasn't causeless. He wasn't sure if everything would go smooth, like Xev imagined, so what choice does he have' Like Stan had said, they were a family. “Kai' Something wrong'” Stan thought he misheard. Kai sighed. There was a lot not alright. “Just promise me, Stan!” Stan still looked skeptic. He knew that the surgery was a big risk, but that Kai bargained for the worst… But after a moment he agreed and nod. “I promise, but no guarantee that Xev is happy about that. You know her…!” “I do,” Kai smiled. “But it…but I feel better if I know that you're there for her.” Stan smiled back: “Okay, I think…I'm going to eat something now, I'm not sure that I will get a chance for that later…or that I'm able to eat right after…” Stan walked to the exit, turned around a last time and said: “We will succeed, don't worry…!” Then he vanished into the dark corridor.
Kai was alone. 790 had shut himself down into diagnose mode, he wasn't in the mood to talk to any competition at Xev's love. He looked at the holoimage. More and more parts were colored in orange. His pain was equally rising with the process. It was strange to feel pain again. His body was fighting more and more against those foreign matters, foreign matters which had kept him going for 6000 years.
Suddenly, memories peeked through his mind, more sharp and more clear than anything before. Memories full of pain, fear and death. He experienced again the final battle against His Shadow.
He saw his home world perish in fire, again he heard the outcry of millions of BrunnenG, dying in the twinkling of an eye. All of them died, except for him. He had been the last of them to die. There, on the bridge of the Foreshadow he laid. Paralyzed with pain, he could express his hatred and rage with few words and gazes only – before he was killed by His Divine Shadow. Kai groaned, as he remembered the moment when the cold metal of His Shadows knife penetrated his body. The next moment everything exploded in pain – then, darkness surrounded him. In the past he had died, here and now, Kai lost his consciousness. The changing process of his body doubled its speed, time was really running down now. 790 registered it only seconds later. He started to scream. “Xevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv, the former dead assassin is waiting for the surgery!”

Chapter 4


Xev just has slept for half an hour, when she heard 790 screaming. Without hesitation she raced back to the cryochamber. Stan joined her a second later. Xev realized Kai's collapsed body, and his unconsciousness. Xev took a deep breath. It was time. “790' Please narcotize him!” “Why' He is sleeping!” he objected. “790. You know exactly that the is unconscious, and if I start to remove his equipment he will wake up because of the pain!” ”Not so bad at all…” growled the robot head, but he activated the anaesthetic gas. “What should I do'” asked Stan. “Could you arrange our tools'” Xev shivered when she thought about those few useful tools for the surgery. “…and Stan…'” “Yes'” he turned around. “ Thanks for helping!” she smiled sweetly. “Have heard the same not long ago…” he muttered and smiled back. “You're welcome!” He started to arrange the tools on the cryopod control unit.
Xev checked on Kai, if he really was narcotized and began to take off his clothes. “Wait, I'll help you!” Stan hurried at her side, when he saw how she struggled with holding him and removing his jacket at the same time. He held him, whilst Xev opened the zipper on the back. “Thanks Stan, that's how it works!” She removed the jacket and Stan laid him back. Xev put the jacket aside, it was a heavy fabric; she remembered the last time she took it off, when Kai went out of alignment. It had been the first time she had seen Kai without clothes. His muscular and strong body fascinated her, although the mechanical devices disfigured parts of his otherwise handsome body. They really had scared her a bit. She once again was very attracted to him and suppressed the urge to touch him. Xev concentrated on her work.
First of all she looked closer to his protoblood supply. The pump was inserted where his heart once had been. From there, she had to remove all of its connections to the other implants in his body. Most of them were on his left side, the function of them were unknown to her. She detected, that his skin turned to a more natural color than the pale and grayish color it had before. Also, it showed damage where the implants were embedded. Xev touched the savvy skin, it started to bleed immediately, a weird combination of orange protoblood and red human blood. The time has come. Xev looked into the face of the unconscious BrunnenG and gave him a quick kiss: “I'll start now, fingers-crossed that we'll do it!” she whispered. “Stan, knife, gripper,” she ordered. Stanley looked over his careful arranged tools and picked out what she demanded for. Then Xev started, under 790's guidance of course, making her way all through his many implants.
Hour by hour went by. The protein-regenerator was at full speed. More and more electrodes were connected with Kais body. Xev worked obsessively to free him of this , how Stan named it. She reached his legs. When she removed his pants to get access to his most delicate part, she was surprised. When she had removed the rods from his control unit on fire, she had been sure that the bioscholars had removed a certain highly important part of him. But she was at fault. Fortunately they hadn't removed anything irreplaceable. To be serious, who wanted to have an assassin with a high pitched voice. She assumed that Kai wasn't sure about that fact as well. How should he know about certain parts of his body? The dead do not undress and look at themselves in the mirror.
At last she removed the complete weapon system from his right arm. The deadly weapon lost its horror when she held it useless in her hand. Xev shivered when she thought about all those people killed with it. She didn't know how many he had killed with it, but it must had been some hundred thousand. 2000 year had been a long time, even for an assassin. Xev sighed and put the weapon away. She looked into Kais face. It was keen, but he slept deeply and firmly. She remembered the implant in his head, attachedto his brain. She knew that she couldn't removeit, the risk of a lasting damage was too high. To repair an injured brain they needed more than a protein regenerator. So she let it where it was. It might could be a weakpoint, because of the programming, but it needed someone like Brizon to endangerhim, because he had known who he was. Xev attached the last electrodes on Kais arm, then she was finished. “That's it!” she sighed heavily. Stan put the tools together to clean them later. He had observed the holoimage during the surgery and assisted Xev. A huge part of Kais body gleamed orange now, where the infected protoblood had already activated the regeneration of his body. There was sufficient protein now to heal all injuries with the protein-regenerator. The remaining protoblood would continue the process of transmutation. There couldn't be done else but waiting. Waiting until every injury healed. Xev nod, she made a good job of it. She caressed his body lovingly with her eyes. It hurt her to see him injured like that. The open wounds still bled, he looked as if someone had tried to slaughter him. It was senseless to wipe the blood away, so she gave in. Of course, it was a reason to touch his wonderful body, but she knew what effect it has on her. She wondered if Kai knew, how he came across as, especially to women. Maybe he had, before he died.

“I'll take a shower Stan, I'm really beaten…” she said. “Yes, we must have been hours in here!” Stanley moaned. “Six hours, forty-two minutes and thirty-six seconds,” commented 790. “Should I watch him'” he asked niggling. “Yes, would be kind of you 790!” Xev smiled and pat him. “But only because of you!” growled the robot head. “Thanks. See you later Stan!” “See…” he yawned “…you later, I'll go to bed.” They both left the cryochamber.

Xev dropped her clothes to the floor and went under the strange trunk, which spread clear, warm water over her, after she had activated the shower. Now she realized how exhausting the last hours had been. But she pushed it aside when she thought of the minutes together with Kai. She smiled and her thoughts whirl as she remembered. Kai was alive – and he felt! And he seemed to like her. She couldn't believe it. Her heart beat twice as fast when she remembered the kiss he had returned so passionately to her in the end. Kai felt – and he would be alive again – truly alive! She couldn't repeat it often enough. Would they use the opportunity to get together' Would he use the chance to live his life now – this life which had once been stolen so cruel' Could he love again' Xev deeply hoped for that. Life and love was something she had been designed for. And nobody else was able to match her better than Kai. His people once had been full of love and life – otherwise no one would have calledçîâ, ïðèçûâthem a race of romantic warriors. And she knew that Kai truly had been one of them – before he… Xev froze. It wasn't everything he had been. He still had another past. A violent and murderous past. He may haven't had any conscience and conscious for 2000 years, when he had killed countless people, but now he felt again, his soul returned to him – what would that mean for him now' Will he drown in a sense of guilt' How will he think about his past' Will he able to recognize that he only had been an instrument of His Shadow, with no will of his own' Xev couldn't hardly imagine what for a burden he had to carry now. More fear crept into her heart. No, there wasn't only love waiting for him…he had to cope with far more than any other human being in this universe. Was he ready for that' Was she able to support him' Xev started to cry. It would be the best for him not to remember. But she knew that he would … someday. She had killed herself. On the med station, when she transformed herself into a clusterlizard. But she wasn't a cold blooded killer, she only defend herself and wanted to save Kai. But when she remembered, she felt guilty sometimes. So she had a glimpse idea how he would feel about – with the difference of murdering a lot more people! Xev deactivated the shower and took a towel. she thought, whilst drying her beautiful body. Of course, she didn't know how.
Who can say…only time. And fear now went with it. Xev finished with a sigh and left the shower.

Except for 790, everyone was sleeping now on board the Lexx, at least for a while. The protein-regenerator was working all the time, observed by the robot head. Kais regeneration proceeded, but there were surely a few days to go until he would wake. 790 smit time with a new poem for Xev.
Time went by and his worshipped darling woke up late the next day. Fully relaxed she joined Stan in the galley. He had eaten recently and was on his way to the bridge. “I think, I will check on Lexx, he needs some attention again!” he fancied and held out a plate with goo. “Alright, I'll go later to check after Kai.” Stan nod and left the galley, Xev ate her goo hungrily.
790 was happy when Xev showed up and greeted her enthusiastic with a new love poem. Xev sighed: “Thank you 790. How does it go'” “Och, always him, what about me' Doesn't I deserve a kiss and a praise after all'” 790 was disappointed. Xev smiled: “Of course, thanks for your help!” She gave him a smack onto his left eye. “Ohhhhhh…” 790 sighed and two pulsing hearts appeared in his small eye screens. “My love pumpkin!” He remembered her question and answered: “It will take time. The electrodes will loose, if the part is completely healed. They will appear green on the holoimage.” Xev determined no such case. She looked over to Kai and sighed, patience has never been one of her strongest talents. She closed the distance between them and stroke softly over his face. He acted more fraught than before. “He is still narcotized'” she asked worried. “Yes,” confirmed 790. Xev nod relieved. She didn't want to leave him in pain. She kissed him softly. “Get well soon, Kai … we need you…” and I need you badly she added in her thoughts.
Slowly she turned around and collected the tools she had used. She started to clean them, as well as his biomechanical devices, she had removed. A few of them had been destroyed whilst removing, but maybe they have any use for them in the future. Kai won't need them any longer, but maybe they could be used as spare part for the protein regenerator. Kais weapon was the last she cleaned. “Ouch,” she murmured, she cut herself with the sharp blade. With a closer look she examined the deadly object. She never had seen it that close, and over her fascination she forgot the sharp blade. After a moment staring at its weird material, she put it away, not together with all the other things, no, she put it in her belt. Then, Xev picked up Kais heap of clothes and decided to get them washed. Not a fault after 6000 years! She knew it was self-cleaning, but as a signal it would be fine. She wanted to wash away his past, clean it. If that would work on Kai as easy like that! Xev left the chamber after a last long look at his naked body.

Chapter 5


Time went by very slow. One day followed the other, then a week was over, finally three. Xev had folded his stuff and laid it on her bed after drying. When she wasn't visiting Kai in the cryochamber, she stared at his clothes. She sighed, waiting could be cruel. Besides her worries, of course. It already took far too long.
After nearly 25 days, the final electrode loosed and 790's diagnose program shut down. Regeneration was complete. 790 screamed for Xev: “Xev, my darling…the dead is ready to rise from the dead!” By pure chance she was on the way to step by. “Already here, 790, is he wake'” The robot head sighed inwardly. His delicious Xev was ever the opinion that a finalized process was immediately followed with a reaction. “No, sweetheart, his sleep would last for a moment longer. Until the effect of the anaesthetic gas will vanish.” Xev was disappointed. “How is it'” asked a voice from behind. It was Stan, he had heard 790's bellow, too. “I think it's okay, he's still sleeping,” she replied with a gaze at the full green holoimage. She shoved the protein-regenerator away and freed Kai of the remaining wires. After the length of the procedure his body acted emaciated a lot. But how should he regain his strength without eating' Everything he got, were some nutrients, after his metabolism started to work. When she touched his skin, she discovered that he felt really hot. “Why is he so warm'” Xev asked. “His circulation still isn't working very well, it's not stable, my princess, he has fever. It could take some time to go down. His immune system has to get used to its normal functions.” “Oh, that's good.” “And now'” Stan wanted to know. Xev shrugged: “Waiting' Until he wakes up'” Stan grunted: “I would prefer to wake up in a bed, it's less cold there!” “Good idea, but where'” Kai never was in need of a bed. “What about your bed' It's big enough,” he suggested. “And don't tell me you're uncomfortable with that idea! You'd like it, to see him in your bed, won't you'” Xev shook her head: “I'm not uncomfortable with that. But I'm not sure if this is the brightest idea, maybe he wants to be alone at first. Hm, I could stay on the bridge for a while…” “There's some space in my bed, too…” Stan grinned. Xev knitted her brows: “Forget it – Stanley H. Tweedle!” “Knew it…!” he growled. “Very well, Xev…don't let this arrogant proteinbag seduce you!” tampered 790. “Arrogant'” Stan asked annoyed and turned around. “Who is arrogant' You self-important tin head!”
“Stop it! Stan, please help me to carry him over!” Xev pulled Kais body towards her, whilst Stan grabbed Kais legs. “Ok, he may not be decarbonized any longer, but he's not a lightweight one…” Stan groaned. “That's the difference, Tweedle, he has more muscles on his left arm than you have in your whole body!” sputtered 790. “You're containing a lot more fat…” “Oh, shut up, robot head!”
It took them a few minutes until they reached Xevs chamber. They laid Kai down onto her bed. Xev placed some blankets over his body. She was happy, that she learned sewing during her wife training on the cluster, so she had been able to sew a few of her silky pieces of cloth together. “Alright, that's it for now. We have to wait…” Xev announced. Stan agreed. “Lexx hasn't discovered anything so far. Really empty edge of the universe. I suggested to change the course, maybe we'll get somewhere with it. I'll go back to the bridge.” “Me as well, I can't do anything here right now,” Xev followed Stanley.

Darkness. Silence.
There was a calm, peaceful sensation he felt, when he slid over from unconsciousness to dreamless sleep. But not for long. Dreams weren't always dreamless… His subconscious mind started to work again, after a 6000 year lasting sleep. It only took one moment – then it was free…
Kais memories broke through – chaotic, disordered – freed from all bonds which had held them back for such a long time. During his undead state he had been able to look at them like an outsider. He wasn't able to feel or express them. Only access them for information, for explanation…
That had been, and now something changed…
He dreamt again. He dreamt about this moment he faced His Shadows invasion. Feelings ran through him, he seemed to relive the moment he had crashed onto the cold floor of the Foreshadow's bridge. Unspeakable wrath about this act of aggression, hate, deepest sadness about the end of his friends taking part in the battle, about the end of his people, those who he had loved. He had known. Untold anger about his own failure to destroy His Shadow, to fulfill the prophecy.
Kai tried to escape his dream, he didn't want to remember this moment of his destiny. The memories faded and silence came back for a moment.
The he heard someone breath. Gasping. He could sense fear. But it wasn't his own, he determined astonished.
Single beam spots were moving by.
Bulbs in a dark street.
Buildings on the left and the right.
He was walking down this street.
In front of him appeared the end of the street – a dead-end!
A figure crouched anxiously in a dark corner. He heard it sobbing, panting.
“Please…please…I have a woman and children, I haven't done something wrong…please!” The figure sank on his knees, the light of a lantern touched his face as he bend forward. He was terribly frightened, wept and lifted his hands.
Kai was curious: why was this man so frightened?
“Sirius Bold - You were accused to support and put Ostrol B heretics up. You have been found guilty for this crime. I'll kill you now in the name of His Devine Shadow!” he heard someone say, it was a familiar voice – his own.
Something clicked and a well-known was hearable. Only a second later his opponent was headless.
Kai was shocked.
That wasn't possible. Was it him who had killed this man'
It hit him like thunderstruck – then suddenly, out from this shock, a flood of unpleasant memories washed over him, and he understood.
Murder after murder happened in front of his eyes. Always different victims, but too often the same reasons. The more he saw, the worst it went. “Stop it!” he whispered in his sleep. But they didn't. To long had been the time they were held back. Once freed, the memories showed him over and over again everything he had done in those 2000 years in the service of His Divine Shadow. Unspeakable cruelness.
He knew about it. But the dead don't have felts, don't have even a conscience. But now he had.
Guilt. Remorseless guilt hit him every moment.
Deepest regret, horror about what he had done. What he had become.
His Shadow and his successors ordered assassination mission after assassination mission. All of them accomplished by him, without challenge – so mechanically.
Kai sank deeper and deeper into his horrible memories, they hunted him…like a nightmare.
Kai wasn't able to elude of them. He was stuck in a merciless maelstrom and it drag him under.
Would this nightmare never end'
Finally it was his physical part, who redeemed him.
With a agonized scream he woke up.
Kai propped himself up hastily, he was completely disorientated. His whole body was covered with cold sweat and he breathed fiercely. Kai supported himself when he got dizzy. He felt the soft bed and some blankets under his palm and tried to concentrate to his environment.
He was on board the Lexx – in Xevs bedchamber. How did he get there'
He groaned. First he woke up in the cryochamber, with heavy changes.
Kai furrowed his brow’s as he remembered. Hesitantly he stripped the blanket off his body. It was damp with sweat. Slowly and with bated breath he put his hand over the place where thousands of years ago his heart had beat – and he nearly toppled down…when he felt it beat again under his palm. A soft rhythmic beat. Kai gasped and looked down. There were no implants – no artificial devices left, which had replaced parts of his body for so long. Blood rushed through his veins – as he concentrate, he could hear it rustle in his ear.
He stretched out his right arm – the weapon was no longer there – apart from his own thoughts and memories, nothing remembered about his existence as divine assassin. He was alive!
Kai sighed and fell back. It was a strange sensation to be alive. To feel his body, to feel other things. But as alive as his body felt – as numb felt his mind. Kai closed his eyes and the images came back. He winced. Fear and death, violence, murder, the screams of men, women and children specified his memories. It was horrible. He buried his face in his hands and groaned. He wasn't able to describe exactly what he felt, everything was like a huge wave, which threaten to slew him. He felt desperate, when he remembered. After he got his memories back from one of His Shadows predecessors and was set free of His Shadows control, he had gone on to take lives. Nearly Stan, the five teenagers – and once again nearly Stan and Xev. The reason, being programmed wrong, wasn't comforting him.
“Stop it, please…!” he begged.
Kai stared wide-eyed at the ceiling.
Tears starting to obscure his gaze.
Deep down from his innermost a sob made its way up and he started to cry. How many lives had he extinguished' He couldn't count them. They were to much. So many…
The memories of His Shadow and the predecessor he had absorbed, showed him the lives, the evil emperor had takençàâîåâûâàòü , but it was like sarcasm that he beat him far with that. He banned those alien memories into the darkest corner of his mind. He didn’t want reminded to those two evil dominators…
Kai wasn't able to stop his tears. He wanted to scream – but he couldn't – no sound escaped his lips.
He started to ask himself the reason of being alive again. He of all his people – he, who had killed thousands.
It seemed not balanced to him. He couldn't understand. To be alive was nothing he ever expected – and, in fact, didn't want. If the dead might could wish – it always had been his wish to die properly . He had been caught in a world between death and life. No possibility to join his people in the DreamZone. To a place where his soul could rest in peace. Now it was life what returned to him – not death. He already asked himself, if it was an ironic kind of punishment what awaited him after all he had done. Kai felt cornered like an animal – ironically most of his victims must have felt the same before he had killed them. His desperation grew. “Why'” he sobbed. “Why'” His body started to shiver and the emotional pain exhausted him more and more. Anytime he stopped crying – he was beat – there were no tears left to cry. Kai stared darkly at the wall. How precious was his life' He wasn't able to find an answer. Kai knew that he could end it, faster than the blink of an eye, after all he knew every imaginable possibility to do suicide. But he hesitated, he needed answers first. If he was able to find any possibility to clear up the chaos in his mind. Kai sat up and looked around.
Xev wasn't near, only his carefully folded clothes were lying on the bed. Kai swallowed hard when he looked at his almost black uniform.
This once so colorful clothes of a newborn BrunnenG – now fadedand gone . Black like death.
He struggled out of bed and touched the fabric. It was the only thing left over from Brunnis 2, besides him. Kai closed his eyes.
Last of the BrunnenG.
Kai sighed deeply, there were no better words to describe his loneliness. He took a deep breath and tried to calm his thoughts. With a quick gesture he wiped his tears away. He felt miserable and his skin was unnatural warm.
Fever. he thought.
He considered to take a shower. He wasn't dirty – but he felt like. Troubled he got up, ignored his clothes, instead he grabbed one of Xevs blankets and head for the shower.

Kai met nobody on his way to the shower. But this was alright for him. He didn't felt for doing conversations at the moment, nor with Xev. When he reached the shower he let his blanket slid down to the floor. He looked at the shower cell, surrounded with its pink membranes. He had killed Laleen here. Kai gulped and fought the memory. He groaned silently, no – if he didn't find a possibility to stop this horror, then … yes, what then…' He might go insane or something else. His thoughts went back to this one single question: Why alive' When he was dead, he was at least able to protect Stan's and Xev's lives efficiently. A mortal, vulnerable human body wasn't designed for that. He knew, he would rather walk in the line of fire, than admit their death, but he only could do that once. There wouldn't be someone in the future to help them. He shook his head. So why?
He reached to the top of his bun and loosed his hair for the first time after 6000 years. Slowly he put out the pins that held his hair in its place. The shining black hair fell down, and after he had disentangled his braid, it reached far down below the middle of his back. Xev had hang up a mirror on the wall some time ago, and he lifted his head to look into it.
He really hadn't changed. Still pale from sun-avoided life. His pitch-black hair underlined his paleness additionally. A tired, red-eyed face looked back at him. He touched the tattoo at his right cheek and thought of his ancestors, who had fought so heroic and bravely against the insect civilization, who had risked the long dangerous journey through the fractal core into the LightZone. Every BrunnenG was reminded to this adventure with the burgundy tattoo, given to them when they reached the adult state, around the natural age of 20. It should also remind them about what they once were, about their heroic past – but the BrunnenG forgot.
Quenched by the aggression of other humans, when they turned once again against each other, after their common enemy was destroyed, they hid under their shield, their sphere of silence - and forgot. Over time they shrank, they got small. Until all of his people had gone decadent, hard-bitten, dull and old. Eternal life they had reached – they had broken a limit, once called unbreakable. But what had they learned' What had they done with all this knowledge' Kai sighed. For the newborns it had been hell. A society deprived of all liveliness, curiosity, innovation. Everything a young person needed to live. So it was no wonder, that they had been the only ones who wanted to fight, who didn't want to see the BrunnenG defeated without a struggle. They knew that it was their end, but they wanted to die fighting and died well. Kai had the hope to fulfill at least the prophecy, that His Shadow would die with them, but he couldn't know that 2000 years had to pass by, before that day would come. To a point in time when his people had been long dead and an almost forgotten legend – and he had become a more dark legend.
Kai asked himself frustrated, if he was worth it, to call himself a BrunnenG. The BrunnenG warriors once had been proud, honorable fighters, legends, he and his friends followed suit.
They finally became legends of their own – told in tales throughout the LightZone as long as it existed. But Kai now felt more as a murder, and he was far from being proud about his inglorious past as assassin. He stroke with his fists frustrated against the wall next to the mirror and dropped his head. A murder, nothing more. That's what he was.
Kai turned, incapable to look himself into the eyes any longer. He activated the shower and stepped under the warm tempered water. He asked himself if the Lexx contained enough water to wash away all the blood he was stained with. Kai stood motionless for minutes under the flowing water, his fingers baled to fists. New tears mingled with water and flew down together. Then, every strength left him and he sank down to the bottom. He put his arms around his legs and lowered his forehead onto his knees. He couldn't cope with this new rush of guilt and sadness.

Xev spend some hours on the bridge, talked a lot to Stan and 790. Mostly about her concern towards Kai. The situation was all new for them. Stan tired sometime and said goodbye soon. Xev put 790 onto the command unit platform. “I'll go to check on Kai, maybe he's wake,” she announced and pat 790. “Ohhh, noooo, stay here with me!” “I'm sorry 790, but you know that he isn't that healthy.” “Me too, me too…” pouted the robot head. “Oh 790, come on, you're ok…” She gave him a kiss and left.
The first thing she saw, when she returned to her bedchamber, was her empty bed. Xev looked astonished at her rumpled pillows and blankets. She really hadn't expected that he woke up so early. She called: “Kai' Where are you'” No answer. She tilted her head and listened carefully. She thought to hear water rush. Had he gone for a shower' Maybe. She followed her intuition and walked to he corridor towards the shower.
She was right. She heard the water rush more clearly now and found one of her blankets in front of the shower cell. “Kai'” she asked discreetly. She didn't want to disturb him, if not necessary. But when she didn't receive any answer, she peeked around the membranes.
She discovered him sitting on the floor under the flowing water stream. He had put his head onto his knees, and his hair hang all around him like a dark curtain. It covered his body everywhere at middle-back length.
It was the first time she saw his hair down and free. She had imagined this thousand times and more – but her fantasy was nothing compared with reality.
“Kai'” she asked once again and deactivated the shower, as she still didn't get any reaction. Xev knelt down in front of him, her eyes examining his nudity. She could sense his tensed demeanor. She stretched out her arm and touched his left shoulder with her fingertips. Hesitantly and slowly he finally lifted his head, eased his grip around his legs a bit.
Xev was shaken to the core when she looked into his face.
Never in her life she had seen such a sad and broken-hearted expression on somebody’s face.
In his hazel eyes she detected endlessly sadness. He looked terribly lost. He must have cried a lot. It nearly broke Xev's heart. “What's with you'” she asked in a hushed tone. Kai dropped his gaze to the floor and shook his head slightly. “What happened' Do you want to talk'” Kai raised his eyes again, started to shiver lightly. Xev noticed it and stood up to fetch the blanket from outside. She placed it around his shoulders. He watched her dumbly, didn't move an inch. Xev touched his forehead carefully. He still had high fever. The trembling didn't stop. “Should we go somewhere else'” she asked softly. Again he shook his head. His body felt numb and weak. Apathy overwhelmed him.
What's expedient' What should he do' Talking' Maybe.
Silent tears ran down his cheeks.
“They beg.” A pause.
“They scream.”
Another pause.
“Hundreds of them, thousands … then I kill them. Without mercy. Without compassion. Remorseless,“ he finally said with a teary voice.
Xev bit her lip. There it was, the time she feared most. His past had caught him up. “I'm a murder, Xev, a monster…” he shook his head in despair. “What have I done'” Xev tried to comfort him. “You aren't responsible for it, Kai, His Shadow controlled you, he used you, abused you. You can't blame yourself for that, please!”
But once again he shook his head. “I have a lotó÷àñòü, äîëÿ, ñóäüáà to answer for, so many people…I have killed countless people, Xev. I don't deserve to live, everything must be a fault…” his voice faded.
“The day I had died first, should have been my end!” Kai raised his gaze to the ceiling. Xev had listened silently to his self-reproach. How she longed to carry his burden! To damp down his sense of guilt. It must made his life a misery, otherwise he wouldn't talk like that. Declaring his new life a fault. Xev wasn't his opinion. His life had once been stolen away from him by murder, and it was only a fair compensation that he retrieved it now. But it was also clear to her, that it wasn't easy to deal with all those memories from his past.
It hurt her to see him in this desperate situation, to see him dropping his gaze when she tried to look into his hazel eyes, as if he feared she could see all those things his memories showed him, too. Kai sat in front of her like a picture of misery, unable to free himself out of this cycle. “Come to me,” she whispered softly and put her arms around his shoulders, tried to pull him closer. For a moment she felt resistance, then he gave in. He let go of his legs, he had clutched the whole time and Xev could pull him close to her. She sat down and Kai leaned on her shoulder. Xev covered his still trembling body with the blanket. So, she simply held him for a while, tried to give him some badly needed comfort. “You never have been and you never are a murder, Kai,” she began calmly, “A murder kills people because he has fun with it, or to take advantage of something, or maybe because he wants to hide another crime…”
“Or if he was ordered to do so…” he whispered scarcely audible and closed his eyes. Xev sighedâçäîõ inwardly. “Maybe, but a living being always has a choice. A dead one without memories and will doesn't! That's the difference, Kai. Don't blame yourself. His Shadow controlled you, used you like a weapon. You can't blame a weapon for being fired off. It's always the one who controlled this weapon responsible for murder. His Shadow is responsible for the death of this people, not you! You only have been the weapon – he controlled you!”
She paused and stroke softly over his wet hair. It was unbelievable long and tender. Another inward sigh. This man was the far most attractive person she ever met. She hoped, she had put enough persuasion into her voice to reachâíóøàòü, óáåæäàòü him. She gave him some time.
No, destiny hadn't been fair to him. Should it continue forever like that'
“If someone deserves to be alive – then it must be you!” she whispered, her eyes filled with tears as she continued: “He took everything, Kai, your home, your family, your friends, your whole people…” she fought back her tears and squeezed his slim body closer to her. “…your life, your personality, your soul, the memories and your will,” Xev's voice was barely hearable in the end.
Kai's gaze was directed numbly at the wall. He heard her words through a thick fog of guilt, sadness and shame. He could sense Xev's own sadnessãðóñòü, ïå÷àëü – she suffered with him, caredabout him. When does someone care about him for the last time? he asked himself. It had been an eternity away. It had been another life – a life he barely remembered. But he knew that Xev had always cared about him, even so he was dead. She had returned to the cluster to fill up his vanishing amount of protoblood – to preserve his existence. She had… a new wave of sadness swept over him … sacrificed her own life for him. Could his life – his existence – be more worth than he thought? Could a individual, guilty for countless crimes, granted forgiveness, love again – and be loved? Kai closed his eyes. Could he start anew, live a new life, freed from His Shadows control, freed of this mockery of life he had been before? Maybe. But would he ever be free of his murderous past? He didn't believe in that. He couldn't. It pressed down on him, on his conscience. But one never know – maybe only time could show.
“Come with me, I'll take you back to my chamber, it's warmer there.” Kai lifted his head when he heard her words. Her eyes were wet of tears, but they shone full of love and sorrow for him. He felt his inwards, his soul, touched with it. A wonderful, new sensation of comfort filled him. He felt his own tears on his cheeks when he sensed this feelings. Feelings so deep and intensely he never had felt before. Neither in all this memories he carried, nor in his own. “Xev,…”he erected himself, supported his weight with his hand.
His facial expression hadn't changed visible, but in his hazel eyes she could see a slight glint of hope. “Help me, please, … don't leave me alone…!” his voice broke down again, his gaze dropped to the floor. Xev pulled him into her arms tightly. “I'm always there for you, Kai, I promise, I 've always been.” Softly she put her hand under his chin and lifted his head. “I love you more I can say, Kai. I always waited for that day to happen, the day you would be alive again – and I won't give up now! I want a future for you – a future without a torment past.” Kai felt new tears well up inside him. Her words touched him so much. With what he deserved so much love and sympathy, that Xev felt for him' The guilt welled up again: “I…nearly killed…you” he thought, as he remembered the day he had accidentally been woken up wrong. Went on a deadly rampage, run amok, only stopped in time, because he ran out of protoblood. He groaned and buried his face in his hands. “Shhh….nothing happened Kai, we're both still alive,” she calmed him softly. Kai noticed startled, that he had said those words aloud. He felt his hands pulled away from his face and he looked up. Xev touched his cheek fondly and wiped his tears away. “I'll always be there for you, neither me, nor Stan, will ever blame you for something, we both know that this wasn't your fault.” Kai nod hesitantly. „I…I feel so much guilt and shame. I'm not sure if I will ever get over it, Xev!” he swallowed and his voice trembled. “You're not alone!” She kissed his forehead. “We ought to go, or you'll get ill!” She stood up and pulled him with her at the same time. Kai felt weak and uncertain afoot. He had to prop on Xev, even if his pride didn't want to admit it.

Xev adjusted the rumpled bed, whilst Kai was sitting on the edge, holding his black pants undetermined. “Should I help you'” asked Xev and sat down next to him. He shook his head. “The memories…” he pointed out with agonized gaze. Xev drew off the pants from his hands and put them aside. She freed him of his wet blanket and started to dry his body.
Xev sharply controlled herself, not easy for her, too fierce was the will to jump onto him right here and now. When she let the towel slid slowly over his back and chest, she felt his strong , wiril body under her palm. It was really heavy to elude her feelings.
Kai let pass this procedure unresisting – nearly impassive. But he didn't miss her inward fight. Her body spoke a clear language. He sensed her increased heat, her slightly flushed cheeks. He knew very well how he affected her …
But she did the same to him…...if he have nît been so weak and exhausted… It surprised himself a bit where his thoughts were going to. But Xev was an adorableperson . With her body and with her soul. He felt a lot for herå . She kepthim grounded. he thought, it was such a long time ago…
“Try to sleep for a while, Kai, you need some rest. Your fever is still high!” Kai nod absently, he wasn't able to concentrate properly. He climbed onto the bed and lay down. Xev put a pillow under his head and covered his naked body with some blankets. She couldn't resist to touch him. He felt so good. So warm – so alive! How she longed to feel his naked body next to hers…Her libido screamed of lust. It was getting more and more hard for her to push her erotic thoughts back, to control her accelerated libido. Her whole body radiated of heat. She clenched her teeth and hoped that Kai didn't determine to much of it. “Sleep,” she whispered. “If you want…I can stay…here…with you.” She hoped that she hadn't gone too far with this offer, but she wanted to stay with him now, and Xev was relieved when he agreed.
He wasn't sure if he was able to sleep. His whole body felt numb, his head burnt of fever and the memories, he tried to get under control. He felt Xev lay down next to him and the touch of her hand, her fingers wrapping his. “Thank you…” he whispered. The sensation not to be alone any longer, filled him with peace and gratitude. He felt himself slide over into a calm sleep, untroubled by memories. Xev smiled lovingly and closed her eyes, too.

Chapter 6

To love and be loved

She must have slept some hours, Xev thought, when she woke up. Kai was still sleeping next to her. He had let go of her hand anytime and placed it under his head, his other hand rested on his belly. Xev smiled and observed his shape lovingly. It was still strange for her, to have him here in bed. He acted so innocent and vulnerable in his sleep. Xev turned onto her belly, put her arms under her chin and watched him steadily, listened to his deep, constant breath. He would need a lot of time and benefit, to accept his past, that was now clear to her. Only time could heal the worst. She wanted to give him all time he needed, no question, the only thing that counted now, was that he didn't break under this burden. She had waited such a long time – what meant time to her now' Xev sighed soundlessly. Her accelerated libido had an opinion of its own, she knew that, but what could she do' In moments like this, she cursed her transformation.
Her gaze wandered over the attractive BrunnenG. His beautiful, thick, long dark hair surrounded his head in a snarl. Xev reached out for one of his streaks and let it glide through her fingers. Kai murmured something in his sleep and moved a bit. His blanket slid down a bit and gave her gaze free access to his strong right thigh. Her unbelievable strong longing for him came back at once. Her reaction frightened herself a bit, she couldn't explain those strong feelings towards him. That wasn't only physical attraction. She felt so close to him like to no one else. Not that she met many people, especially men, in her life…but something between her and Kai was different. Even when he was dead, he had been the only one she could talk to in a reasonable way .
After he got his life back now, this invisible bond deepened. She could feel his pain, his brokenness, his agony so very intensely. The sadness surrounding him was nearly visible for her. And – of course – there was this deep, overwhelming love for him. It was such a strong sensation that often caused her to cry. Days had gone by since their first kiss, but she could still feel this intense sensation on her lips. She smiled, when she thought back.
Her attention suddenly turned back to Kai, he moved uneasy. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead, his body was covered with perspiration. He groaned slightly. Xev propped herself up worriedly. She took a cold, wet cloth and cooled his face with it. It was a short fever attack. She pulledíàòÿíóòü the blanket back over his body and waited for the fever to draw back. After a while he got calmer, the crisis was over. Xev wiped a last time over his forehead, when she suddenly felt fingers wrapping her wrist. Her hand was softly pushed aside. Kai opened his eyes and looked directly into her face. Their eyes locked and Xev froze. She let her hand fell down on his chest. Kai's hand rested loosely on hers. His other hand touched her cheek, stroke a restive curl of her hair back behind her ear. “You're so beautiful, Xev…” he whispered, Xev flushed and smiled shyly, she dropped her gaze. His glance was very intensive and seemed to touch her soul. The air crackled again.
Xev felt her libido kick in once again and breathed deeply.
Kai felt her uneasemore concrete than before. Her sexual attraction had grown over the last hours. Once again he wondered why she was so attracted to him. What was it, that made him so attractive to women' He couldn't explain it, he only knew that it was a fact since his birth. Even during his undead existence he hadn't lost this attractiveness for the female sex.
He felt more than physically attraction for Xev. It was her unmistakable character, her inner beauty that made him feel something for her. Besides his first love on Brunnis 2, he never met a woman, who attracted him so much. Well, the last 6000 years it really hadn't been an issue.
He let his finger playfully slide down behind her ear, down her neck. Her skin was soft and tender under his fingertips.
Xev had closed her eyes, she swallowed. Excitement filled her and let her body tremble. She enjoyed every moment of this unique sensation to be touched by him. She hadn't expected that so soon.
It was overwhelming for Kai to feel her like this. Long lost sensations showed up again. A warmth spread over his body and for the first time in his new life he felt only positive feelings running through him. He felt his injured soul touched with them, they comforted, they soothed his pain. Kai dared to believe, that he had found a possible way to heal his soul…maybe one day that will happen. For now, he was thankful for the comfort Xev gave him with it.
His slim fingers reached her shoulder, stroke over her collarbone to the middle, rested in her small dip between both collarbones. Xev felt a new shiver ran through her body. “Xev'” he whispered. She opened her eyes and looked inquiring into his truly handsome face. She swallowed, when she saw his eyes shone full of desire, his expression slightly confused and uneasy at the same time “I'm … a bit out of practice, but…” Xev stifled the rest of his words in a passionate kiss. She softly plunged her tongue between his lips into his mouth. She felt a hot wave running through her, when their both tongues met. She give a groan and began to explore his mouth, as he did too. Softly she caressed his lips with the tip of her tongue, only broken by sweet, deeply passionate kisses. After a while both stopped, out of breath. They had edged closer to each other. “Out of practice'” she asked breathless. “Hmm'” Kai asked innocently, rising his brows. “I just want to know how it is, when you were !” she teased him. His kisses were the best she ever experienced in her life. Kai smiled, he felt passionand desire rushingíàïîð, íàòèñê,ñòðåìèòåëüíî) through his veins. With all his reawakenedñíîâà ïðîáóæäàòü senses he knew that he hadn't forgotten anything from his first life. “Thenletus (find out… ” he whispered keenly . His finger slid between her breasts. He softly stroke her visible curvesçàêðóãëåíèå over her clusterlizard top. Xev gave a loud groan, her fingers clutched around the cloth on her bed. He touched her cheek with his left hand and gave her a new kiss, his right hand followed upwards, too, rested on her shoulder. His left loose from her cheek and slid downwards her neck, guided slowly to her left shoulder.
His both hands wanderedsimultaneously , under the strapsof her dress, slid them down over the side of her shoulders. He leaned forwardâïåðåä and kissed her neck and throat tenderly – his hands moved to her back and unzipped her top. The long hair stroked gently over her bare shoulders. He freed Xev of the top and let it fell aside. His lips caressed her skin softly and he looked up into her face, sharing another kiss with her. She could feel his free hair tickling her skin, her now bare breasts. Her body started to burn of desire. His hands climbed up again, to her firm breasts. He cupped them with his hands, stroked over her curves, over her nipples, which hardened immediately. Xev groaned impulsively and threw her head back. Kai smiled delighted about the success of his endeavors. He bend down to her breasts and kissed her erected nipples. He touched them with the tip of his tongue, circuiting them lazily. Xevs desire grew. She sank backwards down, twined ecstatically under his touch. Kai's palm stroke over her belly, continued the way of his kisses downward. He stopped for a second at her navel, circuited it with his tongue, before his hands slid down to her well formed thighs – to the end of her mini skirt. He let them glide up on the inside of her thighs, until they reached the soft, sensitive skin, directly next to her abdomen. Xev let out a gentle clusterlizard growl. Kai had to smile, he nearly had forgotten this special part of her. With one fluent movement, he caught her skirt and with it her underwear and removed it. He dropped it next to her boots, she put out before they went to sleep. Xev gasped, she laid completely naked in front of him, her legs slightly straddled. Her chest moved up and down fast. Arousal spread over her whole desirable body. On his way back up, his hand caressed her pube, his palm pressed slightly to her cunt. Xev moved her hips and pressed harder against his palm. She felt a well-known throbbing deep there. She wanted him to silence it., but not yet – not yet. She let out a cry of passion when he felt his finger exploring her hot wet depths, touching exactly her tender spot. He nearly brought her to the edge of ecstasy. But before he admitted her this release, he drew back. He laid down next to her, kissing her again, another endless passionate kiss. Her arousal carried over to him long ago. But he waited for Xev to a bit. He could see the passion burning in her eyes. Her wonderful green eyes shone full of love and longing for him. He had still recognized, that only the slightest touch of him was enough to arouse her. Long suppressed craving, now unloaded in waves over and over again. As evil his lack of emotion had been for him, as bad must have been Xevs constant fight against her hyperactive libido. Xev breathed deeply and turned to Kai. It was her turn now. She pulled away the blanket, which still was somewhat draped around his abdomen and started to explore his absolutely amazing body. Her fingers stroke over his strong, wirily muscles all-over his upper body. Softly she caressed his explicit strands of muscles, clearly visibly under his smooth, warm skin. She placed a few kisses down on his belly, leaving a small wet trace with the tip of her tongue all the way up. Their lips met again and their tongues fought another duel. Xev gasped for breath and looked deeply into his greenish-hazel eyes. She saw the soft light of love and passion gleaming in them, but also this echo of sadness, that inhabit him, that would forever be a part of him. She hoped, that she was able to take away this deep pain of his, at least for this moment. Her hand wandered down again and found what she looked for. She broke eye-contact, before she could get lost in his eyes. There was anything undeniably mysterious and ancient in his gaze, what attracted her. Her palm pounced on his erected member. Xev stroked tenderly over its tip and took it in her hand. Kai closed his eyes, his reaction similar to hers not long ago. He groaned loudly when he felt her warm hand wrapping his cock. His lust grew and he felt something new, an electrifying warmth exploded from the depths of his stomach all-over his body. And there was something else he sensed. After 6000 years of loneliness and numbness, he felt a part of him – completed, united, reconnected. His body started to burn of longing for Xev, and he completely forgot his past and his pain for this moment. Xev's impatience alienated to him and he started again to touch her. Together they let ran their hands over their heated bodies. Their joint breathing and moaning filled the chamber, as their exploration went more and more passionate and intense. He massaged her breasts, stroked hard with his thumbs over her nipples, squeezed them. Her reaction was fiercely, she screamed in excitement and straddled her legs and sat down on his thighs. When the tip of his member stroke her cunt, both groaned with pleasure. He slid his hands down to her butt, pulled her closer. He kissed her breasts, sucked her nipples. Xev gasped hard, arched her back. The craving inside her, went to the limit, the throbbing between her legs went beyond all bearing. She couldn't hold out very much longer, especially when her hip movement pressed his cock closer to her opening. “Kai, please…..I….ahhh…” She wasn't able to speak a comprehensible word. One hot wave after the other rushed through her, let her cry out again – another clusterlizard growl followed. Kai seemed to understand, he pulled her close, pressed her tightly to his body and rolled them over. Xev straddled her legs widely and Kai lowered himself down on her. Carefully he slid his cock into her hot, wet opening. For a moment they held their breath, none of them wanted to miss this magnificent moment as their hungry bodies united. But not only their bodies connected – their souls as well - two souls which craved so long for true love in so different ways, didn't get the love they needed or wanted. Xev gasped heavily, looked deeply into his eyes, as he did the same.
If someone had told her, that this would ever happen, she had laughed at him. But now, now it happened…
She was lost in his eyes. Eyes that had seen far too much – never wanted to see the most of it. Eyes which screamed hungrily for love. Sweat covered their bodies and she loved to see them glinting in the pale light. She felt his member filling her completely, how it made them both one. She heaved her hips, twined her legs round his waist, when he started to thrust slowly into her. He gave her time to show him her rhythm, kissed her luscious lips. Xev groaned loudly as their bodies started to move rhythmically. Ecstasy washed over them and after a moment, both closed their eyes overwhelmed. Kai stroked over her body, her breasts, sucked them tenderly and drove her to the edge of ecstasy. With every thrust Xev gave a loud groan, she felt her climax near, but she didn't want it happen so early. She let go of his waist and broke their connection. Kai allowed her. She propped herself up and pushed him tenderly onto the bed. She straddled her hips and sat down on his thigh, gave him newly access to her opening. Kai let his cock slide in and both continued their amorous play. When she was riding him, he cupped her breast, send new shivers through her body, whilst squeezing her sensitive nipples. She moaned and arched her back, pressed her abdomen fiercely against his, when she pushed down. He felt her strong contractions massage his shaft, they shorten more and more. Kai pressed his lips together, controlling the urge to cum. He grabbed her shoulders and rolled their sweated bodies over, with him on the top. The sweat allowed them to let their hands slide fluently over their bodies. Xev was near the edge of sexual ecstasy. She reared up under him, put her legs around his waist again and tried to get him deeper inside her cunt. Kai doubled his efforts and thrust harder and deeper into her, until she came in a vast explosion. Her hunger for sexual satisfaction was immense, and she took what she lacked of. Xev was prancing underneath him for a last time – let their fusion went beyond their deepest depths and screamed and groaned his name as her orgasm shot through her perfect body. Kai climaxed the same moment, when his member entered her so deeply, and he moaned loudly as their shared climax let their bodies tremble.
He collapsed onto her. Xev loosed her grip around his waist and threw her arms around his heavy breathing body. He shifted them to one side. Xev put a leg over his thigh and let them experience the aftermath of this precious moment. Huddled together, they waited until their bodies calm down. Xev felt a tear of joy ran over her cheek, she was so unbelievable happy, it had been her biggest wish for years…and now it came true! She smiled and cried the same time. She loosed the grip a bit and touched a strand of his dark hair, wrapped it around her finger playfully. She loved his silken hair. Kai smiled and stroke some of those unruly streaks back. Xev sighed when she looked at him. She could forever look into this angelic face. He was so beautiful. Especially when his raven black hair was down. It underlined his beauty a lot. She touched his full lips with her fingertip, felt him kissing it. “Thank you…” she finally whispered. “I love you with all my heart!” Kai's lips curled with a new smile. He kissed her softly on her lips, nose and forehead. “I will love you forever, Xev, I promise.” It was the first time he said those magic words, and it sounded like an oath. He kissed her again, less passionately, but endless lovingly. The kiss of two lovers.
Kai felt a relief he never expected. There was a peaceful feeling inside him he thought he would never have again. He was so grateful, their love was something that soothed his pain, something that put a part of him together again, gave him new strength. A strength he bitterly needed to adjust his new life. He looked at her lovingly, thanks to her, this all was rendered possible. Because of her hope, her stubbornness. She had done so much for him – he felt guilt for his behavior towards her, dead or not. He reproached himself that his lack of emotion had hurt her like this. The exigency to apologize to her was keen. “I…often hurt you Xev, I've been very unfair towards you … I feel so sorry for that. I wish I could change it. Even if I had no control over it – I'm sorry…” He dropped his gaze ashamed. Xev swallowed, yes, he had hurt her a lot, he had, but she didn't blame him. He haven't had any sense for something like that. But this was the past. She concentrated on the presence, and a now more promising future. “Let us leave the past behind, Kai. Everything that counts is now - and the future,” she said warmly. Kai kept silent for a moment. The past – something he couldn't leave behind that easy, there was to much to work out. “My past will forever be a part of me, Xev, but maybe, anytime, ….I'll be able to accept it. I don't know!” It cost him quite an effort to say this. He lacked the faith in it. Xev smiled encouragingly at him, she knew that he would forever be marked with this melancholy, this cruel past, but it would be wrong to ignore it. That wouldn't help him. “You've all the time you need!” she said fondly. Kai raised his eyes, his voice softened and went more serious: “I know, Xev, I'm deeply grateful for your patience,” he stroke gently over her cheek. “I'll always be there for you, I won't admit anything happen to you – I never had, and I never will. Xev, if necessary I would die for you…!” Xev shivered: “I hope this won't be necessary.” Only the thought about one of them to die was terrible. Now that Kai was mortal, it wasn't ruled out that he may die sometimes. She shook off the thoughts about such a scenario. There was no reason to think about such circumstances, he was alive, and so she bend forward to kiss him. She wanted to feel him close now, as long as possible.
Their kiss turned more passionate and soon their bodies inflamed anew with longing. They took up time to explore and get to know each other deeper. After they reached another, high passionate climax, they lay down to sleep, totally exhausted, cuddled closely together.

Stanley, on his way to the bridge, sighed deeply. He couldn't miss their second climax. They didn't care about. Ok, why should they' 790's cant was some kind of comfort for him. Besides, he granted them this release. Especially Xev. Now she finally had what she wanted. Stan wondered about all those changes going on here. He often thought about how blue Xev had felt, if Kai was around and acted so dead. Well he was dead. Had been dead. Her visits to the cryochamber, how she often had declared her love to him – exactly knowing that he didn't return it. Unfulfilled love could be horrible, he should know this. He felt a bit sorry when he thought about his, sometime, really rough words at her. Maybe he should talk to her anytime. He reached the bridge and Lexx reported to him: “I have received signals, Stan, should I follow them'” Stan climbed on his pedestal. “Can you show me the signal'” “I'm sorry Stan, it's too weak, we have to get closer!” Stan sighed. Signals, this could mean everything, a ship, a planet. Both of it could mean trouble or … variety. “Oh, the heck with it! Follow those signals, Lexx, keep me updated!” “Yes, Stanley!” Maybe, with some luck, there were a few nice females which weren't allied yet. 790 hadn't said anything so far, and he wondered about that, normally he didn't miss the chance to throw some insults at him. But the robot head was to busy to moan about Xevs absence. He was about to leave, as 790 finally broke the silence. “Tweedle…where is my Xev' Answer me you wrong programmed individual!” Stan turned, a smirk in his face. “Hm, I miss some courtesy in your tone, 790, so I'm not in the mood to answer…” “Grrr….” he heard 790 growling. “Tweedle, tell me in an instant where she is…!” “…p-l-e-a-s-e!” “What'” “To be polite, you need this little word,” Stan nearly chuckled. 790 curled up his digital mouth. “Please,” he finally snarled. “She's in bed,” Stan answered, lifting him from the floor. “Such a long time'” the head asked suspiciously. “You hide something, Tweedle!” “I'll admit, she's not a-l-o-n-e in her bed.” “Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh…!” yelled 790. Stan put 790 back and smiled benignly. He turned to leave, but before he stroke out for the deathblow. “Ah, by the way, they sounded v-e-r-y busy, if you ask me!” 790's following wails surely had drown Kai and Xev out, at least it followed him far down the passageway. He felt better now. Before he reached his own bed, he couldn't resist to sneak a peek into Xevs bedchamber. All was silent and he saw them sleep like spoons. Stan sighed, if he ever would have such a luck…! It comforted him a bit, that he triumphed over 790 recently. He chuckled to himself when he lay down on his bed. With a giant yawn he outstretched and started to doze, if something happened…the Lexx would attract attention to oneself.

Chapter 7



Two other weeks went by. The Lexx was following the new course and Stan got more and more bored. It seemed that everyone had forgotten about him. Kai and Xev didn't show up very often, but that didn't mean they were together all the time. Kai had a lotto work out with himself and he oftenretiredfrom the world. As much as he appreciated to be with Xev, and the love he shared with her, as painful were his memories of the past. He tried to believe in her words, that he had been controlled, that he hadn't had another choice, but it stayed difficult for him. The memories were his own. And compared to before – this time they hurt. His conscience screamed in horror about what had happened. On some days, his sense of guilt was much too strong and he realized that he hated himself for everything he had done. It acted like a dark, deep abyss, that draw him closer, a maelstrom he barely could escape. He got depressed and thought about more than one time to end this life that was returned to him recently. What was his right to live, if so many people were killed by his hands' Besides, the thought about death wasn't very uncomfortable to him. Now he finally could die properly! After all he was alive, mortal. No bonds would held him back if he wanted to end this life. Bonds that held his soul over 6000 years away from its assignation – to join his people in the DreamZone. He couldn't, because he hadn't been really dead. But now…this aspect had changed. If he wanted, he could…but then his thoughts often went to Xev, and this on the other hand was good reason to go on, love was a good reason to go on. She often looked after him and brought him comfort, pulled him away from this ultimate, adamant abyss. She was the only support he had – he needed so urgently. If she wouldn't be there for him, he hadn't guaranteed for anything. Too worse were his memories of those countless murders, tortures he had been ordered to do. He couldn't understand that there were humans who killed in this manner – with full awareness of their conscience, their emotions, their own will. That was the difference, Xev had told him, this fact should remind him that he shouldn't feel responsible, but regardless to that, he had killed, wasn't he a murder for this reason' Deepest desperation filled him when he thought about this issue. Wasn't he a murder, because it was His Shadow, who was responsible for those killings, because he controlled him' But he had killed with his own hands, so he was a murder, wasn't he' He sighed, so many questions so less answers…sometimes he thought it would be easier if he would be dead, then he hadn't to deal with all this. But no, to took his own life wasn't the solution. There wasn't anything honorable in this action, to run away from problems, from life with all its problems. He had done a lot of dishonoring things in life, but he didn't want to do anything like this of sound mind. He didn't fear death, he wanted to die, but not a senseless death. He had caused so much pain, he didn't want to cause more, especially not to Xev.
Kai looked at the opposite wall in this small chamber, somewhere deep inside the Lexx. He had been here since two days. Here he was alone with his doubt, his guilt, his fear, with all those feelings he had been incapable to feel for 6000 years. At least, the memories of His Shadow and those he had killed didn't trouble him. Most of them were too alien and weird, he didn't want anything to do with. Maybe they would be useful one day…but not at the moment.
With his own memories it was another story. Besides his horrible sense of guilt, he felt frustration and anger. Frustration that he had been so powerless, that he never had a chance to save his home world, that he hadn't been able to prevent those countless murders. It leads to an untold anger towards destiny, a predicted destiny, that denied him to save the BrunnenG, that had condemned him to such a mockery of life – made it possible to serve their greatest enemy and kill for him. Kai slammed his fist against the wall. Pain shot through his knuckles and he clasped surprised his other hand around it. The pain brought him back to reality. Carefully he moved his fingers, looked fascinated at his grazed skin, which went red immediately. The human body was very vulnerable, he nearly forgot that. Kai sighed. His wrath faded already. His thoughts went back to his old life on Brunnis2. How had he been before destiny predicted his future. A lot more green, more innocent than now. His urge to explore, not to accept everything that kept society in its frozen state, had brought him more than once into difficulties. He mainly thought about the day he had visited the Time Prophet. He hadn't only found out about his peoples destiny, no, he had been thrown into prison right away, accused and sentenced to die, because he had broken the protective shields of his planet. It was terrifying for him to recognize their disinterest, when they learned that he had told the truth. This hadn't been the BrunnenG he had known, he had coped with so long. For him, the BrunnenG always had been great people, the winners of the insect war, and he always wanted to be like them. At least, he had reached this aim. After his girlfriend had freed him, he and his other Newborn friends had fought against His Shadow, honored those ancient BrunnenG warriors with it. At least they didn't die without a struggle. A melody appeared in his mind and he hummed it in a low voice, it was the song he had sung when they met this little theater in space:
If this should be, our final stand,
we will stand together with pride
We will honour the past, and fight to the last,
it will be a good way to die
It matters not, if the cause is lost,
and we can not stop the tide
We will fight to the end, and then fight again,
it will be a good way to die

This moment will live on through time,
if anyone ever asks why
The Brunnen-G did not fall on their knees,
you will know they found a good way to die

But a lot time went by since that day. The prophecy finally had been fulfilled, but in a completely other way Kai had expected. The price had been high.
In the meantime the LightZone had also been destroyed. He was pretty sure that, except for him, Stan, Xev and 790, nobody knew anything any longer about the BrunnenG. He wasn't sure if this was good or bad. But whether it was or not, this part of universe’s history was over. His not. His new life has just begun. He sighed. The last of an once great race of warriors. Deserved or not, he had to get his life under control, at least for a while, this was something he owed Xev. She didn't earn it to be at constant sorrow for him, it was time that he was there for her. She had done enough. He owed her more than he was able to return. Without her he had given up, he was sure about that. She believed in him – maybe it was time to start to believe too - in himself. He looked up and considered how long he had been here in this small room somewhere deep inside the Lexx. One, or two days' Definitely. His stomach was growling and he missed her. The decision to go back wasn't hard. He needed her, at least this would distract him from his dark thoughts and so he made his way back.

He didn't find her in her chamber, nor on the bridge or the galley. She couldn't be found anywhere. First he wanted to ask Stan, but the Captain of the Lexx slept tightly. If she hadn't gone on a tour with one of the moths, what he considered implausible, because none of the moths were missing when he had landed with his, she only could be in the cryochamber or – elsewhere. He decided to check this first. When he passed the shower, he heard water rushing. There she was! He entered the room and watched her. She stood under the nozzle and enjoyed visibly the warm water flowing over her amazing, adorable body. Kai felt this electrifying sensation in his stomach again. He knew how she felt when she was near him, saw him naked, but did she have any idea how he felt when he saw her perfect body' He experienced it only once in a lifetime, in his former living-life. But he was still astonished how intense his body reacted when he saw her or was near her. Xev could drive man mad with her flawless body. Quietly he removed his clothes and loosed his hair. He entered the shower cell soundlessly.
Xev winced startled when she felt his arms moving softly from behind over her hips. “Kai!” she cried out rebukingly and turned her head around. He made a sheepish face, once again he had forgotten his special skills, skills he had used as an assassin, skills that still were present in his brain-implant, programmed for his special tasks. Without the connection to his other implants, those which Xev had removed, it hadn't a purpose any longer, except that the programming still was a part of him, and would ever be. “Did I scare you'” he whispered into her ear. Xev leaned back in his arms, relaxed immediately. “A little…how are you'” she asked a little worried. After all, he had been away since two whole days. He hadn't done this for the first time, but fortunately there wasn't any danger anymore. The first time he vanished for such a long time she had been in fear. She had searched for him for hours, exactly knowing that if he didn't want to be found, he wouldn't be found anywhere. Finally she did. He had been in one of Lexx's countless small chambers. Deeply caught up in his painful memories. It took Xev a long time, much strength, comfort and love to haul him out there. It had hurt herself deeply, when she saw him so close to surrender. So far, she succeeded to pull him away from this abyss, but she felt her own exhaust in this unfair fight. She had asked herself how long she could stand it. The worst day date back a week now. The day he had nearly committed suicide. Since two days he had contemplating suicide and Xev had talked a lot to him, tried to convince him that there had to be a reason for being alive. But she had realized early enough, that he barely listened to her. Even so, it surprised her that he had left the room with the words: Xev was left behind, on her bed, and had shaken her head. For one or two minutes she got really desperate. How should she help someone who didn't want her help' His words slowly had crept into her mind, and she had realized them seconds later first. Her alarm bell rang and her angst had been enough to cause her a transformation to a clusterlizard. Only with the high speed of her other half she had been able to reach him in time – before he could himself throw off the edge of the bridge. She had pushed him away from the abyss, knocked him to the floor, with her on the top and talked wailing at him for good half an hour. She needed all her physical and psychological strength until the crisis was over and Kai had given in. They had hit rock bottom. Kai had given her the promise this day, not to do it again. she had said. Kai really was a hard piece of work. But he was worth it. And she knew that he would keep word. He still vanished for hours, days, but he was always returning. Sometimes she looked after him, if there was a strong sense that he needed her. But now it seemed that he was able to manage this fight on his own – a visible progress, and so she gave him this freedom, without fear for his life. Maybe she had looked for him today, but only because he had been away for so long. Well, he was here now. She turned her head again to have a better look at his face and to hear his answer. “A bit…better.” His eyes had cleared up a bit, his facial expression acted more relaxed. Xev was relieved, she looked back forward, a smile on her lips. “That's….beautiful!” she whispered. She felt his hair caressing her skin, as he laid his chin down on her shoulder, nuzzled his left cheek to her right. His hands folded tightly across her belly. Xev sighed, she felt every detail of his strong body, when he pressed himself slightly against her backside.
His gesture – an invitation, an excuse for his long absence.
Hot waves of arousal ran through her body. “Oh, Kai!” she groaned. His lips touched her cheek. He left a trail of kisses down her neck. His hands moved up simultaneously, cupped her breasts and massaged them gently. Stimulated by the warm water and his touch, she turned around, pressed her abdomen demanding against his. A wild, passionate kiss followed, whilst she draw back to one of the walls, pulling him with her. Hot haze surrounded them, engulfed them. As Xev felt her back pouncing the wall, she heaved herself up and twined her legs around his waist. Two days without him have been far to long for her. Not because of sex, no, she loved it to talk to him, to cuddle into his arms, to feel him next to her so close. Admitted, these situations often ended up in bed, but weren't always her first intention. Kai often grasped the nettle of it. He enjoyed their closeness, the physical contact with her, to made love to her was an equal level to feel his new life, his vitality. Xev could see it in his eyes, she was happy about that and was more eager to get him satisfied. This time, her arousal and longing were so high, she didn't want a foreplay. She leaned back on the wall and let him enter her. The sensation of it nearly was enough for her to orgasm. Kai thrust two or three times into her, as she reached her climax and cried out loudly. He stopped in an instant, waited until she recovered. He smiled gently and watched her astonished. Xev opened her eyes and smiled back shyly. “I missed you,” she said with a hoarse whisper. “What's with you, don't you…” “I do…but it was…arousing to…watch you!” “Oh, a little peeper, hmm…'” she teased and moved her hips closer to him. She knew that only minutes were necessary to regain her desire. “Let me feel you, Kai, please…” she begged and sank back to the wall, allowed him to enter deeper into her. She loved it, to feel him like this, to know that they both were as close as they could be. Now it was Kai's turn to groan loudly, when he thrust deeper into her hot, wet depths. He stopped again, his breathing more fierce, he groaned. “Oh, Xev…I'll lose control…” He felt his body reacting completely detached. She gasped: “Do whatever you want…give me everything you have…!” He began slowly to thrust his cock in and out, but soon he felt his natural instincts overwhelming him again and taking control. He supported himself with his hands on the wall, whilst Xev cupped his butt with her hands and tightened her grip around him to pull him closer. His thrusts went more fiercely, harder and faster. Their world was reduced to this rhythmic movement and Kai lost the final control over his body. Xev groaned and cried out loudly, he never had taken her like this. This wild and rampant variety had something real exciting. She felt his member pushing hard into her, stroking her inner walls. Xev gasped and guided her hands to hear breasts. She stroke over her erected nipples and leaned her head back to the wall. It was an absolutely amazing feeling. She looked into his keen passionate facial expression, his mouth slightly open, gasping, his beautiful eyes closed, his raven black hair in a damp mass around him. He was such an experienced lover…of course, he once had had another life, and all the memories of it. Xev trembled when she felt him penetrating her suddenly very deep inside, he never had been thus deep inside her before, and Xev felt her second climax coming. She never experienced an orgasm like this. It came not only from this special place deep inside her, no, it seemed to come out of her stomach, her mind, all at the same time… She heard Kai groan loudly with his deep baritone voice, when he thrust into her for a last time and then she felt him cum. Xev pushed her abdomen forward and arced her back. She clung to his upper arms and stabilized her hard trembling body. She opened her mouth and screamed his name when this strange, special orgasm shot through her body.

It took a while until both of them found back into reality. Kai steadied her back with his arms and waited until she loosed her grip around his waist and he slid out of her. Xevs feet touched the floor and she leaned heavily breathing against his wirily body. Kai kissed her forehead gently, both to much out of breath to say something. This moment lasted for an eternity. She leaned her head on his shoulder and a smile appeared on her face. No, there was nothing in the universe that could compare with this love! She felt him stirring and herself lifted into his arms. He took her back under the warm stream of water. Xev smiled grateful up to him, after the heat of their passion, it started to get cold outside. Kai smiled back and both kissed. Xev threw her arms around his neck and leaned her head on his chest. Kai completed the embrace, by putting his left arm around her back, with his right hand he stroke over her head. The warm water rained down on them and washed away the coolness and the sweat. He laid his head onto hers and both remained motionless for minutes. It amazed him how fierce his body reacted when he had been so deep inside her. Sometimes he asked himself if his alive body remembered those 6000 years of numbness, and that he wanted everything back at once. However, it was magnificent. Xev sighed soundless, from one moment to the other she got so tired, she would sleep, if she stood like this for any moment longer. So she stirred and raised her head. Kai let go of her, but kept her hands in his. Xev looked at her beloved BrunnenG, her heart overflowing with emotions. “I can't go on without you any longer, Kai … I can't live without you…!” she whispered and looked deep into his greenish-hazel eyes. Eyes that had such a soft, lively glow, that radiate an unbelievingly love. Kai tilted his head, nearly absent he touched her face. He took her words to heart. It was still a strange sensation to be loved, to be needed. But it was comforting. He knew that Xev had loved him since they first met – but now he could understand and feel it. I can't live without you Xev's words didn't loose him. He had thought about many things during those last hours and days, and he was finally sure about at least one thing: He got a new chance to live, to feel, to love. Whether he deserved it or not, Xev really didn't deserve it to worry about him, because of one foolish moment he wanted to commit suicide. It wasn't easy for him to deal with his past, but he didn't want to throw his new life away senseless. This wasn't fair towards Xev. Besides, she was a real good reason to go on, to try it with this new circumstances – and he wanted her to know this. “Xev,” he started, softly stroking over her cheek, “I love you. I'm so…happy…to be with you,” he hesitated for a moment, it was real hard to put his feelings into words, maybe an effect of his long lack of them. But a memory told him that it was quite normal, for never finding the right words. “I'm grateful for everything you've done for me. Without you, nothing of all this would exist. Without your motivation, I lacked off, we would never have fulfilled the prophecy. I would never returned to life. Xev, I'm still unsure about the cause of my retransformation, uneasy if I deserve life – if I deserve you … but I'm sure about one thing – I'm happy about every moment with you!” Kai sighed. “I'm sorry if I cut a caper,” he smiled contritely, “You didn't deserve that after all you have done…I should be there for you now, Xev, because I love you so much!” Xev smiled with tears in her eyes when she heard his words. She never experienced real love in her life, and since Kai was alive she felt in paradise. For the first time, somebody declared his love for her, felt something for her. It was overwhelming. Nameless. And she finally realized everything what happened those last weeks. Xev started to cry, let everything out that burdened her for the last weeks. She had put so much of her own strength into her worrying about Kai, to be there for him, that she forgot herself completely. In the past this never had been a problem, because she never expected any reaction, love or gratitude for her actions. But her innermost had craved for those words since he was alive. After all, her waiting was rewarded. And this plucked her heartstrings. She stroke over his hands, her head sank back on his shoulder. She felt his strong hands unclasp hers and caress her back, her head. He might have killed thousands with them, but for her, they meant protection and love. His past never had any meaning to her. “Thank you, it meant …” she sniffed whilst talking, “…a lot to me. You mean a lot to me!” “I know, Xev,” his fingers touched her chin and he lifted her head, looked deep into her eyes. “Finally I know it!” There was a hint of sadness in his deep voice, because he remembered how he hadn't known before. Xev was lost again in his mystery, ancient eyes. There were no words necessary now. He just pulled her closer and held her tight.

Sometime later they parted and finished the shower. Kai's stomach was growling more rigid now, it sounded unpleasantly loud. Xev had to laugh. She looked wry at him and Kai smiled shyly. “I think I'm hungry…haven't eaten anything the last two days!” She laughed again and put her cloths back on. “Come, I'll help you with the hairdressing, then we're faster in the galley.” Kai closed his jacket and allowed her with an amused gaze. “What'!” she asked. “Are you sure'” he replied, as he gave her the hairpins. “I'll wangle it!” Xev took them and her brush. Nobody put anything past her. “I think we women are specialists with hairstyle, my dear, no panic!” she said self-conscious. He shrugged his shoulders: “Good, give it a try…” He sat down on the floor and gave her access to his hair. Xev started to brush his hair. She put the upper part together into his traditional bun, the lower hair she braided. Carefully she loosed his lovelock. She let it slid through her fingers. She loved this silky touch of it. “You really have beautiful hair, Kai,” she smiled and signalled him that she was finished. He stood up and looked into the mirror. “Perfect,” he pursed his lips. Xev looked over his shoulder, grinned into the mirror. “Disbeliever!” she teased him. Kai's corner of the mouth twitched. He never doubted her, but she wasn't aware of the brunnish traditions. He turned around, looked at her half amused, half serious. “If we would be on Brunnis, you just would have pointed out that you're ready to agree to a long term relationship.” Xev raised her brows. “Oh….!” He laughed as he saw her confused expression. Xev smiled coyly back. This thought wasn't uncomfortable at all. She didn't know about the relationships among the BrunnenG, but they had been surely more pleasurable than to married from the wife bank. “Oookayy, if this is what it says….” She smiled nervously. Kai raised his brows but didn't say anything further. It was to early for them to talk about such issues, and both switched the subject. “Let's go to the galley, I'm really hungry Xev…” “Sure,” she slid her hand in his and both made their way to the galley.

Chapter 8

A strange incident

With his chapter the main part of my story begins. I have to introduce you to a little thing now. It's only about the spelling of those names and words which will appear in the following chapters. If you see a name like Te'ran, Arcan's or so, the ` is spelled as i. That's all.
Of course, I forgot to say something from the beginning: My story took place after the third season – and you all wondered why 790 is in love with Xev, and not Kai. Well, I reprogrammed him. You'll see it when you read my story. Only for explanation. Alright, enjoy the story!

When they reached the galley, they saw Stan sitting already there and pecking discontented at his food. He looked up when Kai and Xev entered. “Hey, nice to see you again,” he said sarcastically. “No- don't ask, I'm fine, really. I mean, it's not that I'm bored, or that something might have happen to me. But, I'm used to your undivided attention…..really,” he continued ironically. Xev let go of Kai's hand. “We're sorry Stan.” Stanley shrugged his shoulders and held out two plates. Xev took them and filled them with the green goo the Lexx produced, she gave Kai one of it. “But I've been with you yesterday on the bridge, and the day before…don't forget that!” “Yes, because he wasn't wake!” murmured Stan offended. It really wasn't surprising to him, he always took a back seat in the presence of her, but since Kai was alive he was definitely no longer in demand. Kai heard his last words and raised his brows. Stan sighed: “I'm sorry, it's because…you know, I'm feeling a bit neglected. 790 is getting on my nerves, I'm bored. No planet, not a sign of anything near…!” Xev interrupted him: “I know Stan, but please try to put yourself in Kai’s place, do you think it's easy for him to deal with all those new things'” Stan looked back at Kai, who lowered his gaze down to his meal. “Xev, please,” he said low, “Don't let us talk about those things now!” Kai sighed. The last thing he would do now was to talk about his problems and indispositions. Xev bit on her lip. Stan harrumphed embarrassed and took his attention back to his meal. An awkward silence arose. “Ahem,” Stan piped up after a moment. “How are you, generally, I mean' If you don't mind asking, of course!” “I'm alright, thanks for your request, Stan, but I have to cope with a lot of things…” “I understand…I mean…it's definitely not easy for you, this new circumstances, I can imagine that!” Stan smiled helpless, he didn't know how to tell. But Kai seemed to understand. He looked at Stan: “It's alright, Stan…” The Captain of the Lexx nod and gulped when he looked into Kais eyes for a moment. It was as if Kai was able to look deep into his mind and Stan become flustered. Not that he feared Kai any longer, but he had a lot of respect for the ex-assassin – and of course, all those recent circumstances were very eerie to him, like Kai sometimes. He dropped his gaze, incapable to keep up eye contact any longer. Xev had to smile when she observed them. Even she had to control herself to resist his intensive glance sometimes. Kai finished his first portion and took a second helping. Stan stared dumbfounded at him. “Don't tell me you like that stuff!” he groaned. Kai shrugged his shoulders. “It's not that bad at all,” and continued to eat. This time it was Xevs turn to groan: “I take it as an excuse that you haven't eaten for 6000 years!” Kai didn't answer. He had rather interchanged with everything. Better to eat Lexx's goo than to exist as a mockery of life for such a long time. Troubled he pushed those thoughts away. After all he was able to control most of them now. Well, he knew that he couldn't fool Xev, but it didn't bother him really. It was good to know that someone was there if the circumstances would change. If she had noticed anything now, she didn't let on. Again silence fell.
It was 790 who broke it a few minutes later. He came in on his small cart. “Oh my lovely buttercup, here you are…and in bad company I want to remark!” 790 glowered at Kai. He was deeply convinced that Kai had seduced Xev with false promises and blurred her mind in this way. Stan growled: “What is it 790'” “The Lexx found the origin of the signal he follows.” “That's news!” Stan said enthusiastic. “Finally some news!” He stood up and headed for the bridge. “Coming'” he asked. Xev nod and picked the robot head up, when she moved forward. “Sure. Kai'” The BrunnenG swallowed down the remain of his meal and followed her out the galley.

But they hadn't reached the bridge when something shook the Lexx. “Stanley! I want to change our course, that stings!” the ship said. “What's happening, Lexx'” Stan asked worried. “I have been hit by something, it hurts a lot!” The voice of the Lexx became very snivelling. Another jar ran through the Lexx. Stan hastened forward. “I'm coming Lexx, I'm coming!” Kai and Xev with 790 followed suit. Stan climbed onto his command stand and clanged to the metal construction when another shockwave shook the Lexx. They could clearly see flashing lights outside. “Get away from here Lexx, as fast as you can!” Stan ordered. “I try to do that, Stan!” The Lexx changed its course and tilt to the left side. For a moment there was silence and when they observed the view screen, they saw many ships firing against each other. Then, again something hit them. “What the heck is going on outside!” Stan cursed and rubbed his head, he had been thrown against the iron bars of the command pedestal. Kai steadied himself on Stans right side, his left arm protectively grasped Xevs waist. “Some objects follow me and are shooting at me!” Lexx said. “Try to get rid of them!” Stan commanded. But it wasn't that easy. The Lexx changed his course many times, but those strange objects stayed in touch. “790, can you tell us, what follows the Lexx'” Xev asked and laid him down on the command pedestal. “Ships, my heart,” he said after a moment, checking some data. “They were made of some kind of metal and use energy weapons similar to the Lexx, very strong weapons. It seems that we accidentally blunder into a fight between two different parties. I can locate another type of ships outside, but they weren't made of metal, they're organic…” “Organic' Like the Lexx'” Xev asked. “No, but some similarities I can detect,” 790 answered. “They advance backward.” “Ouch!” The Lexx was hit by another impact. “So it's obvious that only those metal ships were firing at us!” 790 added unnecessary. “Maybe they think we're related to those organic ships'” Xev thought aloud. Stan shrugged his shoulders. “That doesn't matter to me, I'm fed up with it. Lexx! Turn around, destroy the metal ships!” “As you wish Stan!” The Lexx stopped and turned around. Meanwhile their view screen was activated and the face of a male human showed up. He was advanced in years, wore some kind of uniform. They could see a lot of activity in the background. “Do you need any help' It seems that our enemy also tries to take up a fight with you!” Stan made a face: “Ah, and who are we talking to'” “Sorry, may I introduce us' We're the defence force of the Arcannean Alliance. I think you accidentally blunder right into a fight between us and the Pr'karesh.” The man answered seriously. “It seems that they think you're part of our troops!” Xev made a step forward. “Why are you fighting against each other'” she asked. “That's a long story…but we can't admit that uninvolved strangers were roped into our problems. If you want to retreat, we'll try to prescind them from you. Also we will face a serious loss with it.” The man on the screen just wanted to gave suitable orders, when the Lexx fired two times at those metal ships. The first ring of fire destroyed their attackers, the second one destroyed the whole force of metal ships. The man on the screen froze. Dumbfounded he asked: “What was that' I've never seen or heard about such an enormous firepower since the great war!” Stan leaned back self-content. “Yes, the Lexx is the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. This is something you really can believe me!” “Who are you'” the man asked full of interest. “Travellers…on the quest for a new home!” Xev answered carefully before Stan could. “Well, maybe we can show ourselves thankful by offer our help in this quest' You have averted an awful danger and defeat for us and our Alliance, also saved many lives. May we invite you to our home world'” He looked at them respectful. Stan looked at his comrades. Xev immediately agreed. Kai, who had observed everything calmly from somewhere behind, shrugged his shoulders. Stan sighed, asking himself, he had to admit that he longed to find one's feet as soon as possible, more than he was afraid of trouble this time. So he agreed. “We're honoured. My name is Te'ran, please follow us to those coordinated we transfer to you now!” The screen went dark. 790 received the coordinates and the Lexx set course for them. “What do you think about it'” Stan asked Xev. “Mh, not sure, maybe a new…” She leaned over to him, “…adventure'” Stan rolled his eyes: “I don't like adventures, but I really need fresh air and some good food!” “Strange to hear something like that from you, Captain!” Xev smiled. “Yeah, Kai, pal, what do you think'” The ex-assassin moved forward. He had observed everything in his calm and silent way, a habit he even hadn't abandoned after his resurrection. “ I haven't seen any threat in it, so I assume that your decision may not a wrong one.” Xev smiled radiantly: “Could be fun to visit a new planet! Maybe it's a lovely one where we can stay!” 790 said: “I prefer a planet where I can be alone with my honey!” “Oh come on 790…it's more fun to be together there…!” Xev stroke over his metal surface. “That's a point of view…by the way…talking about a planet, the coordinates we're heading to, are the origin of the signal we received,” he added. “Mh, how long until we reach it'” Xev asked. “In five hours, twenty-three minutes, if we keep our speed at this rate!” “Good, time enough to rest for a while,” Stan grunted, “See you later!” he left the bridge. Xev shrugged her shoulders and looked at Kai. “I'm not that tired, but I have no other idea what to do…so, coming'” Xev made her way back through the passage way to her bedroom. Kai followed her, deep in thoughts.

“Do you think we'll find ourselves a home soon'” she asked. Both had lain down on her bed again. She had placed her head on his chest and played with a single strand of her blonde hair. “Kai'” she asked again when she didn't receive an answer. She lifted her head and looked into his face. Kai stared at the ceiling. “Kai'” “Mh, oh, sorry, I didn't notice you asked me something!” He said and drew his attention fully towards her. But he couldn't hide the sadness in his eyes. Xev felt a sting in her heart – he looked so sad. “What's with you'” she asked and touched his cheek gently. He closed his eyes for a moment., a single tear was running down his cheek. “Don't ask,” he said and took her hand, “ You know what's going on inside me!” He didn't want to talk about it, not at the moment. He knew Xev would always listen to him, but it was time to give her a break. Xev washed his tear away with her fingertip. “I wish I could bear your burden,” she murmured. “Even if you were able to do that – I would never admit it, Xev, no one deserves that, least you!” Xev remained silent, she felt that Kai didn't want to go on with this topic and so she posed her former question again. “I know that you and Stan are on that quest for such a long time, and now, that I'm alive, I feel the same,” he answered her question. “Do you think we can trust them'” “I don't know, we have to wait until we meet them!” Xev nod and snuggled against him, she didn't want to sleep, but she had no chance…seconds later she dozed off. Kai stroke over her hair, gave her a soft kiss, which let her smile in sleep. He covered her with a blanket and watched her sleeping. He, of course, couldn't. Every time when he tried to sleep, those nightmares were coming back to him, hunting him, torturing him. They scare him. So he tried to concentrate on something different. He shifted his weight a bit, carefully, because he didn't want to wake Xev. He enjoyed to watch her sleeping. It gave him a pleasurable feeling to know that he finally was able to gave her warmth and closeness, a basic human need, so long denied to her, like life to him. Both really complement one another perfectly now and Kai knew that it couldn't be an accident they met. He sighed, she really was a gleam of hope in his new life. “Thank you Xev,” he whispered softly and smiled. Than he lay back and closed his eyes to find a little rest himself. He didn't expect to fell asleep, but he dozed off a few minutes later and started to dream.

Chapter 9


He was back again on Brunnis. Together with some other children, in total they were nine or ten, he walked along a wide corridor. The corridor was decorated with beautiful paintings, inscriptions and many other things of art. Kai remembered that day. He and his friends of the same age had been the only children on Brunnis at this time. Children had been something unusual in their society, but they were taught everything a BrunnenG should know, because someday, these newborns would be old enough to become a regular part of their society – and for that it was necessary that they knew everything. This day, they had visited the . A huge museum, built to preserve their history. They reached the entrance and Kai saw again the wonderful carved inscription on the huge wooden door.
They walked through the door and entered a gigantic room. The view was terrific. Kai remembered every detail. Display cabinets, brimming with objects of art, science and other strange things. Attached to the sidewalls of the hall, he could see weird, foreign objects and in the rear he recognized the tiny insect crafts. Except of them, it seemed that no one had been here since a very long time. Important evidence was the thick layer on most of the exhibitions. Of course, no one in the BrunnenG society cared any longer of their past. In some places, one could reap sharp glances if he talked about their great past. So no one had really understood why the newborns wanted to come here. But children were always curious, so they had let them. Their teacher, she seemed to know everything about their past, had been very happy to guide them. She had been relieved that at least someone wanted to go there and be informed about their history. The elders had been the opinion that over time, they would lose interest, but they had been at fault. Not less than one had been amongst them, who never forgot that day.
Kai heard the voice of his teacher: “What you see here, is part of our great past, a past we want to learn more about today. We discussed some issues during our lessons at school, but this place is more than appropriate to learn more, and…” she smiled and glanced at their curious faces. He remembered her friendly gaze like it was yesterday. “…so to satisfy your hunger for knowledge. The artefacts you can see in this hall date back to the days when our people still inhabited the DarkZone, our origin planet Brunnis. In those days we fought great wars and had quenchless scientific curiosity. As you know, it's something that has changed.” Her smile faded a bit. When he remembered that, the thought that she didn't seem pleased to what their people had changed to. But of course, at that age he was far too young to understand something like that. But now he realized many things he hadn't that time. Maybe it was a form of protest of his teacher to teach them far more than it was necessary about the past, … She continued: “Most of everything you can see here, are relicts of the insect wars. Our ancestors developed a kind of hybrid technology out of insect technology. So these ships and weapons were created. We were in need of a new advantage badly in those days, the insects were dangerously close to a victory over humanity. But with this new kind of technology we had the required advance to defeat them. So human kind finally won this most important war in history.” She guided them to the tiny insect crafts in the rear. “But we shouldn't forget that the courage of our warriors had been an important part in this war. War is a horrible thing we can't imagine any longer in our days. But this war had been a horrible one. We should be very proud of our ancestors, and of course, of all the other humans involved in this war. You must know that many people fought in this war, we hadn't be the only. Alright. So take a look around, write down the most important information you can extract from this exhibition, note down your questions – we can talk about them later.” She scattered them and smiled happily about her inquiring students. Kai saw, how his younger self examined the insect ships totally fascinated. No, this younger self didn't sense anything of the incidents that would bring him and his friends back again, many years later. To take those ships and start their defence attack against His divine shadow, the only survivor of the insects, in the meantime he was aware of that. How an irony that after millennia these ships were used again for the same purpose they had been built for – to fight against an insect! The scenery faded and his dream continued somewhere else in the museum. He saw himself standing in front of a huge holographic star map. It showed the DarkZone. “This is the explored part of the DarkZone, like our ancestors knew it. I'll show you now a specific segment of the map…” she touched some symbols and with a golden shimmering the map changed. Planets and stars were much larger now. “This is the part of the DarkZone where the final battle between humans and insects took place 15000 years ago. Far away from Brunnis, the planet of our ancestors…” “How far'” asked Dragomai, Kai remembered the name of his comrade. “Oh, very far away, you needed two weeks to get there from Brunnis,” the teacher answered. She pointed at two star systems: “Exactly here, between Varion and Arcannea the battle took place. It had been home of two very high developed human races and allies in this war. This war destroyed planets and whole star systems. This battle had been enormous, it covered both systems and alongside the destruction of many planets, including the home world of the Varion, many human died. It had been a very high price for a victory.” “What happened to the Varion'” he heard himself ask. “They all died, like so many other nations. As I said, the victory demands an immense sacrifice, without it, we maybe had lost this war.” “And what about the alliance between humans, after the war'” he had asked. “It went the usual way after such wars – the alliance went to pieces. Space is much too big to control everything. Finally we had to abandon Brunnis to relocate into the LightZone to a new home. But in those days the contact between the old allies had been completely gone. I don't think that anyone would have noticed our disappearance,” she explained. “What happened to the BrunnenG warriors' What did they do after the war'” he asked on. “That's a very short story, too short as measured by their deeds and merits. The warrior guild wasn't required very often after war. There were no enemies to fight against. And after we had crossed over into the LightZone, the guild broke up. There was no interest in war any longer, no interest to get involved into a new one. Like those took place in the LightZone. Men fighting against men…an issue we don't want to get involved in. So we advanced backward, under our huge defensive shield…which protect us from everything evil outside our world!” This in fact, had been a bitter fallacy, but who would have known it in those days' Maybe he himself. He had been sure that someday they would be in trouble because of their retreat from everything outside - and he should be right. Kai remembered his huge juvenile fascination for his ancestors. Not only during his youth, he corrected himself. The urge to explore had been part of his nature his entire life. He wanted to learn more. His whole life he was geared to the old BrunnenG, those BrunnenG who were full of adventuresomeness, pride and glory. His environment never understood him – like he never accepted the way of life his people lived now. It made him a misfit. But he followed his ideals without hesitation, against all antagonism of this decadent and dull society. A fight against the bonds the society had placed around them, especially the newborn. Maybe Xev was right and at all times he truly was a warrior in his heart. Anyway, facing death and destruction, he and his friends lit all the glory and pride of the BrunnenG up for a last time, before the deathless dark shadow engulfed and killed them all. Kai felt a bit pride deep at heart for a moment – they truly had been warriors, but no one of his people had been there to witness and give an account of the newborn’s heroic deed. How they tried desperately to avert harm, harm that couldn't turned away – like he learned from the time prophet before. Mourning and sorrow crept into his mind and the dream faded.
A rebel and warrior in life – an eternal dark existence as assassin in death – what would become of him now'
Then he woke up.
Kai opened his eyes. A weird dream, more half memory, half dream, but the last question bothered him most. He had experienced both extremes, death and life. He even remembered his own death, the very moment he had died. An experience that let him shiver. Now he was alive again. A second life. But why' What purpose does this life has, that he was here' His first life served to fight, against the rules of his society, against His Shadow, and it ended like most warriors ended: they die. His death on the other hand served to fight in a different way. As reanimated corpse he killed numerous innocent people, finally His Shadow in person. It was clear to him that a living human being hadn't had the possibility to do that. But if he had to be dead for only this purpose – why couldn't his existence have ended' Why does he have to live again' He didn't know. Destiny he thought down. His thoughts went back to his dream, it showed him again the little boy he once had been. At least he remembered being young, something most BrunnenG seem to have forgotten. No wonder after thousand of years. Kai shook his head. He now had the same age like the oldest of his people, but he reached it under different circumstances – it was an irony, his people sentenced him to die slowly, by aging, but now he had a similar age without aging visibly. Kai asked himself for a moment if his now returned life would end when he grew old enough to die … if he ever…He stopped this thoughts. He won't end up in this terrible circle of thinking and re-thinking about a valuable or worthless life again. Kai sighed, sometimes he wished to be the little boy again. He had to smile when he remembered his serious interest and curiosity about history and his ancestors. Why did he remember or dream of exactly their visit in the museum' He analysed the memories and stopped suddenly when he saw again the star map. What were the names of those star systems his teacher had mentioned' Varion and … Kai rocket upwards when he recalled … Arcannea! Could it be that it was the same system they were now going to' He had to check on that, immediately. He put on his clothes, his boots and left the bedroom. “790'” he asked for the robot head, when he reached the bridge. “What do you want' Where's my Xev' Have you killed her'” snarled 790. “No. I want to ask you something. Can you check on something for me'” “Why should I'” Kai sighed. “I try to find a new home for Xev, do you remember' This could be important to reach this aim!” Kai hated to lie, even to lie partially, like in this case, but he knew that he would never find out anything without 790's help. But his insults were far better than the addiction he had shown before. Even for the dead had it been an enervating situation. Admitted, he had shown an unfamiliar motivation when he reprogrammed 790, but now, alive, he was relieved that 790's love-slave programming was focused on somebody else. “I hope it's really the reason for your question, so let me know what you want to know!” growled 790 after he considered Kai's request. Kai nodded and gave him every data he knew about the part of the DarkZone he had dreamt or better remembered of. The information mainly consisted of planetary configurations and distance specifications between Brunnis1 and Arcannea. Not much, but there weren't many planetary systems with this typical formation. After all, they had the coordinates of their destination and where Brunnis1 had been located before it was destroyed in this supernova they witnessed. Maybe this was helpfully enough for 790. “Well, that's not much, and if I'm right, I count 792 billion 562 million…possi…!” “I know, 790, please try to find out if both Arcannea are one and the same thing, and tell me immediately after you've found out anything!” Kai put 790 down to the bottom of the command pedestal and connected him to Lexx's data flow. “Only for the sake of my darling Xev!” 790's digital eyes changed into binary code and he started to compare data.
Kai thought. It would be a weird coincidence. He had never thought about the old alliances and if some of them could have survived until today. When he looked at their high developed ships on the other hand, it appeared logic that they might be this old people, the BrunnenG had fought with against the insects. He sighed ever so slightly. What could that mean' Such a weird coincidence must have some meaning, he was sure about it. But first he needed 790's confirmation about Arcannea, as long as this was unsure, he wouldn't mention it towards Xev or Stan. At least he hoped that this Arcannea would be a place where they could find some rest. Xev all above. He just wanted to leave the bridge, when 790 switched back into normal mode and announced some results: “Ahem, the data you gave me seem to fit perfectly to our destination. The distance calculation is highly accurate and the configuration of the planetary systems is nearly the same as our destination. Noticeable is the unusual degree of destruction of planetary systems in this part of the DarkZone. I can detect a lot of debris, maybe planetary debris, and they are not natural! But this must have happened a long long time ago, 15000 years plus or minus!” Kai turned. He wasn't surprised. “The destructiveness of the greatest war human kind had ever fought in!” he murmured. “Can you show me our destination'” he asked aloud. 790 projected a solar system onto Lexx's view screen. “It's a planetary system with eight planets, three of them, the third, fourth and fifth are inhabited, whereas the fourth and fifth form this significant double-configuration.” 790 commented shortly. Kai closed his eyes for a moment, recalled the pictures he saw in his dream. He had seen a ten-planetary-system, but the position of the three inhabited planets was exactly the same. Maybe two of the once ten planets had gone or were destroyed during time. Much could happen in thousands of years. “What about their neighbour system'” he asked on. “Four planets and a lot of debris. I can't detect any life there.” Kai nodded slowly. This was right, too. Varion had been destroyed, as well as nearly all the other planets of the system. Now he was virtually certain. This must be the same Arcannea. He asked himself. Did they know about their past' About the old human alliance against the insects' Whatever, one thing was sure, they were potentially one of the last human nations who survived the past 15000 years, different from those who were extinct, had emigrated or, like his own, had been destroyed. He decided to act with caution. If they remember their past, he wouldn't be recognized as BrunnenG, at least not now. “How long, until we reach Arcannea, 790'” “About half an hour!” “Thank you for your help, 790!” Kai left. “Yeah, yeah,” 790 growled.
Kai woke Xev. “Did I sleep for long'” she asked. “Mh, we have some minutes left,” he watched her thoughtfully. “Everything alright'” she asked and started to rearrange her hair. “Yes, I think so.” Kai started to comb his own hair quickly and braided it into one single plait. “New hair style'” she asked and smiled. He cocked his head and answered: “It feels unfamiliar, but it's not bad at all.” Even his traditional hair-do would have given away too much, when they met the Arcannea. The BrunnenG had had this hairstyle for millennia, just like him. No wonder it felt odd to him. “That's right!” Xev agreed, “I like it!” She crawled forward on her bed and pulled his lovelock out when she reached him. “But this is something I missed!” Kai smiled slightly. Xev left her bed with a sigh and put her clothes back on. Her gaze dropped to the weapon she had kept since the day he got alive. “Kai…” she started hesitating. She took the weapon and held it out to him. “Do you want to take it with you' I mean, we don't know what will await us…” Kai looked down to her outstretched hand, where the deadly, weak glittering weapon lay. He touched it hesitantly with his fingertips. Memories flooded through his mind again. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard, tried to push the emerging outrages back. Abrupt he retracted his hand. “No…I…I…cannot. If you're the opinion we're in the need of a weapon, take it.” He looked sideward. Xev let the object fell down on her bed. “I'm sorry, I didn't want to…” she touched his arm softly. “…It's alright,” he interrupted her, he had to control his memories badly in future, whenever he would be confronted with objects or situations referring to his past. “Why did you keep it'” he then asked. “I'm not sure, I had this...feeling that we may need it someday.”
Like all the other equipment> she added in thoughts. Normally she should have thrown them away, but something, a weird feeling she couldn't ignore, distracted her from it. The thought scared her, why should he still need those parts' Kai was living, and so not relied on his old equipment. Xev didn't mention her thoughts to Kai, it wasn't necessary to remind him of this part of his past.
“Maybe, Xev, but not today, let us go!” he interrupted her thoughts, put forth his hand. Xev took it and both head for the bridge. Stanley arrived with them, still rubbing his eyes. He noticed Kai's new look “Nice hair-do,” he said and climbed on his command pedestal. Kai only furrowed his brows. “Lexx, how is it' Are we there'” Stan wanted to know. “Yes Stan, we are. And Stan'” “Yes Lexx'” “The planet we're approaching to is looking very delicious, may I eat it'” “No, no, Lexx, you won't eat any of this planets, you hear me'” Stan said sternly. “Ok, Stan, but I soon have to eat, I'm very hungry!” Lexx answered. “Alright, we're looking for something to eat for ya, Lexx,” Stan calmed the huge ship. “Thank you Stanley,” “Do I mention that Lexx is really greedy at the moment'” he asked his crewmembers. Kai shrugged his shoulders. “I don't know when he ate for the last time.” “Well, that's a couple of weeks ago…when we stopped at this space station.” Xev reminded him. Stan grunt and watched the approaching planet, better said planets. Xev lifted 790 up and asked him: “Can you tell us something about those planets'” “Always my honey pie…. The third planet of this planetary system is at 95% covered with water, only a few islands, the fourth planets, they were circuiting each other, are different. One of them is a very fertile planet with lots of vegetation, water, high share of population and of course, very high developed. The other one is less beautiful, it seems that it's a resource planet, low population, high industrial facilities, something that the other planet lacks completely.” 790 reported detailed. Xev put him under her arm and thanked him. “At least not a desert planet or something else…” Stanley muttered. Xev nodded: “I think I like it…” Suddenly the planets disappeared and Te'ran appeared on the screen. “Welcome to the Arcannea system, the home of our alliance. If you have any possibility to get to our space station between Arcan's and T'uara, they're the double planetary configuration you can see, I'll suggest one of our fighters will escort you there. The area is very crowded at the moment, as you soon will see. Our larger ships are staying away from the station and planets and we're using small shuttles to get there. Our president will greet you in person – it seems that your little demonstration had caused a stir.” He smiled mischievously. “I think everything else you will hear later. I'm pleased to meet you in person.” The screen turned black and then it showed again the planetary system. For a moment there was silence on the bridge, then Xev smiled and said: “Well, let's go, I'm curious why their president will greet us in person!” Stan shrugged his shoulders. “So, why not, at least they seem to be friendly.” “Yes, captain, maybe this time we have a little bit more luck with a planetary government!” She bounced forward and jumped into a moth. Stan and Kai followed her. The moth left the Lexx and they met one of the small, pitch-black fighters outside. It was Te'ran himself, who flew it. “Stay close, just follow me!” Te'ran instructed them. Xev navigated the moth into the same direction. “These ships are looking really unfamiliar and weird, never seen anything like that, “ Stan said, when they passed some of the real big warships, orbiting the planets in huge distance. They were pitch black, (I'll insert a picture of those ships later), but their shade didn't remind him of something he knew. But a relationship to the Lexx or another insect ship he couldn't deny. They had something that commemorate at it, even if he couldn't tell what. “They're made of organic material,” Kai answered, whilst watching them fascinated. They remind him of a crossing between the old insect ships and modern non-organic streamlined ship designs. “Organic' Like Lexx'” asked Xev. “No, not similar to the Lexx. Lexx is a living organic ship, with very little inorganic material. These ships are made of bioorganic material, with regenerative skills, they're not living creatures like Lexx, they even don't have a life of their own. It's a different kind to the technology my ancestors used, but a very high developed one, too. It needed a few thousand years to get to this level of development.” “So, you say, that they're maybe an older civilization'” Xev asked. Kai nodded. Every detail he discovered fit more and more into his assumption that they were the descendants of the old ally of the BrunnenG. “I hope they're wise enough to treat us friendly!” Stan muttered. “Well, they didn't shoot at us, that's a good start, isn't it'” Xev smiled. Stan nodded. “Even when I'm sure the Lexx is superior…I don't want to mess with their ships!” He added. “Yes, they look really dangerous, but if they are at war, they need this demonstration of power. What do you mean, Kai'” She peeked at him. He nodded absent, watching the approaching planets with the space station in-between. Te'ran didn't understate. An enormous traffic dominated the space around the station. As big as the space station even was, it would never carry this huge amount of ships outside. Many of them showed heavy damage, and so some repair ships supported those, which weren’t able to fly any meter. Their escort flew skillful through the teeming mass and navigated to the station. As closer they got, the better they could see details of the station. It was an interesting construction. The center of the station was the hugest segment as well as the largest level, because above and beneath every following segment was smaller than the precedent. So the station could be described as diamond-shaped. Otherwise it was made of the same material than their space ships. The communication-system cracked and Te'ran reported: “Please follow me to segment 37, level 12, hangar 305. Stay close, because we don't have a guide beam.” Xev confirmed and decreased the speed of their moth slightly. After a moment they raced over segment 37 and they could see numerous hangars. Kai assumed that the space station contained thousands of those small space fighters. After a sharp turn around one of the four edges of the station, Te'ran tilted his fighter and dived into one of the small hangars. Xev followed without hesitation and landed the moth next to the fighter. The flight deck wasn't very big, and Xex asked herself how many accidents might happened in the past, if one of the pilots hadn't found the right angle to land. She sighed and wanted to abandon the moth. Kai caught her arm before she could lift the lid. Puzzled she looked at him. “Wait,” he said. “Why' Is anything wrong'” she asked startled. Kai pointed with his head at the rear. “Don't leave the moth before the hangar doors are closed, otherwise…” “…it's getting a bit uncomfortable inside!” Stan finished the sentence, whilst watching the closing doors. “Oh,” meant Xev, she hadn't thought about it. Kai loosen his grip and let go of her. Xev sighed inwardly, as always, she felt his touch resonate for a long time. Almost entreatingly her glance begged for another touch. But he wasn't responsive to her.
When they saw movement next to the small fighter, they also left their vehicle. “Wow!” Stan said in awe. “It seems that nearly everything is built of this organic material!” He drew nearer to the wall and touched it carefully. It wasn't very different from those inside the Lexx, this one vibrated softly, too. “I'm also fascinated every time about this material, isn't it unbelievable what can be built with it'” Te'ran approached them with a curious look on his face. “I'm pleased to meet you!” He put forth his hand and greeted them individually. Both sides examined each other. Te'ran was of middle height, slim with a well-fitting uniform. A smile appeared on his chiseled face and he stroke back his unruly brown hair. Despite his warm smile, Xev could see many worries shining through, his bright green eyes weren't laughing with the rest.
Te'ran wondered about this remarkable bunch standing in front of him. This scantily clad, beautiful woman, the man with the red jumpsuit, who seemed to be nervous all the time and finally his direct opposite, the tall, slender man in black, who observed his environment with the cool and calm behavior of an experienced warrior. And of course, there was this robot head. He had so many questions he wanted to ask them, but no time for it. He pushed his curiosity back and asked them to follow. He guided them into a neighboring meeting room, where the announced greeting committee awaited them.

Chapter 10

Welcome to Arcannea Part 1

They were five.
In front of them stood a tall, slender woman in a deep blue sleeveless dress. She had black hair, which was riddled with red streaks. Her skin was tanned from sunlight and Xev discovered strange marks, assumedly tattoos, running down her neck on both sides, across her shoulders and arms down to her wrists, where they end in a devoured pattern. She recognized the surrounding aura of authority immediately when she looked into her face. Her face didn't give her age away, even if Xev discovered visible traces of responsibility and worries in it.
Her escort wore civil clothes, too. They were three middle-aged men and a younger woman. One of the men showed similar tattoos like her, but she couldn't see them completely, as they vanished under his long sleeves. Xev drew her attention back to Te'ran when he cleared his throat and rose to speak: “Our highly worshipped president of the Arcannean Alliance: Shereen!”

The tall woman made a step forward to greet the crew of the Lexx. “I'd like to welcome you here on our Arcannea Space Station and to our home, the Arcannea planetary system.” She paused a second, letting her gaze wander over the three humanoids. Xev determined that her eyes were silver colored. “I'm sorry that you got accidentally into the line of fire of this conflict. I hope you and your ship weren't damaged somehow, if, we'll support you in every way possible, of course.” Stanley shook his head and calmed her: “Don't worry, Ma'am. The Lexx isn't that easy to damage or destroy. I'm Stanley H. Tweedle, captain of the Lexx.” Xev noticed relieved that he didn't gloat over it like usually. It seemed that the authority of this woman didn't fail its effect on him. Shereen took his presented hand and smiled friendly at him. “Xev Bellringer,” Xev introduced herself as next, not surprised by the firm and resolute handshake of Shereen. Yes, this woman was every inch a true person of authority. Shereen smiled, as if she had read Xev's thoughts.
Well, it wasn't that wrong.
Shereen knew her effects to other people, but this was one cause why she had been chosen for this presidency. She led the council since 46 years now, a strong president they truly need in those difficult times. Shereen originated from Sha'ra, the third planet in this system, the water planet. Her ancestors only survived on their hostile planet because of their fierce power and their strong will to survive. The Sha'ran race hadn't lost this and many other talents to this day. Shereen was a telepath, nothing unusual among her people. But for the presidency it was an important requirement. So, most presidents of the Alliance came from Sha'ra. It was no surprise to her family that she stepped into their shoes. She followed suit the former president, when his power diminished. The skills she had were important to rule the Arcannean Alliance. No technology was as fast as a direct contact with her council or her counselors, which often were spread all over those many planets, belonging to the Alliance. Over the last 3000 years it had proved to be really useful, any decision could be made without time delay. Of course, it wasn't that easy all the time, she never really had leisure-time. But when she needed some time-out for privacy or other important meetings, her personal counselors, fulfilled this task during that time. One was with her now, so Shereen could throw her whole concentration to this meeting and to the weird crew of this far more weird ship, which evoke some unpleasant memories. Her skills weren't designed to spy on people, but she wanted to be sure, that this people weren't some threat to the Alliance. Especially when she thought of the ship and its destruction potential. They weren't able to afford a two fronting war. She concentrated to find out more about them. It was often enough to observe their vacillation to learn if they were trustworthy or not. When she shook hands with Stan and Xev, she couldn't determine any animosity. Stan seemed to be a man-in-the-street, admitted, with a lot of complexes, but over all he seemed to be an honest man. Xev now, she was very friendly, but she could sense another side of her, a strange part she wasn't able to classify. It calmed her that everything else seemed to be friendly. When the robot head introduced himself as 790, she was very surprised and a bit amused, too. This was the strangest personality she ever had met. Even if she wasn't able to detect anything besides complete addiction towards Xev, she never had thought of him as a threat, maybe because of the absence of a body. “Why only the head'” she asked curious. “A little accident…” Xev smiled and patted 790's metal case. “It's a long story!” “Ah,” Shereen smiled back, when she felt Xev's merriment. A part of her hoped to hear this story sometime. Then she turned to the last crewmember. Kai took a back seat the whole time. Despite this new situation, the sensations and everything else that had changed for him, the assassin inside him was still present and wide-awake. If needed, this part of his personality would protect Xev and Stan against every danger they might get in. But so far, he couldn't detect anything threateningly, what relaxed him a bit. So he observed the Arcannea to learn if they might really be the old allies of the BrunnenG. “And you are…'” the president cut his train of thoughts. “I'm Kai, Mrs. President,” he answered friendly and shook her hand. Shereen winced ever so slightly when she touched his hand, but Kai didn't miss this reaction. She didn't retract her hand at once, instead, she closed her eyes for a moment as if to cope with a huge flow of information or sensations, because he saw her features flicker with sorrow and regret. There was no other explanation to him, that she was able to read his mind, or at least his sensations. In his countless memories he found numerous hints referring to this skill, and he protected himself immediately. Before she withdrew from his thoughts he heard a clear I'm sorry, echoing through his mind. Whether it was meant for her intrusion or for what she had discovered, he didn't know, but with a barely visible nod he accepted her apology. Shereen was relieved that no one took notice of this strange incident. For the first time in her life, she was happy that her training for control was at last worth something. He had less in common with his friends. The flood of sensations and the disordered structure of his mind shocked her. She had never experienced something like that. It appeared to her that not all of these chaotic thoughts were his. But she couldn't explain why. Another thing she recognized, were his deep and painful sad sensations. This man radiated a darkness she had only felt within bad persons or very unhappy people. It calmed her, that she couldn't detect any ferocity inside him, but whatever had caused this, it must have been a real tragic occasion. She now was very eager to hear their story, but before, she still had a few questions. “Your ship is very interesting. I've never seen anything like that!” she said, continuing their conversation. “It is unique. Lexx isn't only a ship. He lives, he is intelligent – well, to a certain degree, if he gets hungry, it's getting complicated, but otherwise it's quite easy to handle with him,” Stan explained proudly. “It lives'” Te'ran asked. “That's interesting, but how do you control a living ship with his own mind, I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't want to know any secrets, but as I'm a pilot I'm really interested in this matter.” Stan scratched his chin and considered his question for a moment. He looked at Xev and Kai, waiting for any objections, but they didn't say anything. “The Lexx obeys only my orders. No one else can. It's a kind of key I possess,” he answered carefully, leaving out further details. They always had had enough trouble in the past, because of this key, so he became more careful with any information referring to it. “Mh, I understand, but despite all this advanced technology, it's still an insect ship.” Shereen said sharply, calling a spade a spade. Kai looked at her and spoke for the first time: “You know insect ships'” Shereen sighed: “I'm sorry, you really don't know anything about our history, I think I should start at the beginning to explain why I knew insect ships, but unfortunately there is so little time for long stories. But you must understand, we're at war, and even though you saved many lives on our side, I have to be sure that you're no threat to us. I'm sure about that now and I really want to hear what brought you here, but I have to return to the council soon. So I want to invite you to stay with us, on Arcan's. There were plenty of quarters and many possibilities to have fun. That's only a small offer we can give you in return for now, but we'd be very proud to welcome you as our guests.” Shereen offered them. Xev smiled, mentioning an invitation on one of their planets with good quarters and fun excited her. “Why not, I'd love that. What do you think'” she asked her companions. “Where ever you go…I'll be with you!” 790 whispered. Stan nodded in agreement and Kai tilted his head slightly. “We're honored. Te'ran will explain and show you everything. I think we'll meet tomorrow, I want to invite you for dinner, so maybe we can exchange our stories. To tell stories in combination with a meal is tradition amongst my people. I hope you will accept'” Xev spoke again for her friends, exactly knowing that the chance of a good meal would made them agree. “That's fine by us!” “Good. I'm sorry that there's not very much time, but this war needs our full attention at the moment. It broaden, and we're almost with our backs to the wall.” Shereen sighed. “How does this war start'” Kai asked. The president looked at him: “We were caught off guard. We thought we were so high developed, that some potential enemies were no threat to us – but I think now we're disabused. When we survive this war, for future we've learned something important: You should never overprice your own acquisitions and you should always watch beyond your borders.” Kai nodded slightly, this was an issue his own people had forgotten, too – to take a look outside. Shereen turned to her escort and nodded shortly at one of the men. It was time to go, he had transmitted to her that the council was about to meet. “Let us talk again tomorrow, I have to go now,” she smiled warmly and left the room. Te'ran stayed behind and now it was his task to look after their guests. “I'll take you to your quarters on Arcan's, if you'd like to follow me, please'” “Wherefrom she did know, that she had to go back'” Xev asked curiously when they left the room. “No one had told her…” “She's …” Te'ran started. “…a telepath,” Kai closed the sentence without turning around. Te'ran looked astonished at the tall man: “That's right, wherefrom…'” “…I have this knowledge' I felt it when she greeted us. A part of me has some…experience with skills of this kind,” Kai explained, it was difficult to describe someone his source of information without further explanations. There was no need to do that for the moment. “Oh,” Te'ran nodded, this people were really strange. But if Shereen saw no concern to invite them, he would never argue against it. He changed the topic, when they walked through different corridors of the station. Huge observation windows let them look outside. They could see all those big ships orbiting the station far away. “A fascinating ship,” Te'ran said, when the Lexx passed. “The most powerful ship in the two universes!” Stan said. “Two universes'” Te'ran asked. “There's only one, at least what I know. Where do you come from, that you believe in something like the existence of two universes'” “We're from the Cluster, it's in the LightZone. There we've stolen the Lexx and passed through the fractal core into the DarkZone, well, that's where we're now!” “Cluster' LightZone, DarkZone, fractal core' I've never heard about it. Alright, the thesis about the existence of two universes I remember…. Some of our scientists deal with it. The assumption emanated from some old recordings, which were rediscovered not long ago. History and astronomy are my hobbies, you must know.” “How old are those recordings'” Kai asked interested. “My god, very very old, ten till twelve thousand years,” he chuckled, “Don't tell them that you're from another universe, they would tear you apart until they knew everything.” He stopped and let them enter another hangar, where a shuttle waited for them. He identified himself to the security control and then they boarded the shuttle. He navigated them with high speed down to Arcan's, and then he slowed down to give them a sight seeing flight. “Beautiful,” Xev murmured, when they flew in half an hour over coasts, sea, cities and different landscapes. “Yes, I love Arcan's very much. It's my home. I was born on the southern hemisphere. That's where we live, when we're not on Sha'ra.” “We'” asked Xev. “Shereen and me. Oh, I'm sorry, I haven't mentioned it, she's my wife!” he explained smiling. “Ah, so she's not from Arcan's'” Xev asked. “No, she's from Sha'ra, the water planet. It's a very beautiful planet, too, whether life is much harder there, even today. But if you're origin from a water planet you always have to go back…there's no compare with other oceans.” Te'ran said, revealing a little more about himself. “I don't like water planets…” Stan murmured. “The last time we visited one, we only were in trouble, not to speak about the experience to drown…!” “Desert planets are worse,” Xev answered. “Both are, it's only the other extreme. So I like planets which look more like this jewel…” Stan pointed at Arcan's. “If you know Arcan's that good…how is it here to… you know…. have fun, to meet…yeah, nice, pretty women'” “Forget it Tweedle, who wants to walk along the beach with such a ugly, incompetent, cowardly guy like you!” 790 snarled. “Oh, shut up, 790! At least I'm able to walk – unlike you!” Stan threw an angry look at the robot head. Te'ran watched them amused. “It's nothing unusual,” Xev grinned. “Xev, darling, he is not normal, someone should do a lobotomy on him!” “790! Stop it!” Xev warned the head. Te'ran looked questioningly at her. “Well, 790 is completely in love with me, since he got the love slave treatment instead of me.” “Love slave treatment'” Te'ran asked. “Yes, I was altered into a love slave, when they put this sentence on me for failing to perform my wifely duties. When they transformed my body, a cluster lizard had eaten 790's body and I had freed myself. 790's head was the only thing that remained, and so he got the love slave treatment, because I put him under this device. Since that day, he is completely addicted to me, because I have been the first person he saw after the treatment.” “Don't forget to mention that he was in love with Kai for some time,” Stan grinned. “That's not true, bah, I've never done something dirty…ugly…Xev-betrayingly things…. unless I have had a malfunction!” 790 revolted. “You have, 790, and you weren't malfunction.” Xev patted his metal case. “Wuahhhh, no, that's not true, never….””Hey, whatever it was, it's over now, isn't it'” Xev calmed him. “You're right, my delicious one…don't let us talk about it anymore!” “Where do you come from where such weird punishments were done'” Te'ran asked. “It's a real long story…” Xev sighed. “I think I have to wait till tomorrow because we have reached our destination. But I'm very excited to hear it.” He slowed the shuttle down and landed it softly on the ground. “If you want to have fun and the opportunity to meet women,” Te'ran smiled, “ Then you have to go to the center of Shar'ta'n. There you'll find everything what makes fun. Bars, restaurants, dance, music, theater…everything. Come with me, I'll show you where we have landed.” Te'ran left the shuttle and the Lexx crew followed him. Leaving the shuttle, the first thing Xev enjoyed was the warm weather and the sun shining from the sky. They had landed on a free space in a huge, well-kept garden. Beautiful flowers and trees were growing everywhere, foreign animals were audible and a small ditch wiggled some meters through the grass. Te'ran pointed to the right, where she could see some low, one-storied houses, under the huge trees, she also spotted a glittering amongst the stems, and asked: “Are they built right next to the sea'” Te'ran nodded: “Yes, it's a cove, very idyllic. I think you'll find it very suitable. How many quarters you'll need'” Xev looked at Kai questioningly, but his attention was elsewhere, so she decided for them both. “Two are enough, I think, one for Stan and one for me and Kai. Is that ok for you Stan'” “Of course…as long as 790 stays with you both…!” Stan agreed. Xev laughed, she knew from the beginning that she wouldn't have any choice, even though it was not very comfortable to have 790 around when she wanted to be alone with Kai, but like she thought before…she had no choice. Te'ran gave her two silvery cards and said: “They're the keys to your quarters. If you want to go to Shar'ta'n center, to the nightclub district, you just have to walk along the beach, it's only a few minutes. If you want to know anything further, you can use the information network, you have access to it in every quarter. If there ain't any questions, I have to go back, I'll be back tomorrow to fetch you up, I'll let you know. Welcome to Arcan's!” Xev smiled thankfully and Te'ran went back into his shuttle. The three stepped back a bit to let him start, and a few seconds later he was gone. Xevs smile wasn't able to fade. She breathed deeply to enjoy the flowery scent and let the sun warm her up. The clusterlizard inside her growled in excitement. “I really like it!” she said happily and started to explore the garden. With 790 under her arm she walked from one flower to the next, sniffed here and there a bit and let the cool water of the small ditch run through her fingers. Stan also couldn't deny his interest in this beautiful place. He forgot his usual concern about everything and anything and let sank the beauty in. Kai still stood where he first had stopped. Each part of his body had to cope with this new experience. It was the first time he was outdoors, on a planet, since he was alive again. So there were many new things he had to adapt to. He blinked into the sun, let the warmth heating up his face. His head nearly swirled from all those scents and noises he was able to hear and smell. But he also felt a wonderful satisfaction when he looked around. Xev was right this was a wonderful place. He only had seen some kind of this in his memories. The small gardens on Brunnis, located underground like everything else, hadn't been as beautiful as the real ones outside…
He closed his eyes for a moment, he could stand here for the rest of his life if necessary. The peaceful sensations inside comfort him and he was glad to feel something simple and strong again.
“Kai'” Xev's voice woke him finally. She stood a few meters away, Stan next to her, it seemed that they wanted to head to the quarters. With slight regret he closed the distance between them and looked inquiring at her. “Stan wants to go to his quarter, maybe we should go too'” she wanted to know. Kai nodded slightly. Xev put out the two silvery cards she got from Te'ran. “How do we find the right one'” she asked with knitted brows, studying the symbols on the card she wasn't able to read. Stan looked closer at them, took one of it: “I think, we just have to compare the numbers, imprinted onto this cards, with the equal number on those buildings!” “Oh…” Xev said. “They're numbers, seems that my flat has number 8,“ Stan announced happily. “Should have known….” Xev stopped, she felt a bit sheepish about her disability to read and write. But for her, as a woman raised up in a box, and educated in the wife-bank, this skill wasn't needed or wanted. She was trained to obey her husband to be, and everything else to make him happy – not herself. So there was no need to learn writing and reading. Furthermore, it hadn't been predictable, that her carefully planned life finally ended up this way. Until now, she was never in need of these skills.
Embarrassed she looked sideward, when Stan walked happily whistling towards the small houses. It was obvious that he wanted to go to the town soon after he had inspected his quarter and maybe taken a shower. “Don't get into trouble!” she called after him. “Not me…!” he shouted back. “I hope that you'll get into trouble!” 790 growled loudly. “Then they'll lock you away and you can rot!” Stan ignored 790 completely, the insane robot head wasn't able to diminish his good mood. He waved back and then he vanished behind those huge trees. Kai looked at Xev: “What's with you'” he asked softly. He had noticed the sudden change in her humor, and it could only be a serious thing that was able to trouble her mood like this. Xev shook her head, glanced back at him for a second before she dropped her gaze back to the floor. Was she stupid, because she couldn't master something rudimentary' Sometimes she felt like it, especially in Kai's presence. He was long before her birth and his own death a very intelligent and cultured man. Added to it, he carried the memories of those who had been killed by his shadow, amongst them surely a lot of high educated and genius people. In those moments she regretted that she had never enjoyed a proper education, and then she felt very very small. Like now. She raised her gaze, when she felt his hand touching hers. He still looked questioningly at her. Xev hesitated, normally she was too shy to tell someone about it, but every time she looked into his eyes, she knew that she needn't be afraid or ashamed to tell him about her inadequateness. He would never laugh about it. And so it came out in a sigh what depressed her. Kai seemed to be a little puzzled about this, but he replied seriously to her, that there were enough possibilities to change that issue, if she wanted to. “How'” she asked shyly. “I'd teach you…” he offered simply. “Is that possible'” she continued asking. “Why not' You may not have the knowledge of some things, but you're intelligent. You're learning fast, why shouldn't it be impossible to learn reading and writing'” She nodded, it sounded logically to her. “Besides that, to have knowledge doesn't mean to be a genius…or a high intelligent person. You still need your brain to use this knowledge,” he added. Xev smiled again: “I know. I'm glad that you'd help me…I hope we can start with it soon!” Kai nodded, it was at least something he could give to her in return. She looked around one more time, when a twinkle caught her attention. Some distance away she saw a large object glinting in the sunlight. She wondered why she hadn't seen it before. She pointed it out to Kai, and started to move into the direction. “Coming'” Soon she saw that it was placed in a special place in this garden. Many beautiful flowers were blooming there, a fountain babbled low and some benches were placed around. She put 790 down on one of the benches and moved closer to the object. The twinkle decreased when she drew nearer, and she was able to see single parts of it more sharply. The object was made of a white crystal material and was placed on a low socket. It was about two meters high and very impressive. Xev identified a large, insect-shaped life form surrounded by several human figures. Fascinated she observed this detailed work. The humans showed grim, resolute features and seemed to fight against the weird life form, because they carried weapons and threatened the creature with them. Xev shook her head in wonder, the being really looked like an insect, slender body, wings, a long tail…even a little like the Lexx. None of the humans looked like the other. Every single one of them had different clothes, different weapons and other significant characteristics. Her gaze wandered to the insect's, or whatever it was, head, where one of the humans was in the very act of thrusting his weapon into its neck. She didn't believe her eyes when she recognized, whom this human represented. “Kai!” she whispered. But her mate already drew the same consequences. “It's a, that's a…!” “…BrunnenG,” he closed the sentence without surprise. Besides all the other evidences, this was the ultimate one, which confirmed all his assumptions. “How’s that possible'” she asked, but the realization already hit her, when she observed the insect shaped creature. “The insect war'” she said. Kai turned to face her, but his gaze directed at the sky. “Yes,” “But that's thousands of years ago…” “21000, yes,” He looked back at her. “But how' I mean…wait, what's this'” she leveled herself to the bottom of the socket and pointed at some inscriptions. One of them seemed to be familiar to her…Brunnis; she had seen it on Brunnis, the planet of Kai's ancestors. Kai knelt down next to her and looked at the inscriptions. “Can you read it'” she asked impatiently. He couldn't read the first lines, but he was sure that they were the arcannean script. But the lines beneath he knew very well…
“In respectful and grateful memory to our ancestors and the victory of the human race against the insect civilization in the great war. We honor the dead and our past!”

Kai read the brunnish script without any problems. Admitted it was long ago, that he had learned and read them the last time, he even counted out his visit on the origin planet of his people. There hadn't been much to read, besides some symbols.

“In gratitude to our allies:
the Share'n, who always fought at the front the Varion, who fought until their last warrior died and who sacrificed their home to save our lives the Fallea,….”

Endless names and earnings followed till the closing rate:

“We bow before the most bravest warriors our universe ever has seen. It was their courage and their desert we won this war – honor and thank to the…. BrunnenG,” he stopped.
Kai traced the writing with the name of his people with his fingertips. Softly, Xev touched his shoulders: “Kai'” He sighed: “I never expected that somewhere a place still exists where my ancestors are remembered as the great warriors they once were.” “They really must have been great warriors!” Xev looked at the memorial, then back to Kai. She remembered his story. The discovery of never ending life might have diminished the BrunnenG to an old stagnant society, but the heir of their great past had survived in their newborn. Kai was the best indicative for it. His heroic tries to stop His Shadow left no doubt to it. “Like you!” she finally said. Kai dropped his head. “They were…. but…” Xev interrupted him:” Stop it, you're so similar to them, with all you courage and bravery, don't lie to yourself.” Kai looked at her in surprise, when he heard her stern and resolute voice. “Haven't you told me ' When you made a stand against His Shadow' Like your ancestors did, when they fought against the insects, uncertain if they ever come back, but certain by the fact that they would face death with pride and without fear. So did your friends – and you! You're truly a BrunnenG, more like all your people at your time, don't count what had been between your lives, everything what counts you can find here…” She laid her hand on his heart, “And that's still inside here…! I am right, ain't I'” Xev looked deep into his eyes, fierce and adamant. He kept silent, remembered the day, when he had put himself into question. Had he listened to his heart this day' No, probably not. It was right, they had made stand against an invincible enemy, without hesitation, knowing exactly that they would never leave their tiny ships alive. Kai felt deep inside, that Xev was right, he hadn't listened to his heart in the past, his mind had been too busy to deal with his guilt, and so he forgot to ask another voice of his. Kai gulped, he had been a warrior, someone who had done his ancestors credit. And he would have been died this way – hadn't His Shadow had other plans and ideas. Destiny had spoken. Kai closed his eyes. It was difficult to accept what happened between his two lives. Maybe one day he could, and maybe his memory to what he once had been would help him to find this way. There was nothing more important to him as to retrieve what he had done during his 2000 years of assassination in the serve of His Divine Shadow. Maybe it was not an accident that they had come here. Maybe it was another twist of fate. His dream, their meeting with the descendants of an old ally, who were now involved in another war with an, obviously superior, enemy. Was it their fate, his fate, to help' He wasn't sure, that dependent on what else they would learn about the Arcannea and the war. “Kai'” Xev asked. She hoped that she hadn't gone too far, when she talked at him so resolute. His soul was an open wound, and far was it from her to rub salt into his wounds. Kai raised his gaze. She wanted an answer and she deserved one. It wasn't easy for him to talk about, but he could fool neither her nor himself. “You're right,” his voice trembled lightly, “2000 years of murder and other cruelties let me doubt about many things, first of all to myself, Xev.” The sorrow in his voice was clearly audible, he couldn't prevent it. “I once was like them, but I still have another past, a past I'm not very proud of. This is, what makes me doubt to call myself a BrunnenG. Both issues are opponents, they're like fire and water. Is one moment of heroism enough to delete, or forget 2000 years of assassination' I don't know, Xev. I don't think so. The decision is not on me.” “Then I'll do it for you,” Xev swallowed hard. “You're not a mindless assassin anymore, you once were a warrior, and you still are…and you're a BrunnenG. That's what I think and what I believe in!” She put her arms around him, squeezed him slightly. “It's a bitter irony,” he said after a few moments and freed himself of her embrace. His eyes were gazing sadly at her. “What'” she asked. He pointed at the memorial. “The BrunnenG once defeated the insects – but by their retreat from everything outside their world, because of their disinterest in other human races, they let another insect conquer and destroy humanity again. If my people wouldn't have discovered immortality, they hadn't withdrawn and they could have helped so many in the LightZone.” A bitter smile shone on his lips when he said those words. “Or maybe, if I could have killed him, many other people could have been saved,” he added. “Destiny is a cruel game. What would it do to us now'” Xev asked. Kai sighed, he wasn't sure about, but maybe it was at the time to tell Xev about his dream and the discovery he had made. So he told her about his dreamlike memory and the connection he discovered between it and this planetary system and its people. “You already know this planet'” she asked surprised. “I've never been here, Xev, but like I told you, I've learned a little about the human alliance at school. That's all I know about them.” “Hm, now we're here too, what do you think'” she mused. “About what'” came his reply. “About this situation, I mean, it's a strange coincidence, isn't it'” “I'm not sure if it really is a coincidence. Many strange things happened of late. First I got my life back, second, I dreamt about something I've learned as child about the insect wars and the human alliance, and third – we met one nation of this alliance by accident…. only strange luck or is it maybe more'” he told her. Xev nodded. If it was a coincidence, it was the most remarkable one. “And what if it's no coincidence'” She asked carefully. “You mean if it's destined that we have to be here' I don't know. Maybe we should help them with their problems. It seemed that they are threatened by a superior enemy,” Kai said. “Maybe. We've seen that the Lexx is strong enough to defeat them. But on the other side…who tells us who is right in this conflict' Why we should interfere…” Xev hesitated. Yes, the people they met, were nice and friendly, but Prince had been friendly in the beginning too…she never want to make the same fault again. Sometimes it took time to discover the real enemy. “We still have interfered, Xev. We have destroyed a whole fleet of ships, their enemies. I think for their enemies it's clear which side we have chosen. I only see two possibilities, to adopt a neutral position, or help the Arcannea,” Kai explained. Xev shook her head. “We still have so few information, to be on the safe side we must learn more, Kai!” “You're right, we have to. I want to know more about their past, I'm almost certain that we can learn a lot about them if we know more about the past 20000 years,” Kai agreed. Xev looked back at the memorial. It was really strange that they were constantly confronted with insects, remains of His Shadows reign and other weird things. His Shadow. Xev shivered. He had been an insect too, the last surviving insect. He must have managed somehow to cross from the DarkZone into the LightZone. Potentially the same way the BrunnenG took. With the difference that the arrival and discovery of this last insect meant thousands of years slavery, war and death for most humans in the LightZone. They had to pay for something that happened in the DarkZone. Until the wrath of this last insect finally hit those who were mainly responsible for the destruction of his race – the BrunnenG. For the first time she was able to look at the whole story. Since she had met Kai, she had learned a lot more about all those things, which had led to His Shadows reign of terror, his plan to extinguish the human race. It was a horrible imagination to see all humanity gone. His Shadow hated all humanity, but unlike Mantrid, who really destroyed a whole universe with its entire people in a short time, His Shadow wanted to let the humans suffer. He enslaved them, put a reign of terror above them. She was sure that his thirst for revenge had reached a new peak when he destroyed Kais planet and with it the entire BrunnenG race, except for Kai. He saved him to punish the BrunnenG beyond death. And what was the worst one can do to people who had fought and won against the insects' You make the last of them a slave for your own evil plans. So His Shadow did. He turned Kai into an undead killing machine, a mockery of life, two things so dishonorable to every BrunnenG – a slap in the face to this old legendary people. And of course he wanted to demoralize the whole resistance, first in line the OstrolB heretics – by making a mockery out of the prophecy many people had put all their faith and hope in, these days.
Xev pushed those unpleasant thoughts back. What happened in the past was tragic enough, especially for her beloved. She had only a glimpse idea how he must feel when he thought about his past as assassin. Not only because he had killed, no, there was still the other aspect, to be a BrunnenG and the slave of an insect at the same time. As a mindless assassin it hadn't meant anything to him, she wasn't sure if it had meant anything to him, when he got his memories back, for he was not able to feel, but she was sure that now, it was something what troubled him and he had to deal with too. She suppressed her sorrow for him and asked in a, hopefully, normal voice: “Should we go to our quarter, too'” Kai nodded: “Yes, why not.” They left the memorial and Xev picked up 790 on the way. “I just want to know how they will react when they learn where you're from,” she said. “I hope they don't get it wrong,” he answered calm. “You mean, if they recognized you as BrunnenG they might have seen some symbolism in it'” she pointed at his hair, now understanding why he avoided to wear his usual hair-do. “They recognized our ship clearly as insect, Xev, we also have fought with modified insect ships. Maybe you can imagine what might had happened, if a BrunnenG returned after 18000 years with such a ship…and they are in trouble!” “You won't awake false hope…”she said thoughtful. “My people were gone, Xev, they left the DarkZone 18000 years ago – they hadn't have any contact with them since, and we both know that my people were extinguished 6000 years ago, something they don't know, too. The BrunnenG won't help them, because they can't!” his voice was barely audible with the last words. Xev saw him dropping his gaze to the ground. “Maybe one is enough, don't forget that we have the Lexx, the most powerful ship in both universes!” Kais shook his head slightly: “Whereby we're back with the issue about destiny…let us talk about this tomorrow, when we meet president Shereen. Maybe some things will be more clear to us!” he said, closing the topic. “Good idea. It lead us to nothing to brood over this topic without more information, you're right.” They reached the entrance of another small garden, which was surrounded by a low fence. A few meters inside they saw some steps leading down to two small houses. They were built under some huge trees and close to each other. Xev could see the symbol painted to the front wall, next to the door. It was equal to those at the card. Kai took the card and said: “I guess Stan took the right domicile, number 8, so we have to take number seven.” He pointed at the right house. “So those symbols are numbers'! This is a seven and this is an eight,” she made a mental note of it. Better to start learning now. Kai nodded and walked to the door, opened it by drawing the card through the card reader. The door opened to a bright and friendly domicile. “Wow!” she said surprised. The entrance, a short corridor, was lit up with lamps, and led directly into one small room. She entered, while Kai closed the door behind them. Xev looked around in this comfortable arranged room. Several windows, embedded at the ceiling and the front, lit it. A larger suite was arranged in the middle of the room, on the right wall she saw a large screen, maybe a communication system, because she recognized a service panel next to it. Some stylish furniture completed the arrangement. Curiously she put her attention to the front windows. She drew nearer and looked out. Te'ran was right. Right behind this house was a small terrace, followed suit by a pretty beach, and, of course, the sea. It was a small bay, their domicile lay on the outer left side, only three other similar houses were built in this bay. She put 790 down to the ground and opened the door. Kai still stood halfway between the corridor and what seemed to be the living room. He didn't say a word, instead his gaze followed Xev and he had to smile. She once again was on a discovery tour. He watched her slipping through the door and walking over the beach. Then he put his attention back to the arrangement of this room. He picked up 790 and put him onto the desk in front of the screen. He was sure that it was a communication system as well as a multimedia system, very similar to those he had used on Brunnis2. He switched it on and connected 790 to it, he asked: “Can you please record every information you can find about the insect wars and this current war'” “Why'” the robot head demanded to know. “Please, Xev is as much interested in it than I am.” “I'll ask her!” 790 said grimly. “If you like…!” Kai answered calm. He knew exactly that Xev would agree to everything he wanted to know from 790, and he also knew that this was something 790 would also know. So it wasn't any surprise to him, that 790, after he threw the gloomiest gaze he could at Kai with his digital eyes, agreed: “All right…” He latched into the system and mumbled at himself. His Xev was so easily persuaded, and the fault was clearly with those intriguer, brainless proteinbags called Stan and Kai. They really were the worst company for his princess. At least he was this opinion. Xev always wasn't. She clearly was a victim by circumstance, and he deeply hoped, that someday he would find a solution for this problem. Well, now he couldn't do anything, so he started the requested investigation.

Chapter 11

Welcome to Arcannea Part2


Kai looked back to the glass front and decided to follow Xev outside. He had already recognized the salty air when they neared the house, but now, the scent was quite more intensive. Fascinated he slowly breathed in. The memory of another sea crept into his mind. On Brunnis2 they also had have white shores and sea, but he only had been there a few times. The BrunnenG society had been located underground. To be on the surface, had meant to risk harm through injuries, or damage through the environment. And so, their subterranean world wasn't only artificial, but their food and air, too. Everything was strictly controlled. It had been a much too restricted life for Kai, so he had ignored the advice to go to the surface more than once. Of course, it wasn't really forbidden to go to the surface, but only very few had taken the risk to get with some imaginary threats outside. But he had been different from the beginning and he never had cared about the fear of the elders. It had brought him trouble enough to be such a rebellious mind. But what could he have done' He wanted to explore, there was so much to explore outside…something only the other newborns could understand. Not all of them, but most. The experience to go outdoors, to breath fresh air, not filtered air, had been indescribable at those times. It made the cleaning procedure after they returned, less uncomfortable. Of course, no one wanted some germs or other invisible threats in their subterranean world. So they had to visit the cleaning chamber first. Or like Kai had preferred to call it: disinfections chamber. Hadn't their bodies been immune against nearly everything, he was sure that he had become rather ill from this treatment than from the environment on Brunnis` surface. But to see nature, to see the sea was worth to sit three hours naked in a cold chamber with his friends and discuss about this senseless treatment. Kai closed his eyes and concentrated to this peaceful, calm atmosphere the scenery produced. He listened to the soft rolling waves, heard them softly swashing over the shore. Finally he relaxed a bit, he was grateful to be able to experience all that again. When he heard Xev's giggling somewhere in front of him, he opened the eyes for a short moment. She bounced through the waves, played with them like a child. Kai smiled and tilted his head slightly, he could understand her oh so well… For the first time since they met, he saw her that happy and hilarious. And he was glad about it. She never had had an easy life, too. And she certainly hadn't have a real childhood than he had. He might have had a more violent past, but at least he had had parents who really loved him, who had cared about him when he grew up. Xev never had. Her parents didn't care about her, didn't love her, so she neither had a childhood nor parental care and love. Instead she had to grow up in a holocare home. As an assassin, it was nothing he had to care about, but he had been there once, he was ordered to go there, because one time the heretics tried to infiltrate His Shadows system in this way. Who could suspect a child for being not what it pretends to be. In fact, those children had been children on the outside, but in reality they were older than 20 or 30. His memory of this order made him shiver when he thought about this holocare home, one of so many. It was so like everything the Cluster had represented: cold, inhuman and sterile, an evil place. Those children didn't get love or even a life! And Xev had been one of them. Her situation hadn't changed after she grew old enough to leave the holocare home. She had to attend the wife bank right after. And this place hadn't been anything different.

She first started to life when she fled from the Cluster. Real love wasn't included at this point in time. No love. She really hadn't experienced this so important sensation before. He couldn't barely imagine that. He remembered something Xev once said: A loveless love slave. It made him feel sorry that at least he hadn't been able to give her some love for such a long time. After all she had done for him, there hadn't been anything equal he could give her back in return. Sometimes he asked himself how she turned out the woman she used to be now. So full of care for other people she was addicted to, so strong-minded and…full of love for a man who hadn't been able to return this love. He shook his head slowly. Poor Xev he thought I wished life had turned out in a more comfortable way for you> It must have been very difficult to love someone who couldn't love, who couldn't feel anything at all. Once again he thought about his decision to stay with Stan and Xev and to protect them. Maybe this decision was born out of the addiction Xev had shown towards him. Maybe it was his way to show his care about them, about Xev. When he returned to life, it was one of the first things he had felt -love, for her. Oh yes, love was such a strong sensation that even the dead can be touched by it, in a complete different way, but maybe this was the cause for his, under normal circumstances completely illogical, behavior.
Kai determined that it was a strange sensation to think about himself in this way. To remember what he might have thought as a dead man was nearly impossible now. His way to think had changed with all this emotions stirring through him. This person had gone completely foreign to him. And he partially was glad about it. There was enough left over from this person. He opened his eyes again when he heard her footsteps drawing nearer to him. “Thoughts'” she asked. He nodded. Xev came closer and touched his cheek softly. “Bad one's'” her face expressed her concern. Kai smiled: “No, not really.” But then he got more serious: ”Xev, whatever will happen…I'll be there for you – forever!” “Shhh,” she silenced him with her fingertip on his lips. “You ever was, I know that!” Kai nodded and looked deep into her eyes. There were no further words necessary, they could get along with each other in this way without problems. This moment lasted forever…if you're in love, you know this magical seconds where eternity can nearly be touched. They were first distracted when the sun flamed up in a glorious sunset. Xev sighed, leaned at his shoulder and looked over the small bay and the sea. The Arcan's sun dipped the scenery in a deep-red light and the sky seemed to glow like fire. It was a breathtaking spectacle. “How beautiful…!” she whispered. The sunset only lasted a few minutes, and then it was all over. The red-glowing sun vanished behind the horizon. “Let us go inside,” he whispered in her ear. “Good idea,” she agreed and both returned hand in hand inside their domicile.

Xev laid down her boots next to the terrace door, and asked Kai: “What do you think, is there a bathroom anywhere in this house'” She cleaned her feet gruffly from the sand she had walked through barefoot, but a shower would do better… “Sure, you still have three doors left,” he answered smiling. “All right, let's see…” She walked back to the short corridor, where she had seen one door right after the main entrance on the right side. She opened it and found another bright room, it was colored blue and a comfortable huge bed was placed inside as well as a wardrobe. “Definitely the bedroom,” she called, “It looks damn comfortable,” she added seductive smiling when she returned to the living room. She crossed the room and opened another door, which was located left-sided to where the communication system was. “Looks like this is the kitchen, hey, maybe we can prepare something to eat later…I'm really hungry and I'd like to eat some real food again…!” She closed the door again and walked to the opponent wall where the last door waited to be opened. “Wow, looks like I've found what I've looked for…!” she announced, when she discovered the friendly equipped bath. The room was quite big, contained a toilet, a washing facility and something that take in half the seize of the room. It was a dark blue pit, embedded in the light blue colored floor. “What's that'” She asked astonished. “It's a bathtub, admitted a real large bathtub, but it seems to serve this purpose,” Kai answered her request, when he threw a glance inside. “Bathtub'” she asked. He leered. “I think it will suit you,” he whispered in her ear. “You don't say! Why don't trying it directly…'”she asked with a wry look. “I'll join you in a short while, why don't you curl up in the meantime'” he answered with deep voice. She looked as if she was close to pouting. What's so important? her gaze asked. “I'll have to ask 790 something, I told him to search the database we have access to now.” “Ok, but not too long...!” she looked at him imploratory. “I'll speed up a bit, promised,” he said and kissed her nose. He slipped back through the door, while Xev activated the water, what poured immediately into the bathtub.

Back in the living room he sat down on the sofa and asked 790 for news. And the robot head really had found some information already. Back to the time of the insect wars, there were several reports available. Maybe he could take a look at them later. He was at the moment more interested in their history after the insect war. He read some short, but useful and informative issues about their history.

After the war, the level of destruction had been real high, and they had needed a very long time to adjust everything again. So their technological development slowed down for many centuries. But this was caused also in the destruction of so many human nations, a lot of allies were gone, as well as trade partners, who had the necessary equipment to develop new technology or continue to built consisting technology. This war must have caused an unimaginable destruction, but when he remembered what only one insect could do, he understood. He found several passages devoted to his own people. They really had been the most important ally and trading partner for the Arcannea, so it was no wonder that their gaining and success was also mentioned. A little pride crept into his heart, when he read it. At least, here his ancestors weren't forgotten, not their courage, not what they had done to save humanity. It was something that would live on forever. Kai felt a hint of sadness running through his mind. But what had happened to them… Humans are not designed to live forever he thought bitterly. No, in no case. He marveled at the arcannean advancement, what they had reached. There was no need to look for immortality, really not, there were so many other higher aims to reach for a nation. So he was glad for the Arcannea that they didn't have to spare the destiny of his people. The secret of immortality had died with them. Fortunately. He had died before he was old enough to get his body altered into that state. Besides, he would never have reached immortality, even if he had stayed alive, and his people as well. He had been sentenced to die by aging, for breaking the shields. Aging and dying – two things so alien to his people, that they had locked away the accused to get rid off this once normal reality. But reality caught up with them soon – death took them all in the end. Kai sighed. Oh yes, this nation could be very happy to be spared by such like they called it once. The development of a nation doesn't end because they have to life with death. Kai switched to the next topic, records of the current war. It wasn't sufficient information he found. A few reports, that the Pr'karesh, their enemies, attacked some outer colonies, and a few reports from fugitives. Otherwise, everything else underlay secrecy. That was interesting. The people here had access to every information they want, they knew about this war, but despite this all, there wasn't much information available, at least in publicity. But he didn't want to give up. It must be possible to get more information. He asked 790: “Can you please try to get access to all restricted information'” “I could…yes, all right, I'll do it!” 790 gave in when he saw Kais facial expression. “ I think I have to have a serious talk with Xev!” he muttered. , this was Kais catchword, he got up and looked at 790. “Do it, 790, but I'm quite sure that it won't lead to anything,” he said smiling. “Yes, because you've turned her head…that's not fair! Because she had turned mine!” 790 pouted. “Like I had before, hm'” “How dare you say that' I was malfunctioning!” “Yes, of course you were!” Kai's smile grew a little brighter. “Let us make an agreement…” Kai suggested. “What agreement'” 790 asked suspiciously. “I don't mention it ever again, in return you'll help me with any inquiries I'll ask for!” 790's digital eyes narrowed: “What about you'll leave Xev alone and never mention it again'” Instead of an answer Kais corner of the mouth twitched in amusement: “I'm not sure that she wanted to be left alone…” “That's the problem, ok, I accept the agreement – for now!” 790 said grimly. “Thank you 790, I knew that you're a reasonable robot head,” Kai disappeared from 790 view and walked towards the bathroom door. On the way there, he slipped out of his top and threw it careless over one of the chairs, and his boots were dropped down to the ground next to it. His hands reached back to his long braid and he disentangled it quickly. Long and heavy fell his loose hair over his bare back. It was still unaccustomed to feel it tickling his skin. He wrapped one strand around his finger and examined the shining pitch-black hair. Kai stopped walking when he remembered his childhood again. His mother once had brushed this hair every time before he had gone to bed. At that time it had still been to short for the traditional hair dress – and he of course had been much too young to be allowed to wear it in this way. His mother then had calmed him with the words that one day he would have very long and beautiful hair – he only had to be patient. Like with growing up. He remembered that he always wanted to be grown up so very fast. You'll be tall and grown-up soon enough, for eternity. Enjoy the privilege to be young and small, Kai his father once had told him. He hadn't really understood at that time – and he didn't want to understand. His childish impatience had been as fierce as his urge to explore later. Kai smiled a sad smile and pushed the thoughts back. At least he remembered his childhood – and his parents. Kai let go of his strand and opened the door to the bathroom. Soundlessly he slipped in.

Xev sat broadly smiling inside the bathtub, the hot, steaming water whirled round her neck. She played with the white foam, which covered the surface nearly everywhere. “There you are! It's really great, come on in!” She held her hand with some foam up and blew it in Kai's direction. She giggled and came back to the edge of the bathtub. She didn't want to miss anything when he started to undress his trousers. With a dreamy smile she watched his muscular nude body, and she couldn't help but to remember their recent passionate love acts . It didn't stay unaffected and a new desire started to burn inside her. Kai dropped his trousers to the floor and sat down on the edge. He didn't miss her reaction, and it wasn't surprising that he reacted the same, when he watched her looking up at him. He bent forward and kissed her on the forehead. “You're so beautiful,” he whispered against her skin. Xev caught his wrist and pulled him towards her, inside the warm water. “Nothing compared to you…!” she answered. Kai let himself slid inside the bathtub without resistance. He sprawled and let himself float. The bathtub was really large. It could contain two more people if necessary. Xev pushed herself away from the edge and float next to him. She reached out for him and touched his belly with her palm. Softly she stroke over his wet skin up to his chest, perceiving every well-developed muscle, finally she remained where his heart was. Xev felt its calm, rhythmic beat under her palm – one of the most wonderful sensations she knew, because it was the evidence that he was alive.

Kai's gaze wandered over the soft and exclusive body of hers, which shimmered seductively through all the foam. He felt this electrifying feeling in his tummy increasing once again. He looked up to her face and both their eyes met. He saw endless love in Xev's green eyes, a warm and gentle embrace for his tormented soul. After 6000 years full of loneliness, coldness, death, violence and numbness, every cell of his body cried for love and remission. Xev gave him a lot love, so much it made him cry sometimes. It was an overwhelming sensation to be loved. But he didn't want to think about remission, this was another topic.

“It feels so good,” she said, stroking the skin over his heart with her palm. “I'm so happy that you're alive.” Kai turned sideward and reached out his hand, stroked her cheek softly. “I love you, Xev!” he said in a low voice, then he pulled her in his arms and kissed her gently. Xev threw her hands around his body and pressed herself fierce against his. When she felt his strong body next to her, a new wave of heat rushed through her and she felt her libido going in action again. A passionate kiss followed suit and it grew more intensive the longer it lasted. Xev had to submerge a groan, her needs started to get the upper hand, but she didn't want them. It seemed not fair to her to hassle Kai that often with her wants. But Kai wouldn't be the sensitive man she loved so much, if he hadn't recognized her inner fight. So he grasped the nettle of it. He put his arms around her waist and drew her into his lap. Xev closed her eyes grateful for a moment, before she put her legs forward and spanned his hips. Kai held her tight and directed them to the left part of the bathtub, the water there was very even and for that a wonderful playground for them. Xev groaned low when she felt his member pushing softly against her inner thighs. She felt the bottom of the bathtub under her ass, and leaned back, gave Kai full access to her breasts. Kai caressed them softly and seductively. Xev closed her eyes for a moment and felt her libido going into full speed. She sank down backwards, felt the warm water underneath her, softly washing over several parts of her body, then she spread her legs. She didn't loose any time, she wanted him, she needed him! When he stroke over her cunt with his fingers, plunged them into her wet hot opening, she groaned full of passion and her hands stroke fierce over her own breasts. She looked at him beseeching, she wanted to feel him inside…now! Kai lowered himself down on her body and let his cock slid into her opening. She was more than ready, and her fierce contractions let his member swell ultimately. Xev cried out in lust when she felt it. “Ohh, Kai…!” she breathed. Kai closed his eyes, tried to get some control back, but it was nearly impossible. The urge to take her, to push inside her with soft force nearly won, but in the end he controlled his appetite. Slowly and steady he started to thrust into her, down into the water and out. Xev pushed her hips upwards when he pushed his hips down, she wasn't able to speak any comprehensible word any longer. “Harder, Kai…oh…yes!” Kai kissed her breasts and stroke them fiercely. The heat of passion grew more and more…their hands were nearly everywhere and Xev once again cried out in passion. She folded her legs more tightly around his waist and pressed his hips more close to her when he came down. She still hadn't enough: “Harder, Kai, please…!” Kai closed his eyes: “Are you…sure'” he gasped. “Yes, yes, I am…please…!” The intensity of their passion seemed to overwhelm them both, and Kai realized for the first time that it never had been that hard to maintain control…There was nothing more he wanted so badly than to thrust fierce into her, to feel her contractions that strong around his shaft. His world was reduced to this part when he looked down at her desirable, naked body spread out in front of him. Her keen passionate expression showed him that she was serious about what she wanted and so he slowly let his control slip away. Xevs body arched underneath him as his thrusts begun to get fiercer. She groaned and he let his body its free will. He kissed her breathless and his hips went down more forcible, he slid into her so very deep and hard that she started to scream for desire again and again. He heard her cry out his name again and again when she came, felt her body tensing underneath him, only a few seconds later his own orgasm rushed through him and pushed him nearly beyond consciousness. He pulled her body close to his, deepened their connection for a few moments more, and expanded their climax unbelievingly long. He was sure he had screamed as well, but it didn't bother him.

Slowly, both of them found their way back to here and now. The first thing he realized was her happy smile. She put her arms around his neck and hugged him softly, waited for them to calm down a bit. How she loved to have sex with him – he knew exactly how to make her happy, how to make her burn of lust. Normally she was designed to make men happy, but thanks to the missing brainwash, she had her own needs too. Needs, Kai satisfied perfectly. He was a very desirable man, in more than one way. He was passionate, looked outrageous good and was a wonderful character. Most important of all: he loved her. She felt it with an enormous power when they were united like this. He needed her love as well – it was the first step to a healing process. She wasn't really surprised how he hungered for her love. Love was the only alleviation for this deep pain he carried in his soul. She felt his lips pressing against hers and smiled, he still was out of breath. She felt water covering her body completely and opened her eyes. He had drawn them back into the other half of the bathtub, where the water was deeper. He cancelled their connection and Xev sighed relaxed. “It's a very nice thing, this bathtub. I really like it!” Kai smiled back and placed a little foam onto her nose. Xev giggled, twitching with her nose: “It tickles!” She put another fistful of foam and placed it right on Kais head. He twisted his eyes and sank slowly under the water surface. Xev laughed. But when he didn't show up after a while she got worried. She searched for him where the foam still was, but he wasn't there. “Kai'” she asked, “Where are you'” She looked around but the water surface was as calm as before. When he vanished so soundless, it made her shiver and it was eerily. But then, a massive rain of foam suddenly hit her face. “Hey!” she laughed and tried to see something. Kai took advantage of her blocked sight and grasped for her hips and started to tickle her. Xev screamed and snorted, she splashed helpless with her arms and tried to escape his fingers – no chance. She laughed and gasped until she was out of breath. “Stop it…please!” she begged. His face appeared in front of her, and his fingers stopped penetrating her. He smiled whimsically: “I really doesn't expect clusterlizards to be so ticklish!” “It seems…” she gasped,” That you're the first one didn't get eaten, after he had found out about it!” “I'm very indigestive, believe me!” Xev laughed once again, she dived and swam back to the edge. But Kai, as fast as always, waited for her when she emerged from the water. He put his hand forward and pushed some of her strands away, which got entangled by the water. “You're wonderful, Xev,” he said softly. Xev smiled whether this compliment and laid her hands on his strong shoulders. Kai touched her face gently and they were lost once again in a tender, lovingly kiss, which let explode Xev in happiness. This was reality – not one of her dreams. Sometimes she had to repeat it again and again – it was too wonderful to believe. Xev touched his body, stroke over his back. She nestled to him, laid her head on his shoulders. “I love you!” she whispered low against his wet, thick hair. “I could lie in your arms forever and ever!” “Whenever you like, Xev…” he answered. She embraced him tightly and grateful for a moment, then they parted to get themselves ready. Xev couldn't avoid sating another appetite – she was hungry.

Whereas she was searching for something to dress, Kai entered the kitchen, only a towel around his hips. Suddenly dizziness engaged him and he had to support himself at the door. Sometimes it was very exhausting for his body to coordinate all those impressions and workflows, also the sex with Xev could be wonderful as well as exhausting. Those were things he still wasn't accustomed to. It became clear to him that he had to be more careful. His body wasn't any longer able to work well under stress. After a moment the gone feeling vanished and he was able to realign in the kitchen. He discovered some different types of vegetables and fruits, at least he could divide them into fruits and vegetables after he tasted a small red thing from the left bowl. It tasted wonderful sweet. Kai was fascinated by this experience and took a second one. He asked himself, if he would relive all this new indulgence in the same delicious way. It was truly one of the far better parts of his new life. Kai sighed and looked for a possibility to prepare some food for them. The kitchen contained a device where food easily could be prepared by simply filling the different ingredients together into it and selecting the adequate program. Kai put some rice-looking edibles, some of the vegetables and some powder and water into the device. After only a short time, a complete meal appeared at the bottom of the device, where two dishes were placed. Hot rice with vegetables and sauce. Curiously he tasted the meal and he liked it immediately. It was so different to Lexx's mushy food he had eaten so far. Kai stopped for a moment. This was going to be his first real food after 6000 years…Kai sighed. The past weeks were still a mystery to him, like everything else a living human being had to deal with, but slowly and constantly he got used to it again. Kai carried the hot meal outside, put it down on the living-room table. “Xev'” he asked for her. “Yep'” it tinged from the bedroom. “Dinner is served!” “I'm coming!” Xev peeked round the corner, “Mh, this looks quite good!” She left the corridor and grinned. Slowly like a mannequin she walked towards him. She had found some very nice clothes. She wore a blue top and some kind of pant skirt, which was ankle-deep and blue, too. She had braided her wet hair completely and turned slowly in front of him. “It's a fantastic material, I nearly didn't feel it on my skin! You like it'” she asked when he still hadn't said a word. “It's nice, blue suits you...” he answered with a slight smile. Xev dumped down on the sofa and jumped at her meal, she was really really hungry. It wasn't any wonder that in a very short time her dish was empty, whereas Kai ate visibly slower, because it was odd for him to eat solid food. Xev noticed it. “Everything okay'” she asked. Kai nodded: “It's still difficult for me, but it's getting better…”

“Xev, darling…why have you been so long in the bathroom'” 790 barged in and stopped their conversation. “What do you think I may have done there'” she asked back. “Now…” with a viperfish gaze at Kai, he retorted: “I hope you only were there to have a bath…” “This, 790, is in the eye of the beholder. Of course, we've taken a bath.” “Argh, I fear the worst,” sniveled 790. “Why, oh why' My dearest darling, don't let yourself be fooled! He's planning something, he wants to take you away from me, he…” “790,” Xev interrupted him and picked him up. “I really esteem you, but you're only a robot head, you can't give me what Kai now can give me…” “Oh yes, I can do that!” he protested. “I have a tongue…. and I can let it slide over your perfect skin, lick your lips, my mouth will kiss your full lips…” 790 got lost insinuating. Xev patted him and put him back to the desk. She rolled her eyes, whereas Kai had to grin. He knew 790's poetic and his addiction so very well. “Is it possible that he wasn't that worse before the last reprogramming'” she asked. Kai shrugged his shoulders and laid down his fork, he was full. “I only know, that he had even been bothering for the dead…” “Oh, well, that's truly bad then,” she smiled and pointed at his half-empty dish. “Aren't you hungry any more'” Kai shook his head, to be honest, he wasn't well. “I have to rest, Xev, I think it was all too much for me, today…” Xev moved over worried…he actually looked a bit pale. “In fact, I wanted to take a look around…” she said and laid her hand over his forehead. “Why don't you go and look after Stan, maybe you both can take a look around'” he suggested. “You're a little too warm, Kai, maybe I should stay…” Kai took her hand and shook his head. “Go, I'll be alright,” Xev looked at him with mixed feelings. Hesitating she finally agreed: “Alright, I don't stay long…!” Kai nodded and stood up, wanted to escort her to the door, to show her that her worries were for no reason, but when they reached the bedroom door, again dizziness and frailty overwhelmed him. Xev supported him quickly and took him to bed. “And you're sure about it'” she asked sarcastically. “Yes, I am, it's okay, it’ll go away soon. It was simply all too much for me, today.” Xev arranged some pillows and covered him with a blanket. He smiled weakly,” Go, don't worry about me…” Xev sighed and kissed him quickly. “I always do worry about you, you should know that!” “I know. But this time there's no need to abstain from fun!” She stood up and left him alone, not without a last look at him. But Kai had already closed his eyes and tried to find some rest. She returned to the living room and put her boots on. “Take me with you, honey-pie!” 790 howled. “No, not today, 790!” “Then I refuse to help Kai with his quest for information!” “790,” she sighed again, “ Next time, okay'” , she added in her thoughts. “Please continue with your search for information!” “Ok, but only because it's you!” “Thanks 790, see you later!” “Ciao, Xevvv!” 790 said sadly. Then the love-slave left the domicile and headed towards the nightclub district. Maybe she discovered something interesting…well, men weren’t an important topic any longer, but she was sure that there had to be something else.

Chapter 12

Welcome to Arcannea Part 3

Stan had already left his domicile after a bath and was now walking through the nightclub district, only a few hours before Xev also headed towards it. Te'ran was right. There were so many interesting locations…he couldn't count all of them. He saw one place where movies were shown, not such he had seen on the Cluster, full with propaganda and boring, no, those had a story line, were a lot more interesting, and the one he watched had really been funny.
After, he didn't know where to go to, so he followed most of the other visitors to a place where they sat down to drink, eat and to talk. He learned that this location was known as restaurant and bar. After a while he got accustomed to it, and he started to enjoy the drinks and company there. So it wasn't any wonder that he soon stroke up a conversation with a woman named Yareena. She was at his age, not an adolescent beauty, but a jolly and friendly person. Stan never had much luck with women, but this time something was different. The relaxed atmosphere there let him start a more careful and uncomplicated conversation with her and it was soon obvious that she seem to like him too. They talked long about this and that, about their jobs. Yareena worked as security chief at the huge station they recently had visited. At the moment she had a few days off. “That's incredible! I'm hardly a few days not there and –boff – something new happens!” she commented when Stan explained where he came from. As security chief it was of course her job to know everything, but never before happened something like that! She was so curious to hear about his whole story. But Stan wasn't sure if it was the right place to tell her…earlier experiences told him to be careful, who knows who might listen to this story as well. Finally Stan asked her hesitantly, nearly shy, if she wanted to come with him, to his guest quarter, he considered it a better place to talk about it. Of course she wanted to hear the rest of his story, but not only for this reason she wanted to go with him… They left the district, which meanwhile sparkled and gleamed in the darkness like a jewel. On the way they met Xev. “Hey, Stan! You're looking quite happy!” she called smiling, surprised at his company…this planet seemed to cause wonders to them all. “Hey Xev, that's Yareena; Yareena, it's Xev, she's one of my crewmembers I've told you about,” Stan introduced them, smiling broadly. The women shook hands. “Alright, then, if you don't mind, we're up to something…” Stan grinned and turned to leave…”You should try those bars…they're real great!” he said. “Thanks, I'll take a look,” Xev replied, at least, these bars seemed to be good to find company…if you look for one, of course. “By the way, where's Kai'” he asked puzzled, since his both were nearly inseparably. “He's not very well at the moment, he laid down to sleep, so I went out alone,” she answered, a hint of sadness in her voice. “Oh, okay, see ya…!” “I think you've liked your trip there…!” Xev laughed and pointed at the district in front of her, when she watched them continuing their way in a slightly unsteady manner. Stan nodded and waved without turning, and then they vanished around a corner. The short conversation made Xev more curious…and she was eager to explore what Stan had called a bar…and he was right. For an open-minded person like Xev it was very easy to get some contact to other people. But she refused any invitation for more than a nice talk, she just wanted to spend a nice evening with talkative people – something she never thought she would enjoy that much. But since she and Kai had come together finally, she was able to think in a very different way about other men. The love slave inside her was always hungry, but the true love she had found suppressed any want to be together with other men. So she forgot time when they sat there at the bar, drank and talk about everything.

Kai had slept for one or two hours and had recovered a little. He decided to take a closer look at 790's collected information when he got up. He wanted to know more about the Arcannean history, so he started with this chapter.

The Arcannea were an ancient civilization, only slightly younger than the BrunnenG. When the Arcannea started to travel to the stars, it didn't take long until they became one of the furthest developed and leading people in the DarkZone. Far ahead the insect war, they built up several trade connections with other human nations, also with the BrunnenG. This contact was at first limited to trade, no political issues were discussed for several centuries. But this changed very soon…after the first conflicts between human and insect civilization, they were one of the first, who laid the starting point for the human ally against the insects. Together with the BrunnenG, they got the first force going and went into battle together. More and more nations followed their instance, the great human ally grew until nearly every human race of the DarkZone was at war with the insects.

The insect war lasted a very long time. Whole human nations were extinguished in this desperate fight, as well as whole planets. The humans tried to defense their individuality and their claim to power against the insects…whose power grew more and more, because of their unique flexibility. Fight after fight, battle after battle was fought, until finally the humans under the leadership of the BrunnenG and their newly, insect-based, developed technology, could adjudicate the final battle for the benefit of themselves. The hunted got the hunter, and the humans went after the insects and destroyed them all. This last big fight took place in the neighboring planetary system of Arcannea, the Varion-system. Eyewitness account told about an immense battle, one couldn't see the stars because there had been so many ships…the home world of the Varion was destroyed and with it all its inhabitants. It was a real tragic story, but at least their sacrifice hadn't been senseless. The insects were stopped just in front of the more important human planetary systems – Arcannea had been one of them. This also had been the end of the insect wars. The vengeful humans hunted the remaining insects throughout the whole DarkZone until they were sure that no insect was left alive and any possible threat in future. Then it was time again to care about themselves. They had to mourn their dead, to built up again what had been destroyed…all this took a lot of time, time that seemed to pass by so very fast…the war vanished from their minds slowly…the allies broke apart, contact got lost between more than one nation…time moved on mercilessly.

For the Arcannea the loss of contact to the BrunnenG was more than tragic, with it they lost their last close friends and allies. The last life-sign of them dated back 18000 years. Then they never heard anything from Brunnis again. An investigation flight to their home world only showed that it was abandoned. Only their sun stabilizers were still working. Everything that was left behind was their brilliant architecture, their Memory Chamber…nothing else. Their vanishing became an enigma, no one was able to explain what had happened. Their speculations were that the BrunnenG had left Brunnis, because of their not longer life-giving sun. But why they hadn't left any information behind, where they had gone to, was very strange. So the Arcannea were left behind as the last great nation who survived the insect wars. Millennia went by and someday the Arcannea built up a new alliance with far younger, but also high-developed civilizations and their own colonies. It started as an experiment, but since 6000 years it was a very successful organization. They had fought several conflicts, but nothing was comparable to the insect wars. Most of the time it was a peaceful ongoing development between those nations. No enemy outside this alliance ever attacked them successful…the high-developed technology of the Arcannea was insuperable.
But…well, like so many times in history, to be superior had its disadvantage…one was easily entrapped to get careless…so no one really counted on a threat from the inside of the alliance.
It was a fatal mistake to think in this way.
Reports about a massive force building in the Pr'karesh sector were ignored, as well as the reports of fugitives who managed to get out of this sector because of the decreasing economic status. The Alliance had reached a point where it had grown far to big to get properly administrated and ruled. So the Pr'karesh overrun a huge part of the other Alliance planets, before the rest was able to react.
790 interrupted and told him, that all following data was classified as non-official material, then he continued.
The Pr'karesh left the Alliance with all conquered planetary systems and the war started with full force when the Arcannea tried to salvage what was to salvage. They succeeded to draw a more or less clear borderline between their territory and the now founded Pr'karesh Empire. This had been 20 years ago. Since that day, it was a constant stalking, defending and attacking. The Pr'karesh Empire broadened, but not as fast as in the beginning. The data 790 was able to decrypt said, that to this current date, the Pr'karesh Empire spanned 200 planets.
Kai took a short look at several military reports, but they weren't that interesting. Far more interesting were the reports of the last nine months.
They said, that nine months ago, the Pr'karesh attacked a huge number of planets in the borderland at the same time and conquered them. The Alliance force was helpless…they couldn't defense neither the planets nor themselves properly. The Pr'karesh force was far too strong, the Alliance couldn't mess with their superior firepower. Their only chance to bring them down was before they were able to shoot. The situation grew more and more hopeless for the Arcannea Alliance. They lose more ground by the minute and there was no way to free the now conquered planets. The fate of all those humans was unknown. The few things known about the governmental power, were reports of fugitives and spies. They talked about a totalitarian structure, controlled by military and other governmental forces. The people there were forced to live in a strictly controlled society with no rights and no freedom.
For Kai, it all sounded so well known, the parallels towards the League of 20000 Planets was really uncomfortable. But how else should such an aggressive broadening Empire be reigned''
He assumed that the last incident, where they had accidentally ran into, mirrored clearly this situation. The Arcannea were in real trouble if they weren't able to defense themselves properly against this uprising Empire. Kai wished, 790 could have found out more about it, but the robot head hadn't found anything further. The few pictures available, only showed their ships and the damage their weapons had done to some arcannean ships. Kai compared the information he learned about with his memories, but there wasn't anything to compare. The only thing he had as lead was this enormous firepower. From the memories of the divine predecessor he possessed, he knew that the Foreshadow, which once destroyed his home, had been one of the first very powerful weapons of the divine order. The bioscholars constantly developed new and more and more powerful weapons…the Lexx had been the end of this long developing process. There had been nothing similar in the LightZone, and so far anything in the DarkZone too. The Lexx was able to resist the Pr'karesh firepower, unlike the Arcannea. And of course their president wasn't stupid, she knew very well what possibilities the arrival of such a powerful ship like the Lexx may open to them. He was sure that Shereen would clutch at straws and she may would ask them for help, even if this was against their ethic…
Kai rubbed his head. To access his memories was very exhausting, and it made him tired again, so he deactivated the screen and decided to go back to bed. “Good night, 790,” “Night,” the robot head growled and continued his poetry about Xev he was busy with since nearly an hour. Kai returned to the bedroom and dropped the towel he still had had around his waist to the floor. He was far too tired to look for some trousers, so he lay down naked, wrapped the blanket round his body and fell asleep very fast.

The council meeting started before sunset on Sha'ra, the third planet of the Arcannea-system. The governmental buildings were built far down the water surface, on the bottom of the sea, protected by the water, like all the other buildings the Sha'ranean population had built since thousands of years. The surface was far too rough to build some buildings and cities there. Thousands of years ago they tried to do that on some of the very small islands they had, but they gave up soon – too rough was the weather, too strong the storms, which inflamed the sea meters high. Even now, with much higher technology it was nearly impossible to protect any building. So they remained inside the beautiful water landscape, a place so very safe from everything outside.
The huge council hall had a translucent ceiling, by what the species-rich sea life could be observed. But the council paid no attention to it today. They sat since many hours and were discussing the actual situation. Many representatives attended via holo conference, because they couldn't leave their homeworld. At the moment, a fleet admiral reported the latest news referring the status of their defense fleet.
“Our actual fleetforce was reduced once again during the last two months, we barely meet the demands for supplement. And soon we won't have enough strength to hold our outer defense line. Referring to new observation data, we have to expect another new wave of aggression against our allies and colonies there. Mrs. president, please forgive me my directness, but we aren't able to withstand much longer.” With a petrified look Shereen listened to this not very good news. She feared exactly this situation, it only had been a matter of time. The representatives murmured nervously and confused. One of them finally rose from his seat and asked: “Does it mean that 20 000 years after we had successful faced the biggest threat of humanity we aren't in the position to defense ourselves against this non-insect-enemy this time'” The admiral watched the man with a serious expression: “If we don't find a proper possibility to defense ourselves against their superior firepower – we might lose this war, yes!” The audibility swelled and Shereen rose up: “Stop it, we all knew that this won't lead to anything…no discussions, not now. It's really not time to waste our breath with senseless discussions. We know what will happen if we won't react fast enough to prevent exactly the scenario Admiral Hal'g told us.” “But what do we have to prevent it' Our fleetforce is decreasing from month to month…and we couldn't do anything!” The representative responded desperately. Low agreement was audible in the hall. “Time is running down for us, I'm aware of that. But our chances were never better than now. Admiral Hal'g'” Shereen gave the floor back to Hal'g. “We succeeded in capturing one of their ships. We were very lucky that their self-destruction system wasn't functional, so we could take it. But unfortunately the crew committed suicide and destroyed all important data. So we only succeeded in capturing the ship with a functional weapon-system. Dr. Shore' is examining it with his team for two weeks now and can report far better than I could, Dr.'” The Admiral handed over to an older man who left his seat and stepped forward.
“I'm sure when I'm finished with my report a lot of questions will be answered and a lot more will be posed. And I'm sure that nobody will expect what we found out. But let me start.
We were completely mystified when we first were confronted with the Pr'karesh, their ships and their enormous firepower. We never could explain how it was possible to have such an obviously primitive shipbuilding technology and such an enormous firepower. It really doesn't fit together, it never does, we discussed a lot about it before – without any solution, because we never had the possibility to examine a ship. They always were destroyed, mostly by self-destruction. But thanks to sometime failing technology, we now got one exemplar and we looked curiously forward to solve this riddle.
The ships aren't that primitive. On the outside they appear as primitive, metal-based ships, but this is only on the outside. We tore the ship apart and discovered the truth – an alarming truth!”
Dr. Shore' breathed deeply, he was more nervous now.
In his whole career as scientist and ship constructor he never thought to be confronted with a technology vanished thousands of years ago. Not that the arcannean technology decreased through the past millennia. In fact, the development of their bioorganic technology made huge steps forward, it opened new horizons to them, in nearly every sector of science and technology. After the big war 20000 years ago, they were eager to replace the insect-based technology with their own. They all agreed that any insect technology hold to much danger to use it in future. So they took another path than the BrunnenG or other nations. The insects caused too much pain, anger and destruction…so they disavowed to have insect technology around, instead they used the knowledge of biotechnology to build up a different kind.
Now only to learn that for all this technology was too weak to withstand the firepower of a new enemy. It troubled him, that he never found out why, but the answer came with this ship – and the answer didn't please him very much. In fact, it challenged their way of turning away from the technology they once used in the insect wars. He activated the holosimulation screen and explained: “ The drive mechanism as well as the weapons were fed by a chemical-organic source, more advanced than the nuclear accelerated fusion reactors normally used by those ships. Alongside its very primitive hull, the complete ship is based upon a hybrid-technology,” he paused a second before he let it out,”…an insect-organic-technology!”
Complete silence dominated for a moment, then a real hurly-burly started. These were in fact news they never expected!
“Silence!” Shereen called after a while. She had risen from her seat and her gaze was fixed at the holographic ship. “Insect-technology,” she finally said. This was indeed surprising and alarming at the same time. For the second time she was confronted with some hangover from insects, first the Lexx, and now this! Another representative asked: “Is it the only ship constructed in this manner'” “I don't think so,” Shore' answered, “This ship was caught at random, there is no reason why this should be the only one!” Another representative asked: “What about those strangers arriving today' Didn't they also have an insect vessel' How can we be sure that they aren't in league with the Pr'karesh' In my opinion there are to many coincidences when we learn about two different insect crafts in only one day!” Shereen shook her head and left her seat. “No, I don't think that they are allies of the Pr'karesh. They accidentally got involved in this battle near Idaron, and they destroyed the whole Pr'karesh fleet.” “That's not a positive proof, Mrs president. For the Pr'karesh life isn't anything holy, so they might sacrificed a part of their own troops to convince us that these strangers were on our side…only to destroy us from inward!” Admiral Hal'g let them consider this thought. “Wherever those people were from, they are humans and they are not our enemies, and definitely NOT allies of the Pr'karesh. I talked to them this morning and convinced myself if they might be a threat for us. They clearly aren't. I think we can trust them.” Shereen said certain. The admiral nodded. Shereens possibilities to find out such things with help of her special skills were out of question. “So they may can be useful for us in this war…against the technology the Pr'karesh use!” the Admiral said. “We should take their ship to use it against our enemies!” a representative agreed. Shereen sighed: “We can't simply take their ship to use it in the way we want to…first we know nothing about this ship, second we don't have any permission…” “But we're at war! What reason else is necessary to convince them to give us the ship!” the representative said nearly angrily. “Senator Jeroon, I know that your home Garath'a 9 is close to the current front, and that it has suffered many attacks so far…but it's no reason not to stick to our principles. We're fighting against the Pr'karesh because they haven't any…should we abase ourselves''' I'll meet them this evening and I know about the importance of such a weapon in our war, it really can tip the scales to our side, but I won't do anything against their permission! So I'll ask them for help. They are looking for a new home, not for trouble and war.” Shereen announced and ended this fruitless discussion. Jeroon wasn't really convinced but he gave in. Like every other representative he knew that Shereen would do everything possible to find a way to save their alliance. “Maybe, if we're lucky, and they agree to help us, we can defeat the Pr'karesh. But I'm almost sure, that it isn't done by sending this ship to our front, what we need is more knowledge of this technology – to add it to our own. If we can develop their kind of shield or hull to withstand the firepower of the Pr'karesh ships, we surely have a far greater chance to defend ourselves properly,” Shore' said. Another representative piped up: “We all know how dangerous this technology is…otherwise we hadn't withdrawn from any development thousands of years ago…” Shore' nodded: “I'm aware of that, senator Lorkav. But maybe in this case we can make an exception to it. 20 000 years ago we were only able to win the great war because we used a similar technology…maybe in this case nothing else remains than to use insect technology again!” “I'm not a friend of this technology too, “ Shereen interrupted, “But I have to say that I'm ready to allow the use of it if we can defend our homes and lives with it. This technology is dangerous…and I wonder where the Pr'karesh got it from.” Shore' answered: “That's indeed another question. When they attacked us first, 20 years ago, they weren't that superior, but strong enough to built up another Empire next to us…with horrible effects to the people. We know that their Empire is one of dictatorship, of strict military control with no freedom for the citizens. And they had a huge hunger for new planets to conquer or destroy. They collected many resources the past years and I'm sure that they developed their technology over those years too. We all saw it when they showed up with massive attacks nine months ago. The battle at Idaron was the tip of the iceberg so far. We would have lost it with huge losses if the Lexx hadn't come.
You can imagine, if we hadn't been able to defeat them 20 years ago … how should we defeat them now'” This question was thought provoking for the council. Slowly the council speaker rose from his seat and addressed his word to Shereen: “Mrs president, I'm sure that you'll do everything to convince the crew of the ship Lexx to help us against the Pr'karesh. There's no doubt in it…if…I think the council will agree to your suggestion to use insect technology again to save the Alliance.” “I'm honored for your trust in me…I'll do my very best, I promise. Even if we can be sure of their help…it will be a hard battle to fight for us. The last time we have to fight against insect technology was 20 000 years ago…against insects. That doesn't mean that non-insects weren't less dangerous. We now know that they can be as well dangerous as insects. The past great war we won, with allies on our side with such as the Fallea, the Varion, the BrunnenG…. they are no more, we are on our own. But I promise that we won't give up – we never had, we never will.
For now, I want to secure our position in this war. Our military team as well as the evacuation and catastrophic agency should meet and discuss plans about an evacuation of the outer planetary colonies and other inhabited planets. We don't have the strength to defend us at the front, on these planets and our core planets at the same time. That's it for the moment. Thanks to you all, the next council meeting will be announced early enough.”
Shereen closed the meeting and the representatives slowly left the hall or simply if they had attended via holographic transmission.

“Not an easy term, Mrs president,” Shore' said when most of the representatives had left. “I never expected anything different,” Shereen turned around with her meeting records in her hand and looked slightly smiling at him. Shore' once had been her taskmaster and was still her best friend. “We're living in different times…it's not that easy like my first 20 years in this presidency…but I always knew these days would come. It only was a matter of time.” Shore' folded his arms and nodded. “You're constantly thinking about what the prophetess had told you, right'” Shereen dropped her gaze to the floor. “I am. I deeply hoped that those days would never come, but…she always had been right in the past…so why should it be different this time'” She answered and leaned back at one of the tables. Her gaze wandered to the ceiling with its transparent glass. She grew up on this world with all its traditions. She was born under water, first learned how to survive in its environment with all its beauty and danger before she was allowed to go to the surface – to breath the pure air of this world for the first time. Her parents were very traditional and they didn't want her to forget where she came from if she ever decided to leave Sha'ra. Well, she did, but she always came back here. There was nothing comparable with swimming in the endless ocean, with exploring the rich undersea world…only space was more interesting, but, of course, this was another kind of an endless ocean. The people on Sha'ra believed very strong in fate…they believed that every one of them has his destiny, his task to fulfill in life. So, when they reach the end of their childhood, they went on a pilgrimage to the prophetess of the Deep Sea. A pilgrimage where they learn what destiny might awaits them.
Shore' groomed her for this quest and when she had dreamt of the prophetess, Shereen knew that the time had come to visit her. She hadn't been afraid, although some rumors often were told about her…nobody knew how old she was, but legend told that she always had been in this old city down the deepest ocean on Sha'ra.
There, Shereen was prophesized that she would be the next president of the Alliance and that during her presidency huge changes for them all would come. A new time of uncertainty, chaos, war and death. At first she couldn't believe what the prophetess had said, because there was never a guarantee that things would happen like foreseen…the prophetess even said about herself that she only was a prophet of fate, not a Time Prophet, but some important things to be happen in future, she was able to see. Shereen never asked why of all things it had to happen when she was president, she only had sworn that she would do everything necessary to help all the people in the Alliance to go through this difficult time. The prophetess don't let her go away without faint hope. She had predicted that they won't be alone, that…Shereen stopped the memories for a moment and looked back at Shore' when she remembered something suddenly. “What is it'” he asked. “I'm not sure…” she hesitated, “Something I never thought of in the past 20 years, since all this trouble started. When I visited the prophetess she said that if time is right I will know where my task lies in this conflict, what I can do…it's strange, but since the strangers arrived, I thought a lot about what she had said when I asked her if there is any hope to survive this dark time lying in front of us. I know that she told me something, but I wasn't able to remember all this years…but now…I do…!” “What did she say'” Shore' asked curious. “She didn't give me a clear answer, it was like an oracle. . That's what she said.” “It sounds like we shouldn't give up our hope in this war…!” Shore' said and scratched his chin thoughtfully. “Maybe it has something to do with the crew of the Lexx. Maybe it is a hint that they can help us, but I don't know how to interpret this sentence.” Shereen sighed. “Otherwise it wouldn't be called an oracle…” Shore' said smiling. “If the right time is there…we'll know. What about tonight' Will you allow me to attend your little meeting with our guests'” he asked her. “Of course! I would be very sad if you don't!” Shereen said agreeing. “Well, which Shore' you want' The representative, the scientist…'” he asked smiling. “The friend and mentor, and maybe … a little bit the scientist'” “Hey, it must be nearly a century that you want me to attend to such a meeting as a friend and mentor!” he teased. “Well, then it's time…!” Shereen grinned. “I'm really excited. What do you personally think of our guests'” he wanted to know. Shereen closed her eyes for a moment, stroke her long dark hair back and thought about them for a moment.
It was an unusual experience for her, this meeting. Not the contact with Xev or Stanley, it was the third human she had her problems with. “I only scanned them on the surface, but it was helpful enough to categorize them. I got a nice clear picture of Stan, he's a very normal human, admitted, not the bravest kind but I think honest. Xev is a little bit confusing, she seems to be such a nice and vulnerable person on the outside, but I was very astonished about her aggressive tendencies inside…very confusing. She seems to be composed of two parts.
Well, but altogether I'm sure we can trust her, she is a friendly subject. Kai on the other hand, that's a different story. He's the one I'm not really sure about. To be honest…my analytic skills were too limited to get a clear picture of him. Something that never happened before…!” “That's indeed unusual for you!” Shore' said worried. “So it's not very easy for me to explain what I have felt…a flood of emotions washed over me, his thoughts were so disordered I asked myself why he wasn't insane. I never thought that only one person was able to have so much thoughts in only one moment…it was as if there were thousands of other persons present inside him. But that's not what bothered me, he radiated an immense darkness and pain, I never felt this before. During my telepath training program I had to scan several persons, scientists, good people, bad people, healthy and unhealthy people…I can't number it. But even the sickest mind of them hasn't had such a dark presence…it really gives me the creeps, brrr,” she said shivering. “Is he dangerous or maybe a threat for us'” Shore' asked pushing. “That's what I don't understood, Shore' , what I told you is what made me uneasy, but just some seconds later I felt something completely different…as if there was another side to him. I felt sadness, regret and a strong sense of justice and that made me certain that he isn't a bad guy at all – most of the sick individuals I met in life lack of this senses. Before I was able to touch another part of him, something that felt very familiar to me, I can't explain why…he blocked me out. I'm sure he knew from the beginning that I scanned them…I still wonder why he let me before!” she said thoughtful. “There were only two possibilities,” Shore' put up one finger: “He wanted to know us that they really are no threat…or,” he put up the second one: “He wanted to believe us that they are no threat. When he knew that you scanned him and his friends and he was able to block you…then he must have definitely this skill too!” “I'm sure that he hasn't. I haven't detect any other telepathic emission during their visit. He may have the skill to block telepathy, that's not unusual, the inhabitants of Garath'a 5 also have this skill, but none of them has telepathic skills.” Shereen said with knitted brows. “So you're sure that they are no threat to us'” “I am, I can't tell you why, but I am. If they really want to destroy us…they had done it already. If they were Pr'karesh allies, we had lost this war already. No, I'm hundred percent sure that they are no enemies. But what I'm not sure about is…what are they' Where did they come from…!” “I think we have to wait till tonight…maybe our questions will be answered then.” Shore' tried to calm Shereen. “I don't want to question your skills Shereen, if you say they are no threat, they aren't, you never were wrong in such things!” “There is always a first time…” Shereen sighed and rubbed her head…she really got a headache! “What do you think about a little rest' Release yourself from your telepathic spheres and keep company with me during a little meal! You look as if you really need a stop!” “That's a good idea…” Shore' smiled: “Come on, let us go…!” He offered her his arm and Shereen closed her telepathic connection for a while, and linked arms with him, both left the council hall.

Xev woke up when she felt someone shaking her. Growling she said: “No, not yet…!” “Sorry, Ma'am, but we're closing in a second,” a voice rang in her ear. “Mh…,” bit by bit her mind cleared up. Where the heck was she' She lifted her head, recognized a wooden surface under her crossed arms. She blinked and then she realized where she was. A bar…delicious drinks…she groaned…definitely too much of them. The man behind the bar, she knew she had talked to before she passed out, started to grin widely at her. “You're not the first one who passed out in my bar, headache'” Xev nodded. “How long did I…'” “Oh, one, two hours. Here, drink this, you'll feel better after!” He gave her a glass with a clear liquid. “What's that'” Xev sniffed carefully before she drank. “Something against headache…just drink it!” Xev did. It tasted horrible, but she felt the headache fading very fast. With knitted brows she looked at all those empty glasses next to her…she hardly couldn't remember drinking them all. The barman followed her gaze and smiled whilst cleaning some glasses: “You must have been very thirsty, my dear…!” Xev smiled sheepishly back: “They were good…how late is it'” “Almost morning, should I take you home'” he asked. “No, no problem. I think I'll find my way, it's not far…ouch…dusk you said'” she jumped from her seat. The man nodded. “I hope he doesn't worry!” Xev said thinking about Kai at home. “I hope you can come back soon, it was very funny!” the barman said friendly. “My wife often dragged me out of countless bars years ago. Well, anytime I had to promise her to stop visiting them…!” “Well, then you opened your own bar…my beloved!” his wife's voice rang out the kitchen door. The barman grinned embarrassed and winked. “It took me months to convince her that we can earn a lot of money with it…she would never admit it…but it was a good idea, believe me!” Xev smiled: “By the way…paying, I think this is the card I have to pay with…!” “Yes, thank you,” he took the card Xev held out to him and drew it through some sort of card reader. “Oh, you're a guest of our government…that's nice, most of them didn't come here…it's a pity, they missing the best part of Arcan's!” The barman said and gave her the card back. Xev let it slide in a pocket of her blue trousers. “I believe you. I really enjoyed being here. Tell me, what is it that made me feel so strange when I drunk these liquids'” she asked interested. “They contain a intoxicant called alcohol. Too much of it and you feel fuddled…or sick, if it was far too much!” he explained. “You never had drunk something like that before'” “No, not that I'm aware of.” “Respect…if it really was for the first time…you must have a very good constitution. Most of those who consumed it for the first time got drunk right after the first one or two glasses. And you've drunk ten.” The barman said smiling. “I have a good constitution, in many ways…but now I've gotta go…Bye!” “Bye, hope to see you again,” the barman said and waved her. Xev waved back and left the bar…tried to keep a straight walk when she walked along the empty street back home.

Xev put her boots out and opened the door to their domicile soundlessly. Complete silence prevailed everywhere and Xev moved carefully through the corridor, dropped her boots down on the ground. She opened the door to the bedroom and peered inside. The pale light of T'uara lit the room up a little and Xev could see Kai's shape on the bed. She closed the door and slipped out of her clothes, never looking away from Kai. His face was directed to her side of the bed, one of the blankets draped around his thighs and waist of his otherwise naked body. Xev noticed that his right hand was clawed into his pillow. He seemed to have nightmares again. Xev sighed inwardly, yes, his body was clearly tensed, now she was able to see it. The strong urge to put him out of this vicious circle was inhumanly fierce, but she also knew that any interruption of this acceptation process would only slow it down. With a heavy heart she let him sleep. Soundlessly she slid under her blanket next to him and listened to his slightly irregular breathing. In some nights he woke up on his own, mostly when his dreams were gone really worse. Sometimes she heard him groaning and sobbing, and sometimes she even could hear him speaking something in a foreign language. She guessed that it was brunnish. How could she ever forget that melodic sound of this language' She never had heard something beyond his song, but it was enough to be sure that he was speaking his mother language. It must be hard for him to know that he was the last one of his people…that he was the last one who could speak this wonderful language…Xev closed her eyes and thought: >Maybe he can teach me to speak it too someday<. With this thought she rolled to her right side and fell asleep soon.

Chapter 13

Revealing the enemy

Light-years away, deep in the heart of another territory, the Pr'karesh Empire, a single, heavily damaged ship returned to the docks, which were orbiting their center of power – Pr'karesh itself. The constitution of the crew wasn't any better than the ship, but half of the crew at least had survived, including their Captain. But he was far away from being certain that this meant luck for them. He brought bad news…something that could end up far worse than being killed in battle. The system they lived in rarely excused fails or faults.
The Captain himself had always been a practical man, always careful not to get into trouble, not to do anything against the law. He never understood those who tried to tell him that everything had been better when they still had belonged to the Alliance. He knew that some of them, originating from Pr'karesh, Zala'arana or Jeha'd, once fought in the Alliance fleet, but what had the Alliance done for those planets in the outer borderland' Not very much, he was sure about that. Well, he hadn't been old enough to remember the difference between the old government and the new one, the change came when he was barely 10 years old. He didn't care about the differences of an old gone government and the new one. Like he said about himself, he was a practical man, and he wouldn't have done anything against their strict laws. Why should he' To be the Captain of a warship was something he always wanted to be. So he told the older crewmembers that they had to adjust to the new situation, otherwise he had to punish them. Over time the bad tongues silenced, there were no more speeches about a generation of slaves, puppets on a huge string, everyone was too afraid to say or do something wrong – the punishments made an impact.
Everywhere they became silent, people didn't ask questions, put something into question any longer, people hadn't any will on their own…simply their service, their duty and their orders was what counted. If someone didn't adjust anyway…well, he just vanished…that's how things were. No one wanted to vanish, so they did as they were told…the Captain too, when the infamous palace guards fetched him.

They took him down to Pr'karesh, to the former governmental building, now “His” palace. The town around once had been full of life, now it was empty. No one was living in the capital city of Pr'karesh any longer. It wasn't permitted. Safety precautions they said.
The small shuttle landed just in front of the huge building and he was forced to enter. The Captain was there for the first time and asked himself why. Normally the palace guard took officers like him and asked them somewhere else in their head quarters, on Fara'gra, the fifth planet of this system. He didn't know if it was a very bad sign that he was brought here, here where all the threads were coming together. He now was led through the building, down into one of the great halls, the one opened in front of him once had been the council hall. Now it served as the Emperors control and reception hall.
The grey stonewalls were decorated with screens and tactical information. Some technicians were present at the computer consoles and some of the infamous palace guards were watching everyone and everything, but otherwise the room was empty. He recognized that one of the screens was active and the Captain saw that it showed the recordings he had made. The guards jostled him towards the dark figure in front of the screen. He automatically fell to his knees, thankful, because he was sure that he couldn't stand any longer, he really was in a funk.
Even if he never had seen their Emperor, he knew immediately that this scrawny figure in its dark violet clothes was the man who ruled them all - the mighty Emperor of the Pr'karesh Empire!

The man, who was obviously the Emperor, stopped the recordings and froze them where the Lexx turned to fire at the Pr'karesh ships. He had seen this scenario for the third time and still couldn't believe what he saw. Not because he saw his fleet destroyed for the third time today. No, he was more surprised to see this ship again after such a long time! 4000 years were a long time…but on the other hand, it wasn't impossible that the most powerful weapon ever built found its way to the DarkZone, his own presence here was proof enough that it was possible to be here, even after such a long time. The question was: how did the ship come here' His eyes narrowed and he pushed back the first possible answers that came into his mind, he had to deal with it later. There were other issues to be discussed first.

“You're the Captain of the only ship that managed to return from our attack against the 4th Arcannean fleet'” he asked the figure at his feet after he turned. “Yes…!” with a trembling voice the pitiful Captain answered, his gaze on the floor. He wasn't able to look up into this gloomy face with its stinging, malignant eyes. “Well, not the victorious return I expected…but I begin to understand the reason for it…!” The Emperor turned back to the screen and crossed his arms, oh, how well he could understand the reason for the loss of his ships. The powerful weapon of the Lexx was something he had designed more than 4000 years ago.

He once had been a Biovezir in the service of His Divine Shadow. He had built mighty weapons for His Shadow, mainly based on the insect technology one of the Divine Predecessors had brought to the Cluster when he destroyed the BrunnenG homeworld. One of their small insect crafts had crashed into the bridge of the Foreshadow and the remains of it were given over to the Bioscholars. Admitted his predecessor-biovezirs weren't very lucky in developing other weapons with this technology…but he, Weapon-Biovezir Taleron, was. He had developed a whole series of powerful weapons from this technology. The end of this line had been the weapon system of the brand new ship His Divine Shadow had started to build at that time – the Lexx. The same ship he now could see on the screen.
The ship impressed him, he never had seen it finished. Well, there was a reason for it.
After his colleague Mantrid had been imprisoned for being a possible threat to His Divine Shadow, all Biovezirs had to be very careful not to end up like him, or, even worse - dead! Yes, His Divine Shadow had been a very incalculable individual, and even if he worked very hard and good for the Divine Order and for His Divine Shadow, even if the work always had been important, it ended all not well for him.
Taleron was obsessed by his work…he built one weapon generation after the next, and always they were more dangerous, more effective and more powerful. Always in search of the perfect weapon. And someday he invented something that he considered a very useful weapon, but this didn't please His Shadow and before he could explain anything further, the assassins were after him.

What had happened' Talerons idea was to build different kinds of weapons. Not only for ships and for handling, no, he wanted to put some humans into more effective and dangerous weapons than any decarbonized assassin ever could be. He had extracted some DNA from the insect ship remains and used them to generate a series of primitive human-insect-hybrids. He soon discovered that humans with such an altered and manipulated DNA could be a lot more aggressive, as well as the assassins not vulnerable but a lot more persistent, because they didn't rely on protoblood. For him this could be the perfect elite assassin for the future. But His Shadows reaction he didn't expect. In place of being thankful for such an incredible invention, the mighty emperor was full of wrath. Taleron's invention was a sacrilege. Mixing human with insect DNA! There was nothing more badly for the insect His Shadow was. He wanted to eliminate the human race…not them being part of an insect! Taleron had crossed the line, His Shadow woke up his head-assassin to hunt Taleron down to kill him. Taleron had no time to lose when he became knowledge of His Shadows orders. He self-injected the agent he had developed and fled from the Cluster. It was the only chance to save his work, to continue it somewhere else. He was so angry about His Shadow's blindness to see the potential in this development…but he couldn't do anything against it…at least in the LightZone, where His Shadow was the law. He somehow managed to escape the assassin and traveled through the Fractal Core into the DarkZone. There, His Shadow had no influence.
But at first Taleron didn't know what he should do in his exile, he had nothing. No place where he could continue his work, no assistants, and no equipment. But he had to continue his work! He was obsessed by the idea to develop this living weapon…and who knows, maybe someday he would be stronger than the Divine Order and could return to the LightZone to claim his right! But how should he do that, stranded in the middle of nowhere' Taleron hoped that time would be on his side and had set course for any next planetary system. With luck it was a life-bearing planet, developed enough for his purposes. Then he had gone into cryosleep.

But what if after all those years His Shadow might have been faster and found him' He couldn't rule that out. The urge to fight against humanity might have led His Shadow back to the DarkZone.
Even if he hadn't anything in common with His Divine Shadow, Taleron could understand the hate he beard towards the human race. When he self-injected this agent he had developed, the insect-DNA soon became a very dominant part of him, and with it came the disgust for the weak society humanity had created. The insect part of him was angry that after the genocide, the insects never could rule this universe again, but hopefully now there were other ways to erect a complete new order! The humans should never be the only rulers of the universe, there should be revenge for their crime against the insects – Taleron wanted to create a complete new civilization, humans which carry insect-DNA, human-insect-hybrids if you want. His Shadow didn't want a connection between humans and insects, for him it was a sacrilege, but times had changed, it was obvious that humanity couldn't be destroyed as easily as His Shadow thought, Taleron saw it in the LightZone, too much time was necessary. But with his idea, he would defeat humanity in a complete different way. A successful way! He was working on these plans since his arrival here.
A Pr'karesh trade ship discovered him drifting in space thirty years ago. He was a bit surprised when they woke him up from cryosleep, because he never expected to wake up in a malfunctioning, 4000 year old ship. It seemed that some technical defect caused this long journey to happen. As a result he had to learn more about the new environment he was thrown in, and one surprise followed the next. Even after 4000 years, there was no sign of His Divine Shadow in the DarkZone, something that calmed him. The next surprise was, that the planet he was taken to, Pr'karesh, was part of an Alliance, which existed since thousands of years. Founded by the last surviving humans who fought the insect wars 20000 years ago. This now was the sign he had waited for. There would be no better place to work than here. The insect part of him always flew into passion when he thought of the Arcannea and the other humans who destroyed the insect civilization.
Pr'karesh seemed to be the right place to settle down. It was one of the smaller and undersized members of the Alliance and located on the outer borderland of the Arcannean territory. With his biological and technical knowledge he was a very welcomed guest and for him it was so easy to gain more and more influence over time. For the old government it always had been difficult to be a seriously taken member of the Alliance, because they hadn't anything to deal with. Talerons promise to change this issue opened many doors and soon he was coming into power. He built a huge fleet of ships, based upon the development he had brought from the Cluster, and his own designed strong weapons. They weren't that strong and effective as they had been on the Cluster, for the resources he had were small, but it was enough to conquer other planets here in the outer borderland. His new Empire grew fast and before the Arcannea knew what happened, the Pr'karesh Empire existed next to the Arcannean Alliance. It surprised him how easily their neighbors could be defeated, especially because of their high-developed ships, but they hadn't calculated that they might be attacked from the inside of their own Alliance. This had been his advantage. He was aware of the need of stronger ships and weapons if he wanted to fight them on and on, so the development of his weapons never stopped. Soon he regained the old strength and he was able to attack Arcannea again and again with success. Soon it became obvious that the Arcannean fleet just managed to withstand him, they weren't able to claim the lost territory back. He always was a step ahead. This was what happened the past 20 years.
Now his development had reached a new stage. The far better ships and weapons now were clearly superior! His Empire grew constantly since the last months, boosted up his resources, human resources for the war as well as raw material. It was very important to him to have a functional and effective society. He managed the war and the control of his own human resources very easily. The Cluster gave him example for it. Humans could be controlled so easily with fear and strict laws. This law was carried out by his infamous palace guards, invariably all “modified” humans. They were the backing of his Empire. For him they also were the symbol of the new order he wanted to bring to the universe. Of course, no one really knew the reality behind the strength of these guards, but so they were the perfect instruments of control and fear. Wherever they showed up, the people took cover, too easily everyone could be the next to be taken away to an unknown place.
The secret was kept behind the palace walls he inhabited.
Since his arrival here, the improvement of these “modified” guards was also a successful development. He had established the basis on the Cluster, brought it here inside his blood…and now he developed the final stage for this new race, tested on some of the vanished people, or on “volunteers”. It took him much longer than he expected. All the guards were still more or less prototypes. Effective enough for their tasks, but not perfect. Still too vulnerable, too short-lived, there were still a few things he had to improve.
But the latest tests were very promising. The newest generation of agents he developed, which added the necessary parts of insect DNA to the human DNA, needed to be tested on more “volunteers”. And of course, the so changed persons needed to be tested too.

He put his attention back to the Captain who still crouched on the floor. He knew that there wasn't much the Captain may could tell him further, but he asked nevertheless: “Is there anything you can tell me in addition to the recordings'” The Captain replied desperately: “Only that there wasn't any chance to defend ourselves, Biovezir, please believe me!” “You may wonder, but I do believe you. For that, I don't sentence you with the death penalty. Guards!” Taleron waved at two guards, he had an idea how the Captain still could be useful to him. “Take him to unit H7, he is of better use there.” The guards nodded wordless. “And send for Sa'k, I want to see him immediately!” Another nod, then the Captain was taken away. The Captain's eyes widened with fear. He didn't know what unit H7 was. At first he was relieved when he heard Taleron say, that he shouldn't be punished with death, but the uncertainty that awaited him produced nearly the same fear.
What the Captain didn't know, H7 was one of Talerons laboratories where some of those “vanished” people were undergone special treatments which let them either die or, the luckier ones transformed into “modified” guards. One thing was sure, the Captain surely never would be the same than before, but the pitiful creature didn't know this at the moment of course.
Taleron looked back at the screen, while he waited for Sa'k. An idea was forming in his mind. He badly needed more information. Especially about the Lexx. Who flew the ship, if not His Shadow' Why was it here' No, he couldn't imagine that it really was His Shadow. The Lexx might be the most powerful weapon ever built, but that far in the DarkZone without any other ships of the Divine Order around he would never go. Maybe he sent it only for reconnaissance. But he needed to be sure. It was a good time to send some of his elite soldiers deep into the Arcannean territory. It was a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. First, he wanted more information and second, it was time to test the latest generation of elite soldiers for enlightenment and other tasks deep inside the heart of the Arcannean Alliance. And referring to the Lexx he had another special task, for Sa'k.
Sa'k had been the first who was “treated” with the newest generation of his agents. The stage he considered them to be nearly perfect. Sa'k had passed all tests successfully, but he was the currently only one, Taleron needed more of his kind. But not without further tests, so he considered it as a good idea to authorize Sa'k with this special task.
As far as he remembered, there was something special to the Lexx, better said, the control of the Lexx. He had no concrete information about it, but rumors among the Biovezirs had told him, that His Divine Shadow was the only one who could control the Lexx, with a special key he possessed. This now led him directly back to the question: Was it His Shadow who arrived here or not' The behavior let him exclude that, but who then had the control over this ship, and how' This was Sa'ks task to find out. And then, he had to make a plan how it was possible to get in control of the Lexx. The ship was the perfect instrument to show the Arcannean Alliance who will be the next ruler of this part of the DarkZone. His insect part smiled widely at this thought…one step closer to a great victory.
He turned when Sa'k entered the room. Sa'k was a tall man, with brown hair and green eyes. He once had been a volunteer for the program. Well, either he had got a death penalty or he had volunteered for Talerons tests. Sa'k had enough experience with killing, so he was a very welcomed volunteer. The man had killed multiple people on his homeworld Jeha'd, and someday was caught by Talerons palace guards. So he ended up here. Taleron called him his personal guard in the meantime.
Nothing on him told about his special “part”. He looked completely human, but he wasn't. He was much stronger than any human ever could be, also his self-healing powers were fully functional and last but not least, besides his ability to be a perfect killer, he was a very good tactical thinker. “I've got something to do for you, Sa'k,” Taleron greeted him and pointed at the screen. “I want you and three of our elite soldiers to fly to Arcan's. It's time to get more information to coordinate our final attack. I want you to destroy their main supply, the Arcannea-station. Your special task, Sa'k is, to find out more about this ship, the Lexx. I want to know why it had come here, who controls it, and, if possible I want you to take the ship here, to Pr'karesh.” Sa'k nodded. “Do you have any needful tactical information I should know to fulfill the task'” Taleron walked over to one of the control units and gave Sa'k a small flat crystal disc. “That's everything I know about the ship and the current situation. Go now!” Sa'k bowed shortly: “Yes, Biovezir, we will be successful!” “I'm waiting for reports if possible!” Taleron said and released his servant. Sa'k left the hall and started his mission without any hesitation and questioning.
Taleron nodded in satisfaction. The recent defeat was still hurting, but it wasn't really important for his ongoing plans. He would be crazy if he hadn't something up his sleeve. Things were developing on their side, and the Arcannea soon will be helpless enough to start the final attack! Nothing pleased him more than the thought of their soon break-up!
Taleron left the hall for his private rooms, he needed some time to plan their next steps and of course, a little rest would be welcomed too.

Chapter 14

An invitation for dinner

The people on Arcan's and on hundred other worlds of the Alliance didn't know anything of Talerons plans of course, but they would never admit that he could defeat them without resistance. Too much of their ancestors was still inside them. They would work and fight to the last.
Morning had nearly passed by when Xev awoke. She lolled and stretched in the sunlight and opened her eyes, squinted to her right. The bed next to her was empty. Kai already seemed to be up. Xev put her blanket aside and got up too. She put on her clothes and scuffled to the living room. “Kai'” she asked yawning, when she couldn't discover him anywhere. “Oh my heart, you're awake, let me recite my newest morning poem…!” Xev sighed inwards, 790 was the last she wanted to meet this morning. “Not now, 790, I'm still tired. Where's Kai'” “Don't know, don't care – not here!” 790 answered happily. “Really' That's something I can see too,” her gaze went to the table and she discovered a plate with breakfast and something to drink. She smiled. It was such a strange and touching sensation to know that someone thought of her. Her stomach growled and she forgot Kai's absence for a moment. She sat down on the couch, ignored 790's ongoing gaggling and dispatched the food hungrily. It was so delicious. She leaned back and sighed. Yes, the way to anyone’s heart is through one's stomach! After a few moments relaxing she felt a low air draft stroking over her skin. She sat up and sniffed, a heavy flavor of salt came with it. She stood up and walked over to the terrace door, which was slightly open. She slid outside and blinked into the sunlight. A soft breeze washed over her and carried more salty flavor with it. Xev looked over to Stan’s domicile, everything was still quiet there and she smiled. Then she strolled down to the beach, enjoyed again the water spilling over her bare feet. Slowly she walked to the left side, constantly watching out for her beloved. “Kai'” she called again, but again there was no answer. She turned around a slight bend, where the fine sandy beach passed into a rocky bank. The rocks formed the bluff on the outer left side she was able to see from their domicile. Finally she discovered him sitting upright on one of the bigger rocks. Xev paused surprised and kept hold of the scenery for a moment. Her heart beat faster when the beauty of this moment filled her. Kai wore totally different clothes as usual, he had put on a blue shirt and dark blue trousers, and she guessed that he had found them in the wardrobe like she had hers before. They were a wonderful contrast to the grayish-brown rocks and they suit him very well. He didn't bother to braid his long black hair, so it fell openly down his back. The soft wind let a few strands dance in front of his face. Kai didn't show any reaction when they touched his skin, he had closed his eyes and seemed to be somewhere far away. Xev sighed deeply. He looked so drop-dead gorgeous. It was difficult for her to explain what she felt in those moments. Slowly she drew nearer, balanced soundlessly on the rocks. She didn't want to disturb him, she just wanted to be close to him. But Kai suddenly looked over to her and opened his eyes. Xev stopped surprised for a moment. Well, then she knew why. How dare could she think that she was able to sneak up to an ex-assassin' Kai might be alive and human again, but the implant in his head still was existent and no one could rule out that the programming still had some influence on his skills and maybe on his behavior too. Not that she assumed that it was any threat to him or to others, but the remains sometimes scared her a bit, not the skills he may had through it, but the memories to what he had done with them before. She closed the distance between them fast and pecked a kiss on his cheek. “Morning!” she said. “Morning,” he replied calm. “Thanks for the breakfast,” she said smiling and sat down next to him. Kai nodded: “You slept very long!'” It was more a determination than a question, but Xev felt the urge to explain him why. “I'm sorry, I came home very late…” she said embarrassed and told him about her night. Kai listened carefully but his gaze wandered absent over the glistening sea. Xev eventually realized Kai's absence and asked: “Everything alright'” Kai looked back at her, then down: “I…hadn't have a good night,” he replied hesitating. “Nightmares…'” Xev asked, remembering the tightness his body showed last night when she went to bed. “No nightmares…Xev, things that really happened,” he answered barely audible. Xev put forth her hand and touched his cheek gently, stroke some strands behind his ear and forced him to look at her. “Kai, whatever happened, it wasn't your fault…don't let those memories dictate your life!” Kai shook his head slowly and pulled Xev hand away. “It's not that easy, Xev,” he said and looked away. The night he was reminded to one of the worst orders His Shadow had ever placed him. They were in a threesome. Their aim had been a planet with 30 000 inhabitants, all of them fugitives, mostly families of rebels. They all should be eliminated – to make an example of, to let his Empire know what happened to those who rebelled against his order. Without mercy and without premonition the storm of death closed in over them. In only a few hours the whole population, 90% of them women and children, was dead. Hunted down and killed like cattle. Again it was stomach churning for Kai when the pictures came back into his mind. He pressed his lips together and looked back at the sea. To know that he hadn't any control of what he had done, wasn't very comforting at all. The memories, the guilt and the disgust he felt couldn't be washed away with that knowledge. In those moments he asked himself again and again if this new life wasn't a fault. His soul was now burdened with more guilt than he could probably ever deal with. Since his people had discovered eternal life, life had become something sacred, no BrunnenG had ever thought about killing for thousands of years. For him the thought about taking anyone’s life had been absurd and strange, too. But he always had been the opinion that death had to be part of their life, something very controversy these days and, of course, only one of many points he didn't agree with the common opinion. Maybe it was the usual universal sarcasm that made it happen that a BrunnenG became one of the worst murderers ever heard of.
He felt Xev's arm around his shoulders and the first intention to pull away from her faded quickly, at once he was relieved that she was at his side, that someone was there who could at least understand his pain, his desperation a little. It was her presence that let him ease his burden a little. He looked back into her worried face. Xev was able to see the sadness and those unshed tears in his eyes and she knew immediately that he must have remembered something really worse. She didn't ask, she knew that he couldn't talk about everything from his past, instead she pulled him comforting into her arms. It took a while, but soon she felt that he breathed in deeply and got balanced again.
Kai had laid his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes. He was thankful for her embrace and he felt the horrible memory fading. Then the empty space was filled with something else, a dream he had have this night, too. At least he thought it must have been a dream, because he knew that it wasn't a memory, but there was something strange with this dream. He never experienced this kind of dream before.
He had heard someone calling his name. At first he thought it was Xev, but when he opened his eyes to answer her, she hadn't been there, she still had been out. He had shaken it off as imagination and dozed off again. But it took only few moments when the strange dream continued and he heard someone calling his name again. “Kai-last of the BrunnenG-come to me…!” Kai didn't woke up this time, he felt himself allured to this voice and tried to discover who called his name over and over again. Soon he saw a female figure in front of him. She was bathed in a strange light, seemed to float like she was surrounded by water. Her dark hair whirled around her like an aureole. She had put forth her right hand and gestured him to follow her. Kai hesitated only a moment before he did, he was far too curious what all this meant. When she turned he was surprised to see that she was completely covered with those strange tattoos he had seen somewhere before and that she “swam” away from him. How could she live under water' Was she some kind of mermaid' But no, those creatures only live in legends, and they hadn't legs…. Did he loose his mind or what was happening to him' He heard a soft laughter, it sounded like carillon, then the woman, or whatever she was, turned and stopped. “Every legend has a true source…Kai.” Kai asked: “Who are you' How do you know my name' What do you want'” “We've waited for you– a very long time!” “Waited' For me' Why'” he had asked unbelievingly, he really wasn't sure if he was loosing his mind this moment. “Come to me, last of the BrunnenG, and you'll understand!” “I'm here, what do you want'” But she only had smiled. Kai had shaken his head and asked again: “Who are you' What do you want'” “I want you to visit me, Kai…!” “Why'” “To find again what you've lost…!” was the only answer he got. It confused him more and more. Well, he had indeed lost a lot, starting with his home, ending with himself, but what did she know about his problems' The strange woman seemed to know exactly what he thought and answered: “Come to me…and your questions will be answered!” Kai gave up. “Where can you be found'” The woman moved closer to him and whispered: “In the deepest of all oceans – beyond all tides – that's where I live. I know now that you'll come soon…!” Then she had vanished as suddenly as she had appeared. Kai had fallen into a dreamless sleep right after and when he woke up this morning it had been the first thing he remembered. Kai had thought about it all the morning, but hadn't come closer to any solution. But he felt somewhere deep inside that this hadn't been a hallucination, as well as the dream he had about his past not long ago. Arcannea was a really strange place, this was something he could say so far. So, what else could he do as to search for this strange creature – wherever she could be found. Slowly he raised his head and looked at Xev. Maybe it was better to share this with her, she always had have good ideas in the past. So he overcame his inhibitions and told her about the strange vision. Xev was very surprised when she heard the story, and she thought about it some time. “Maybe,” she started, “this creature is somehow associated with water' I mean, she had talked about the “deepest of all oceans”, so maybe she is somewhere on Sha'ra, this waterplanet'” “A hint I thought of, too, but she could have meant it in a philosophical way too, the universe is a kind of ocean as well,” he said. “Maybe, but then you could have dreamt elsewhere of her, but you did it here…!” Xev objected. Kai nodded slowly. “You know what'” Xev put her hands on his shoulder and stroke gently over his hair, let her fingers ran down through it: “Why don't you ask president Shereen' I mean, she's from Sha'ra, she could know something.” Kai's expression relaxed a bit and he agreed: “We should ask her, you're right. Whatever happens, this creature seems to be very sure about my visit…it sounded as certain as the prophecy of the TimeProphet, when she told me about the end of my people,” Kai sighed. “Another prophecy'” she asked. “I don't hope for that. I haven't had any luck with prophecies in the past…!” he answered thoughtfully. Xev, nodded, yes, this was true, almost. The prophecy finally caused the end of the Divine Order and His Shadow, actually a good outcome…but at what costs! Xev sighed inwardly and changed the topic. They couldn't do anything until they meet the president, and she didn't want to think about strange dreams and horrible pasts now. “What do you want to do today'” she asked Kai and pulled him with her, together they walked the way back. “What do you want to do'” he asked back. She let her gaze wander longing over the glistening sea. “How good are your swimming skills'” she asked. Kai smiled and tilted his head: “I never tested them out, but for I am not longer decarbonized, and so not in danger to sink down to the ground…there's no reason why I shouldn't be an acceptable swimmer…” Xev gave him a wide grin and stopped walking. “So'” “So what'” he replied. “What do you think of swimming in this wonderful sea…'” “If you'd love to,” he said gently. Xev undressed herself instead for an answer and let her clothes fell onto the white sand. “Coming'” she asked. Kai couldn't help himself than to smile. “Oh, come on, I know that you're not afraid of water!” she laughed and started to unbutton his shirt, let it fell next to her clothes. She let her hand ran over his bare chest down to his waist and loosed his trousers as well. Completely naked, Kai stepped out the trousers, put them aside and kissed her softly. “I'm not afraid of water, but like so many other things, I'm a little bit out of practice…!” He said and stroke over her skin. Xev rolled her eyes. “Liar,” she said. “I'm sure you'll get accustomed to it soon, even if it's not a bathtub.” She took his hand and together they walked into the sea. The water was agreeable warm and Xev sighed happily. She loved to feel the water all around her naked body. She let go of Kais hand and swam a few meters away. For Kai it wasn't really difficult to swim in the open sea, he was surprised that he got accustomed to it so very quickly. Xev smiled widely when she discovered that he was in fact a very good swimmer, so they swam together far away from the bank and started to hunt each other across the small bay. Xev's clusterlizard side had a lot of fun, for she loved hunting. And she was happy that she was able to catch her beloved more times than he could her. Sometime they stopped exhausted, and floated on the water next to each other in the shallow depth near the beach. Xev enjoyed the warm sunlight on her naked body and sighed happily. “Kai'” she asked her neighbor. “Hm'” came the reply. Xev turned on her front side and drifted next to him. “Could you imagine to live here, on this planet'” she asked. Kai opened his eyes he had closed for a moment and looked at her. “It is a beautiful place, it reminds me in more than one thing to my home,” he said thoughtfully, “But I have no preferences where to live, Xev. If you and Stan decide to stay here, I'll be here, too. Whatever makes you happy Xev.” Xev crushed softly into his floating body. “What would make you happy'” she asked gently and let her fingers playfully caressing his chest. Kai watched her fingers wandering and replied hesitantly: “I'm not sure if I can give you a proper answer, Xev, to be sure about something what could make me happy, I have to experience it, there weren't many things which made me really happy since my new life began.” Xev sighed, she thought this was an easy question, but it seemed that she was wrong. Well, referring to Kai such questions weren't really easy to be answered, she tended to forget that sometimes. “I would be happy if we could stay here, it's the first planet we weren't threatened or something like that…!” Xev said, bringing her body closer to his. “You shouldn't forget that they're at war. We can't be certain that some things might change for them, for their planet, for their way to live.” Kai said. “I know, one more reason to help them, in my opinion.” “We'll see, this issue is going to be discussed this evening,” Kai reminded her. “You're right, not yet. Let us relish this wonderful day…there were so few in life.” Xev said dreamily. Kai smiled slightly. Indeed, there weren't plenty of those days in a lifetime, days without worries, nothing than relaxing and enjoying the day. He reached for her arm and pulled her closer. “But among those few things I know they make me happy, there is surely something you'll like too…!” Xev smiled when she felt his arms around her body and she knew exactly what he wanted to point out. The lustful spark in his eyes was enough to let her understand. She closed her eyes and let it happen…

Later that day, when they were sitting on the beach in each other’s arms, Stanley and Yareena joined them. Stan introduced Yareena to Kai, who didn't know her yet, but recognized that she must originally be from Sha'ra too, like Shereen, for she had the same kind of tattoos and the same look. Both couples started to talk about this and that the whole afternoon. Xev was relieved that Stan hadn't told too much so far, only few bits and pieces about their strange adventures on the Lexx. Soon Yareena bid farewell, she told them that her holiday was over, and that she had to be on the Arcannea-station in a couple of hours. Stan of course was very sad, but they promised each other to meet again. So the day soon was over and the three friends ended up in Xev's and Kai's domicile. Stan surely hadn't smiled that often for a long time and he was truly happy. Xev smiled at Kai when they listened to Stan's never ending enthusiasm about Yareena. 790 curled up his digital mouth scowling: “Stop it, no one could bear this…!” he growled. “You're only jealous, robothead. I think we should look for any dialog partner for you…then your not alone any longer!” Stan said blitheful. “Why should I be jealous' I have my Xevoliscious…” “Well, I think, at the moment she is far more interested in Kai, than in you…!” Stan turned 790 around, so he could see Kai and Xev. Xev had used the opportunity of Stan and 790's discussion to coerce Kai for a kiss. “Waaaaaaahhhhhhh!” screamed 790. Startled Xev and Kai parted as if both were caught in doing something forbidden. “790! That's enough. Off, until I tell you to switch on again!” “But…” “No buts,” Xev looked grimly at him. “Off!” “Och…” His screens turned black. “Thank you Xev, this was overdue,” Stan sighed and put 790 back on the table. “He could be a pain in the ass sometimes,” Kai agreed. Xev started to laugh and looked surprised at Kai, he never had talked like this before. Kai only shrugged his shoulders with an innocent expression, and then he vanished in the bathroom to put his black clothes on again. “At what time Te'ran wanted to fetch us'” she asked through the door whilst changing her blue outfit against her usual dress. “Didn't he say in the evening'” Stan asked back and sat down on the couch. “Thought so, yes…hope we haven't wait too long,” Xev finished dressing by putting her boots on. Some seconds later Kai joined them again, fully dressed in his BrunnenG style. Xev arched her brow inquiring. “It's time to play with open cards!” was his only comment. Xev tilted her head and simply accepted it. She knew that there was no need to put Kai's decisions into question. Just that moment, their doorbell rang. Stan jumped up and opened. It was Te'ran. “Hello, I hope you enjoyed your day'” he greeted them smiling. “Oh yes, thanks a lot for your hospitableness!” “You're welcome. Are you ready to go' In the meantime a lot of things happened, that's why I am here a little earlier than planned, Shereen wants to talk to you as fast as possible,” Te'ran said and meant them to follow him. The Lexx-crew entered the small shuttle Te'ran had land on the same place as before. Their pilot started the machines and soon they left the planet. Te'ran flew them with high-speed from Arcan's to Sha'ra. It took them about twenty minutes until they reached the upper atmosphere. Then Te'ran dived through the clouds and the shuttle raced over the deep blue water surface. “I ask myself where we should meet the president here, I mean, swimming isn't the best thing I can do!” Stan said querulous when he saw all the water. Also it reminded him uncomfortably to the planet Water and his “death” by drowning. “They live under the water surface, on the sea bottom, Stanley,” Kai said calm. “Under water' How is that possibleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…!” Stan stuck to the back of the seat in front of him when suddenly the shuttle tilted down forward. “Hold on, we have to continue our way under the water surface. The sea is a bit rough today, so it could be a bit turbulent.” Te'ran warned them and he maneuvered the shuttle from air into water. There were really a few turbulences when they changed the medium, but it wasn't very intense. A soft rumbling went through the ship and different engines went into action. Completely calm they continued their way. “Wow!” Xev said when she looked outside through the windows. They passed several sea life forms on their way down to the bottom. They raced through the darkness and slowly Xev asked herself how the people of Sha'ra could live here. Her question was answered soon when the shuttle turned and she saw a light shining through the darkness. Minutes later the light became brighter and they could see a massive complex emerging out of the darkness. “That's Dreemar, where Shereen and I live when we're on Sha'ra. She's born here.” Te'ran said and slowed down, so they could have a better look at the city. The city consisted of a huge variety of partially transparent buildings. Some were dome-shaped, some had streamlined shapes, but it was obvious that all of these buildings were the result of a long experience with living under water. All of those buildings were somehow connected. Te'ran told them that they had connections located underground or on the surface of the sea bottom. The city itself was now glinting like a jewel when Te'ran passed some of the buildings. Xev was fascinated by their architecture and their way of life. She never thought that it was possible to live under water. Te'ran navigated the shuttle to one of the dome-shaped buildings and let the shuttle sank down to the bottom. A door opened and the shuttle vanished inside complete darkness. “It's the airlock of our home and the easiest way to enter the building. We can leave the shuttle in a few minutes. The decompression and the water pumping out will take a moment…!” Te'ran left the pilot seat and waited on the door. Then some lights outside went back on and Te'ran opened the door. “Welcome to Sha'ra!” The four climbed out the shuttle and looked around. The airlock itself wasn't very spectacular, only a simple chamber where two shuttles could be parked. Xev looked up to the ceiling where they entered the room, now it was closed of course, but the wet passageway told her, that a few minutes before there had been a lot of water inside. Te'ran guided them to another door that led directly to his home. An elevator took them to the living quarters. “Please, after you. Shereen is waiting for you, I'll join you later.” He opened the door to a huge room and let them enter. The room’s ceiling consisted of a translucent material that gave them unhampered view to the sea life outside. Weak spotlights enlightened the area a little, so they could see various animals. The furnishing of them room was very elegant and friendly and impressed all three. Shereen was sitting on a suite with an unknown person, when they entered. Now she stood up to greet them. “Welcome to our home. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here as well as I always do…!” she said smiling. “If you have the time to be here…!” The stranger interrupted and rose from his seat too. Shereen looked sideward and introduced the man: “Xev, Stanley, Kai, this is Dr. Shore', a very good friend and my counselor…” “…and scientist, she always embezzles that!” Shore' laughed and shook hand with the Lexxcrew. “The meal will soon be served, if you're interested, we can show you a bit around'!” she offered. Xev nodded and gazed the huge dome over them and Stan posed some questions at Shore'. Shereen watched Kai taking a closer look at some incredible pictures and works of art on the wall. When the three had entered and she saw Kais appearance, she detected something very familiar without knowing what it might be. He was dressed differently, that's what she recognized first, but to what did he remind her' She shook her head slightly; this man was really strange. Kai didn't notice her confused gaze, a picture caught his attention at the same time and he drew closer to it. As a young man on Brunnis he always had been interested in art and studied a lot of his people’s art, so he recognized special and precious work. The picture he was attracted by was mounted in a special place in the room. Astonished he recognized that it showed the strange woman he had dreamt of. Carefully and puzzled he touched the outlines of the colorful picture. “It's wonderful, isn't it'” asked a voice behind him. Kai dropped his hand and asked: “Who is she'” “She's an old legend of Sha'ra. Well, actually a living legend. She is called the prophetess of the Deep Sea. It's custom to visit her on a pilgrimage at the end of your childhood, to learn what fate might awaits you in life, or better said, what task you should have in life,” Shereen explained and made a step forward at his side. Kai tilted his head and looked at her. “It's a prearrangement for the rest of your life. It's really true, you can believe me, she exists. Otherwise I would have never become president of the Arcannea Alliance.” Kai nodded thoughtfully, not very surprised about what she told him. “I believe you,” he said, “I dreamt of her last night,” he added after a short break. Shereen made a step back and looked at him in surprise: “You did what'” Kai looked into her eyes and repeated: “I dreamt of her. I wanted to ask you about her, when I saw this picture here…!” Shereen gulped. This sounded really strange in her ears. Kai saw her confusion and put his hand forward. “Watch it, if you want,” he offered. Hesitantly Shereen took his hand and closed her eyes, deeply hoping that the first experience she had made wouldn't repeat a second time. She pressed her lips together when the pictures streamed into her mind. The first impressions were a little mixed up, before Kai could think completely straight of his dream. She caught some pictures of an exploding planet, dead people and all over it laid this inexplicable sadness. But then it was over and she only received the dream. He had told the truth, he really had dreamt of her. And she wanted him to visit her. Another strange aspect she determined. Then the dream faded, he broke their contact abruptly as if he wanted to spare her any further things. Shereen furrowed her brows. This man was all mystery to her, a complete riddle. What did all this mean' Why did he dream about the prophetess' As far as she knew, no non-Sha'ran had ever dreamt of the prophetess, and of course, no non-Sha'ran was ever invited to visit her! Again there was this familiar impression when she examined him…as if she hadn't seen him for the first time. Well, she knew she hadn't known him before, at least not in this life. Desperately she tried to remember why his appearance was so very familiar to her. She knew that he wasn't really different to other humans she met in her life, well, he was very good looking, and something in his demeanor reminded her of a proud warrior, even if there was this hint of sadness in it. Warriors, Xev and Stan really didn't look like they were kind of these, so why did he' Somehow those three didn't seem to fit together, but only when she thought of this aspect; in a complete other she detected closeness she only knew from families.
“Who are you'” she asked hauntingly. Kai didn't answer at once, he closed his eyes for a moment, asked himself if this was the right moment to answer her question, and not very surprisingly, his inner self told him to do so. “I am Kai, last of the BrunnenG,” he said softly in a low voice. Shereen blinked when she heard what he said. “BrunnenG'” she asked puzzled. Kai nodded. >BrunnenG <. Slowly it seeped into her mind. How could she been so blind! The hairdo, of course! Now she knew why he had been so familiar to her. Only the BrunnenG wore their hair in this way. But what did he mean by >Last of the BrunnenG<' What does that mean' He couldn't be the last of this once so great people…< Her thoughts tumbled, and she nearly missed the call that the meal was served. Kai seemed to notice her confusion and added: “Like you said when you welcomed us, it's custom to tell stories during dinner, I suggest we'll do that now. Then you'll understand!” Shereen nodded absently and guided him to the table, where plenty variations of food were served. They all sat down after Shereen welcomed them again, not taking her gaze off Kai. Xev looked inquiring at Kai and he signalized her that she could tell their whole story without any exceptions. After Te'ran joined them, she started to tell the three Arcannea everything. Sometimes Stan threw some words in, Kai added his own story, but most of the time she talked.
The meal was long finished when she ended: “That's how we got here!” Thirsty, she took a deep draft of water. Shereen, Shore' and Te'ran kept silence for a while. Affected Shereen broke the silence: “That's a story I never expected to hear, really.” She understood, the whole thing made sense now. But it saddened her to hear what had happened to the BrunnenG. After 18000 years the fate of the BrunnenG was revealed. She looked at Kai: “I'm sorry to hear that after all your people were killed by the enemy we thought we had defeated together such a long time ago…” Now she understood the sensations she had felt inside him. His story was a sad one, tragic; she knew that she never would find the proper words to tell him what she felt this moment. So she touched his hand for a second and let him know. Kai closed his eyes for a moment and nodded, accepting her sympathy. But inwardly he sighed. Why did all people always think of him as victim' He had been a committer much longer. Sometimes he couldn't understand them. But maybe that's how humans were – always touched by any single fate. “No human should ever have to experience something like that!” Shore' added. “So, our ancestors weren't able to destroy all insects…something we always feared. Now we have the ultimate proof for it.” Te'ran shook his head. “I'm glad that this last insect you called His Divine Shadow could be killed after all. But so late, it's horrible to hear that he was able to control this other universe nearly entirely and used the humans to destroy themselves.” Shereen nodded. “We're all very sad to hear that one insect at least had survived and of course, that it interfered so much with your own life.” Stan answered: “Fortunately, this is history, we managed to kill His Divine Shadow and now have the Lexx, I believe it to be the last remains of the insects…we should be happy about that!” Shereen hesitated, as well as Shore' and Te'ran. “Well, that's not…completely…right,” she finally said. Kai listened attentively: “What do you mean with it'” Nervously Shore' cleared his throat. “You must know that we decided not to use insect based technology after the war, we developed this bio-organic technology you can see everywhere. Of course there were connections between bio-organic technology and insect-technology, because both technologies use bioorganic material, but what we mean when we talk about insect-technology is the one the BrunnenG had developed to defeat the insects. So in general you were right when you say that the Lexx is the last remain of any insect technology. But I fear, we have to revise that.” “To what extent'” asked Stanley. Shore' looked inquiring at Shereen and she agreed to tell them what he had found out not long ago. Shore' started: “As you know, we're at war with the Pr'karesh, I'm going to tell you the reason why and everything else what you want to know,…” Shore' told them everything he had explained during the council meeting and it was obvious that those news were a bit shocking. “Ships with insect technology' Here, in the DarkZone'” Stan asked dumbfounded. “How is that possible'” Kai said calm: “His Shadow had survived and crossed over into the LightZone, the Lexx and we left the Cluster and crossed over into the DarkZone, so why shouldn't it be possible that something or someone else may could have left the Cluster too'” Xev and Stan looked a bit unbelievingly at him, this thought was really startling. “Are you serious'” Stan asked. Kai only shrugged his shoulders. “I can't rule it out. I have no knowledge about the DarkZone and its history the past 18000 years, but if I implicate Shore''s comments, there were no remains of insect technology left over in the DarkZone, at least not any known remains. So my conclusion leads to that.” Shereen nodded slowly: “That's indeed a thing we should consider. We weren't aware that besides this universe another one exists, existed, some of our scientist were this opinion, but we never found any proof for it. But 4000 years is a long time for someone to survive…” “We did survive,” Xev said thoughtfully, “Maybe Kai is right, if we did, why shouldn't anything or anyone might have survived too'” She looked at the others. “Why haven't you sent any troops or spies to Pr'karesh to solve that riddle'” Stan asked. Te'ran shook his had sadly: “Of course we did, but no one ever came back. We lost dozens of ships and people. It's senseless. The few spies we we're able to integrate couldn't help us either, it's to risky to order them to infiltrate their government.”
“I should discuss this issue with the council. But wherever these technology came from, who brought it…they were clearly superior, and we really have more and more problems to hold our lines, to defend the planets our citizens were living on.” Shereen said. “I fear that if we couldn't come up with something everything would be lost… maybe we join the fate of your people soon, Kai. Defeated not by insects, but their technology!” Kai tilted his head and closed his eyes for a moment. He remembered his own world perish into fire. “If I'm any help for you, I'll be glad to assist you in this fight.” He said after a short break. Shereen was affected by his offer and answered: “Thank you. We really could need a little bit help!” Shereen rose from her seat and started to pace up and down. “We didn't want to involve you in this war, for I know, that you were on the quest for a new home…but we would be very glad if we were allowed to study the Lexx. His resistance against the immense firepower of the Pr'karesh ships may be useful for our own ships, too.” “Oh, it would be more easy to fly to Pr'karesh and blow the whole planet up!” Stan said hastily. Kai shook his head: “But there were also living people, Stanley. I'm not the opinion that the people there had a big choice what their government does. Like on the Cluster. If we want to change the situation we have to destroy their order, not their home and the normal people. Then we wouldn't be any better than they are!” “Kai is right. There might be another solution. If we were able to copy the resistance of the Lexx, we will have a far bigger chance to fight against their troops!” Shore' said. Stan nodded. “Okay, if this doesn't harm the Lexx in any way, I'll agree to that.” Shore' explained: “We have no interest to harm the Lexx. We only need some data. Don't worry!” Xev nodded: “If this is any help to you, why not'” It took a load off Shereen's mind when she heard their agreement. “You can't imagine how helpful this is for us…it gives us new hope…hope our people need very very badly!” Shore' rose up. “I'm so very glad for your permission and if you don't mind, I want to start immediately. The less time we loose, the more lives we may be able to save. With your agreement, Stanley…'” “Oh, yeah, of course. No problem! What do I have to do'” “Well, I think, I have to assemble my team first, and the equipment we need, I suggest we coordinate everything from the Arcannea-station. The security-chief will surely be very helpful…” Stan listened attentively: “Security-chief, isn't that someone called Yareena'” Shore' nodded in slight surprise: “Yes, do you know her'” Stan smiled coyly: “Yes…” Shereen looked inquiring at Xev. “It seems that he fell in love with her,” Xev said broadly smiling. “They met on Arcan's.” Xev laughed when Stan blushed. “With Yareena' That was about time, really, I always was afraid she would put her career over her private life!” Shereen smiled too. Yareena always had been one of her best friends. She grew up with her on Sha'ra and later, both studied on Arcan's. Stan grinned and scratched his chin. “Well, that's a strange coincidence…so, there's nothing I would do more gladly than to coordinate the transfer to the Lexx with her.” Shore' clapped his hands and said: “Well, then it's settled. May we go'” Stan nodded and was about to leave with Shore' when Xev stopped him: “Take 790, he may be useful for the data transfer or something else…” 790's screens popped on again. “Never, I'd never go with this insane meat loaf…!” he protested. “First 790, I told you to stay off, second…you will. I want to help those people, and so I want you to help them too, okay'” “Oh, but couldn't you go to the Lexx and do the work the left-handed fool should do'” the robot head muttered. “790, you know that Stan is the only one who had the…who is the Captain, and so only he could do this. Be nice!” Xev gave 790 over to Stan. “Well, 790, it seems that we should work together at this…!” “Unfortunately, yes!” 790 really wasn't happy, but if Xev requested to do so, he would. Te'ran left with Stan and Shore' to fly them to the Arcannea Station. Shereen, Kai and Xev were dropped behind. Shereen shook her head in amazement. “This robot head is the weirdest thing I've ever seen.” Xev sighed: “Me too, I'm happy that I didn't got that treatment, puh. What now'” Shereen looked from Xev to Kai, her silver eyes were glinting. “There is something that needed to be done, what about a visit to the prophetess'” Xev got big eyes: “Does she really exists'” Shereen's gaze wandered back to her. “Yes, Kai and I talked about her before we started the dinner. It's possible to visit her. She lives not very far away from here. If you're ready, we can go to her now!” Kai nodded in agreement. He badly wanted to know what this strange person wanted of him. “If it doesn't make short of it'” He said. “Of course not. We have plenty of time. Let us go. We'll take our small undersea speed boat.” Xev looked at Kai: “Another prophet…maybe another prophecy'” Kai pressed his lips together. That's what he wanted to find out. The thing he was curious about and the thing he feared most. Another prophecy – what outcome would it be this time'

Chapter 15

The prophetess of the Deep Sea

It was really a question he feared. The last prophecy had brought the end to his people. A superior enemy also had threatened them, an apparently superior enemy. Hadn't the BrunnenG been so isolated, so pathetic and old, they surely had been able to defeat His Shadow. The Arcannea now were different. They were a very well fortified nation, but threatened by a real superior enemy. But he could see some parallels between both historical events. Again insect-technology was involved, again he had to go to a prophet to learn about his, their or whoever’s fate. What might she tell him this time' Again the destruction of a people' She was not the Time Prophet, but the strange sensation of fate playing another important role couldn't be shaken off. His body tensed automatically when he remembered all those things that resulted from the first prophecy: The arrival of His Shadow, the destruction of Brunnis2, the death of his people and fighting friends, his own death when he tried to fulfill the prophecy – and his failure. Kai's lips pressed together slightly when his thoughts went back to his unsuccessful attack. The bitter taste of failure was still present. He pushed it back. No, whatever happened, this time he won't admit any failure, any imminent destruction. Whatever he could do, he would do. Maybe it was a second chance for him, a second chance to do something he couldn't do before – to end something in success. Or maybe fate came up with another thing to torture him. Sometimes Kai felt endless tired, tired of this fight with his past, tired of taking this new life under control. Then all motivation nearly left him. It was if he was dead again. He remembered his only motivation, or wish, when he had been dead: The dead wanted to be dead. He wanted a real, proper and final death. So he could meet up with his people in the DreamZone. The place where he was not permitted to go after His Shadow had killed him, because he never had died completely. His soul had been captured in some sort of limbo – obviously the planet Water. His body had been altered into some sort of a chemical-biological machine and of course, His Shadow had stolen everything he once had been, his personality, his memories, and he was sure that a part of his soul also went with it. After he regained the memories from exactly this former Divine Shadow, he felt this part for a brief moment, before it fled and joined the rest of his soul. There was no place for a soul in a dead and yet, not really dead body…This now was clear to him…since he got his life back and his soul returned to his living body, he understood that. But this experience wasn't very pleasant, another thing that made this new life a real misery sometimes. No wonder when he often felt no motivation to go on. The thought about the fact that he now really could die, that this time his soul was free to join his people in the DreamZone, attracted him very much. But something still held him back. First, committing suicide wasn't an honorable death, and second…there was Xev.
But despite all, the strong wish to die was always present and he knew that he longed for the day he could die, however he tried to feign himself. He never told Xev about this thoughts, he knew it would upset her, would worry her…and he didn't want to worry her. Kai sighed inwardly, nothing was eternal, and everything dies sometimes, so why worry' Someday it would happen…he only had to be patient, even if his patience was somewhat used up after 6000 years.

With a small undersea speedboat they left Dreema. Shereen navigated the ship without any visible guidance system. She seemed to know exactly where to go. After several minutes she stopped and let the boat sank slowly down to the ground again. Xev couldn't see a thing in this darkness and she asked herself how Shereen managed to navigate the ship. Then Shereen switched the lights on and the spotlights hit some ruins on the sea bottom. Xev blurt out a surprised sound. “What's that'” she asked. “It once was a city built by our ancestors.” Shereen answered and navigated between several high buildings. “These architecture is completely different to your current one. I assume that this city wasn't built for a life under water'” Kai asserted, when he observed the passing buildings. A lot of undefined waste lay around everywhere. “You're right. We hadn't always lived under water. Once, millennia’s ago, our ancestors had lived on the surface of the planet – that was before the water level had risen and buried all land, it also was long before the insect war took place. Now their cities lay on the bottom of the sea.” Shereen explained. “I first thought that it always had been like this…!” Xev wondered. Shereen shook her head: “No, otherwise I think we wouldn't have legs and arms like you…evolution, you know, we assimilated to a life under water over time, but our arms and legs always remind us that we didn't originate from a world under water.” Shereen stopped the shuttle on the roof of a nearly undamaged building and secured it to the surface. “Here we are, that's the building she's living in, but it's not that easy to get inside. We have to swim. Like I said, I'm assimilated to a life under water, but you aren’t. So we have to wait until your bodies were accommodated to the pressure down here. I'll give you a drug that sped up the process and slow down your metabolism.” Shereen gave each of them a small pill and both took it. Then she hit a few buttons and Xev felt a sudden change. “Be patient, it will take a while.” “This is the place where the prophetess lives'” Kai asked. “Yes, we didn't know why she chose this place, but I think so far no one ever had posed this question at her.” Shereen replied. Kai nodded and looked out the window to watch the ruins in the pale light of the ships spotlight in silence. Xev leaned back in her seat and relaxed a bit. She felt the difference between every pressure rising and tried to stay calm. To be trapped in a small shuttle was difficult for her, because it always reminded her to the box she grew up in. The rising pressure fortified this feeling additionally. Finally, after half an hour, Shereen gave them two small devices. They were black and felt somehow organic. Xev turned them around in her hand. “What's that'” she wanted to know. Shereen smiled and demonstrated the use of them. “Just put them into your mouth. Be sure only to breath through your mouth when we're outside. This device will assure your oxygen-supply.” “Oh,” said Xev. Then Shereen gave them some clothes and some glasses. “Here, change your clothes. It's very cold in the water, you'll need them, the glasses are for the sight, otherwise you would have trouble to see something outside,” “There's really no other way to get in'” Xev asked. Shereen shook her head. “No. There never was the need for another way to get to her, because we Sha'ran all can live under water, and so far no one else except the Sha'ran visited her before. I think you're the first non-Sha'ran to visit her.” Shereen slipped out her dress she had worn the evening and put her suit on without caring about her nudity. Xev shrugged her shoulders and did the same, as well as Kai. “I'll wait for you outside.” She opened an airlock on the bottom of the shuttle. “The barrier, which holds the water back, isn't harmful for us, so just jump through it.” Shereen made a step forward and jumped through the hole into the darkness. At once she assimilated to the environment she was born in. Her organism slowed down, slowly she swallowed the water and her lungs stopped working in the normal way. Her different biology allowed her to extract the oxygen contained in water and so to “breath” under water. Another thing that changed immediately, were her eyes. The former silver glinting eyes changed their color into deep black and she was able to spot her environment as clearly as on the planets surface. The silvery color was only a protection for the flashy sunlight.
Some seconds later, they saw the spotlight from the ship and saw Shereen waiting in front of the ship, Xev and Kai followed her. Xev needed a few minutes to get used to everything, the breathing and the cold water, of course, the swim-suit was really good and she felt her whole body warming up soon, but the darkness around her was very intense, and this scared her a little. She was happy for the steady ground under her feet, and the light in front of the ship. It would guide their way for a few meters. Shereen had a small torch in her hand that additionally lit a small area around them up. Wherever the light beam hit the water, the creatures of the sea fled. Shereen pointed forward and gestured them to follow her. As curious as Xev always was, this time she stayed close to Kai, she really didn't want to know what else besides them was in that depth. She felt Kais hand on her arm and his inquiring gaze, which asked her if everything was all right. She nodded and touched his hand gently. Then they parted and followed Shereen by swimming along the roof of the building. On the edge, Shereen waited and pointed downwards, it was pitch black there and Xev knew why Shereen had the torch brought with, then they started to swim downwards. Xev looked interested around wherever the light of the torch hit the building. The building was very high, must have been very beautiful once, because she spotted some architectural remains on the outside. Unlike the other buildings around, which all looked like skeletons, because of the missing windows, this one was in a really good condition. It hadn't very much windows for its size, but wherever she could see some, she didn't spot a broken one.
When they nearly touched the ground, Shereen stopped in front of an opening. It once must have been a door, now it was only an open gap, possibly the door once was made out of material that hadn't last the millennia’s. They entered a huge hall, which was, besides all the water, completely undamaged. The floor and walls were made of marble, the ceiling was decorated with very colorful paintings. The furniture, which once may have been here was long gone, but a huge chandelier still hung from the ceiling. Shereen pointed to the ceiling and another opening. Down here, Xev could see many damaged walls and maybe entries to other rooms of this old building, but the one above seemed to be the one of interest. Shereen swam ahead and slipped through the gap. Above, a surprise awaited them. When Xev had swum through it, she suddenly stood in another room, and the water only was knee-high. Shereen wrung her hair and smiled at them. “Welcome inside…” Kai was as well as surprised as Xev. Shereen switched her torch off, because there was enough light coming from some chandeliers at the ceiling to see the room. The room wasn't as big as the one under them, but it was also decorated with colorful paintings and precious materials, stone, wood and metal. Different to the room they entered first, she saw that several various furniture were still in its place, as if they were left not long ago. “You can breath normal here, there is enough oxygen…” Shereen said, her eyes going back to normal again. “How is that possible'” asked Kai and put the device out of his mouth. Shereen shrugged her shoulders. “We assume that somewhere here must be a generator, as you see we have light too, if you listen carefully you can hear a low humming. But we never found one. Some of our archaeologists guess that it must be located underground. But for us it isn't that important. It works, we have oxygen and light, that's all we need for any visit here. Maybe it is the prophetess herself that assures these support.” Shereen pointed to an intact door in front of them and looked at Kai. “Now, last of the BrunnenG – that's the way you have to go!” Kai nodded, and after a last look at Xev he followed Shereens outstretched arm. Xev immediately wanted to follow him, but Shereen held her back. “No, Xev, we have to wait here, she had called him, no one else!” Xev sighed and stayed behind. “Don't worry, the prophetess is only a prophetess, nothing will happen to him…!” Shereen calmed her when she saw her anxious gaze. “It's more the fear about what he might learn there.” Xev replied with furrowed brows. “It's normal to be afraid about such things, I have been afraid too when I visited her. Well, she isn't called the prophetess of fate for nothing. I believe that she had a lot of influence to one's life, but I think that's why she is here for.” “Sometimes I ask myself if it shouldn't be our own decisions that determine our future…too many times fate was predetermined in Kai's life, and he never had the chance to change that…” “Are you sure'” Shereen asked. Xev climbed up a few steps to get out of the water and sat down on a couch, looking back at her. “The TimeProphet had told him that his people would die, that he would be the last of them to die, and that he will be the one who will destroy the Divine Order and His Shadow. That's very clearly foretold in my opinion.” “Maybe, yes, but the TimeProphet looked into the circles of time, she only told him what had happened and would happen over and over again, if time really flows in a circle, and I'm yet not sure if the circle can't be broken, then there is really no chance to change it. At least, she hadn't told him that he would become alive again some day…” Shereen sat down next to her. “I'm sure he didn't expect that he had to exist 2000 years as an assassin of the Divine Order before he could fulfill the prophecy…that's what I don't like on prophets, they never tell you the whole thing!” Xev said. Shereen smiled: “I know. I'm sometimes your opinion, I don't know if it is good to know too much of things that might happen someday. It's the same that happened to me, when I visited her, I was told that in difficult and dangerous times I would be the leader of the Arcannea. That in this uncertain time it's important to have a good and steady leader…well, I was a bit surprised, but that's what was said. This was 55 years ago, since 40 years I'm president of the Arcannean Alliance and I expected to happen those “difficult” times soon, but for 20 years nothing happened…and of course I told them what would happen someday from the beginning…but you know how people are.” Shereen sighed before she continued. “No one really believed that the mighty Arcannean Alliance one time could be in trouble. It's a heavy burden you have to carry when you know exactly that this will happen and no one believes you. And when Kai told me his story I was reminded to those years. We did nearly the same fault, and for that I'm happy that we still were alive, despite all those circumstances.” Xev shook her head: “Sounded really similar.” “Yes, never put an oracle into question. She told me some more things I'm constantly thinking about, because I hope to see some clues to get out of our miserable situation. The prophetess of fate never tells you what exactly would happen, she always circumscribe things and also she only gave indices about what you could do…you always have the choice to do the right or the wrong thing. That's were fate really comes into play. She didn't foretell your life…life is what you made out of it…by listening to her advises…or not. You only have to listen carefully at them during your whole life because you won't understand everything she tells you from the beginning…or you simply forget…only to remember in time. So she had told me an oracle I couldn't remember until we met. There is a connection between everything that happened the past days, a connection between your arrival and our situation – otherwise I think our Alliance would have been broken up years ago.” Shereen said. Xev asked her curiously: “And what do you think is the link between us'” “Maybe I know now what she meant with the oracle she told me: If your hope is almost gone – the last of the lost ones will return and new hope will be born.” Shereen said and looked at the now closed door. “The BrunnenG always had been the lost ones in our history, and Kai is the last of them. If that's what she meant, I'm full of hope that we can manage this war.” Xev looked up in surprise: “She really told you that'” Shereen nodded. “Well, that's strange indeed. Now he has to visit her… and believe me… I'm very curious where this thing will go!” But Xev was still uneasy about it… even if Shereen told her that with these prophesies someone had at least some choice…what if they choose the wrong one' What if Kai has to make a choice that would end up with … she couldn't end that thought. TimeProphet or prophetess of fate, she really saw no difference in it. The only wonderful fateful thing that happened to them was Kai's return into a living state. But even this had its price. Couldn't be fate show any mercy to him' she asked in silence. She had seen the pain in his eyes when he had looked at her before he turned to enter the next room. And this hurt her too. “Let us calm down, Xev, it makes no sense to think about what she might tell or not. Let's just wait!” Shereen said and touched her shoulder gently. Xev nodded and smiled a bit. “You're right…”

Before Kai entered the room, a new wave of deja vu overwhelmed him. The last fateful visit to the TimeProphet was still strong present in his mind. Then he slowly opened the door and entered a room, which was bathed in a soft blue color. The door behind him closed automatically and he saw someone sitting on the edge of a fountain in the middle of the room.

“Hello Kai! Welcome. Tell me, how is my sister'” she greeted him in a melodious soft voice. Kai stopped irritated: “Sister'” he asked. “You thought about her before you entered…” the prophetess said and Kai was sure that she smiled. He closed his eyes, why didn't he really guess that' “TheTimeProphet!” he sighed. “Yes, of course, I haven't heard anything from her since a very long time…!” The voice now was much closer and he opened his eyes again. He found himself next to the prophetess and the fountain. The woman appeared to be far younger than the TimeProphet. She was dressed in a shining yellow dress and had long black hair. Her eyes shimmered like jewels. He knew exactly that he hadn't moved a bit, so it must have been her who had dragged him somehow next to her. He didn't like to be put somewhere against his will, he didn't like to be moved around like any object. So his question wasn't all too friendly, but he tried to act politely. “Why do you want to talk to me' I've heard that no non-Sha'ran had ever visited you'” If she detected his undertone, she dissembled. She played with the water inside the basin and gazed at him with her jewel eyes. “I'm living very isolated here, different to my sister, maybe that's the cause why no one apart from the Sha'ran visits me. Every one could hear my call – if they would listen, but unfortunately not very many do. But you have listened. I knew you would, because it's what fate wants – even if you might resist against fate.” Her chant got softer. She knew very well how he thought about fate and predetermination. And Kai said aloud: “Fate always wasn't meaning well with me…fate destroyed everything I once knew, my people, my world, my love…my life. There isn't much I want to have to do with any new predeterminations,” he said harshly and bitterly. “I know. You haven't had been the lucky one with fate. But tell me, isn't there anything good that fate may have caused for you' Tell me, isn't there anything in your new life that is positive'” Kai kept silence. “Xev is her name, am I right'” The prophetess stopped playing with the water and suddenly the environment changed again. Now she sat on some blue colored pillows, as well as Kai in front of her, the color of the room changed into a soft orange. “It's not mine to define your fate. I only tell you what I've learned about your fate. What you'll do with the knowledge I transfer to you – that's your true fate, Kai. After you visited my sister and she told you what would happen, you made your decision, like in every circle of time. But I can't tell you what will happen in your future. I'm not a TimeProphet, I do not have the gift to see into the circles of time. I'm a prophetess of fate. I only tell people what important things wait for them in their life, what they do with this knowledge…that's their business. I have no influence on events in the future and in the past.” Kai looked at her skeptically: “Could I've made another decision at that time'” “Yes and no. Yes, because you simply could have stayed on Brunnis and wait for death like all the others. And no, because the things were foretold, it was you who have to destroy His Shadow and the Divine Order. “ “So rather not,“ Kai said. “And where is the difference between you and your sister'” “As I told you, I can't tell you what really and certainly will happen, I'm only gifted to see important parts of one persons fate. I try to keep some order in the balance of justice and injustice in a person’s life. But in the end, it's always you who writes his own fate. I have no influence to change any person’s fate. But many people didn't think about what I tell them. They don't think about the consequences their actions may cause. Too many of them take the line of the least resistance...and this could have consequences which often turned out to something they didn't want or expect.” She looked a bit sad at Kai. “It's always important to think about prophecies, or something similar. As you did when my sister told you what would happen. Of course, to make this decision was easy. She gave you the hint that you will be the one who destroys His Shadow…even if she hadn't told you when. But it made it easy for you to make this decision. And I think, even if she hadn't told you, you would have made it.” Kai nodded slowly, his thought went unintentionally back to the prophecy of the TimeProphet. If he hadn't fought against His Shadow, if he hadn't left Brunnis, if he had died on Brunnis...His Shadows power had swallowed maybe more than only the LightZone. The DarkZone maybe would have been under his control also. The lives that would have been extinguished would have been certainly more than the destruction of the LightUniverse had ever caused. He had made a sacrifice he was unaware of at this time, but now he knew about it. It all became clearer to him now. Fate saved many lives, but also there was a price to be paid...so he had to kill hundred thousands of people. He felt the prophetess' fingers on his arm. They left small water drops when she withdrew again after a moment. “ I know your fate, Kai, your past, your present and a part of your future fate. I see the connection between all those events, they all lead to the events happening soon. And I also know about the fight, which will never leave you alone...I even know some things about you, you didn't know. And at first I had doubts if you're ready for the things I have to tell you...but…” Kai sighed and interrupted her: “No one ever had asked me if I was ready for something. No one asked me if I was ready to act against my own people like this, no one asked me if I was ready to fight against His Shadow...no one asked me if I was ready to die and to be “reborn” as a soulless machine and to kill people for 2000 years, and to wander the universe as an undead for much longer. No one asked me if it's okay for me to regain my life...burdened with all the guilt of 2000 years of remorseless killing...” Kai stopped for a brief moment, “Sometimes I ask myself if someone is interested in what I think, what I want, even now, that I'm alive again, it seems that fate denies me any free will to do what I really want to do...” The prophetess tilted her head: “I doubt that it's in your and Xev's interest what you really want.” “Maybe in mine...!” Kai answered coldly and very directly. He was upset. “You never have been an egoist, Kai, you've always put the welfare of other people above your own...” “My people could tell you a different story if they were still alive...when I broke their defensive shield,” “But we know both that they were beyond any reasonable thinking, that it wouldn't have made any difference. Their fate was sealed.” A moment of silence arose. Kai calmed down a bit, he was surprised that after all he had gone through the last weeks so much bitterness was still inside him. Of course, the prophetess was right, he wasn't a selfish person. And he wouldn't have left his friends alone with the current situation. “I'm sure that there must be any reason why I am here now, why we three are here. Maybe there is a reason why I am alive again, too. I think that's why I am here for'” He said to the prophetess. The woman smiled. This was a far better start to talk, she thought and answered: “There's always a reason for something, Kai. Of course, fate has brought you here. Decades ago I prophesied Shereen that someone would come to help her, to help her people, to gave them new hope in this nearly hopeless situation they were in.” Kai furrowed his brows inquiring. “Yes, that’ll be you. I clearly saw that some things would change with your arrival. The Arcannea will have a new chance to fight against this uprising Empire of Pr'karesh, and therefore they maybe can prevent another cruel tyranny over humanity. But it's only the chance to do so...not the certainty that it will be like this.” Kai asked: “So we have to make the right choice...” The prophetess nodded. “Everything in this chain of events depends on very few decisions...the right decisions.” “But there is a definite decision I have to make, that's the reason why only I have to come here, right'” Kai said with narrowed eyes. Again the prophetess nodded. “It's a certain situation you will be in, when you have to make this decision.” Her expression turned sad. “I don't think that it’ll be a pleasant situation...!” Kai said dryly. “And of course, you can't tell me anything more about this situation...!” The prophetess said contritely: “No, I can't, because that means to interfere with the time circle. As much as I sometimes want to tell people…but you know…every time they want to avoid those foreseen events…to save themselves, their friends or else, fate hit them only harder and finally the situation ended up in a mess. For that it's not allowed to tell too much. It's not the humans business to manipulate events in this way. So I can only give you the hint that you remember to make a decision when the time is close. I beg you, Kai, there is so much depending on the right decision.” Kai sighed again. Fate and decisions, unpleasant situations...he was so fed up with it. Again he felt her fingers stroking over his skin. “Kai, when you'll meet your worst enemy, who could also be your best friend...the time is near to make that decision. If you choose the right one, this universe and the people in it will have a new chance to live on without tyranny and in peace, or this universe will someday end like the LightUniverse had ended. I know this is a heavy burden for you to carry, but somehow I know that you'll do the right thing. Not only for the people here, for your friends, but also for yourself. And I am almost sure that in the end you will find the peace you long for. Always remember that there is really a greater cause.” She put her forefinger between his brows and concentrated. “This is something I never have done before,...and it's more I am allowed to do, but in this case this decision is justifiable, because the balance of fate in your case is very one sided ...” Kai winced when the fierce mental power of the prophetess hit him and pictures streamed inside his mind. They were chaotic and disordered, but somehow he knew that they would clear up when he needed them. “You've seen more than any other human being I know, Kai,” she said softly after she broke the contact. “You've gone through more pain than any other human being I know...so this maybe is the cause why I believe in you to be the right person to make this decision...you'll understand. And now go back to your friends. Everything will be revealed in time, don't worry. I have to rest now.” She put out her hand and Kai touched it. Suddenly he appeared next to the entrance and the room was colored again in this soft blue shimmer, but besides that, this time the room was empty. Kai turned slowly and left the room, returned to Shereen and Xev.

Of course, both women waited nervously for him, because the meeting took over three hours already. Something very unusual, how Shereen said. Xev was at his side at once, when he finally walked through the door. “Kai! I'm glad you're back!” she said and looked curiously at him. Kai stopped and stroked gently over her hair: “Give me some time, Xev. I have to think about everything I've learned,” he said in a low voice. Shereen didn't ask any question. She knew very well how confusing a meeting with the prophetess could be. She remembered that she needed a lot of days to clear up her mind again. “I suggest we return to the shuttle. The effect of the pills I gave you will only last for one hour at best. I really didn't expect that it would take so long…” “What will happen to us if the effect looses'” Xev asked. Shereen smiled bittersweet: “I think you really didn't want to know that…!” Kai raised his brows but said nothing. “Let's go-ho..!” Xev pushed and put the glasses back over her eyes and the breathing apparatus back into her mouth. Shereen wade back to the hole and jumped forward down again. Xev and a very reflective Kai followed.

Their way back proceeded in near silence. Kai didn't speak any word during their assimilation back to normal pressure and the whole journey to Dreema. Back in Shereens domicile, when they changed their clothes again, Xev asked him: “What can we do now' I mean, how can we be helpful'” Kai looked at her: “I don't know. Maybe we should wait what Stan's and Shore's opinion is, if it is possible to transfer the technology of the Lexx to their ships in time. I fear, that in the near future the Pr'karesh will attack again, and then it's useful to know that the new strategy works.” “Will they attack again'” she asked. “Of course they will. They think they're superior and that someday the Alliance will break up. They will double their efforts to bring the Arcannean down. Besides that…” Kai stopped a moment when some fuzzy pictures rushed through his mind. He saw explosions and people dying. In some familiar place, but he couldn't detect where. “What'” asked Xev. “I'm almost sure that we have to expect attacks from them soon. I can't tell when, where or how, everything I know is that it will happen. The prophetess transferred some pictures into my mind, and when I'm concentrating I'm able to take a closer look at them, but can't see them still very clearly. I assume that it is too early.” “Shereen told me that everything the prophetess tells comes back into your mind when you need it… and of course, if you listen to it.” Kai nodded. “That's true. We have to find out what we can do to prevent any possible new threat to the Arcannea. Maybe the information I got from the prophetess will help us, if I'm able to encrypt it.” Xev smiled and leaned forward to close the zipper on the backside of his jacket. “You will, I think there is a reason why you were chosen for that.” Kai looked a bit grimly when she said that. “I don't like to be chosen for anything anymore…every time it ended up with death and destruction, especially for those I love!” He turned away from her and tried to suppress the bitterness that showed up again. Xev caught his hand and stopped the movement by pulling him firmly to her body. She held him merciless fierce in her arms and whispered: “Is it that what you're afraid of' That I could maybe die' That Stan could die' That the Arcannea could be extinguished like your own people once had been extinguished'” Kai couldn't free himself of her embrace and gave up. Almost desperate he said: “Yes, I am. What would you do in my position Xev' With all the things that happened in my past it's not really a surprise, isn't it'” Xev shook her head slowly: “You needn't be concerned about me…” Kai interrupted her: “I'm asking myself what I should do if the pictures show me anyhow something I can't deal with, something I maybe can't change…such as something happening to you. Too many people have lost their lives because of me…I can't deal with that any longer, Xev. So you maybe can understand that I am afraid of loosing someone I love again. I always have and I always will.” In complete surprise Xev loosened her grip and Kai stormed off the room. “Kai, what do you mean by you always have been afraid of loosing me'” Xev yelled after him. This sudden confession surprised her more than everything else he had said since he was alive again. Had he really been afraid of loosing her all the time' Even when he was dead and without any emotion' Well, he always had told them that he had none…. she now wasn't so sure that this had been the complete truth. Maybe he hadn't felt the emotion, but she was sure that he in some strange way cared for her, for Stan, so why couldn't there be some sort of fear to fail in protecting them' But hadn't he said that he had been afraid of loosing her' This of course gave the whole thing a different meaning. There was a clear difference between the fear of failing in protecting someone or the fear to loose someone close. Xev followed him through the door back into the living room, where they had eaten some hours ago. Shereen was nowhere to be seen. Kai stood somewhere in the room and watched the rich sea life outside. “Kai'” she asked carefully. He didn't react. Xev closed the distance between them and asked again. “Kai….what do you mean by I have always been afraid of loosing you?” Kai's gaze dropped to the floor when he answered: “I…I'm not sure, I often think of the time when I was dead, that's not very easy, because it is like to remember some of the memories of those killed by His Shadow. And one of those things I remember very clearly is that there was more than a simple affinity towards you, Xev. It was a special kind of affinity, now I know that, because I can feel it.” Xev lifted her hand and stroke gently over his cheek. “You said you was afraid of loosing me. That's a sensation Kai.” The BrunnenG raised his head and looked into her beautiful eyes. “I know. But I don't have any better word to subscribe what was sometimes going on inside me when you put yourself in such silly situations. I couldn't feel fear, Xev, but I remembered this sensation. And like with all strong sensations I ever experienced in my first life…I was able to think of them whenever there was a situation a living human being might felt them.” He took her face between his hands and pulled her slowly closer. Xev closed her eyes and enjoyed his closeness very much. “Even love?” she asked whispering against his lips. Kai answered: “Sometimes, yes.” Xev melted completely, this was something she really hadn't expected. With an almost trembling voice, she said, deeply moved: “I love you Kai, and I'm happy for our affinity!” They couldn't resist any longer and shared a long passionate kiss. They parted when they heard Shereen cough behind them. “Excuse me, I don't want to disturb you, but I have to return to the council hall…!” She said with furrowed brows. “We have some problems with our evacuation procedure. And some Pr'karesh ships seem to attack the transports we have organized to bring our colonists back to the core planets of our Alliance.” “That's not good…” Xev said worried. Shereen nodded. “You see, the sooner we get protection against their fire power the better. It would save many lives.” “Then I suggest we return to the Lexx to help Stan and Dr. Shore' with the work. I possess some technical knowledge and may be of some use there.” Kai said. “That would be fine. Te'ran will return in a few minutes and take you back to the Lexx. And of course, you can use the guest quarters on Arcan's as long as you want. I'm sorry that I have to leave you alone…” Shereen retreated and left the room. “They're in real trouble, aren’t they'” Xev asked sighing. Kai nodded. “Yes.” “Did the prophetess say something about this conflict'” Xev asked suddenly. Kai looked out the window again. “Yes. But I have to think about everything, Xev. I can't tell you anything right now. Be a little patient. There were more hints and advices than clear suggestions how to solve their problem.” “Ok, I'll try to be patient,” she said. “Kai, Xev'” They suddenly heard Te'rans voice. “Here you are. My wife told me to take you back to the Lexx…is that correct'” “It is…” Kai said. “Ok, then let's go…I think I should change my job…doing shuttle service all the day now,” Te'ran grinned and started to walk back to the airlock, where he had parked the shuttle. “I'm very curious to see the Lexx a little bit closer, tell me, is it possible to visit it'” Xev smiled: “Why not' I'd like to show you around a bit, if Stan don't mind, of course, he's the captain.” Te'ran radiated back: “That would be wonderful. I've read a lot about the old insect ships, but of course, never seen such one…!” “The Lexx is different to those ships, “ Kai interjected, “It also consists of mechanical parts, and it is intelligent… kind of. Our moths are more comparable to the ancient insect crafts our ancestors flew.” Te'ran opened the door to the shuttle and let them enter. “Well, time moved on since those days…and I always wondered why we never developed ships with artificial intelligence, at least our ships are some sort of alive too, they're biomechanical/biochemical ships, you saw the material we use for various of objects' They had a lot of useful characteristics…self-healing, the material can adapt to its environment immediately and so on…our engines depend on biotechnology too, but we never thought of systems with a mind of its own.” Te'ran explained them. Xev touched the surface of the shuttle and nodded. She found the material interesting from the beginning. She took a seat next to Kai and asked: “I've seen very few of this material in daily use on Arcan's, even here on Sha'ra I saw it not often, is there a reason for it'” “Not really. But the use in space is much easier. We grow the material there and don't have to transport it into space first, that's an advantage. And the conditions in space are much better, no germs, no environmental effects. On the planets we still use raw materials of different kind. That depends of course which ones are available. But there's no main reason. It's just that simple.” Te'ran started the engines and maneuvered the small ship back into the endless ocean and from there back into the Sha'ran sky.

It took them only half an hour to meet with the Lexx, which was orbiting the station far closer now, so that the support of material and technicians of Shore's team could take place without much time delay. When they land on the bridge with the shuttle, they spotted a slight chaos. “Wow, what's happening here'” asked Xev and looked around surprised. Some technicians had brought some equipment and now a lot of it was spread all over the bridge. Stan discovered them and waved: “Hey, welcome back, didn’t expect you so soon.” “Very busy…'!” She said dryly. Stan grinned: “Yes, Lexx isn't used to that, I had to calm him down a bit.” “I quite believe it. I'll show Te'ran around a bit if you don't mind. Kai mentioned that he wanted to help you with some technical parts, if you need his assistance…!” “Oh, just show him around, that's okay. But where is Kai'” Stan looked over Xev's shoulder. Xev turned around and knitted her brows in surprise. “Oh…he just had been here…!” “Are you looking for Kai'” Te'ran asked and came closer, he looked around curiously. “Yes...” “He went off into that direction,” Te'ran pointed at the left entrance of the bridge. Stan looked inquiring at Xev. “I think he wants to be alone for a while, we visited someone on Sha'ra, she's called the prophetess of the Deep Sea. I believe her to be something similar like the TimeProphet. Kai had dreamt about her and we learned from Shereen that this woman really exists. So we went down to her. We stayed there for nearly three hours, and I think he had learned some very important things…!” Xev explained him shortly. “Eh, what things'” Stan asked. “I don't know, he doesn't know. Time will reveal it, he said. The only thing I know is that it must have to do something with the conflict and, well, I think with his person…maybe another prophecy.” Xev sighed. “Oh boy, not another one,” Stan looked a bit worried. “I can understand why he wants to be alone, two prophesies in a single lifetime – that's too much.” “I'll look for him later and tell him to help you, okay'” she suggested. “Alright, so far I have to do some things…fortunately 790 is very cooperative this time,” Stan said smiling. “How comes that'” Xev asked surprised. “Oh, I just threatened him with reprogramming…this time I swore that he would be activated by me!” Xev started to giggle: “That's good, captain, very groundbreaking, really. Fortunately he didn't agree.” “That's right,” Stan said with a fading smile when he thought about 790 drooling over him. Xev patted his shoulder and left the bridge with Te'ran.

Chapter 16

Bad feelings and apprehensions

Kai had used the opportunity to vanish somewhere deep inside the Lexx's many corridors and rooms. He needed some time to think. He entered a small chamber he had visited several times before, when he just got his life back and needed also many time to be alone. Kai sat down on one of the stool-shaped fleshy forms and leaned back to the wall. He had a headache. The pictures the prophetess had transferred to him showed up again and again, more often now. The first unintentional flood of pictures had hit him on Sha'ra, short after the visit, and now, since they arrived on the Lexx there was suddenly a constant flow of them, as if they want to show him something. But he couldn't recognize anything, because everything was like a movie in its fast-forward mode and a Kaboo-intoxication at the same time. It was very uncomfortable and he knew that he had to slow them down. He put his hand on his forehead and tried to concentrate, ignored the headache.
First there was only this chaotic mess of prophetical pictures, but then he spotted some clear fragments.
Again those explosions, ships in a space battle, the Lexx firing at something, then everything really slowed down…he saw the Arcannea station and suddenly he zoomed into the station, raced along the corridors until he reached a certain place. Kai noticed that it was a hangar, similar to the one they had landed on before. Strange sensations hit him there, fear, desperation, death…then he saw the shadow of a man drawing closer to someone near the wall, it was Xev, huddled there, her eyes filled with pain and slight fear…she seemed to call his name and hissed at the man in front of her, then he saw something glistering in the man’s hand…. Kai wanted to scream, to call the man’s attention…but of course, there was no reaction - he wasn't there, he only saw pictures, Xev or the man threatening her would never hear him. Instead he zoomed closer again, as if he wanted to run towards her, then, suddenly, everything went dark and the next thing he saw were stars, he was back in space again and the Arcannea station lay in front of him. A wonderful picture, but the peaceful picture quickly faded - an explosion quaked the station. Kai gasped and fell nearly forward…after a moment his eyes snapped opened and he was back in reality. Disturbed he tried to understand what he had seen.
The whirling images were very confusing, but he doubted that they meant anything different than they had shown. The Arcannea station was in danger, and something would happen - when he and Xev were also there.
The pictures of Xev huddled against the wall didn't leave his mind. He felt fear creeping into his heart, would she be hurt, or in the end die' The situation was scary enough. In fact he didn't know if the situation would ever become reality. The prophetess had only offered him the pictures as guidance, he had to find out on his own if they were the real future or a possible one…he guessed that everything would depend on those few decisions – including the important one. Kai decided to keep an eye on Xev, when they really visit the station for the next time. He always had protected her and he would never admit something happen to her…even if he was alive and much more vulnerable now.
Alive and vulnerable.
He hadn't thought about any situation where this could be a disadvantage so far. There was no need for it. But maybe in the near future he had to fight against other people, and likely had to kill again.
Kai shuddered. Wasn't the decision he had declared decided too hastily' Hadn't he killed enough' Could he hurt another one when he was forced to do it' He didn't know, maybe, maybe not. He let hung his head. Could a possible inability to fight be the reason for the foreseen situation, for Xev's situation' Kai started to groan…no, this was something he didn't want to think of, whatever happened, this mustn’t happen…never!
Coldness clasped his heart when he thought about the logical and only consequence how he might be able to prevent it!
A grim, desperate smile appeared on his face…oh yes, there it was again…the thing that was with him since he had left his home to fight – death. Death dictated his existence since 6000 years now…after death had come to him, he had brought it to thousands, again and again. His innermost was set on fire again. Would it ever end' Had fate created another game to strengthen the endless hell he was living in' It was hard to believe anything different. The prophetess had arisen new hope in him that it’ll end someday…but it seemed that there was again a price to pay for that. He never had killed while being alive…it was the only thing left to him…should that be the price to pay now' Should that be the decision he had to settle' No…not the important decision the prophetess had meant. He didn't know why, but somehow he felt that there had to be a bigger thing, the importance was too minor.
Too minor, a rough laugh escaped his lips, for everyone else maybe…
Another part of him was more resolute: he couldn't let Xev die…only because he wasn't able to stop any possible threat for her life. The prophetess was right…he wasn't that selfish. What was the difference, he already had the devil inside…even if there was a tiny bit of innocence left – the fact that he never had killed when alive. But somehow Kai knew that he was ready to sacrifice the tiny little thing that was left of this innocence – for Xev, and the way he had to go after that decision. He hadn't seen any pictures laying behind those events…they hadn't revealed yet, because the end was uncertain. The only thing he could do was to listen to his inner voice – and rely on it, hopefully it would show him the right way. Maybe another possibility than to kill again, but his hope only was very vaguely.
Fate – he really began to hate this word. He found himself doing to wish he was dead again – the dead at least weren't able to feel all this uncertainty and sensations coming with this situation he was in now. It was surely far easier to rely on logical and calculated decisions than to listen to inner voices and decisions made upon vaguely sensed sensations.
Kai shook his head, no, there was hardly less confusion in his mind after he had thought about all those issues, but to wish to be dead wasn't a solution at all. He couldn't hide from his new sensations, they would forever be a part of him now…he had to cope with them – in every situation.
He stretched out his right arm and looked at it. He bent his wrist, as if to shoot with the brace that once had been there. If he still had …but no, he banned the thought of having such a weapon.
It somehow comforted him that he hadn't the brace any longer. Too much pain and death was bound to it.
Kai let his arm fall back and thought about all the other things that were necessary to defend himself or another one: physical strength, cleverness, what was left of it after he got alive again' He didn't know. He knew that Xev could beat him in an instant, the clusterlizard gave her this strength, and he now was only a normal human. He surely had more strength than Stanley, but could he cope with other men? Kai tried to remember how it had been when alive…of course there had been some training and the one or other physical quarreling with other newborn or even older members of his people, and he remembered that he hadn't been someone who evaded those incidents…fortunately he won most of those. A faint smile appeared on his face, his parents weren't amused about such things, but he never wanted to be everybody’s darling…he had have his own conceivability of wrong and right. He had never evaded arguments when it was against his agenda, or the agenda of his friends. Something the BrunnenG couldn't deal with very well. But the newborns weren't cut from the same cloth than the old BrunnenG…and somehow they tried to show that.
And the superhuman strength after he became an assassin' With the transformation back he had lost it, of course, but he also remembered that strength wasn't the only thing how to win a fight.
His brain had been altered to develop strategies and counterstrategies in only few seconds and minutes… everything he had needed to hunt his victims down. Kai asked himself hesitantly if there was anything left of it inside the depths of his mind. He never had tried to find those remains…Xev had told him that she hadn't removed the chip implant with all the stuff it was programmed with, because she couldn't risk to damage his brain irreversible. Since the connection to all those other implants he once possessed was cut, it was useless…well, almost. The information was still there, every information ever transferred to it. The chip also had his divine assassin programming, but since he got alive and for that hadn't any other mechanical parts it was useless and stayed inactive, as well as the programming for his “special” assassination training program. He couldn't access this region any longer, and he somewhat wasn't unhappy about that.
He had to trust his and all those other memories he possessed to manage possible situations involving violence. There was no other way. He shrugged his shoulders and sighed, until there was no such situation he wouldn't find out if it would work, but what had he to lose' Xev maybe, if he wasn't well prepared. I will be… he said firmly and with new determination, I won't let anything happen to her…,he wasn't sure how, but who knows, somewhere must be the solution for that. And now stop hiding here, they need you to do something useful… Kai reprehend himself. He pushed all the unpleasant thoughts back, and rose from the seat to leave the chamber, he needed some distraction - and something to do - or he would get mad by thinking about all those issues and things that could happen.

Kai returned to the bridge and asked the happily whistling Stanley for something to do. “Hey, there you are, Xev asked for you nearly an hour ago…everything alright'” The Captain of the Lexx wanted to know. Stan was about to climb into the moth to get to Lexx's main control systems or his cortical knot somewhere above the bridge, an unhappy looking 790 in his arms. “I'm alright, Stan, thanks, I just needed some time to think…!” “Oh, Xev told me, about this prophetess, right'” Kai nodded. “So, what do you think' I mean, sounds strangely for another prophecy…” Kai shrugged his shoulders slightly: “Maybe, yes, but I don't want to … talk about it now, Stan. There are other things to do.” Stan looked a bit suspicious at Kai. He was sure that the tall man had to hide something, he could see worry in his eyes, and this alerted him a bit. But he also knew that there was no way to force the BrunnenG to tell him something, more than ever if he hadn't told Xev, so he gave in and handed 790 over to Kai. “If you don't mind…can you please attach 790 directly to Lexx's main control systems to extract some data of his protection systems, better said we need some data about Lexx's outer hull composition'” Kai nodded and took 790. Stanley still smiled, even though he hadn't got the information he was eager to get, this was unusual enough, so Kai turned around before he left and asked suddenly: “Did you meet Yareena'” Immediately Stan's smile grew much bigger, he had hit the mark. “Yes, but there was only few time…but better than nothing. She's really a great person.” Kai smiled back a little and looked down in his usual manner: “I'm happy for you Stan…!” Than the BrunnenG left. He was really happy that Stanley had also found some luck in his thitherto not very lucky life. All those circumstances last time were working wonders on them. First he got alive, this caused immense happiness for Xev, then Stan fell in love on Arcan's. Yes, he was really glad that both now had something that made them happy. Maybe the prophetess was right and fate wasn't always that bad…

Kai hadn't any problems to connect 790 to Lexx's systems and the stoically quiet robot head collected the data needed. Kai enjoyed the silence and the constant humming here above, it had something ruminant, and he could concentrate on his work even better. No disturbing thoughts troubled him now. First the chirping sound of another moth let him look up. It was Xev, and she was alone. He guessed that Te'ran had to leave sooner than he wanted.
790 of course noticed her appearance at once. He switched back into the normal operation modus and greeted her cheerful. “Oh my love-muffin is back, I…!” “Not now 790, later…please,” she said and silenced him with a strict glance. “Och….!” The robot head went disappointed back to work.
“Hey,” she greeted Kai softly, “Stan told me you're here.” Kai stopped connecting some wires and smiled slightly. “Where's Te'ran'” he asked. “He had to leave, some troubles with the reinforcement of the evacuation ships, he's on the station now!” Xev explained and looked over the wires connected to 790. Kai nodded and looked thoughtfully at her. “Everything okay'” she asked. “Yes, I just…needed some time alone,” he dropped his gaze again, so Xev couldn't see the spark of worry creeping into his eyes again. “I think I made another human experience,…” he said instead. Xev raised one brow: “Really'” Kai sighed: “It can make you mad to think about things which may can happen.” Xev leaned against the wall, crossed her arms and looked at him. “What'” he asked when he noticed her gaze. “You thought about things which may can happen' What things'” Was there some reproach in her voice' Kai put his tools aside. The relaxing moment was over, he couldn't ignore the coming back of these strange sensations he had have two hours ago any longer, when he looked into her face. As if something would happen soon, a kind of apprehension. Well, he had all reason for this apprehension. The horrible vision with Xev being threatened returned nearly at full force and he had to steady himself. “Kai'” Xev asked worried. “It's nothing,” he repelled. “I can see that,” her sarcastic voice brought him back into reality. “There is something you didn't want to tell me, I can feel that, Kai.” Again she tried to get something out of him, but he stayed silent. “I cannot, because there is no certainty for it…!” Kai said. There was no certainty in life, there were always miscellaneous possibilities…and suddenly he saw the same pictures again running through his mind…but they were slightly different. He was about to curse, because this moment couldn't be most improper…but what chance does he have to fight it'
He was back in that hangar, it was dark and there was a fight. In fast flashes he saw how someone sent him to the ground and from there he saw her…
Xev's numb body laid next to the wall, the other man, the same he had seen in his first vision, bent down to her with a now bloody knife in his fist. He wasn't sure if he had heard his own screams or Xevs', but they went lower and lower until awful silence fell. He couldn't do anything…, it was if he was frozen, then everything went dark again, the vision faded abruptly and he “woke up”, leaning against the wall. He felt someone clasping his arm and slowly breathed in. She was here, she was alive and what he had seen was only a vision… “ Kai, what the heck is up'” Kai opened his eyes and realized that he had shed some tears…The visions were worrying him more and more now, this time they had shown him the unacceptable more clearly. Kai closed his eyes again. he inwardly called out. When he opened his eyes again, tears of rage and sadness blurred his sight and he looked away from her. The prophetess had told him that people shouldn't know too much about their future, now he could understand why…and it made no difference if this only was a possible future. He had seen what could happen, and this scared him. He could deal with his own death, but not with Xev's, this was too much.
Grimly his hands balled into fists, somewhere deep inside he felt that the visions, real or not, a possible future or not, seem to have only one purpose – to convince him of the necessity to fight, to kill, to protect. His tortured mind screamed desperately. He felt withstand against a prevention to kill fading away. What he had seen in his second vision took a lot of the hesitation away…if it was the only way to save Xev, then he would do it, somewhere deep inside him he was now very sure about that, even if his reasonable mind tried to deny that. He would never ever admit Xev's death, as long as he breathed he would find a way to prevent that! In any way! “Kai!” The voice got more worried and rang a lot fiercer through his thoughts. Xev shook him slightly. She was confused by his behavior. If he knew something that shocking and obviously horribly, why didn't he tell her' She saw his expression turning from rage to sadness, then to an hesitate firmness, as if he had come to some sort of conclusion. “Why don't you tell me anything' I thought we would share everything that concerned both of us.” Kai turned his head and he looked at her for a very long time without saying a word. “I can't,” he finally said with barely audible voice. “Why'” she asked. “I told you.” “She showed you something that isn't certain, you said, I know.” Xev said impatiently, “But…,” “I cannot Xev, accept it!” he said far sharper than he wanted to, but sometimes her stubbornness really enervated him. Xev backed off startled. Kai never had stroke such a sharp tone at her. She could see anger crossing his face. “Sorry,” she murmured. A moment of silence fell between them, Kai picked up his tools again, but he only held them without doing something. He kept his gaze at them, he wasn't able to look at Xev's hurt expression at the moment. It wasn't his intension to hurt her, and he already was sorry for his sharp reaction. But everything would become more complicated if she would become knowledge about what he already knew. It was enough that his mind was troubled with it…he was used to that. He lifted his head the same moment Xev started to say something again. “I…!” she stopped again, uncertain if it was the right thing to do. His expression was unreadable at the moment. She took a heart and continued: “I understand. Kai, whatever happens, I'll be on your side, as well as Stan, you'll never be alone again.” Hesitantly she laid her hand on his. “And I'll never ask you again. But I hope that you'll tell us everything of importance…so we can help you. I've always trusted you, and I hope that you'll trust me and Stan as well.” Kai turned his gaze back at her, still she couldn't read anything, but finally he nodded. “Thank you!” he said. Xev smiled a bit. He cocked his head to the side, his usual manner when he was weighting something. “I'll trust both of you,” he finally added. “But the prophetess told me that people shouldn't know too much of their future, then they often want to change what will happen, completely not aware of what the consequences are– and for that they were only trapped deeper in their fate - or worse. I don't want this to happen, that's the reason why I have to carry some things alone, Xev. I don't expect from you or Stan to understand that, but I expect that you respect my decision. Life already is hard enough for me!” he closed very seriously. Xev looked aside thoughtfully. She hadn't considered such facts, but she should have learned that Kai didn't do something without reason…she cursed her curious side, sometimes she really crossed the line with it. With a contrite expression she looked back at him: “Are you angry with me'” she asked. Kai's expression turned into one of surprise. He had to laugh: “No, Xev, not really. I understand the reason for your ongoing questions, I sometime was similar curious and did enough to bug other people with questioning…even if it was inappropriate. I sometime was young too…!” “Hey, I'm 4000 years old…!” Xev said indignant, her smile returned. “I always thought it's a compliment to tell a woman she's young…” he murmured, an amused glittering in his eyes. “Oh,” Xev smirked. “Besides I am 2000 years older than you, for that…!” “Stop it, it's enough, I got it,” she fend off. Kai showed a faint smile: “Okay…!” “You really bug other people with questioning'” she asked a few seconds later innocently. “Of course, and believe me, some of the questions weren't very … advisable to ask, at least not among my people.” Kai concentrated back on the work, he changed some wires and reconnected some, avoiding any other possible requests of his past, he had noticed her curiosity within the last question.
Xev smiled, well, she really didn't expect him to tell her more. Like so many times before, Kai didn't reveal anything more about his heritage and his former life than small bits and pieces, something like what he had said just now.
She sighed, she doubted that if they hadn't come across the little theatre she would have known nothing about him. In this manner he still was all mystery. Suddenly 790 turned on again and told them that he had finished and all necessary data was saved on his memory. Kai reconnected the wires to their original position and Xev took 790.
The three returned to the bridge with their moths. It was quieter on the bridge now, only Shore' and Stanley were talking about something. Xev handed 790 over to Shore' and she told 790 to transfer every data needed to develop a new protection for the Arcannea. Shore' was very happy and he left them to join his team in the provisional laboratory they had erected in a room next to the galley. The three were alone for a moment.

“So what do you think'” asked Xev and sat down on the step next to the pedestal. Stanley replied from his position above them: “About what'” “Is it possible to help them' Can they somehow use the knowledge'” “I don't know, they're the scientists and technicians, not me,” Stan said. “Kai'” Xev asked on. “As they have an advanced technology and a deeper understanding of bioorganic technology I think they should,” was the answer. “I hope so, it really would be a tragic loss when those Pr'karesh defeat them…!” Xev yawned. “Stop it Xev, I'm already tired enough…” Stan interrupted her and yawned too. “Think I should go to get some sleep then…” Xev said. “You're staying aboard'” Stan asked. “Of course, even though Shereen told us that we can stay on Arcan's, but I'm too tired to return, nighty-night!” Xev stood up and waved at them, her inquiring look at Kai was answered with a slight shake of the head. Xev shrugged her shoulders and left.
“I think I'll go too, Kai, I'm sorry, but it were some busy hours.” “It's okay, Stan, I'll see if I can help Shore' somehow,” Kai answered. “Good night then,” Stan said and left. “Good night Stanley,” Kai answered and left the bridge through the other passageway.

He really wasn't tired, so he had decided to ask Shore' if he could help. Shore' was very happy about Kai's offer, for they needed badly someone with a better skill for technology. There still were a lot of devices to connect and to assemble, and the last technicians should arrive tomorrow first. “The sooner we can start the better,” said Shore' and was relieved that he was able to take a look at some data so early. “Where the heck is this technician…!” they heard a feminine voice cursing from somewhere in the back. Kai turned and looked behind some boxes. “Do you have any problems'” Kai asked and arched one brow when he saw a young woman, barely at Xev's age, lying under a desk, constantly muttering. She moved back forth and stroked some unruly red hair back. “If you don't mind…but I think we need to check the connection to Lexx's communication system, that's where the problem lies.” The device she wanted to start was their computer system, and they needed a connection to the Arcannean database first. Kai looked at the wires and asked: “Couldn't 790 fulfill that task'” he asked. “I think your robot head is needed for the data transfer, so can you somehow connect our computer with the Lexx'” she asked. Kai nodded: “I could, do you have a receiver for the computer'” “As far as I know…yes, but actually I'm not the technician, that's Sa'k, and he's gone somewhere, grrrr,” she said angry. “Gone somewhere'” Kai asked suspiciously. “Yes, he went off into the passageway half an hour ago, I thought he had to fetch some material from the bridge, but he hadn't come back since that.” Shore' drew closer and heard her last words: “Is there a problem Ar'ata'” “Not really, but one of the technicians who should help us installing the equipment is somewhere lost…!” she said. “Mh, that shouldn't happen of course, but the Lexx is confusing, maybe he lost his way,” Shore' said. Kai had discovered the receiver and took it. “I'll look for him when I return from the installation of this device,” he said and left the chamber. “Thank you!” Ar'ata called after him and smiled. “Too bad he isn't single,” she said to Shore'. Shore' smiled: “I always thought you only have eyes for your diagrams and numbers….!” “Most of the time, yes, but I'm still a woman not a computer program!” Ar'ata snorted and went back to her work.

Kai was a little bit surprised when he saw a second moth standing on the landing platform near Lexx's main control systems. He knew exactly that Stan and Xev had gone to bed, who else could be here if not them' Carefully he entered again the huge chamber where most of Lexx's mechanical devices and data wires were. An unknown man stood in front of some of those devices and he could see that he seem to study them. “He was right…. there…no…. control…. ship.” Kai wasn't able to understand much of what the man said. Obviously he talked via squawker to someone. Kai spotted this device some moments later when he stopped talking and closed the frequency. He put the small device away and walked back the way to the moths, when Kai suddenly emerged from the shadows.
“May I help you'” Kai asked calmly. The other man was clearly appalled and shrieked back for a moment. But he recovered fast and answered quickly: “I was looking for some connection possibility to the ship, so we can connect our computer system over the Lexx's communication system with our database.” Kai's eyes narrowed a bit. Something with this man was wrong, even if he was telling something quite logically on the first sight. Of course he could have made a call with someone to ask anything, but Kai felt that the man lied. And of course there was another thing that made him more than suspicious. Casually he asked him: “I think then you may have forgotten to take this device with you. Besides, how did you find this area' No one besides us knows where it is, and no one has access to it.” The BrunnenG turned the receiver in his hands. “Sorry, I just didn't know,” the man said and looked at the device in Kai's hand then at Kai self. It didn't sound very convincing for Kai. He had to take an eye on this fellow. Something in his body tensed immediately when he looked at him and he didn't know why. Some memory told him that his reaction was normal when danger was scented…
Kai wasn't an assassin anymore, but his intense gaze was still determined and fierce enough to make another man look down sometime. And Kai wasn't very amused that this technician was weaseling around here. The man, Ar'ata had called him Sa'k, finally dropped the gaze and murmured some excuse and announced that he’ll return to his work. But somehow Kai was convinced that he only was a good actor. Something in his behavior wasn't that obedient and compliable, at least not to ordinary people. Before he could leave the chamber, Kai caught his arm and stopped him: “There's no reason for a sight seeing tour of the Lexx, if I see you somewhere else besides the chamber you were working, the galley or the bridge, I'll let Shore' know and I think this will have consequences.” For a moment Kai sensed an angry spark in Sa'ks eyes, he felt the muscles tensing under his fingers, but only for a few seconds, than the man nodded and Kai let him go. No, this fellow didn't suit him, every inch of his body told him that. And he was sure that his suspicion was right. This man wasn't what he tried to make them believe. Kai watched the moth leaving and turned to install the device, he knew that the scientists needed their communication system and he also needed some rest soon. But this incident bothered him a while. He connected the receiver and returned to the laboratory chamber. Ar'ata was jubilating when he entered. “Thank you, Kai, it works,” “You're welcome,” the BrunnenG nodded and let his gaze slide over the attendees. Sa'k was working in a corner, which calmed him a bit. He saw no need to tell Shore' now, for he had no evidence, but he again felt this strange sensation that he didn't seem to fit in among all these other people. “Did he call you a few minutes ago'” Kai asked Ar'ata, with a slight head movement at Sa'k. She looked at him with big eyes: “No, there weren't any calls since you left, why do you ask'” “Nothing of importance. If you need anything further, we're around,” Kai said to her and Shore'. “Okay, thank you. The data I have studied so far made me optimistic that we will be finished in a couple of days, two or three I think.” “Take your time,” Kai said. “Yes, but we don't have much,” Shore' said with sorrowful expression. “I know, good night,” Kai nodded and left the chamber. “Night,” Shore' put his attention back on the screen, where he had studied the data and continued his work.

Kai returned to Xev's bedroom and lay soundlessly down next to her. She was already asleep and he saw no need to wake her up. The thought about the technicians' actions bothered him still, but he didn't come to any conclusion - he fell asleep before.

The next morning, he felt someone tapping constantly on his arm. “No,” he mumbled in his pillow, “I don't want to get up Xev…!” But the tapping continued. Bedridden he opened his eyes to tell Xev again that he was still tired, but Xev's space was empty. Still half asleep he turned and looked into Stan's face. “Sorry to wake you Kai, but Shore' asked me if you can fetch some devices from the station and bring them here, to the laboratory.” “Slowly Stan, I'm not wide awake already…” Kai got into a sitting position and stroke his loose hair back. Why did they want him to go to the station, hadn't they enough technicians to do that'
Stan seemed to be in a hurry, he tried to explain him again: “Sorry. Okay, once again…” “It's alright, I understood what you said, so you want me to go to the station to fetch some things and transport them to the Lexx'” Stan smiled: “Exactly.” “Okay, just give me some minutes…!” “No problem, Xev waits for you in the moth-breeding chamber,” and then Stan was gone. Kai sighed, stood up and dressed. Why was Xev waiting there' Kai badly had to clear his still sleep-confused mind. Absently he finished his hairdo and then he left for the moth-breeding chamber.
On the way there he met Ar'ata. “Hello!” she said friendly. “Hello,” Kai answered. “Stan informed you about those devices to fetch up'” she asked. Kai nodded. “Good, is it possible to take me and two of our technicians with you'” “Yes, but tell me, why didn't fetch your own technicians the stuff, I thought you have shuttles'” Kai asked. “Seems like we have again problems out there!” She pointed above. “Sixteen evacuation ships arrived two hours ago and they need any available shuttle to bring the fugitives to the station or the planets. And they need all available technicians to repair the damage. So there's only one of our three technicians staying, and the others who should arrive today won't come.” Ar'ata said a bit desperate. Kai nodded: “I understand.” This would make the whole situation a bit more complicated. They surely would need more time now. But now he knew at least why he had to go there.

They reached the moth-breeding chamber, but Stan was nowhere in sight. Xev explained him that he had gone back to the bridge, answering an important call from Yareena. “I wonder why he hadn't gone to the station…” Kai murmured. “Are you a bit gruffy this morning'” Xev asked teasingly. Kai rolled his eyes and said: “I'm not sure but this night was somehow short.” Xev laughed and climbed into on of the moths. This now woke him up completely: “You want to go with me'” he asked astonished. “Why not' We'll need two moths…one for the people and one for the material. And besides that, Ar'ata told me that there were some very nice shopping malls there…” She pointed at Ar'ata who climbed into the second moth with two technicians. One of them was Sa'k. Immediately this strange gut feeling returned and he was reminded to the situation yesterday. He still was convinced that this man had lied. Shore' surely wasn't interested in Lexx's control systems, and he was sure the Arcannea too weren't that curious so they try to find out something on their own without permission. He glared at Sa'k as if to find out what he hadn't told him. But the technician only glared back shortly, his expression didn't give away anything. Kai seriously thought about keeping an eye on him when they reach the station, so he was a bit disappointed that Xev wanted to come with him. Not that he didn't like her to be with him, but he couldn't go with Xev and watching this guy at the same time. And telling Xev about his “suspicion-only-depending-on-some-uncertain-evidences” was out of question. Well, he had seen him communicating with someone unknown, but this wasn't evidence at all. He shrugged his shoulders and calmed down, maybe there was an opportunity to find out, he had to wait, and there was nothing else he could do at the moment.

So they left the Lexx with two moths and flew over to the Arcannea station. Ar'ata who flew the second moth lead them directly to a hangar and they landed. They left the moths after the atmosphere had recovered and the energy field protected them from the deadly vacuum in space. Behind the hangar lay a small passageway and then they entered a huge room, obviously a service room and waiting area for several hangars reachable from here. A lot of technicians and other staff hustled and bustled there.
Ar'ata had left them for a brief moment and returned with an angry look on her face. “I can't believe it…. these…oh, I could go overboard…we were put on the waiting-list, …those…those bureaucrats. they say. No matter if the work we do is important for the Alliance or not! If their tiny asses will be blown up tomorrow I'm innocent, I tell ya!” “I suppose because of the evacuation ships'” Kai asked. Ar'ata nodded. “We have to wait two or three hours, sorry. I suggest you take a look around, we should meet again here in three….!” A cracking interrupted her, then a screen above them flickered and Shereen appeared on it. Immediately silence fell around. The people stopped their work as if switched out.

“May I call your attention please'”

Xev and Kai knew immediately that this wasn't a usual procedure, the reaction of the people was scaring. Shereens face also showed a clear sad and upset expression.

“Today, two hours ago, I was informed that one of our evacuation transports from Tarron 4 and Ghe'a was attacked by the Pr'karesh and nearly had been destroyed completely. We do not have a number of victims yet, but we calculate with over 600 000 people being killed in this barbaric act of aggression. As a reaction, the council decided to stop any evacuation from those regions. We are aware that this could mean a complete take over of those planets by the Pr'karesh, but we know that at least the inhabitants weren't slaughtered…and we may have the chance to re-conquer those planets. But we will defend those planets as good as we can. The council and I hope that the people of the Alliance as well as our citizens on those planets concerned will understand our reaction. If anyone wants to leave on his own, he should do that, we will help in any way we can. Citizens and those who have relatives from Tarron 4 and Ghe'a can report to our crisis management, which will soon be erected on this station, segment 5, level 2.
The council and I want to offer our deepest condolence to all those who have lost friends, family and relatives. And we also promise that we try everything to prevent any further attacks on our citizens in the future. Thank you for your attention!”

The screen went blank and left dead silence. The people around them didn't go desperate and hysteric, but the expressions were completely serious, sad and in more than one case they could see someone cry. After several minutes, most of them started to work again, but a lot more silent and slower than before. Kai still looked at the empty screen with narrowed eyes. Xev sighed, as well as Ar'ata. Xev had seen many planets destroyed, a whole universe with countless people, this all had been weird and sometimes scary, but never before she had felt so sad for the loss of so many lives like now. Maybe because of the connection they now had to the Arcannea. Kai's attention was caught by Sa'k who hadn't shown any reaction when the president had spoken. Kai wasn't sure, but it seemed that Sa'k wasn't uncomfortable at all by this situation. Now the man turned and said in a flat voice: “I'll be back in two hours.” Then he started to walk to the exit. Ar'ata called after him: “And who should do all this bureaucratic shit'” But Sa'k didn't turn. “Hey!” Ar'ata made a face. “All the same, every time, I should talk to Shore' that we don't need such technicians, really.” Kai watched the vanishing man. “How long has he been in your team'” he asked. “Not very long. Our technical unit sent him to us. They said, he is very good, so he came to us. No idea how long he worked for them, really.” Kai nodded. “Alright, then I have to do it on my own again. You negotiate your way'” she asked. “I think so.” “Well, then we meet again in three hours, I think.” She vanished into the crowd and Xev and Kai were on their own.

Kai really wanted to know, where Sa'k had to go that suddenly, instead of helping Ar'ata with the work, but when he and Xev reached the passageways, he wasn't visible anywhere. Again this disturbing sensation flooded his stomach. “Are you coming'” Xev asked. Kai blinked, he hadn't realized that he had paused. “Where to'” He asked. Xev let an imploratory smile appear on her face. Kai sighed. The shopping mall, alright, this now promised some distraction and alternation.

How right Kai was with his assumption, he didn't guess.
Sa'k had used this welcomed opportunity to leave the Lexx again. He had sent his master the current status of information and the request how to continue with the task.
His master had given him a lot of useful information about the Lexx before he started the mission, but nothing of its crew. Maybe because his master wasn't sure about the current owner of the Lexx' He never thought that his master could lack off such important information. Well, it wasn't his fault, this ship had arrived here so surprisingly that there was no time to find out such things at once. So he was sent here for that purpose – to collect information.
And he truly had discovered some very useful and of course surprising information. First of all he was a bit surprised by the fact that the crew wasn't a mighty creature his master had called Divine Shadow with some of his guards, instead only three ordinary humans and a robot head were aboard. By revealing the crews true nature, the task got easier he had thought. So the answer came fast and expected shortly… But before he was able to continue he had to take care about the second part of his mission and with it of some more unimportant members of the crew.
So he wasn't concerned about a successful ending.

Sa'k entered one of the private meeting rooms along the shopping mall. He closed the door and looked at the three waiting men inside, who wore as well as him technician clothes. One of them was very gaunt and had dark hair. His face wasn't very friendly. The other man was much taller and looked very athletic, also his appearance was very dark. He had brown hair and a face that always showed red sports, the third one was the oldest one of them, he showed already grey hair and he had a lot of scars on his once not unattractive face. “Everything done'” the gauntly man asked. “Not completely. I have sent a request to our master and will return to the Lexx after we finished the mission here.” Sa'k said and sat down. “Where is the problem'” The other man asked. “One of the crewmembers seems to guess something. He caught me when I called you from the Lexx's main control system.” “Why hadn't you killed him at once'” “Not the right timing. We have to be careful. I thought we can eliminate that 'problem` here on the station. Do you have everything, so we can start'” The athletic man nodded and showed him a bag. “Okay. Prepare everything, we meet in two hours in hangar 46 on this level, that's where we landed, and then two of the Lexx crew will be dead as well as most people on this station. Then we only have to deal with the Captain of the Lexx, this is the man the Biovezir surely is interested in and our completion of the whole mission.” Sa'k said smiling wicked. His companions nodded, smiling in return. “Then we set the plan into action.” “Good.” Sa'k rose from the seat and left the cabin without turning.

Whilst Xev was watching the many shops, Kai had spotted Sa'k by pure chance coming out of the conference room. He watched him carefully and saw him slurry over to a cafe, where he sat down and ordered something to drink. Several minutes later the named conference room once again caught his attention. Three other men left it, also clad in technician overalls, one of them carried a heavy bag very carefully. But like with Sa'k before, the clothes didn't seem to fit…there was something wrong with them. Kai stopped nearly breathing when he recognized one of the men. He had seen him clearly in his vision…the man that wanted to kill, or killed Xev in it. Suddenly he was wide-awake. There was clearly something going on here…whatever the vision had tried to show him…it had begun.

Kai watched Sa'k carefully, the gut feeling had grew more intense, he was aware that whatever would happen now…he had to be constantly ready…he must…because he didn't want to let happen what the vision had shown him. Kai started to think back to the days he once had to plan attacks and strategies, because the few things he had seen so far reminded him very strong to a plan. Everyone maybe would have laughed about him, but what came now in his mind sounded strangely logically.
What if they were Pr'karesh…planning to attack someone or something in the deepest heart of the Alliance…if he was the bad guy - or an assassin, he would exactly do that.
The station was very important, it was their supply, their main transport way…everything.
Kai froze when he thought about all those people on the station, he knew that there were two millions coming and going in a constant flow. He had to do something, he must find out what this Sa'k and the other men were planning, but how'
His thoughts were interrupted when he felt Xev appearing next to him.
“Here you are, what you're doing, staring into space'” Kai shook his head, and Xev followed his gaze. “That's one of the technicians who flew with us back to the station, isn't he'” Another nod. “Why do you watch him'” “Something is wrong here, Xev…I can feel that!” Xev looked more than surprised at him. Kai never had declared some gut feelings that clearly before. “What do you mean'” she asked skeptically and laid her hand on his arm. Kai looked at her, without taking his attention off Sa'k. “I should explain you…!” he said and told her about the incident in Lexx's main control chamber and everything he had observed after, except for the visions he had received from the prophetess, for the obvious reason.
“Strange, indeed. And you really think that he may can be a Pr'karesh'” “Perhaps,” was Kai's answer.
At least, it could make any sense. Assumed he was from Pr'karesh, could it be that he knew something about the Lexx too' Better said the one who had sent him here' The Pr'karesh use the insect technology, obviously based on Cluster technology, and the Lexx also was partially insect – and built on the Cluster. This could explain Sa'ks knowledge about where the Lexx's main control systems were…Kai hadn't believed in a coincidence, and he knew that Sa'k lied at him when he said that he found it by chance. Someone must have told him, someone who knew the Lexx… Allowedly, all this thoughts sounded a bit strange, even in his own ears, but the logic in it quite hurt. But also there was no one he could think about who had this knowledge, besides His Divine Shadow…and this last insect was definitely dead. How should he know then' Who could be the one responsible for all this' He hadn't any idea, because he hadn't been really aware of anything these 2000 years he had spent on the Cluster. “So, what should we do'” Xev asked and once again snapped him out of his train of thoughts.
“The best idea I have at the moment…” Kai said. “…is to watch him, he's waiting for something, and we should stay close to him…it's our only chance to learn what's going on.” “Alright, I trust you, Kai…” Xev sighed inwardly. Admitted, it was anyone’s guess…but she ever had trusted him, and the things he had said were somewhat concerning, even if he hadn't told her everything…she was sure about that.

They watched Sa'k from their hidden place behind some plants and after two hours they followed him inconspicuously. He made his way back to he hangar where they had landed two hours ago, and just as Xev wanted to tell Kai that he may had been wrong, he may have interpreted his feelings wrong, they saw how he met with two of the three men Kai had observed before, and vanished around a corner into a side passageway.
Kai signified Xev to stay behind and followed them. Slowly he sneaked around the corner and covered behind some boxes. He only was five meters away from them, but he couldn't hear what they were speaking, because they did it in a hushed tone. But he could clearly see that the bag, the one had carried, was nearly empty now. The gauntly man put his hand inside the bag and showed Sa'k a small black device. In his other hand he held two other different devices. Sa'k threw a short glance at them, then nodded and the gauntly man put them back. The third man he had seen with them before, was missing, maybe he was somewhere else and waited for further instructions…Kai was able to take a good look at the devices they had…and he recognized them immediately. With sudden realizing he knew what they were about. His lips formed a small line and he didn't try to imagine what might happen if they succeed in what they were about to do. He had to stop them, the sooner the better, for he didn't know how much time was left now.
He had seen enough and advanced backward carefully.
Xev looked inquiring at him when he met her in the main passageway. Many people were running up and down, technicians entering and leaving the service room, which lead to their hangar. He grabbed Xevs shoulders and shoved her around a corner. “I was right, they plan to destroy the station,…” he said darkly. “What'! Are you sure'” she asked terrified. “I know the devices they want to use for that task, believe me…I've worked with them a very long time,” he answered grimly. “Oh my God. What we're waiting for' We must stop them…!” Xev wanted to run back. “Wait!” Kai held her back firmly. The pictures of her, screaming and maybe dying returned with full force. “You have to go and find Yareena, Stan's girlfriend. She's the chief of security here… “ “But…!” “No buts, Xev…” “Oh yes, do you know how much time we have left' If this are time fuzes…you understand, maybe it's the only chance to stop them and save the station…!” she said firmly. Kai hesitated. Of course, he didn't know how much time was left, it would be impossible to part and try to stop them in this way, one of those Pr'karesh was missing, he didn't know where he was, but they knew where Sa'k and his companions were, whatever the fourth man was good for…these three were definitely the important one's. Kai closed his eyes for a moment and suddenly it became clear to him that he wasn't able to stop the chain-reaction of events beginning from now on…soon he would know if the visions had shown the truth or if he was able to do something completely different to prevent it.
“Let's go, before it's too late,” Xev said determinedly, Kai wouldn't stop her from going with him, whatever scared him about this thought. “Xev, I don't want to happen…” Kai tried a last time, but he knew that he had lost already. “…something to me' I know. But I'm a big girl. And if we're two we have a far bigger chance to stop them…you know that you're not an invulnerable dead assassin anymore,” she pointed out. It was senseless, he knew it and with a slight nod he gave in…but the worried look on his face grew deeper.

They turned around the corner again and saw the three villains entering the service room in front of the hangar. For Kai it was clear that they planned to escape with the moth…to the Lexx, after they had ignited the bombs. There was no other way to get away from the station then using the moths – after ignited the bombs. Another reason more they had to stop them.
Stan would clearly be in danger…and if Sa'k succeeded, he could do anything to force Stan to do whatever he wanted to do, Stan wasn't the greatest hero of all times, even though Kai would never blame him for that. Stan had his good sides, if the scales really had to tip to their side, he was there when needed! Hopefully Sa'k didn't know anything about the key and Stan's function. But either he knew or not…they had to stop him.
They followed them, nearly running through the crowd of technicians and staff working there. Kai spotted Ar'ata in the crowd and grabbed her arm. “Tell the people to go, evacuate this hangar, inform Yareena, quickly, we're after some terrorists who have bombs, they want to destroy the station!” Kai said hastily and moved on. Ar'ata stood dumbstruck for a moment but then she moved as fast as lightning.
Kai and Xev couldn't follow the things going on outside any longer, because now they entered hangar 46 through the small passageway. Their moths were somewhere in the back and out of their way.
They watched one of the men putting the last bomb, the devices Kai had recognized as such, in place. Kai knew that he hadn't any weapon, and he was sure they must have some, but he had to take the risk, there was no other way…

He closed the distance between him and the gauntly man who stood not far away from him. The moment of surprise was clearly on their side, so he was able to grab the man and put his arm firmly around his neck. “Put the bomb away Sa'k, and lay down the time fuze!” He said with his strong baritone voice to Sa'k and the athletic man. He felt the men’s body tensing when he tried to resist, but a more firm pressure of is arm and he gave in. Kai suddenly felt strangely calm…it had begun, he had indeed took up the fight…and he was willingly to end it in every possible way from now on, there were no questions, no hesitation in his mind any longer, the adrenaline level rose up when he looked around to survey the situation.
The athletic man slowly put down the time fuze and withdrew from it a few steps. Sa'k, who had adjusted something, froze only for the tiniest part of a second, then he slowly turned. Sa'k wasn't surprised, he was prepared for everything…of course, he really didn't expect this man to be here…but he knew from the beginning that there was something with this dark man he shouldn't underestimate. “You cannot stop us…it's already too late!” He said calm.
“Put down the bomb!” Kai ordered unflinching. “Or he'll die.” “He's a soldier and accustomed to death, there's nothing you can bargain with…!” Sa'k said smiling cruelly. “Oh, sure, there's something we can deal with!” Xev said grimly and used the opportunity to speed up in her lizard mode…Sa'k was really surprised for a moment and Xev bumped him a few meter back, the bomb fell off his hands. Kai had to smile a bit. The girl was amazing. Xev looked sharply at the athletic man who wanted to step forward again, he stopped. She picked up the bomb and threw it into the energy barrier. Then she wanted to collect the time fuze, but suddenly she felt someone’s hand on her shoulder and a weapon pressed next to her head. “Let him go or I kill her…!” Sa'k bellowed at Kai. Kai hadn't seen Sa'k moving, the fast recovery of this man surprised him. Inwardly he cursed…Sa'k was clearly an experienced fighter…he shouldn't have underestimated him that much… he thought bitterly and looked at the not less surprised Xev, but she said bravely: “No, don't…!” But he knew that it was senseless, Sa'k would kill her in an instant if he hesitated, he had been the same sort of killer before, cold-blooded and merciless in his attempt to reach an aim. Slowly he let the man go…there wasn't anything he could do now. The gauntly man massaged his neck and threw a dark glance at Kai. “Take the time fuze, Gran,” Taleron ordered the gauntly man. Gran smiled wolfishly and picked it up, then another blaster appeared, this time in his hands. He returned to Kai and revolved him, Kai didn't move any inch, but his eyes constantly followed attentively every movement of Gran. “I'm convinced that Taleron would be very happy to see all of them imprisoned…!” “No names, Sran,” Sa'k fizzled at the athletic man who had stepped next to him meanwhile. “Maybe he would, but they're just dead weight….!”
Kai listened attentively…, this name was somehow familiar…
Sran twitched when he heard Sa'ks rebuke and stopped talking. Sa'k waved with his weapon to the middle of the room and said: “Come on, over there, both of you.” Kai slowly moved towards Xev and Sa'k, his mind working as fast as he never thought it could work. He was developing strategies and counterstrategies…only half aware that this part of him once had been one of his assassin skills. He looked at Xev, tried to calm her down a bit with a cautionary expression on his face, for he could see that she wanted to do something, anything…
Xev watched her beloved moving next to her, more upset than calmed when she saw his expression. Then Sa'k let finally go of her, the weapon still pointing at both of them. She looked again back at Kai, but there wasn't any sign that he was about to do something. Why not' She asked herself. Time was running down, she had been able to take a look at the small device Kai had called a time fuze when Gran picked it up again, and the number on it wasn't a huge one…this was something she could say without the ability to read.
Sa'k now moved back to one of the walls, returned to the work he had started before the appearance of Kai and Xev disturbed his work, he started to connect another device, he now put out of the bag, between the wires and buttons inside. From here they wanted to ignite the second part – directly with this device. Their fourth man would ignite the first part from elsewhere and then join them here to leave with them after they ignite the second part. In all the estimated chaos he would not be constricted to come here. But now there was a problem.
The bomb, the woman had been able to destroy seconds ago should have been the third part…, they couldn't ignite the third line of the installed bombs with the time fuze now. Sa'k knitted his brows. The time fuze should ignite this bomb and start the chain reaction of the third line after they had left the station. But without the bomb it wasn't possible…there was only one thing how to succeed in igniting both lines. By reprogramming the time fuze…it had to replace the bomb and transfer the signal of the last exploding bomb of the second line to the first bomb of the third line. They wouldn't have much time to leave the station before the third line would complete the destruction of the station, less time than before. So their fourth man would die in this explosion…but well, it was a sacrifice for the greater cause…Sa'k thought disinterested. He called Sran and ordered him to take the time fuze from Gran and reprogram it in the wanted kind.
Gran now put his full attention towards Kai and Xev, he was the one with the blaster and so the better guard for the two captives. Sran followed his orders and started to program the time fuze anew, he walked around to get a clearer signal of the bomb placed some levels above them.

This maybe could be her chance, two of them were distracted by their evil work. Xev was thinking fast, …they should use this opportunity. Gran would also be distracted for a moment if she decided to attack Sran and Kai could disarm Gran at the same time, whilst she could finish the other guy…and they suddenly had a new chance to stop Sa'k from igniting the bombs placed allover the station.
Sa'k nodded at Gran: “I'm sure we can ignite the other half without problems, and we have enough time to leave the station!” he said. Gran smiled: “I was afraid the loss of our bomb would diminish our planned destruction grade…!” “There's always a second possibility,” Sa'k answered and grinned.
Xev bit her lips, it was really time to do something…if Sran moved just a bit closer to her
…and really, suddenly he did her the favor…Xev started to move, with a clusterlizard howl she jumped at him and kicked him hard between the legs, the time fuze slid over the floor. “Xev, nooo…!” Kai shouted when he realized what she was doing. He already had a plan…but Xev's overhasty reaction was the thing that could end up in a mess. But of course…it was too late. There was nothing to do than to stop Gran from firing at her. The guard was the most dangerous threat now. He jumped at him and threw him to the ground. Gran was surprised and the weapon fell to the floor. Kai also rolled over the floor to escape Sa'ks shot he had expected from the moment he had attacked Gran. From the corner of his eye he had seen Sa'ks fast reaction and the movement to draw his weapon. The next shot from him would surely apply for Xev. After she had brought her opponent down, she was on the way to stop Sa'k from what he was doing, she clearly underestimated Sa'ks skill to handle two opponents at the same time, and Sa'k had a gun, and she hadn't.
Kai ignored his own foe after he had knocked him hard to the ground and as fast as he could he whirled around and dragged Xev out the line of fire. The shot was aimed well and it surely had killed her if Kai hadn't intervened, instead the shot only hit Xev's leg. She cried out in pain and fell to the floor. Kai let her slid down, there was no time to take care of her now. He reached for Gran's weapon, which laid only a step in front of him, right next to the, fortunately, unconscious man Xev had knocked down, and fired at Sa'k. Sa'k only smiled wickedly and took cover. Kai missed him clearly. “As I told you, it's already too late…!” And Sa'k connected the last wire and activated the second line of bombs. It was not important any longer if his companion elsewhere on the station already had ignited the first part…the situation was beyond his control since those two interfered and he now only counted on luck that he was able to leave the station elsewhere, well, the third line won't explode, so he knew where to go to be save from any destruction.
Kai could feel very clearly the rumbling that went through the station. The exploding bombs did their work. Sa'k fired once again at him and then vanished with a dry laugh through the small passageway. Kai ducked and cursed, he didn't want Sa'k to escape…but he couldn't leave Xev…and he had to take care about the time fuze. He lifted it up where it had slid and breathed a sigh of relieve, Sran hadn't been able to end his work. Some bombs would never explode.
He deactivated the time fuze, ripped it apart, made it useless. If the remaining and at the moment unconscious terrorists woke up and got the time fuze back, they surely were in the position to reactivate it if they had the chance. With another sigh he threw the parts into the energy barrier. He didn't know the current amount of damage, but it was a vaguely good sign that this part of the station seemed to be undamaged - yet. A new shock of explosions was suddenly detectable.

Chapter 17

A generous sacrifice

The assault caught the Arcannea flat fooded.
For all the world to see, a huge part of the station was ripped open in a gigantic explosion. Several ships close by were effected by that and the debris damaged them, some of them
started to burn, whilst others crashed down onto other parts of the station in the hectically attempt to flee. Undamaged parts of the station were set on fire for a short moment, before the oxygen was used up and the vacuum of the space extinguished the flames. It was a chaotic mass everywhere around.
But fortunately there was much less chaos on the station, thanks to Ar'ata, she had reached Yareena's bureau in time to let her at least sent out a warning to all the people on the station. So the worst chaos was avoided, the people were prepared at least a little when the explosions spread all over the station.
The plan of Sa'k and his accomplices had been, to let the vacuum do the rest of the work when they successful had blast several holes into the weakest points of the station: the hangars and the observing places…because they weren't able to transport enough explosive material to the station without risk. The plan was good, but it was great luck for the Arcannea that only half of the bombs exploded so far and thanks to Ar'atas warning, the security was able to close the security doors to the most sensitive and populated regions. These tiny little actions prevented the station from the worst – to be torn apart. Nobody knew how many victims this act of terror demanded, because there were surely enough people trapped behind security doors, but for a complete evacuation of some of these areas hadn't been enough time. They had to live with the knowledge that they sacrificed some few lives to safe the rest of the station and with them most of the people on it.
Slowly it became clear to them all that they were luckier than they thought at the first sight.
Through all the shock they suffered now, Yareena organized help everywhere and instructed her crews to help the injured and shocked people, to help some trapped people out of uncritical areas and to secure critical areas. She also called Shereen on Sha'ra to inform her about the incident. Yareena left no doubt that her friend wanted those who were responsible for these actions, and Ar'ata had to tell her again and again about Kai's warning of a bomb in hangar 645, and that he and Xev followed those guys who want to blow up the station with it.
Yareena threw a look at her screens and couldn't suppress a groan, one of the huge rifts run close, very close by the named hangar. Biotechnology or not…such huge rifts wouldn't heal at once and soon. Ar'ata turned pale and had to sit down. “Do you think…they're…'” “I …don't know, the chance that they're still alive isn't very big, admitted. But many people need help now, and I can't play master over life and death…, we have to concentrate to those regions where we have the biggest hope to find survivors…” Ar'ata was a bit upset: “But without their warning everything would have gone worse, maybe the whole station would have blasted…we can't leave them on their own, we owe them …” Yareena made a face: “I know that, Ar'ata, god,” “Let me go, I'll go, just give me two or three of your men, or volunteers,…” Ar'ata said. “It's too dangerous…!” “I know, just let me, I owe them my life.” “Okay, I'll ask for free capacity and volunteers, that's all I can do!” Yareena said and activated her already overcharged communication system. “Thank you,” Ar'ata nodded and waited patiently.

At the same time, in the named hangar 645, Kai knelt down next to Xev and examined her injury. Xev was a bit pale and dizzy. “Ouch, that damn hurts,” she murmured. “I know,” he said with knitted brows and a worried look at her leg. The skin was heavily burnt right under her left knee and he was certain that the bone was also broken. She would need some medical help.
Suddenly they heard a sharp screeching sound from somewhere and Kai could feel the ground vibrating again. Kai looked up and his gaze wandered over the hangar walls. “We've got to go, the walls stability is distressed and I'm not sure how long they can withstand the pressure.”
Xev nodded with tightly squeezed lips and tried to get up…of course without success. Kai shook his head and bent down to lift her up.
Both hadn't recognized that Gran regained his consciousness meanwhile and had only waited for a chance to attack again. Now he saw his chance and got to his feet. Xev sound out a warning cry and Kai stepped aside just in time. Gran tried to get to the weapon Kai had laid down beneath Xev when he started to look at her injury, but Xev was faster, she knew that neither she had the chance to shoot without risking Kais life too, nor that Kai could get the weapon in time, so she threw the blaster over the floor somewhere far back into the hangar. Gran howled in anger, but hadn't the time to concentrate on Xev, Kai already attacked him and both men were now fighting. It wasn't really a relief that Kai fought this danger, because she could see that the other man was regaining his consciousness too. The only chance she saw was that she could reach the knife before he would. It only lay a few steps ahead, but the injury made it almost impossible to move. The pain in her leg was increasing every time she moved, and despite her strong clusterlizard nature she was nearly helpless when the sharp pain shot through her body. She sank back, cursing herself and her stupidity.

The athletic man groaned when he woke up, the pain was fading but the sensitive place between his legs still hurt terribly. He cursed the woman and looked around. But what he saw let him nearly forget the pain…there she was, sitting on the floor, seemingly unable to move because of some sort of injury, he saw her struggling to get to his knife, which lay perfectly out of reach – and she was unprotected. Her companion struggled with Gran and was perfectly distracted. Sran bared his teeth and started to grin evil. “I'll make sure that you won't kick anyone with any leg any longer, bitch!” he murmured and got to his feet.
Xev's eyes widened when she saw the man drawing nearer. The wicked grin on his face didn't promise anything good. He reached the knife and picked it up. Xev let out a sharp Lizard growl to intimidate Sran, but without success, her incapability to do anything was too obvious. Slowly and with huge efforts she advanced backward, knowing exactly that she couldn't do anything better. Xev threw a desperate gaze sideward, but Kai was still fighting with Gran. She growled again when Sran came closer and closer, the knife glinted deadly in his fist. If Kai hadn't the chance to help her, she had to fight as best as she could, she didn't want to give up crying like a little girl… “Kai!” she finally cried out, only to let him know that there was a second threat now. But something in her voice must have given her desperate situation away. Her friend threw a hasty gaze at her and recognized the situation immediately. Something shot through his body and he doubled his efforts to get rid off Gran. The fight was very tiring and he slowly felt his strength fading. Xev had been right, to fight against other people with only ordinary human strength wasn't easy. But the anxiety something could happen to Xev now, let more adrenaline rush through his veins and he attacked Gran harder than before. He knocked him to the ground and before he knew what he did, his hand reached for Grans neck…with a dry snap the mans' neck broke and the body slumped to the floor. Kai pressed his lips together when he realized that he had killed this man. But he hadn't time to think about that now, Xev needed his help. His gaze left the dead figure on the ground and wandered over to Xev, whose retreat had already been stopped by the hangar wall. There was no way for her to escape…but she tried to face the approaching threat as brave as she always was, but the fear in her eyes gave her innermost away. The situation suddenly felt strangely familiar to him…Xev growling, threatened by an enemy, he had seen this scenery before…. He felt a bitter taste in his mouth when he remembered…the visions. They were about to come true. For a moment he froze where he was…it was the exact situation he had seen two times before. And one of it had shown Xev dying…anger filled him, no, he wouldn't admit that! Never! But everything he saw in front of his eyes leaded to that conclusion - he would never be there in time to knock the Pr'karesh down, who had lifted his knife with a big smile in his ugly face.
Kai sprinted forward…he couldn't think about anything else than to save Xev and there was only one thing left to do…the only chance to save her…

Xev tried her best to defend herself, she could avoid the first blow of his knife by pushing sideward away from the wall, but she knew exactly that the second blow would hit her…she hadn't the strength to keep away from him a second time, the pain was too strong, Xev screamed full of anger and frustration and closed her eyes…waited for the inevitable.
But instead of the expected blow with the knife she felt something, better said someone, cockling onto her and hissing: “Stay down Xev..”
It was Kai. He hadn't reacted a second too late. He pressed Xev down to the ground and protected her with his own body. The next second it would have been to late…instead of Xex, it was Kai who felt the sharp blade penetrating through his skin. He knew this…he had experienced the same once, a long time ago. His body tensed when he felt the cold blade cutting through his flesh…then he felt the pain exploding from where Sran had injured him. Kai breathed sharply in, 6000 years ago he had died after this moment, because his heart had been sliced, but this time, the knife failed his heart, and he was fully conscious when the knife was withdrawn with an angry curse. Despite that all, Kai knew that he had to do something, if Sran was able to kill him now, he also would kill Xev a few moments later and nothing would be won. So he ignored the pain and his injury and used the opportunity of Srans surprise by his unexpected action. Kai got to his feet and blocked the mans' arm, prevented another blow and pushed Sran backwards, away from Xev. With a series of hard strokes and kicks he brought Sran down. But Kai felt his strength fading slowly, the injury was demanding its price, if he wasn't able to stop Sran soon, he would loose. Sran realized the upcoming advantage with a wicked grin and both men rolled struggling over the floor. Even without his injury, Sran would have been a lot stronger, and Kai was loosing ground very fast. In the middle of this wild fight, Sran was able to pin Kai to the ground and lifted his knife once again. Kai caught his wrist just in time and tried to get free. With a desperate effort he finally threw them around, but he had to let go of Srans wrist and the Pr'karesh used this sudden chance to push the knife down, with all strength he stabbed it into Kai's body once again. Kai fell to his side and groaned low. Half unconscious he lay there, almost incapable to move. He felt his strength fading very very fast now. Sran didn't make a move to finish Kai. He was sure that he had the time for that pleasurable business later, now he still wanted the woman. He looked around for another weapon, because his knife still stuck in Kai's body, he didn't want to risk another struggle, in the case Kai still hadn't enough. He noticed the blaster Xev had thrown over the floor. Almost unhurried he walked over to it and picked it up.
Xev had followed Kais advice not to move, to stay down. So she could follow the fight only partially, the fact that she could see Sran now standing again and coming towards her with a blaster in his hand shocked her. What had happened to Kai' She straightened up again and looked up to Sran, who blocked her sight now. Xev gulped…was this the end'' Had Kai failed' Was he dead' Well, if he was, she didn't see a reason to stay alive too. Xev pressed her back to the wall again, she sighed…she couldn't remember that they both were ever in such a mess.

Kai bit his teeth together and fought the terrible pain spreading allover his body now. His hand clutched the knife handle, which was right under his last rip. He threw a gaze over to where Xev was anew confronted with Sran. Fear crept into his heart when he saw the blaster in Srans hand. With all his remaining strength he pulled the knife out and ignored the blood and the dizziness. He got somehow to his feet and sneaked up to Sran who had his back in his direction.

Before Sran was able to bring himself in position to shoot, Xev could see a shadow appearing right behind the Pr'kareshs' back. She needn't to see Kai, she knew that it was him, then everything happened as fast as lightning. She saw how Kai's hand grabbed Srans' chin from behind and with the knife he held in his other, he cut his throat. With a surprised look on his face, Sran fell to his knees and with a final moan he fell back dead, when Kai made a step aside. Xev gulped and looked up at Kai. She could see several scratches and bruises on his handsome face, something she really wasn't accustomed to. Kai lifted his head and looked at her with an expression she would never forget in her life. The fact that he had killed again seem to hit him right here and now with full force. He dropped his gaze to the dead man and to his own blood covered hands, then he let the knife fell down and closed his eyes for a moment. Xev leaned back on the wall and breathed in sharply, the first audible sound she was able to let out since minutes. Before Xev could say a word, Kai moved like in trance and pulled her into his arms, he lifted her up and carried her out of this hangar. Xev became dizzy again and let her head sank on his shoulder. “Thank you!” she whispered. Kai didn't answer, he just carried her through the small passageway back into the large room where he had told Ar'ata to evacuate all those people around here. She must have been successful, no one else was here, at least some people who could escape all those death that surely had spread all around the station minutes ago. He knew that they weren't able to make it back to the main passageways outside, so he hoped that anytime someone would find them in here, even if the chance wasn't very big, he noticed that the doors to this room were closed and sealed, an evidence that this area counted not as save. He moved over to some boxes and some other material on the floor and laid Xev carefully down to the floor. She needed some medical aid, and if he remembered well, then one of those boxes around should contain such material. In places where technicians were working, those things were inalienable. He spotted the right one five meters away and fetched it. When he bent down, he nearly lost his consciousness. A sharp wave of pain raced through his body and he had to steady himself on the wall. He suppressed a groan and bit on his lips. Not now, Xev needed his help, and he knew that the chance that she was able to call for help was much bigger than his own chances. With every passing minute he grew weaker, and the blood from his wounds already seeped through his clothes. He returned to Xev much slower and sat down next to her.
“Am I still alive'” Xev asked, everything blurred around her, even her stronger side, the lizard couldn't compensate the horrible pain. She asked herself what kind of weapon Sa'k had used. Her leg felt like completely burnt and broken, even if only the part right under her knee was affected. “Does your leg hurt'” Kai asked, whilst he examined her leg again carefully. “Ouch, damn, yes,…!” Xev screamed and threw an angry look at him, slowly propped herself on her elbows and looked down at her leg. Kai cleaned his hands and commented dry: “That answers your first question…you're still alive!” “It burns like hell…!” she murmured dazed. Kai took some bandages from the medical kit and a salve. “We need professional medical aid soon, Xev, it's only first aid…!” he said and concentrated on her leg, not only to bandage it, also to hide his agonized expression. It took him a while before he risked it and looked up again. He finished his first aid, by putting the leg down on a soft piece of something he had found beneath one of the boxes around. Xev sighed and blinked. The salve cooled her leg a bit and took the pain away. Slowly she was able to recognize her environment more clearly. “Thank you!” she said. It was touching how Kai cared about her…not only now, but before too. She shivered when she thought about the fight in the hangar. It was luck that they were able to escape alive. She looked at Kai who sat next to her, his lips pressed together and curved up in a tantalized smile. She noticed that he was unusual pale and he couldn't hide a slight trembling. He looked so tired, well no wonder, he had fought the first real fight since he was alive. It must have been exhausting and hard… especially to kill again. She bit on her lip when she thought back to his expression. It had been so cold, so emotionless…when he had cut the mans' throat, but his eyes showed what really lay behind all that. She had seen the cold-blooded killer on the outside, but the worried and nearly desperate man who loved her behind it, in his eyes. The man who exactly knew that she would have died if he hadn't killed again. She could still see that this act of violence troubled him deeply, but they hadn't had any other choice, Xev needn't to tell him that. She tried to grab his hand but she got out of balance and nearly fell on her back. Kai caught her and drew one of the boxes nearer and shoved it behind her, so she could lean back again.
But this was the last thing Kai was able to do for her. He had to lean on some boxes on her left side, coldness and darkness crept into his mind. “Kai'” he heard Xev's worried voice from far away. Pain shot again through his body, much intense than before, he groaned, seconds later he started to tremble and sank completely down. Xev was full conscious at once when she saw what happened. “KAI!” a terrified scream came from somewhere deep of her throat and she tried to catch him. She desperately needed to know what happened to her beloved, so Xev ignored her own pain and turned a bit to help him to lie down.
She lay her hand on his back to steady him, but this wasn't easy with her current handicap.
Then she suddenly felt something warm and wet where she had touched him and withdrew her hand with knitted brows…her fingers were red…terrified she noticed that it was blood – not her own, not the blood of their enemies – it was his blood. Her anxiety grew, what had happened during the fight she hadn't been able to see' Kais head sank forward, slowly she let him slid into her lap. His eyes were half open now, beads of sweat formed on his forehead and his breath came intermittent. She noticed that he had pressed his right hand onto his left side, it was red of blood too. Xev gulped and loosened it carefully. The blood was fresh. The second injury he had kept quiet about.
His bloody fingers enclosed hers and he groaned again. “Kai…!” her voice broke. Tears welled up and they started to run down her cheeks. Her mind raced…those injuries, they were surely caused from the knife, but how…' A chilliness took possession of her heart when it became more and more clear to her…could it be…could he really have done that' A new sob came up her throat, her mind tried to understand…but why else should have Kai covered her body with his own, only seconds before she was sure Sran would kill her with is knife'! The wound on his back…there he must have hit Kai. The sob escaped her throat…he had saved her life and risked his own, and despite his injury he had fought Sran, must have got the second injury somehow during the struggle, possibly short before Sran had threatened her a second time. Now that she saw the seriousness of his injuries she asked herself how he managed to kill Sran, to take her out of the hangar and cared for her wounds. She shook her head desperately: “No, what…what have…what have you done'” She was used to the fact that he had saved her life many times, that he had protected her life by using his own body to catch deadly energy-blasts…but this was when his body had been dead, decarbonized, invulnerable…now there was a huge difference…but nonetheless he had done it, used his body to catch the knife blows. Softly she stroke over his cheek. Kai's eyes opened and he smiled weakly: “I…I have promised that I'll never admit…anything happen to you Xev!” “No Kai, please not…!” she protested, but it was senseless…it was already too late. She could feel his blood wetting her skin. With a short look at the first aid kit, she suddenly moved and with inhuman strength she grasped his body and propped him up, with gritted teeth she opened his jacket and removed it quickly. Kai screamed of pain and surprise because of the sudden movement. Xev did her best to ignore it. “I'm sorry,” she murmured and sprawled out to catch the first aid kit. His injuries were indeed very serious and still bleeding. She laid him down again and tried to stop the bleeding with some cloth. But after some minutes it became clear that her efforts were nearly senseless. “That's not fair!” she sobbed. Kai caught her hand when she took a new cloth. “Don't…” he said low, “Xev…!” his voice was very weak and he barely was conscious. “You have to get out of here, soon. You have to tell them that Sa'k escaped…that he possibly wants to go back to the Lexx, Stan might be in danger…!” he stopped when a new wave of pain raced through his body. He took a deep breath, hopefully it wasn't too late. He may have prevented one of the possible things he had seen in his vision, but he wasn't sure if he was able to influence any other things in the future. He knew, far better than Xev, that his life was about to end without medical aid very soon. And he didn't saw any possible med-team coming here the next hour. “Why should Sa'k return to the Lexx'” “I don't know, he has been there before, and we don't know what he had done in Lexx' main control room….I'm almost sure that to destroy the station was only a part of their plan…!” Kai stopped and closed his eyes exhausted for a moment. “Shhh, alright, I'll tell them, I don't want to happen anything to Stan or the Lexx. Don't talk too much, you need some rest!” A desperate smile flitted over his face. “I can't, there's something else…you remember our discussion with Shereen, on Sha'ra'” he continued. Xev nodded. “We speculated about where the Pr'kresh may got their technology from, their insect technology…” “You said, that someone could have survived the fall of the Cluster, survived the destruction of the light universe, like us…!” Xev said. “Yes…!” Kai was interrupted by a cough. Xev pressed her lips together and took some more bandages and provided his injuries by bandaging them. It would at least stop the wounds from bleeding too much. “Yes, the bombs they used…they're another proof for that theory. They're Cluster technology…” another cough. “I…I have used them when I was in the service of His Divine Shadow. Someone with the knowledge of such things must be the one we should concentrate on.” “Any ideas'” she asked. Kai shook his head…there was something, he was aware of that, since he had heard the name…, the name reminded him to something, he had heard it before, he should remember, but he couldn't catch it, his concentration faded more and more, the pain was already too severe. “Kai'” The BrunnenG almost lost consciousness, hadn't Xev called him. He was so tired… “Kai…please, say something!” Kai opened his eyes again. “I…,” his voice was very weak at once, barely audible. She caught his hand and stroke softly over the back of his hand. “I'll try to look for help, Kai, my leg still hurts like hell, but it's nothing, compared with your injuries…!” Kai slowly lifted his hand and pointed at the first aid kit. “You see the syringe'” Xev nodded and picked it up. “It's a anaesthetic…it numbs your pain if you shot it into your leg…!” Xev looked from Kai to the syringe, then to her leg. After a short moment of hesitation she removed the hood and shot the anaesthetic into her leg. She felt the effect at once. Her pain really was reduced, but another effect was that she couldn't move her leg…well, with that she could cope somehow. “It works…!” she said. Kai smiled “Of course…” “Couldn't it help you as well'” she asked and looked for another one. “There was only one inside…and you have better use for it, you're the one who can at least do something.” Xev nodded. He was right, she had to call for help. With a skeptically gaze to the exit she moved and laid Kai down to the floor, slowly she propped herself up, maybe she could crouch…the distance wasn't big, but with her injured leg it seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle. But she had to make it, Kai's life depended on it. “Xev…” Kai's voice held her back. She looked down to him and needed everything to stay calm. He fought hard to stay conscious, but it was obvious that he was about to loose. He stretched out his hand and Xev took it. “I…love you,” he whispered softly. Somewhere deep inside he was glad, despite his worse condition. At least he had been able to prevent the things he had seen in his visions. Xev was alive, there was nothing to worry about now.
Xev's lips trembled and she ignored the tears running down her cheeks again. “I love you too….!” she answered with tear-drowned voice. She bent down to stroke his face, to kiss him. “I'll call for help, I promise. Please, Kai, please hang on, okay'” “I try…!” Kai said weak. Xev reached for his jacket and covered his body with it. Lovingly she stroke over his face again and looked deep into his pain marked eyes until he closed them and lost his consciousness. Xev let hung her head a moment before she turned and started to crouch across the floor, slowly the door came into reach. She was glad about the anaesthetic…without it, she was sure that she hadn't made the first meters. It took her an eternity until she passed half the way…Xev looked back and sighed, she advised herself…The anxiety about Kai and the possible decreasing of the anaesthetic let her continue a second later. She reached the door, and of course… it didn't open. Like Kai before, she assumed that it was closed to reduce the risk of another leak, in the case a bomb would explode in this hangar. she muttered to herself. she asked on. She saw nowhere a mechanism that would open the door…but…wait. Above her on the right side was a plate where something was written on. She couldn't read it, but the picture on it looked like a mechanism to short-circuit the door if an emergency occurred. Troubled she got up on her right leg and opened the panel with some effort. Under the lid was a button and she pushed it immediately. A snap and fizzling was hearable and she could see the door move a few inches. There was now a gap between the two parts of the door. She got down on her knees again and crouched back to it, put her finger between the gap and tried to shove them apart. The first minute they didn't move a bit and Xev cursed loudly. “Oh come on, you silly doors, move!” Again she put all her strength into this and suddenly the gap grew bigger and bigger. “Yes, just a little bit…come ooon!” Finally the gap was big enough, so she was able to squeeze through. She didn't rest to take a breath, her next aim was to find someone who could help them. Outside, the passageway was deserted, nothing lay around like in the service room, where Kai still was, the passageway looked as if it was cleaned…as her gaze wandered to her left side, she understood immediately why. The rift Yareena had seen on her screens ran exactly twenty meters at Xev's left side, only an energy field protected the area from the deadly vacuum. Xev gulped, they really really had been lucky. Nevertheless, this area held some danger, anything could happen here, from malfunction of the energy field till a sudden material fatigue…well, she couldn't imagine how bio-organic material could fatigue, but who knows' It was time to vanish. Suddenly she was sure that she had heard something…voices. Several seconds later she saw someone coming round the edge, she smiled a bit and started to call.

Ar'ata hadn't counted that so many people were willing to help, but what astonished her most was that suddenly a troop of six security guards appeared, Admiral Te'ran in front...he looked very serious and took her aside. "Yareena told me that you're one of Dr. Shore's team members, is that right'" Ar'ata wasn't able to speak for a moment, she stuttered then: "Ye...Yes, I am, I am Ar'ata." "Okay Ar'ata, don't worry, if there is someone still alive, we'll rescue them, but in gods name, please tell me again what you have told Yareena...!" Ar'ata sighed, the same, over and over again...but could she do anything else' No, this was Te'ran, the Presidents husband and highest Admiral in their fleet. So she told him what happened in the service room, what Kai had told her. Te'ran nodded from time to time, his face got very grim when he listened to what Kai had told her. Ar'ata stopped. "What more'" Te'ran asked. "Nothing more, then I told the people to leave and told them to tell everyone they meet on the way out that there was a security problem and that they should stay away from the hangars. Then I informed Yareena, only minutes before the explosions started. That's all," she ended. "Well done, but I assume that we have to find Xev or Kai to know more about this case...if they are still alive." "I was just on the way to find exactly this out!" Ar'ata said. "Well, then let us waste no time, I see that you already have some paramedics with you, let's go!" Te'ran pointed into the passageway. "And for what are those guys'" Ar'ata asked and pointed at his six security guards. "Hopefully we won't need them, just in case, and of course to investigate what had happened in this hangar!" "Ah...!" Ar'ata nodded and started to walk.

One of the security officers always was some steps ahead to evaluate the risk, because the rift was really close to them know. When the pictures didn't lie, then it would cross the passageway several meters behind the entrance to hangar 645. Ar'ata looked up when the security guard came back and waved hectically. “There's someone in the passageway, the door to the service room of hangar 645 is slightly opened…” The crewmembers quickened their pace and moved around the corner. “That's Xev,….wow…!” Ar'ata nearly stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the glinting energy field only 20 meters away from the entrance. “This I call luck!” Te'ran was relieved when he saw Xev waving at them and run at her side.

Xev recognized Ar'ata and Te'ran at once: “You're late,” she smirked. “Better late than never…” Te'ran waved for the paramedic when he saw Xevs injury, but Xev shook her head: “No, Kai's inside…he needs more help than I, he's critically injured, please…!” The paramedic looked inquiring at Te'ran. The Admiral nodded and pointed to the door: “Alright, look after him first!” The paramedic followed the other security officers who already entered the service room together with the rest of the rescue team. “Is everyone okay on the station'” Xev asked. Ar'ata got very serious and answered. “No, we still don't know how many victims we have to mourn, but Yareena estimate them about six hundred till one thousand five hundred.” “That's horribly, I'm sorry for that…!” “It is horribly, but without your warning we're sure that there had been a lot more. We only had minutes, but every second counted, and it was enough to save more lives…” Ar'ata told her. Xev gulped: “Then you were twice lucky…only the half of the bombs exploded…!” Te'ran and Ar'ata got paler than pale. “What'” Xev nodded. “We stopped a possible second series after the first one was ignited. It was Kai's desert, he killed two of those Pr'karesh terrorists. The third one escaped, unfortunately, it seems that he had have time enough to get through the passageway before the rift emerged.” “Pr'karesh' Are you sure'” Te'ran asked with narrowed eyes. Xev nodded: “Kai is.” “And one of them escaped'” Another nod. “Yes, you know him, it's Sa'k…!” she said to Ar'ata. Ar'ata's eyes widened in disbelief…”Sa'k' Well that's a thing! My god, and this guy worked along with us on the Lexx…I can't get it!” Xev propped herself up when she heard Ar'ata mention the Lexx: “Please tell Stan what happened…maybe Sa'k wants to return to the Lexx, Kai is the opinion that he may had a plan to do so!” Xev wanted to get up, but her legs failed her. “Hey, slowly. It's better when the paramedics take care of you!" Xev lay back exhausted. "There's nothing you can do, Xev." Ar'ata said. "That's what I was afraid of...!" "I'll go and inform Dr. Shore', so he can inform Stanley." "Good idea, thank you Ar'ata!" Te'ran said and Ar'ata nodded, before she left she patted Xev's shoulder to lift her mood a bit. "Bye!" Xev said weak. She was really tired know. Te'ran looked inquiring at Xev: "Maybe you can tell me everything that happened...!" Te'ran said. Xev shrunk her shoulders. She knew that it could be important and she told him everything she knew. She left out the painful things that happened to Kai. It didn't seem important to her to describe the horrible fight between them. When she ended, Te'ran stayed silent for a moment. "I assume that Kai is right, they were Pr'karesh, and it's bad news that one of them could escape. I'm not sure what all this means, but it's shocking that the war has arrived here now." Te'ran waved at some new approaching paramedics. "They will take care about you, they'll transport you and Kai to Arcan's, the med-center is already alarmed and ready to take in victims. I'll inform Stanley as soon as possible where he can find you! And now...I have a date with two dead bodies...!" He said grimly and took a leave. Xev nodded thankfully and lay back. She was now really too tired to think about anything, the exhaustion demanded its price and she fell unconscious.

Te'ran entered the service hall where the security guards and some other paramedics were busy. He risked a short look over to Xev's friend. They had already prepared him for the transport, but on their faces he could read worry. , he thought. One of his team members appeared next to him and handed him a bag with a blood-covered knife. "Captain Feran is the opinion that this might be of some interest." "What's that'" Te'ran asked and took it. "It's the weapon one of the Pr'karesh was killed with, but in a discussion with the paramedics it's also the same weapon he was injured with." Feran's officer pointed back at Kai. “Feran told me to handle this weapon with caution.” “Ok, thank you..." Te'ran said with knitted brows and opened the bag, carefully he took the knife out and took a closer look. "Stop!" he called after Feran's officer. The man stopped. "He was injured with THIS'" The man nodded and looked inquiring at Te'ran. "Oh my...god," That was all what Te'ran brought out, he waved the guard away and started to walk over to the paramedics, which were about to leave. Te'ran stopped one of them and showed him the knife. "Is it true'" he asked. The paramedic nodded grimly. "Yes, he was pierced twice with it...we'll take him to Arcan's now, but a lot of time passed since it happened...!" He apologized and hurried after his team. Te'ran looked back at the knife with horror. Centuries had passed since he saw this kind of weapon for the first, and he had hoped for the last time. It became clear to him that he would never have the chance to ask the former owner where he had got it from.
But he knew that the only way to get such a thing was from the black market, there were still some crazy people who loved to own such a deadly thing. The question was of course how a Pr'karesh could own such a thing, because it originated from Arcan's. He remembered with a knot in his gut what he had learned about this weapon. Of course, this weapon wasn't an ordinary knife. It was called a Dro'-knife and was a very unique weapon used millennia ago as ceremony knife. Rumors told that they were leftovers from the insect wars and that it once had been part of an insect weapon. The purpose it was used for, admittedly wasn't something the Arcannea were very proud of: The Dro'-knives were used for the execution of criminals, mostly slayers. To fulfill the death sentence was one thing, to do it with this knife another. The sentenced wasn't killed by getting cut his throat with it, or stabbed, no, he simply got some cuts with it – this was enough. The blade was covered with a special coating, and this coating had a fatal effect to anyone’s organism. The toxin contained in this coating was set free when it came in contact with human blood. From there it spread all over the body, every cell was infected and caused a slow, painful death. The victim hadn't died because of the toxin, he had died by the result – unbearable agony. It often took them days or weeks to die. It was a cruel method of execution and 6000 years ago the Arcannea decided to abolish it. The reason had been an innocent sentenced man, whose innocence was proofed the second day of his execution. There wasn't an antidote to reverse the effect, because the scientists never had found one – there never was needed one. Maybe the rumors were right and it really had been part of an insect weapon, 'cause this would explain the inability to find an antidote. This tragic event finally was the reason for the abolishment.

The knives were destroyed, but of course, several of them vanished somewhere, there were enough sick people who collected such things.
Carefully he gave it to one of the waiting guards- before he cut himself by accident. Just as he was about to hope that they at least could cope with the injuries of their both guests, such an unexpected kind of catastrophe had to happen. There was no doubt that he had to contact Shereen as soon as possible. She had her own sorrows at the moment, but he knew how important the security of their guests was…after all they had discussed the evening and after all Kai, Xev and Stan had done for them, he really felt sorry that such a thing happened now. He felt even more bad when he thought that they had prevented another disaster for the Arcannea. He never had met people who had risked their own lives to help other people they only knew for a few days. Maybe because of the relationship of Kai's and their ancestors, or because he and his girlfriend were simply very brave people.
Te'ran sighed and walked to the exit, better no one crossed his way now. He told Captain Feran that they should take the dead Pr'karesh to the coroner and that he wanted to keep updated if any news emerged. Then he left for Yareenas bureau, he had to talk to his wife and he had to care about the unsolved Sa'k-problem.
Sa'k had used the chaos after the explosions to get back to the Lexx undiscovered. He took one of the many shuttles and flew back. It seemed to be his lucky day, because no one took notice when he entered the Lexx and he was able to hide somewhere deep inside the Lexx…waiting for his time to complete the task he was sent for.
Stanley and Shore' were clearly shocked when the Lexx informed them about the huge explosion and the technicians aboard wanted to go back immediately. But Stanley ordered the Lexx to fly a good distance away from the station, half an hour later the message from Ar'ata reached them.
“They did what'” Stanley asked perplexed. Ar'ata made a face and repeated the most important facts, including Sa'ks disappearance. “They must have got insane…risking their lives…” Stan muttered, “About this Sa'k, we'll keep our eyes open, so far no one noticed any approaching or landing shuttle the past minutes, well, to be honest, I'm sure no one really kept an eye on it, but I ordered the Lexx to keep a much bigger distance to the station, at least until the worst danger is over.” Stan explained. “That's a good idea. As soon as Te'ran or I know more about Kai's and Xev's condition we'll contact you. For the moment Yareena advised me to tell you to stay where you are…!” Stan listened attentively: “Gads, I really forgot her, is Yareena alright'” “She is, see you Stanley,” Ar'ata closed the channel and Stan sunk back to his command pedestal. Shore' moved next to him, he had heard most of the communication. He still was pale. “I think, we should be more than ever motivated to finish our research…we quickly need something to defeat those Pr'karesh, before they start to blow up everything around us.” Stan looked at him. “Yes, maybe you should…!” he said lost in thoughts. He was in worry about Kai and Xev. Ar'ata hadn't told him in detail what happened to them, she only had told him that they got injured whilst preventing a bigger catastrophe. Only the fact that they had succeeded in preventing the worst calmed him. He really wanted to know how they really are. Fortunately 790 wasn't around, he surely would have started to weep and howl about his precious Xev now and therefore getting on his nerves. “Lexx!” he called the big bugship. “Yes Stanley…!” “Please inform me when any shuttle appears and wants to enter…!” “Should I destroy it'” the Lexx asked back, a soft eagerness in his voice. Oh yes, the Lexx loved to blow up things. “Not this time. Just inform me, okay'” “Yes Stan.” “Thank you! This should protect us from any unwelcome guests,” he said to Shore'. “If this Sa'k isn't aboard yet! If he is that clever to fool us all, including blowing up the station in the middle of our own territory, we shouldn't rule that out, Captain!” Stan looked around a bit anxious. “Well, then I suggest no one of us should walk anywhere around alone and should keep his eyes peeled,” Stan said a bit uneasy. The thought of an invader left some discomfort in his guts. “Then we should return to our laboratory together, you shouldn't stay alone here on the bridge.” Stanley nodded and both men left the bridge.

Chapter 18

Bad news

The Lexx informed Stanley some time later that there was indeed a shuttle on its way to enter the Lexx, but soon it got clear that it was no threat. Yareena had sent a security team aboard to check the Lexx for a possible invader. This decision relieved Shore's team and Stanley, they hadn't expected that so soon. And in Stan's situation, it was the best thing that could happen. Since the news about Kai and Xev being injured in this attack reached him, he was at constant sorrow and he was relieved that he now had the opportunity to get down to the planet to look for them. Shore' agreed to go with him, cause his work was progressing very fast and he was sure that his team could act without him easily at the moment.

Some minutes later, Shore', Stan and 790 were on their way down to Arcan's with one of the moths. “It's all your fault, Tweedle, oh my poor Xev, my goddess…!” 790 wept. “Don't be silly, 790, is it my fault that her hormones aren’t under control and she decides to leave the ship to be alone with Kai' And let me say that additionally, tin can, if they hadn't left, much worse things would have happened!” Stan said angered. 790 stayed silent for a few seconds. “So she is a heroine, she has prevented worse things….oh my Xev….I will dedicate a new poem to you…at once….Xev, you heroine, savior of my life…of my love….!” “Oh shut up 790, no one is interested in it…!” Stan intermitted. “It is not meant for your deaf ears, meat bag…you're right!” 790 growled and changed into standby modus. “He's really enervating sometimes, isn't he'” Shore' commented unnecessarily. Stan only made a face.

The Med-Center on Arcan's was a real huge complex. Shore' explained Stanley that it consisted of hundreds of specialist departments and was able to take in nearly half a million people. Stanley couldn't imagine it before he saw it. When they piloted to the landing area (the Med-Center had its very own airport), he was really surprised about the huge main building and those other buildings attached to it. Not all were directly built next to it, there were smaller buildings far away from the main building, connected to each other with a fast train line, and the whole thing seem to range to the horizon. It was awesome. “Thousands of years of medical research brought together to an area that is a town of its own,” Shore' said with glinting eyes. “We're very proud of it.” Stanley nodded. “I think you can be…I've never seen something like that!” Shore' pointed to a special area on the airport: “ We have the permission to land there Stanley. Te'ran will pick us up and take us to your friends.” “Why isn't he on the station, I mean, after all this mess…!” “He's the commander of our fleet, not an investigator or responsible for security, that's Yareenas job. But he is concerned about your security, because you're the guests of our government. So he got involved in this and I'm sure there must be something important that he wants to tell us, otherwise he won't be there.” Shore' said.
And true, Te'ran waited in the greeting hall of the airport they entered after leaving their moth on the airfield. There was a lot of traffic, what really wasn't a surprise after the attack at the space station. Stanley had already seen many transports all around the Med-Center complex and here, inside the building, he could see victims and relatives taken in and hurrying to wherever the physicians and paramedics led them. Te'ran took them aside and led them to a small room where they were able to talk in private. “What happened'” Stanleys first question was when he saw the worried and not very happy expression on Te'rans face. “How are they'” Te'ran sighed. “Xev is fine, depending on the circumstances. The physicians have already dealt with her injury. She got a painful shot into her left leg. It was one of the regular energy weapons. Not a big thing. It'll take some time for her to walk properly again, but there won't be any complications. Those injuries are well known here.” Stan was relieved and 790's screens popped on again. “Ohhhh, my sweetheart will be alright. I knew it. Where's she' I want to see her!” demanded the robot head. “Later 790,” Stan growled. “You have to be patient. She is still sleeping, and this status won't change until tomorrow, sorry.” Te'ran added and looked back at Stan. There was one person left, and he waited for the inevitable question. “And Kai'” asked Stan. Te'ran pressed his lips together. “Better to sit down, Captain,” He offered a chair to Stanley. Shore' as well as Stan got a nuance paler. Stan sat down. It seemed that Shore' had been right as he referred to something important when Te'ran was here to meet with them. But he never thought that it might have something to do with his friends. “The situation for Kai is a lot more serious. He was injured with an ancient weapon during the fight on the station. A deadly ancient weapon called a Dro' knife.” Te'ran didn't hesitate to get to the point. It was senseless to retard the seriousness of the situation. Stan appalled. “This weapon is proscribed!” Shore' said hoarse. “What does that mean'” Stan asked confused. Te'ran sighed, it wasn't easy for him to talk about this barbaric weapon his people once had used for executions. But Stan deserved the truth and there was no reason why he shouldn't tell him. So he explained him what happened and what kind of a weapon the Dro'-knife was. Stan stayed silent for a long time. He was frightened to the core. He hadn't expected such a turnout. “How is he at the moment'” he finally had the courage to ask. “Not very good. The physicians try their best. Especially Dr Noraan, he's our best specialist in exceptional medical cases. But we all have to admit that there's not much hope that we're able to help him…or to cure him. As I told you, we never found any antidote for this poison. I'm very sorry that there are no better news, Stanley.” Te'ran said low. When he learned the kind of Kai's injury on the station, he had already been sure about the outcome. But the final prognosis here had despite been a shock. Dr Noraan had been very definitive about it. “Does Xev know about it'” Stan asked. Te'ran shook his head. “She's without conscious since she has left the station.” Stan sighed and looked down to the ground. The statement Te'ran made about Kai's situation sounded hopelessly definitive. He was sorry for that, very sorry. He started to like the former dead man more and more from day to day. Kai had grown a lot more accessible over the past months and this also had reduced Stan's former fear to zero. He always had been afraid of the deadly assassin, regardless if he was on their side…the deadly potential inside him was still there and he had felt it more than one time on his very own body.
But what would this mean to Xev' Stan buried his face in his hand. The beautiful love-slave was so completely in love with him, so happy now that Kai was able to feel, to share her love…and this should now be the end' He didn't know how to tell her, but he knew that he had no choice…no one else would do that. Poor Xev. Wasn't it enough that she had have an unlucky youth, for a long time had been in love without the hope to be loved back' And now everything that she had achieved by pure hope and will should fall apart again' Turn to dust' He felt like a henchman waiting to be taken to his victim. “Am I allowed to see her'” he asked with a heavy heart. “Of course. I'll take you there. If you need anything else, the nurses there will help you. I have explained them your situation and everything you request will be taken care about. Shore' and I will return to the station and continuing our work, including the search for Sa'k. It's the least we can do.” Stan nodded and the three men and 790 left the small room. They took him to another building with the fast train line and showed him Xev's current domicile. A small, but friendly room. The lights were shut down, so her sleep wasn't disturbed. Te'ran and Shore' said farewell to Stan and then he was alone with her and 790.
“Oh my Xev…!” 790 whined. Xev lay in a bed, her injured leg was put up a bit and thickly bandaged. She was indeed still sleeping and wasn't able to hear 790's cant. Stan silenced the head and put him down on the desk on the opposite of the bed and sat down on a chair. He watched Xev's sleep for a while and started again to ask himself how to tell her. Fortunately 790 kept his mouth shut and watched Xev in silence. Over all that thinking he finally got more and more tired and dozed off.

Xev still was somehow caught in the nightmare of her fight. She re-experienced the moment when Kai had saved her life again and again. How he had taken her to safety – although he was badly injured. She again experienced the bitter taste in her mouth when he finally broke down in her arms, barely able to stay conscious. She really needn't this kind of proof to be reminded that he truly was a mortal human being now – not any longer a kind of immortal machine. It was so unfair…
The sorrow and thoughts hunted her until she wakes. Somehow disorientated and dizzy she awoke in a foreign bed and room. Despite the diminished light, she recognized the sleeping red clad figure at the table. “Oh Xev, my heroine….she's wake!” she heard 790 cheering and noticed the robot head on the desk. “Hello 790,” she said smiling. Stan grunted and woke up too. “What…' Oh 790 shut up, you someday will surely kill my drumhead with your cant.” “Why not kill yourself…then you surely won't have any troubles anymore!” Xev shook her head. The both always remind her of two struggling spigots. “It's enough 790, Stan's right.” “But love-pumpkin…that's not fair…!” Xev rolled her eyes. Stan rose and shoved the chair next to her bed. “Off, 790, it's really enough!” “But…but, why don't you switch Tweedle off!” “790…I'm not in the mood to discuss with you…off!” 790 sniveled and his screens went black.
Stan pointed to her leg. “Seems that you're still whole, hm'” He said. “Think so, yes, ouch, that still HURTS!” Xev growled. She put her hand on her leg and stroke over the bandages. “What the heck happened on the station, Xev, we only saw the big POW, and then the complete chaos started. Te'ran told me that you were immense lucky that the part you have been in wasn't destroyed as well. If, it could have torn the complete station apart.” Xev sighed and explained: “Yes, you're right. When I left the hangar I saw the big rift that ran through the station right next to our position. It's not a calming sensation if you see that the only thing that separates you from space is a thin energy field.” Stan nodded. Xev stayed silent for a moment, then she told him how the whole thing started, all about Kais suspect, how they tracked Sa'k and revealed the Pr'karesh terrorists plans. “We fought those guys and somehow we prevented the worst…otherwise I won't be here now. That's the whole story, Stan.” Stan patted her hand to calm her, the whole re-telling had churned her up again and a long moment of silence arose. Stan didn't know how to start, how to tell her about Kai's situation. He knew that the question about him would emerge now…it was too obvious that Xev had avoided any clear description about their fight…she knew that he was injured. “Stan…,” Xev's voice broke through the silence and Stan looked up, avoided to look directly into her eyes. “Where's Kai' How's he'” she asked low. Stan's thoughts whirled…slowly and as if he wasn't himself he started to tell her everything Te'ran had told him only hours ago. He wasn't able to look into her face when he did so. Xev tried to stay composed, but her eyes gave her away too quickly. They were glinting with unshed tears and when Stan explained her how hopeless Te'ran had sounded, she started to cry. “No,” she said. “No—ohooo,” her tears flew freely over her cheek now. “Are you sure'” Stan nodded sad and put an arm around her shoulder, tried to comfort her. Xev's head sunk on his shoulder and she flogged a dead horse to get calm again. “I…I have to see him, please Stan, let us go to him,” she finally said. “But…your leg…!” Stan objected hesitating. “…doesn't matter at the moment,” she said bullheaded and sat up, pulled her bandaged leg out of the bed as well as her healthy one, ignoring the pain. Stan knew that it was senseless to argue with her and looked around for something that would help her to walk. He discovered a crook, leaning against the wall next to her bed and handed it to her. No one wasted any thought about the robot head on the desk, which still was shut off. “This should do, come on, I'll support you!” He helped Xev out of bed and she based herself on his arm when he led her out of the room and down the corridor. How Te'ran promised, the nurses were very willingly to help. When they were spotted in the corridor, one of the nurses asked at once where they want to go, especially when she recognized Xev's condition. Xev made a face and explained her hastily what they were up to. The nurse’s face went serious, she was well informed about the status of these people and their friends' situation. Without any further hesitation and word, she led them to another area of the building, which wasn't far away, but well-defined.
“This is our intensive care unit. After the incident on the space station it is a bit overcrowded, cause we have so many people with dangerous injuries…normally we take care that this area is as less crowded as possible and silent too, but I think in this actual situation it's senseless. When you enter, you'll see what I mean. Kai is in room no 8.” The nurse opened the door and let them enter.

The atmosphere behind the door was indeed strange. A lot of people were out on the corridor, as well as in the rooms. Some doors, leading to small rooms, were open and they were able to hear crying and words of comfort everywhere. Nurses took care of relatives, which were sitting desperate outside the rooms. Xev pressed her lips together and asked herself when she was going to join them.
In front of room no 8, they saw two people talking to each other. One of them was a physician, the other person was a nurse. The nurse agreed to something and walked away, a strange glance at them when she passed. As they reached the door, the doctor turned and looked inquiring at them. “Where do you want to go'” he asked. Xev pointed wordlessly at the door. “You're relatives'” he asked, slowly understanding. Te'ran had told him about the beautiful woman with a leg injury and another man in a red jumpsuit. Stan nodded. “Yes, you can call us …relatives…! I'm Stanley H. Tweedle.” “Xev Bellringer,” Xev added low. “Oh, I see. Te'ran told me about you. My name is Dr Noraan.” Xev pointed again to the door. “What's…what's with him'” she asked desperately. Te'ran offered her one of the chairs in front of the door and she grateful sat down on it, her eyes still fixed at the closed door. Noraan sighed. “We tried everything to isolate the poison in his body, but…. without success. It was already too late. The poison is now spreading from cell to cell and from there allover his body. It's an unstoppable process…much worse than any known disease. I guess Te'ran had told you about the purpose of this damn weapon he was injured with…Yes, he had.” Noraan nodded when he saw the sadness on both faces. “I'm very sorry that I don't have better news for you…our best physicians tried it.” He lowered his head, a bit ashamed. It was a bitter defeat. With all the modern medical knowledge they had…there still hasn't been any clue to find a working antidote for that poison. “That means'” Xev asked with wide opened eyes. “He will die,” Noraan said as softly as he could. He was used to such situations, they were always worse, he always tried to lock his own emotions away when he had to tell relatives the upcoming death of a loved one, but sometimes it didn't work at all. He sometimes really hated his job. Xev gulped and tried not to loose her composure. Stan put his hands on her shoulder and asked: “And there is really no possibility to change that fact'” Noraan shook his head slowly. “The poison on this weapon is absolutely lethal. Throughout the ages no one has ever discovered an antidote…the only thing we now can do, is to reduce the pain, which will spread through his body and increase over time. I'm really terribly sorry.” Xev lowered her head. There was only one thing she wanted now…to see Kai. In whatever condition he was in…she urgently needed to see her beloved. “Let me go, please, I want to be with him, now!” She rose from the seat and humbled to the door. Stan immediately wanted to support her. “Alone!” She said and looked pleading at Stan. “Okay…I…understand, I'll wait here then!” Stan said hesitating and withdrew his hands, stayed back. “Thank you,” whispered Xev and Noraan opened the door. “Please call me if you have need of me,” he said and left them alone right after. Xev nodded and entered the shaded room.

Chapter 19

A hopeless situation

Xev rested on her crook and waited until Stan had closed the door. Her eyes slowly got accustomed to the weak light in the room. Slowly she humbled to the bed she had spotted in the back. Several devices were put behind the bed and were diagnosing Kais condition. A weak, pale light above enlightened the area, at least she was able to see the shades of his body. Xev put the crook aside and clinged to the bed. With the other hand she felt her way up, reached his arm, his shoulder, then her fingers finally stroked softly over his cheek. She noticed immediately his increased temperature and felt the sweat on his skin.
“Kai'” she whispered and lit the light up a bit. Xev was shaken to the core when she saw her beloved lying in front of her. He was covered with a thin blanket, which was shoved down a bit. Xev couldn't see any sign of his injuries left, but…the worst impact wasn't visible. Softly she put the blanket back to its original position. “Oh, Kai…” she gulped hard when she looked up into his so clearly agonized face. Straws of his hair were glued to his sweaty face and she stroked them aside gently. After a moment she felt him stirring, and then he turned his head. Xev's hand rested on his cheek and he pressed it a bit more into her palm. He panted heavily. “Kai…,” Xev's eyes filled with tears, her heart nearly broke when she looked at him, when the thoughts came about what he had done… “Why'” She asked low and desperate. He sighed and opened his eyes to look at her. “I don't want…. you to…lie here,” he said troubled. “But…!” Xev objected. “Shsh…” Kai lifted his hand and put it over hers. “One time is…enough.” Xev lowered her gaze. She should have known that he had never forgotten the day when she had sacrificed her very own life to safe his dead existence. As much as he always had tried to let them think that he was a dead man with no motivation and obligation…he had never forgotten such things.
Kai closed his eyes for a brief moment, as a wave of pain flooded through his body. He bit his teeth together, didn't want to let Xev know how worse the pain already was. Xev sat down at the edge of his bed and laid her head on his shoulder. “The doctor said, that...that you…” her voice faded. “…will die'” he finished the sentence calm. Xev nodded – it was if her innermost would be torn apart any moment. “It is indeed a…strange irony, when you think about the purpose of this…weapon.” He whispered and put his arms around her. “I don't want you to die, Kai, that's not fair, you don't deserve that, “ Xev cried out, tears started to stream down her cheeks and Kai felt them dropping down on his skin. “Xev,” Kai put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her softly up, so he was able to look into her face. “I think this decision is beyond our power…life – and death - aren't always fair.” He stayed silent for a moment. The fact that he was confronted with his own death again, didn't disturb him much. The thought of dying wasn't alien to him, and if he was honest…he greeted it. Kai's doubts about the desert of this new life had always been far bigger than anything else. Alone the fact to get killed by such a weapon, once used to execute criminals, wasn't only an irony to him - it fortified his doubts. Xev of course would see that much different. “Fate holds a lot of irony, Xev. Maybe I am the worst criminal ever who is going to be killed with this weapon.” He said aloud. Xev looked horror-stricken at him. How for heavens sake could he think like that' She looked into his handsome face, currently marked with agony, an agony he hadn't expressed loudly yet. His eyes showed this heart-breaking mixture of pain and sadness and Xev started to sob: “I don't want to see you die, Kai, I'm almost sure that this couldn't be the reason…,” she cried. “We have had so less time together!” Kai sighed low. “Every single day with you was more I ever expected…I always knew that this won't last forever. Fate would never allow that. Nothing in life – or death, is left unatoned. So I'm more than grateful for the time, we had together, Xev, even if it was that short. You showed me what it meant to be alive again, you showed me how to love again…it is more I ever deserve…” Kai stopped talking, slowly he loosened his grip on her shoulders and closed his eyes. Xev supported herself quickly on the bed, prevented to fell down onto him. She shook her head when she heard him talking like that. Kai wasn't able to hold out much longer, the small and short effort to hold Xev up had caused immense exhaustion and pain. He felt a heavy wave of pain rolling through his body and lost his carefully upheld control. Kai groaned and his fingers clenched the blanket fiercely. Xev pulled him quickly into her arms and tried to give him at least a little bit of comfort to soothe the pain she really wasn't able to take away from him. The medical supply-unit did it several seconds later by increasing the amount of painkiller. Xev looked at the small device with the drug and asked herself how much longer this will diminish his pain. How long would this drug be effective' No one knew exactly how much pain a human being was able to bear before he dies…this was very varying. How long would it take until Kai dies from the unbearable pain when the drugs turn out to be useless' Was there really no way to spare him this' Was there really no way for an antidote' There had to be something…she didn't want to admit an end like that. Never. “I will find a way, Kai, I will try everything to find something that will heal you…!” Xev sounded very serious and certain, even if her voice was trembling. Kai had to smile a little when the pain faded. “You never give up, Xev, don't you'” Xev shook her head fiercely. “Had the hope that you got alive again been futile' Senseless' I doubt that. Everyone might have called me crazy, but I believed in it, and I was right. You're alive again. Why should I give up hope now'” She looked very upset at him. She couldn't understand Kai's disinterest in his soon ending life. She was sure that he never had expected to be alive again…but didn't he get accustomed to it in the end, hadn't he said that he enjoyed it to love again' And now there was this disinterest again, like in the beginning, when he did few to preserve this life.
Kai was sorry that Xev was that desperate. He knew exactly how she felt. And this hurt him much more than his own physical pain. His own life meant little to him, but he knew that this time his true death would leave a lot of pain and desperation behind. This was the only thing he really was sorry for – this, and to leave Xev behind like that. He was now so close to his biggest wish again: to die once and for all, to finally take the path into the DreamZone. The true death that was denied to him so long. It made him sad that Xev couldn't see it in this way. She always had cared so much about him, but never saw his need for deliverance in this kind. But he couldn't condemn her…the love she felt was simply too strong, too strong to give him up. He searched for some comforting words for his tortured beloved…he didn't find a way to express it in the sometimes real simple and rough standard language….
”Sait va ta ray, darunee!”
He lifted his hand and touched her tear stroked face. It was an eternity that he had used those words to anyone…and he was a bit surprised how fluently they still run over his lips and how they still were able to express what was in his heart. Xev looked astonished and inquiring at him. It was the very first time she heard him using his native language towards anyone. Although she didn't understand the meaning of the words, the wonderful sound of them touched her. It sounded important and honest. Sadness gripped her again when she realized that with his death this would also vanish forever…everything the BrunnenG once had been. “What…what does it mean'” she asked. Kai smiled bravely when a new wave of pain started to emerge from somewhere deep inside his body. He fought it back and answered: “It's difficult to translate…as the language of the BrunnenG is a bit more complicate than the standard language. But, I think I can express it like that…” he paused a moment, and stroked softly over her cheek again. “My heart will forever be yours, sweetheart.” Xev smiled and blushed. The sound of the words really hit the meaning. Kai looked into her eyes and both shared a long moment completely lost in each other’s eyes. The moment didn't take long…suddenly Xev noticed a change in Kai's expression.
His hand fell back and he closed his eyes when the pain he successfully had fought back before returned with tripled intensity. He felt himself losing the fight. “Xev…!” he whispered, her name not more than a weak breath. Xev touched his shoulders and bent over his body. “Kai' What is it' Please, say something…” She climbed onto the bed and stroke over his hot skin. He opened his eyes, looked more than desperate into her green eyes. Then Xev felt his body tensing under her fingers and the BrunnenG started to scream under the overwhelming intensity of agony. Xev pulled him completely into her arms and held his trembling body tight until the drugs arrested his agony. Xev wanted to scream as well. To see Kai in this condition was so cruel and bitter for her. Xev pressed his body close to hers and stroked and caressed him until she felt him relaxing and his breath getting calmer. She put him softly down and stroked some of the black straws out of his face…his chest raised and fell troubled. When he opened his tightly closed eyes again, tears ran down his cheek and he said hoarsely and nearly crying: “It hurt so much…!” Xev nestled closer to him, took his hand. “I won't admit an end like that, Kai, I swear that!” she said desperately. She knew that there was no possibility in sight how she was able to make her oath come true, but she was more than ever determined to find a way.
Kai didn't respond. If it gave Xev a little bit of hope, he didn't want to take this away from her. He didn't want her to break up upon his death. The life inside him, his vitality was something he owed her. There was more he wanted to say to her…but words would never be able to express what he felt. He had called her , the most tender and important word a BrunnenG would ever use for his beloved. He had once used it to only one other person in his life…a woman long gone and dead. He had sworn himself at these times that no one else would ever be called darunee besides her. But how little he knew at these times…! With the dead existence he had to go on with, it seemed that there truly would never be someone on his side again. But he was wrong. Even in death Xev loved him with a never understandable passion…a passion that, seen through her eyes, she thought will never be returned. Again something he was wrong with. They were indeed a strange couple – but something united them. They both were unique. He was the last of his people and she was the first and last love slave with Clusterlizard DNA. Both had met under the strangest circumstances one could ever imagine, and both had spent most of their life/existence alone. Both suffered in a kind of way of their never fulfilled wishes…until the day the unimaginable happened…the day he became alive again.
It was as if the accident that had put them together wasn't an accident at all. Maybe there was a reason he hadn't revealed yet. Or was it some kind of mercy that was granted to him' Or rather another kind of punishment…to let him crave for love and forgiveness…only to die again with the full capability to feel and the knowledge that these sweet moments will never return to him for what he had done in the service of the divine order' He didn't know…maybe he never would…
“I love you Kai!” Her voice rang through his train of thoughts and he felt a soft, electrifying sensation in his stomach when she kissed him. He responded with the little strength that was left to him and opened his eyes to look into her tear-blurred eyes. “Don't cry, Xev, please,” he whispered against her lips. “Don't let us waste the rest of the time that is left to me with crying and discussing about inevitable things…it's hard enough for both of us.” He said soft-spoken. Xev nodded slowly: “I know…I know…!” “That's much better…” he said, smiling slightly when she wiped the tears from her face. “I'm tired Xev, I think I try to get some sleep…I suggest that you do the same…!” Xev nodded and smiled tantalized: “I'm here if you need me, I don't leave you alone…!” “I know Xev…!” Kai closed his eyes and was asleep only few seconds later, the exhaustion had demanded its price. Xev covered him with the blanket and let him rest. She rose and humbled over to the couch she had spotted when she entered the room. Deep in thoughts she sat down, her eyes never leaving the sleeping figure of her beloved BrunnenG.
The next two days passed without anything remarkable. There were no good news on anything. Kai fought on against the increasing pain, Xev always on his side. Stan and 790 had returned to the Lexx after the security team had announced that no one else was aboard the Lexx. Sa'k stayed invisible, no one knew where he had vanished to. Shore's project had fortunately been unaffected by that and his team had been able to complete their research. They left the Lexx and returned to their own research facilities to put the won data into something they could use. So Stan was again nearly alone on board, Yareena had left a fistful of security guards aboard, but with Sa'k running around somewhere outside he considered the Lexx to be the safest place. Although he was happy that Xev had announced to visit him today.
Xev indeed wanted to visit the Lexx, in hope to find something aboard with what she may could help Kai. On Arcan's she only could be at Kai bed, and this of course wouldn't lead to any useful idea. Maybe there was something aboard she still hadn't thought of.
Kai hadn't been all to eager about her idea. He didn't comment her mission with a word, he just looked at her in his former impassive manner. In those moments she was close to burst with anger…the indifference about his soon ending life reminded her more to the dead Kai. She couldn't imagine that someone was happy about the idea to die! But sometimes it occurred to her, that a part of Kai was. She couldn't understand this. His whole behavior confused her a lot…why would he want to die' It was sometimes her inner voice that tried to give an answer: The fact that Kai was a 6000-year-old human being that never had had the chance to die his predetermined death. This now sounded reasonable enough to embrace the chance to die once and for all, but….no, she really couldn't imagine this. So she shoved those thoughts back and ignored them. Xev left the hospital, after asking Dr Noraan to inform her whenever there were signs of aggravation. Besides, she would be back the evening. Then she took the moth Stanley had sent her with one of the moth breeders.
Stan was really happy about her arrival and the change in companionship. “Ah, Xev, you know…” Stan started, when they walked through the corridor towards the bridge, “I really miss the old times, traveling aimlessly through space, 790 spitting his insults at me without a break…well, he still does it, think this isn't really a change, Kai…” Stan slowed down. “Everything is so different…like in a bad dream!” “Not every change was bad, Stan, but this dream has started far better than it is currently going to end,” Xev sighed and stopped walking and looked at the wall.
Stan was sorry for the girl. It had never been easy for him to accept that she really don't want any sexual relationship with him, he never understood her hots for the dead man, but after all they were some kind of family, and even he had been a real coward sometimes, he never could have done any wrongs to her, nor leave her somewhere behind, like he threatened to do several times. So he couldn't be jealous when Kai got his life back and Xev's biggest wish did finally come true. Instead he felt an honest happiness for her. Both had had a lot of unfulfilled desires in their life, and Stan would never forget how it felt like. For a short time it seemed as if their journey was about to end, their search for a new home and completion, but how sudden such things change he should have known. He was lucky that Yareena had survived the attack unharmed, but it made him feel sad when he learned that Kai now had the price to pay for that. He put his arm around Xev's shoulder and squeezed her gently. “Hey Xev…I…really don't know what to say, but…!” “It's alright, Stan, I know you care too, “ she started to sniff. “It's simply not fair….!” Tears blurred her sight and Stan tried his best to give her some comfort. “Cheer up, gal, maybe there's still some hope, I mean, maybe we have overseen something, a chance to help him,” Stan said. “Maybe we should consult 790'” Xev nodded: “That's why I came here, Stan. Do you help me'” “Of course, come on, let us ask this old tin can!” Xev smiled bravely and wiped her tears away and both continued their way to the bridge.

Chapter 20


He had cowered himself very very well. None of the search parties had found him. How should they' After all, his skills were superior and they only were normal human beings. He felt that his insect-DNA was very comfortable on board of this ship. And it was this part that felt sorry that such a mighty insect ship was ordered and used by humans…instead of using its own mind and will.
But well, at the moment it wasn't his concern, he had different orders and this orders regarded only the Captain of this vessel. He had to wait for a chance…a brief moment was enough to do what he had to do.
Sa'k looked down to the bridge. Except for the robothead no one had been here for a while. And he would be more than happy if this Tweedle showed up soon, preferably alone. Sa'k climbed down until he reached the floor of the bridge and released the safety of his weapon. He ensured that he was out of the robothead's sight, he had to mess with this troublemaker first.
He was about to approach him when he suddenly heard two voices inside the left passageway. Incredibly fast he disappeared inside the right passageway.
Just in time, 790 also noticed the voices and turned around with his cart to face the left passageway. He was very excited to hear Xev's voice: “Oh my Xev is back…my Xev with…this shlub Stan….grrrr!” “Be nice, 790,” Xev advised him. “Do I have to'” “Yes, you have to!” “Too bad…I just wanted to eat him for breakfast.” 790 gritted his digital teeth. “What a pity that you don't have teeth,” was Stans sarcastic answer. He was about to climb into the command pedestal when suddenly Sa'k appeared next to him and threatened him with his weapon. Xev was so surprised that she only stared at both for a few seconds, then she realized what happened and she wanted to intervene. “Stay where you are!” Sa'k hissed. “Or he is dead!” He dragged Stan down the pedestal. The Captain froze when he looked into the muzzle of Sa'ks gun. He gulped.
Xev put 790 down. “No darling, I will defend you!” “Be quiet 790!” Xev fixed the weapon, she really wasn't interested to get reacquainted with this weapon. Her leg still hurt when she thought about it. At least, she wouldn't underestimate it a second time. “Sa'k!” she said. “What do you want'” Xev tried to play out, she had to wait for an opportunity, but Sa'k didn't engage with it. “It's very unfortunate that the explosion hasn't killed you at once. You're only retarding your death.” A growl made its way up her throat. “Leave him alone, what do you want from him'” “He's part of my mission, and I am sure that he will be an important part in our plans. Go Captain! You're expected on Pr'karesh, someone wants to talk to you…!” Sa'k pushed Stan forward and Stan started to walk unwillingly and stiff. He didn't want to play a hero with a gun in his neck. “Tweedle, you coward, fight like a man!” 790 screamed. Xev hissed in anger. She saw no possibility to help Stan as long as Sa'k was ready to fire. “Call a security team 790!” She followed them in some distance to the mothchamber and with an angry growl she watched them boarding a moth. “We'll free you Stanley, I promise. Keep calm!” she called after them. “Oh Xev…you can talk,” Stan wailed and climbed into the moth. “We'll meet again…!” Sa'k said threatening. “You can count on that!” Xev called back and jumped towards the moth – but of course, it was too late. The small security team, that arrived this moment with a shuttle from outside stopped by Xev's yell: “Don't, Stan is aboard. Keep away!” Fortunately the pilot was prepared for such a situation, 790 had done a good job on that. The shuttle stayed away from the moth and let it pass. They land next to a very desperate Xev. Yareena jumped out of the shuttle and both women were looking after the disappearing moth. “We should send some of our ships out to follow him...so we don't loose his track, who knows where they gonna take him.” Xev looked at her and said: “Pr'karesh. It was Sa'k, he said that someone on Pr'karesh wants to talk to Stanley.” Yareena shook her head: “I don't understand, it's not usual that they kidnap someone…the reason why they suddenly do that is very fathomless.” “I don't have an idea either…” Xev sighed and watched the worry in Yareenas face. She was clearly upset and concerned about Stan. “At least he is alive, maybe this isn't a bad sign…!” “Why do you talk like that'” Xev asked. Yareena turned to walk back to the shuttle: “I haven't heard that someone ever reached Pr'karesh alive.” Before she entered the shuttle again, she said: “I'm going to report Shereen at once and we'll see what we can do for Stan.” Xev nodded absently and the shuttle lifted off again. There was nothing to do for them here.
The events on board the Lexx caused quite a stir. Stan's kidnapping was a real catastrophe for all of them. Without Stan they weren't able to control the Lexx, no way to communicate with the bugship…and the Lexx was more important than ever to them…in the worst case it should help to defend their home world. That was impossible now.
“This wasn't an act of coincidence. This was planned. That's the reason why Sa'k had been in Shore's team…to get aboard the Lexx, to learn about the ship and get a possibility to kidnap Stan. Without Stan we have one defense option less – the Lexx is useless without him.” Shereen knitted her brows by recapitulating the recent events. “The question that keeps me busy is, why haven't they killed him at once'” Yareena asked, she had met Shereen in her office right after her return from the Lexx. “Maybe it has something to do with the key Stanley possesses, they might know something about this key, Kai assumed that it's possible that someone is with the Pr'karesh who is also from the Cluster, the place they come from. But it was only a guess, it could be anyone else,” Shereen presumed. “So then, they seem to know not exactly everything, cause if, they would have killed him...to get the key,” Yareena sighed. She and the President were the only other people informed about the true function of the key. Yareena sat down onto a chair. “What should we do now' The situation here on the station is under control...but we cannot just wait for the next attack!” Shereen looked at her. “I know. Our situation is getting more and more out of control. And if the observation posts are right, then we'll soon have a huge problem. The Pr'karesh are concentrating their forces...and this leads to the assumption that they will start their major offensive we're expecting since months. No Yareena, it's not a coincidence. We are maybe now in charge of the technology to withstand their weapons, but it will take some time to prepare the necessary amount of ships to built a strong defensive line. Time we may not have. And now we've lost the Lexx too. I don't know what to do if the attack starts here and now...I've sent more spies to get more information, but I'm far from being sure that the information will reach us in time.” Shereen leaned back and laid her hand over her forehead. Their situation had gone worse, everything seemed to be against them. And she really was about to put the prophecy into question. The most important part of it lay dying in a hospital on Arcan's...but despite, she wasn't able to give up. There were billions of people she had to protect, and she had sworn to fight for them until the end...whatever would come. Fighting...Shereen sighed: “Sometimes I wish I were able to get out of here and do something on my own...just take a fighter and fight these bastards. But no, I have to sit here and make decisions...and have to read long lists of losses!” She lowered her head and rested it on her hands. Yareena put her hand forward and touched her gently, she knew oh so well, how she felt. She may was the security chief of the Arcannea Station, but until recently, it has been mostly an office job. Maybe the calm before the storm. “You're thinking of those old days, right'” She asked her friend. “Oh yes, those old times...!” Shereen smiled a bit and remembered. Before she overtook the presidency, she had spent a lot of her early work and time for the Alliance in education. It was important and necessary for everyone who was working for the government. A part of her education was also military training. She had been in a flying squadron, together with Yareena. The military part of their education was intended for emergency cases. But no one ever thought that this may come reality some day. Shereen stopped her train of thoughts suddenly. Something got into her mind. “Yareena...we may have a trump card no one has thought about so far. It's maybe the only one we have in this war. If everything fails, we should use this one last chance...it's the perfect instrument to fall into their back...!” Yareena stared at her for a brief moment before she got what she was talking about. “But wasn't this something our military strategists already have suggested' As far as I know is that they don't expect that Pr'karesh or any other of their main planets will be unprotected, and for that they disapproved this.” “Yeah, that's right. But this instrument isn't official military property, and we don't need military strategists to tell us what to do...I'm ready to do everything to protect the Alliance...and while our forces and theirs are busy why shouldn't we take the opportunity to slip in through the backdoor and take our chance' I'm almost sure that they take Stanley to Pr'karesh, and if we succeed to get to Pr'karesh we....” “...we can take the chance to free him and the Lexx is again a new option in this war.” Yareena ended her thoughts. Shereen nodded. “That's true, but who will go there'” “You, I, maybe we can ask Xev too. I fear that Kai is no option....” Shereens face went dark for a moment. “Don't forget, this is our last option, we're using it when it's foreseeable that we have nothing to lose.” Shereen bent forward and added: “Prepare everything and be sure that no one notice it, whatever happens, I want to make sure that this secret will stay a secret. I don't want any fighting with our military chain of command.” Yareena nodded and stood up. “I understand. I'll take care of it as soon as I'm back from a visit at the pathology.” Shereen raised her brows: “Pathology'” “Yes, the coroner, Tran'k, told me about some very strange discoveries when he examined the corpses of the terrorists. I drop you a message as soon as I learned something important.” Yareena explained. “Okay, do that. I'm out the office for several hours too. Dr. Shore' invited me and several senators to be present when he demonstrates the new technology for our ships. Usual governmental business.” “So he found a way to improve the protection of our ships'” Yareena asked. “Yes, call it the first good news. He informed me about that just before you came in. He sounded very excited. Well, it's too early to shout it out loud, so keep it to yourself, okay'” Yareena nodded and Shereen also stood up. “Let us go, think I need a cup of coffee before I meet him!” Yareena smiled and both women left the office.

Xev was nearly alone on the Lexx after Yareena and the security team had left. Dr. Shore's team was also leaving the Lexx, they had found what they were looking for and Xev was glad for them. Shore' had been so happy and he hurried everyone so he was able to test his theory with a prototype and a captured Pr'karesh ship. Xev left 790 on the bridge and wandered aimlessly through the corridors. Anytime she stood in her chamber and sat down on her bed. Her mind was still a chaos and no useful thought came to her. All the events had come thick and fast, first Kai's deadly injury and now Stan's kidnapping.
His life was clearly in danger, although he wasn't killed at once. She deeply hoped that it was his status as Captain that guaranteed his surviving. There was no way to follow Stan. She wanted to do that, but the moths haven't the range and the speed to fly past them. Sa'k will take him to Pr'karesh, but how should she follow him' Without the Lexx' She had to lean on the Arcannea, Yareena promised her to do everything they could do...and maybe then there will be an opportunity to help Stanley.
But this wasn't her only concern.
She was torn.
On the one hand she wanted to help Stan...but there was someone else who needed her help. She looked down onto the bed. Two lives she wanted to safe, one life belonged to a good friend, and the other life was that of the man she loved. Xev touched the blanket, which lay on the bed, still the same way it was left days ago. Xev pulled it towards her and pressed it tight to her body. She could still smell the aroma of their bodies on it. “Oh Kai...” she whispered. “If I only had an idea!” She banned Stanley from her thoughts for a moment. She wasn't able to solve both problems at once. She stood up brusque and walked out of her room. She had to clear her mind...with all the memories she was never able to get any useful idea!
Again she wandered aimlessly through the Lexx and then she stood in the cryochamber. Deep in thoughts she watched the cryopod he had used for such a long time. At least...they could freeze him until they find a way to help him. Sure, this really wasn't a solution, the chance to find a cure was more than small, depending on Dr. Noraan, they hadn't found one in the past millenia.
Xev's gaze wandered through the cryochamber, until it found the reservoir with protoblood.
She stopped. Since he was alive it was useless, but despite that she had kept it here, even if it
doesn't really make a sense. Xev made a step towards it and touched the tubes, played with them. “Could the protoblood be a cure'” she thought aloud. His undead, decarbonized body was never affected by any poison or injury. But only the protoblood kept him going, only the protoblood his damage. In fact it wasn't in it's purpose dissimiliar to human blood...but it was much more effective. She shivered when she thought about it's origin...the Gigashadow - an insect. In this part the insect-biology really seemed to be superior to the human biology. Strange enough. Xev shook off these thoughts, was she really reflecting on human and insect varieties' More important were those thoughts about a useful application of this protoblood. She hadn't a concrete idea, but maybe when she tells Noraan about its former usage, he may has one. And 790 has all the necessary informations about protoblood and the way Kai once had used it.
With a new ray of hope she took the protoblood and fetched 790 from the bridge. She had promised to be back by evening...and she wanted to keep that promise.

© LEXX - LIGHT ZONE 2005 HELEN & Trulyalyana

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